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Can You Wash Hoka Shoes

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Why The Hoka One One Is Loved By Celebrities And Podiatrists

Can you clean trainers in a washing machine without ruining them?

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A good pair of sneakers can take you far literally. Thats why were always searching for the most comfortable and supportive options to carry you through runs, walks, casual outings and just about every activity in between. And we couldnt help but notice one brand that has been making waves in the shoe industry and popping up on the feet of many of our favorite celebrities.

Hoka One One’s chunky sneakers have been spotted on the likes of Pippa Middleton, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Reese Witherspoon , Julianne Hough and Winnie Harlow to name a few. And, as it turns out, they’re a favorite of podiatrists, too. So we consulted two top experts to get all the details on what makes the shoes a good pick. Here’s everything you need to know about the trendy sneaker brand.

The Solution: Cold Water + Microfiber Towel

If youve got some kind of external stain on your kicks , you need to treat it ASAP so the stain isnt absorbed into the material. You can make a paste out of vinegar and baking soda, says Rademaker. Let that paste sit on the stain for five to 10 minutesthe vinegar will break it down and the baking soda will soak up the excess moisturethen brush over the area with your cleaning solution.

Check the urge to go totally HAM on that stain if your shoes are knit, though. Knits are soft and pliable, which makes them more fragile than the other fabrics, says Ornelas. Be as gentle to these shoes as you are to your clothesi.e. dont pull at or distort the shoe in your rush to get the stain out. Brush it gently with your cleaning solution, then let air dry.

Hoka Clifton 6 Vs Hoka Clifton 7

Regarding the comparison of the Clifton 7 with other similar running shoes, all that remains is to start with the Clifton 6, which Hoka was inspired to give life to the new model.

The HOKA Clifton 7 is very similar to the previous model. But the Clifton 7 is more comfortable and lightweight. The mesh upper is airy and smooth, and the weave is loose enough to be breathable.

The seamless upper looks clean on the outside and a few stitching on the inside, where the heel cup is placed, and where the tongue is sewn.

Aesthetically, I think it is much more beautiful than the 6.

HOKA has also sewn the tongue on a thin mesh strap inside the shoe to prevent it from moving during a run and give more stability to the foot.

The French house also used midsole and outsole with identical designs in both editions, and the stack height also remained the same.

In short, not big changes to the previous model, but few small improvements improve fit, comfort, and aesthetics.

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Can You Put Shoes In The Washer

Washing your shoes in the washing machine can be simple, but follow these tips from AHS on how to properly wash your shoes. When it comes to your washer, you don’t want to take shortcuts.

Theres nothing quite like a comfortable pair of tennis shoes. With each wear, you break your shoes in, molding them to the shape of your foot and ensuring the perfect fit. However, well-worn shoes do have one not-so-pleasant secret: odor. When your shoes start to smell a little funky, its tempting to throw them in the washing machine and let this household appliance do the dirty work for you.

Can you actually clean your shoes in the washing machine? Read on to learn more about putting your shoes in the wash and get some tips to help keep your favorite pair in tip-top condition.

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About Hoka Running Shoes

Yes, you can wash your athletic shoes in the washer ...

The idea for HOKAs maximalist running shoes started in the French Alps where the brands founders dreamed of premium cushioning and a ride that carried momentum. But one thing makes HOKA shoes stand out from other running shoes: the midsole.

The midsole on HOKA running shoes takes many forms. The most-cushioned HOKA shoes, like the HOKA Bondi and HOKA Clifton, pack tons of cushy foam underfoot for a supremely soft ride.

Those midsoles are also carved into what HOKA calls a Meta-Rocker shape. The Meta-Rocker is a rounded shape that acts like a rocking chair to promote a runners natural gait and create an efficient, smooth transition. There are two types of Meta-Rockers:

  • Early-Stage Meta-Rocker. The early-stage Meta-Rocker is placed just behind the foots metatarsal headscloser to the middle of the footto create a smoother ride and promote a faster transition to toe-off.
  • Late-Stage Meta-Rocker. The late-stage Meta-Rocker is placed just in front of the metatarsal headsnearer your toeswhich helps provide more stable forefoot support.

The big midsole initially set HOKA shoes apart, but advancements in foam technology, stability and shape now make HOKA shoes ideal for any runner or walker.

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What Does Hoka Stand For

This brand has an odd pronunciation. There is some contention as to whether the o in Hoka is like in hot or home, but the short vowel seems preferred. The One in Hoka One One is not pronounced like the number but as oh-nay. The name Hoka One One comes from a Maori phrase that means fly over the earth. This explains why their logo looks like a seagull in flight.

Pick The Right Settings

Many tennis shoes, slip-ons and runners are constructed by gluing pieces together. So, be extra careful with the washer settings to prevent shedding your shoes.


  • Warm water setting to prevent cracking or melting of the glue
  • Gentle cycle to softly swish the shoes clean
  • Extra rinse to remove any soap residue

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How To Clean And Dry Wet Running Shoes:

You can clean and maintain your running shoes just fine with everyday household items, even if theyre drenched or muddy. The process can be a bit labor-intensive, but your shoes will last significantly longer with proper cleaning.

Remember that using a washing machine or dryer for your running shoes will age them rapidly, and take the following steps:

  • Disassemble Your Shoes – removing liners, insoles and laces will speed up the process
  • Wash Your Laces – you can throw laces into the laundry with your running clothes, and wash on the cold setting with your regular detergent . Just remember to remove them from the load before you transfer to the dryer
  • Remove Excess Mud and Dirt from the Shoe Outers – first with a dry paper towel then with a dry toothbrush for greater detail, remove mud and dirt from all outer areas of your shoes if your shoes are exceptionally muddy, you might want to let the mud dry before wiping, as caked mud comes off easier in clumps
  • Scrub Clean With Non-Abrasive Solution – mix a small dab of your chosen soaping agent into cool water, and gently work into dirty areas of the shoes and insoles with the toothbrush until theres a lather keep going until the dirt is gone, and remove dirty water with a dry towel or rag as you go
  • Wipe With Damp Rag – now wipe off all remaining soap lather with a towel or rag dampened with cold water
  • Which Shoes Are Machine Washable

    How To Clean Your Running Shoes | Make Your Run Shoes Last Longer

    Before you begin cleaning, check your shoe’s care instructions for specific recommendations. Generally, canvas shoes and athletic shoes made with materials like nylon, cotton and polyester are safe to wash in a washing machine. These materials are durable and shouldnt be damaged by laundry detergent.

    While there are some shoes that lend themselves well to machine washing, many other types of footwear require hand cleaning or specialized care. Shoes made of materials like leather, suede, rubber and vinyl should not be placed in your washer.

    If your shoes are made of delicate material or feature beading, embroidery, sequins or other embellishments, take them to a shoe repair and cleaning specialist to avoid damaging them. Always double check your care instructions to make sure its safe to put your shoes through a washer and dryer cycle.

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    Where To Buy Hoka Shoes

    There is one shoe brand that truly encompasses maximal cushioning, and that brand is Hoka One One. If youve asked yourself where to buy Hoka shoes, weve got the answer: St. Pete Running Company!

    We approach every aspect of running and walking from injury prevention to warming up to training to race day to recovery to an active lifestyle. And thats one of the reasons we carry Hoka in our store. When it comes to training, we only carry models that we believe in because we walk, run, train, and race in those very same models. So now that you know where to buy Hoka shoes, come visit our store in person or shop with us online.

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    Why Do I Need To Clean My Shoes

    Cleaning your running shoes is an important part of taking care of your gear so that it lasts longer. For example, dried mud forms a crust that makes the outer material rigid. This makes the material wear out more quickly in places where it creases. Dirt will also penetrate the fibers of the material, which causes mechanical wear.Perspiration from your feet creates a humid environment that facilitates the proliferation of bacteria. This results in bad odors that can quickly become unpleasant, or even unbearable. However, airing out your shoes after each run is usually enough to keep bad smells to a minimum.

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    Why You Should Wash Your Hoka Shoes

    Well, its because your shoes are picking up all sorts of dirt and grime on the ground as you run. And if youre wearing dirty or wet shoes for a long time, they can start to smell bad and make your feet sweaty.

    Another good reason to wash them is because of runners foot which is an infection you get in your feet from wearing running shoes for a long period of time without taking them off and washing them.

    Im sure weve all been guilty of this, especially if theyre just going on a short jog or are only out for a few hours. But, when you wear the same pair of shoes day after day, week after week bacteria can grow on the inside lining of your shoe which can lead to athletes foot or other infections like MRSA too.

    So while washing them is a little more work than not doing so, it will pay off in better foot health in the end.

    Treating Stains And Scuff Marks On Tennis And Athletic Shoes

    NEW Hoka One Bondi 6 1019270

    If your canvas shoes have an oil or food stain, follow guidelines for removing the specific stain. For scuff marks on leather or faux leather shoes that are too dark for shoe polish, clean with a paste of baking soda and a bit of water. Dip a cloth in the paste, and gently wipe away the scuff mark. Wipe away any residue with a damp cloth. For dark shoes, a permanent marker in a matching color can work wonders to hide scuffs and other blemishes.

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    Can You Put Hiking Shoes In The Washing Machine

    Yes, hiking boots can be washed in the washing machine but it is not recommended because it can damage your boots. The detergent and soap contain additives that can be harmful to the materials. Also, washing your boots excessively may damage the waterproof membrane and your boots will lose the waterproofing ability.

    Storing My Running Shoes

    At the end of the season or if you dont plan to use your shoes for several months rinse them out and let them dry completely.Remove the insole from each shoe and store them in an open-air place thats protected from humidity and sunlight. Dont put them in a plastic sack or sealed box! Also keep them out of poorly ventilated cupboards, drawers or sports bags.And the final piece of advice for keeping your shoes clean is to wear clean socks every time you go for a run. And whenever you go for a run you should only use shoes that are designed specifically for running and not your everyday sneakers. This will give them time to completely dry and allow the foam to regain its properties from one session to the next.

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    Tips To Keep Your Shoes Smelling Their Best

    Washing your shoes can keep bad odors at bay, but you also dont want to over-wash them. There are some things you can do to keep them smelling better for longer in between washes.

    • Dont keep your shoes in a bag or box. Keep them out somewhere that they can get lots of air and dry out thoroughly between uses.
    • Remove your insoles after you run. Lay them somewhere flat to let them dry out completely between runs.
    • Unlace your shoes and loosen them up to maximize airflow while your shoes dry.
    • Wear sweat proof, breathable socks. A lot of socks are made out of cotton, but cotton socks arent the best for running. Even though cotton is a breathable fabric, it soaks up moisture and gets soggy fast. Many companies sell socks targeted at runners to prevent wet and sweaty socks. These socks are made out of wool and ant-microbial materials to keep water away from your feet and away from your shoes. This can help your shoes stay dryer.
    • Sprinkle medicated foot powder in your shoes to help keep them dry and bacteria-free.
    • Try sticking them in the freezer. Freezing your shoes kills smelly bacteria that cant last in the cold.
    • Put dryer sheets in your shoes after you run. This is an easy smell-good solution!

    With a good washing routine in place, you can help your shoes stay in their best shape, so you can get the maximum wear!

    The Solution: Brush + Baking Soda And Vinegar Mixture

    Washing my running shoes – hand wash versus machine wash

    Mesh and knit uppers are great for runners because theyre breathable fabric, but the netting catches all the dirt and dust you kick up when youre running outside. To clean, first use a soft bristle brush to dry brush the entire shoe to remove as much of the top layer of dirt/dust before wetting the shoe, says Markk. Dry brushing before wetting the shoe is important, otherwise it will be 10 times more work!

    Then its time to soak the dirt away. Mix together one part baking soda and one part vinegar in a bowl, dab it on the dirty area, and leave for about 15 minutes, says Ornelas. This acid-based mixture eats through stubborn stains without affecting the fabric. Try to keep the mixture right on top of the dirty area so it doesnt turn straight-up muddy and spread. Finally, use your cleaning solution to clean the shoe, then blot and let air dry.

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    How To Help Your Hoka Shoes Last Longer

    If you are worried your Hoka sneakers are not going to be able to hold up to the weather and environment your shoes are subjected to, here are a few ways to help them last.

    • Water-proof sprays
    • Odor sprays or baking soda
    • Loosen the tongue and laces after use and set them in a dry area soles down
    • Never run in wet shoes

    Keeping your shoes well-cared for is the best way to maintain the life span and have a great pair of shoes for a very long time.

    Are Hoka Shoes Good For Nurses

    Did you think nurses still wear white, chunky heeled Mary Janes? Most modern nurses wear sneakers in just about any color. In fact, darker colors are more practical for this job. Bondi 5 has the greatest support and stability. Gaviota is foamy and lightweight.

    Clifton 4 comes with neutral arch support plus a low drop. Arahi allows for a natural gait. The Speedgoat 2 provides maximum cushioning technology that is engineered to actively absorb the impact of each step.

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    How Do You Clean Running Shoes With Mesh

    In a small bowl, combine warm water and a small amount of gentle laundry detergent. The consistency should be slightly soapy but not overly frothy or sticky. When cleaning white mesh shoes, its important to avoid bleaching agents since these can cause discoloration or damage to certain types of material.

    Hoka Shoes Washing Instructions

    Can I Wash My Hoka Shoes?

    It shouldnt take long at all to get your Hokas look as good as the day you bought them. It is important to remember that you can not put your shoes in the washing machine, and using the washer and dryer can damage or age your sneakers.

    The best way to clean these shoes is with products you can find around your home.

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    Reasons To Pick Hoka Shoes For Walking

  • Promotes Forward Motion In Hoka walking shoes, youll notice the Meta-Rocker, which propels you forward with each step. This feature is exclusive to Hoka One One models, and its one of the reasons walkers love the smooth ride of these shoes. Note that not every model has the shoe rocker, but the expert staff at St. Pete Running Company can show you which ones have it and which ones dont.
  • Endlessly Cushioned Another Hoka exclusive is the maximal cushioning featured in almost every one of their models. Even most of their lightweight models have maximal cushioning. The marshmallow softness is an enhancement to make walking easier and to ease the pressure on your joints.
  • Lowered Foot Bed When you slide your foot into the Active Foot Frame of Hoka walking shoes, your heel is cradled comfortably and the foot is secured into the midsole.
  • Long Lasting All of these incredible features combine into shoes that will last you anywhere from 500-600 miles, some of the best mileage out there when compared to similar brands. This translates to being comfortable on your feet all day, too, such as a trip to a theme park or a job requiring lots of standing/walking.
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