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Where Can I Find Wide Shoes

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Faux Leather Oxford Lace

Plus Size Heels | Where to Buy Wide Width Heels

Promising review: “They are just what I needed. I have more of a square shaped toes/foot, so I always have a little discomfort in that area, but right out of the box, I wore these for nine hours straight standing with minimal discomfort. They don’t have very much padding or support at all, but they feel sturdy and fit well. They fit perfectly with thin nylons on. I’m tempted to buy the white ones, as well with how much I like these.” Brittany

Get them from Amazon for $15.99+ .

The Difference In Vionic Footwear

Vionic carries stylish and comfortable women’s shoes in wide width options for every occasion, that way you can dress to impress each and every day. From wide width boots that you can wear to work to stylish wide width sandals for your next Sunday brunch, find a pair of wide fitting shoes that make you feel confident no matter where you’re going. If you are looking for supportive walking shoes or athletic shoes, check out our comfortable active sneakers that are offered in wide widths and a full range of extended sizes. Our collection even includes a selection of womens wide home slippers for those days that you just feel like lounging around the house. Long story short, Vionic has style, comfort and quality built right into every pair of wide width shoes and medium width shoes.

Womens Wide Width Heels And Sandals

When its time to look your best, trade in your sneakers for wide-width dress shoes you can rock at all your formal and not-so-dressy occasions. Slip into the hottest sandals you can pair with any everyday ensemble. Strut your stuff in trendy wide-width heels and formal flats from Jellypop, LifeStride, and Easy Street for footwear that’s as fashionable as it is comfortable.

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What Causes Wide Feet

Now that you know how to tell if you need wide shoes, its important to understand the causes of wide feet. You may find that this is a temporary issue versus a permanent problem that may require an entire new closet of wide width shoes. Below, weve outlined the various temporary and permanent causes of wide feet.


If wide feet run in your family, the condition can be attributed to genetics. With a genetic disposition, you could be born with wide feet or experience broadening with age. As you get older, your ligaments begin to loosen. Over time, this can lead to larger feet. If you have flat feet, which is also genetic, youre more likely to have wide feet than those with natural arches.

Aging or Health Issues

Keep in mind that although widening feet might be a side effect of aging, it could also be the result of another health issue. For example, medical conditions like diabetes, heart problems, and kidney disease often lead to edema , which may widen your feet. Injuries, certain medications, low humidity levels, and pregnancy can also cause fluid retention, which may impact how your shoes fit.


Speaking of pregnancy, a lot of women end up with larger feet both during and after the gestation period. Much like how the aging process causes ligaments to loosen, the hormone relaxin has a similar effect in pregnant women. In some instances, this means temporarily needing a wider or longer shoe size, but for many women, its permanent.

Foot Deformities

Darcy Boots With Skid Resistant Soles So You Can Trek Out Of Your House Rain Or Shine And Not Be Fearful Of Taking A Tumble Think Of These As A A Combat Bootbut Cuter

Where can I find wide cycling shoes? The best shoes for ...

Promising review: “Very cute! Im between a wide and an extra-wide. After reading the reviews here, I got the extra-wide, and Im glad I did. Its perfect, so it might be a touch narrow for a true extra-wide. I love them. Theyre comfortable for a day on my feet teaching, and theyre not too heavy.

Get them from Amazon for $27.69+ .

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Wide Width Shoes In Every Size Style And Color

SANDALS: When the suns shining, youve gotta let your toes out to play. Our extra wide width sandals come in all shapes and sizes, from Flip Flops to Strap Sandals to Platforms to Slides. Theyve all got our double layer of padding to keep you comfortable all day long, plus design features like movable straps and elastic for just the right fit.

WEDGES: Our cute wide width Wedges are the perfect addition to your shoe rack. Theyll give you the ideal combination of elevation, style and comfort, perfect for a warm night out on the town.

BOOTS & BOOTIES: Our plus size Boots and Booties dont just come in extra wide width from sizes 6 to 13. With your comfort in mind, we also offer select pairs in both Wide Calf and Extra Wide Calf options, so youll be comfy all the way from the knee down.

HEELS: Our gorgeous plus size high heels and pumps are perfect for any occasion. From black to faux leopard skin, strappy to closed-toe pump, weve got your sexy look covered. And because theyre always extra wide width, all the way up to size 13, we guarantee theres a plus-size heel thats perfect for you.

FLATS: The beauty of our plus size womens flats isnt just their comfort . No, we love our flats because they come in every possible shape and size. Wide width loafer? Theres a flat for that. Want something cute? Check out our bows. Feeling sexy? Go for a flat with straps. Dressy? Espadrilles are perfect for the office.

Wide Shoes For Women: A More Generous & Perfect Fit

At Vionic, we believe every woman should be able to wear the stylish shoes of her dreams, regardless if she has wider feet. We make it easy with our impressive collection of wide width shoes for women, that blend the latest styles with superb comfort, arch support, and fit. Browse our huge selection of wide fit orthotic shoes in a range of sizes today and youll quickly discover you can enjoy the latest styles. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your style for your foot comfortable. That’s why we have an extensive selection of our best selling shoes in wide width options. Choose from wide width sandals to wide width casual sneakers in the seasons latest prints.

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Best Wide Shoe Stores

Here are nine stores that make it easy for you to find wide width shoes that are comfortable and look stylish, too. If you have big fit that arent necessarily wide, see our list of best shoe stores for larger sizes instead.

Also, if you have bunions and need help choosing styles that wont feel like bear traps on your feet, read our post on this topic here.

Rubber Birkenstocks To Promote Comfortability And Lend A Nonchalant Vibe To Any Outfit

Where to find cute shoes for Big Feet (Size 11 and up)

Promising review:“I wear these shoes EVERYWHERE! I’d wear them to church if I could lol I wear them to the beach, in the water, to the store and my favorite place to wear them is the amusement park! I spend hours on my feet at amusement parks with my kids and no matter what shoes I wore, I was always in tears by the end of the day from my feet hurting so bad. I wore these to Sea World and I could’ve walked around hours more. For the first time ever, my feet did not hurt! I’m buying more colors. I typically wear a 9 1/2 and bought the 9-91/2 and the shoes fit perfectly. I have wide feet as well and the width was great even though it’s labeled as narrow width.” Crystal

Get them from Amazon for $29.34+ .

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We Make The Ultimate Shoes For Wide Feet

Nobody does wide width womens shoes like us. Every piece of Torrid footwear is rated WW for Extra Wide Width. That means that unlike most other retailers, we have shoes that fit your feet, from size 6 to size 13.Thats right: We make all our wide width shoeseverything from sandals to wedges to heels to sneakers to flats to boots and bootiesjust for you. Yes, theyre stylish and beautiful. Theyre also comfortable for your feet all day and all night. So when you see that extra wide width designation for our shoes and boots, imagine your feet smiling.

If The Shoe Fits: Finding The Perfect Footwear

Once youve measured your feet and determined if you need a wide width shoe, youll need to find the perfect footwear. At Vionic, we believe comfortable, properly fitting shoes are essential to health and happiness. If youve got wide feet and have been walking around in standard shoes for some time, wide footwear will be a major relief.

When it comes to a pair of shoes, the right fit is critical. Just like Cinderella with her glass slipper, the perfect fit can be life-changing. And you can take it a step further than simply measuring the length and width of your feet. Heres our best advice for finding ideal footwear:

  • Consider your toes. Are yours long or relatively short? Are they close together or more spread out. The length, shape, and configuration of your toes have a lot to do with how shoes feel on your feet. For example, pointed styles feel great on some people and excruciatingly uncomfortable on others because of how they wrap around the toes.
  • Avoid shoes that are too loose. Do your shoes touch the perimeter of your entire foot? If not, they could be too wide or long. While your toes should have a little wiggle room, your feet shouldnt be sliding around. If your heel lifts out of your shoe when you walk, your shoes dont fit.
  • If youre a serious athlete, lead an active lifestyle, or have a job that requires you to be standing all day, you must prioritize properly fitting shoes. Otherwise, you could do irreversible damage to your feet.

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    Rubber Slides Because These’ll Quickly Find Themselves Glued To Your Feet 24/7 When You Discover Their Barely

    Promising review: “I LOVE them, they’re so COMFORTABLE! My feet are wide, but they still fit AMAZINGLY! They do have arch support and I don’t find any flaws with these sandals. I have been wearing them for a month now and they’re still as comfortable as the first time I put them on! They’re so AMAZING! And did I mention that they’re so lightweight, its like wearing nothing on your feet? A+!” KimKee41

    Get them from Amazon for $8.99+ .

    Wide Width Boots For Women

    Where can I find wide cycling shoes? The best shoes for ...

    Stay comfortable in cold weather with roomy wide width womens boots. Check out wide boots from big brand names, like Koolaburra by Ugg, Lifestride, and Timberland. Yes, really!

    Explore our most comfortable shoe selection to round out your shoe collection with even more great styles. Shop your favorite brands online or at a Shoe Carnival store near you to feed your shoe addiction with the wide widths you’ve been craving.

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    Clarks Leather Loafers That Have The Duality Of Going Into The Office And Running Errands Once You Leave Said Office

    Promising review: “I have purchased two different sizes in this shoe. My usual size 9M is comfortable, but is not wide enough to allow wearing a trouser sock. The 9.5M is a tad bit wider allowing enough room to wear a thin trouser sock. Both sizes were comfortable straight out of the box. These shoes are not flashy, but are classy. The black is rich looking and the navy is a true navy. The heel is just high enough to give a little lift. The toe box is adequate for chubby toes.” Zappos Customer

    Get them from Zappos for $52.35.

    How To Tell If You Need Wide Shoes By Measuring Your Feet

    Pinpointing the cause of broad feet is a crucial part of figuring out your footwear needs. Since some conditions, such as swelling, are more temporary than others, youll have a better idea of your long-term needs for wide shoes.

    With that said, the best way to determine your correct size is by measuring your feet. Most people have never measured their feet and arent sure exactly where to begin, but Vionic has you covered. Heres the steps to follow:

    1. Measure at Night

    First off, the time of day is important. Youre probably aware that when you weigh yourself at night, youll usually be a pound or two heavier than in the morning. Similarly, your feet expand throughout the day, so expect yours to be ever so slightly larger in the evening. For this reason, we recommend waiting until night to get the best accuracy with your measurement.

    2. Get Your Measuring Materials and Ground Your Feet

    Grab a pen, a piece of paper, and a tape measure or measuring stick. If you tend to wear thick socks with shoes, we suggest putting some on before you measure your feet. Start by setting the paper on the floor.

    3. Trace Your Feet

    Standing on the paper, trace an outline around the perimeter of each foot. You can use this outline to measure and record the length and width of your feet. To get the width, measure between the broadest part of your foot. The length is measured from your longest toe down to the end of your heel.

    4. Dont Forget Both Feet

    5. Review Your Measurements

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    Studded Chelsea Platform Booties For Pairing With Skirts And Dresses For An Edgy Look The Cushioned Insoles Add Extra Comfort So You Can Last In Them All Day

    Promising review:;“They are soft and comfortable, which surprised me as boots usually need a break-in time. They are great, and a value at this price. I got 2 pairs, and both are awesome…I have wide feet so I bought my size and they are comfortable from the get-go.” ConscientiousConsumer

    Get them from Amazon for $32.95+ .

    Timeless Teva Sandals So You Can Rely On Your New Ride

    Shoe Stretching – 5 Tips How To Do it at Home

    Promising review: “This is my fourth pair of Tevas and what I love about these is that you can adjust the width over both straps, especially in the toe area for me since I have really wide feet. I bought plain black so I could wear these to work or around town. Theyre really light and comfy. You can wear them all day without pain. You could also get these wet and theyd be fine.” A. Baker

    Get them from Amazon for $27.99+ .

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    Reebok Leather Sneakers That’ll Save The Day For Years To Come When You Want To Look Trendy But Guarantee Unbeatable Comfort There’s No One Advocating For Athleisure To Stay In Style More Than Wide Feetwe Have No Choice But To Listen

    These are made with wide feet in mind their sizing lists wide sizing along with regular. Reviewers say they run true-to-size, so you can pick your standard size and know that it’ll be designed to fit comfortably.

    Promising review: “Soft leather, very comfortable walking shoes, but ran half size small for me. I have slightly;wide;feet;but I didn’t think these were snug at all. I’m usually a size 11D or E in sneakers – Adidas Stan Smith, for example, but needed to go up half-size with these.” goldfish

    Get them from Amazon for $50.21+.

    Strappy Pumps So You’ll Always Have A Formal

    Promising review: “If you have a wide foot, you will fall in love. I put this shoe on and wanted to cry. My feet are short and pretty wide with high arches. Shoes NEVER fit me correctly. Pumps always are too long by the time I find my width, and then are so painful to wear/hard to walk in. I ordered these in the ginger snakeskin and they are amazing. They fit me like a glove; I literally felt like Cinderella. It is so hard to find reasonably priced and fashionable wide width dress shoes… not to mention so well made.” Chootie

    Get them from Nordstrom for $134.95+ .

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    Do You Need Wide Shoes

    If youre like most people, you probably havent given your shoe size much thought while buying shoes since your feet stopped growing as a teenager. But according to a 2018 study published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, only about a third of people wear the right shoe size. How is this possible? As it turns out, the correct shoe size is just as much about width as it is about length.

    While you probably havent wondered, do I have wide feet, wide feet is a very common foot condition affecting millions of people, and it leads many to wear the wrong size footwear. If you think you may have, a wide foot measurement, you might be wondering how to tell if you need wide shoes. As seasoned footwear specialists with a passion for delivering the perfect fit, the team at Vionic is well-versed in wide fit shoe options. Are you asking yourself, Do I need wide width shoes? If so, heres how to find out.

    How To Know If You Need Wide Shoes

    Where can I find wide cycling shoes? The best shoes for ...

    If you tend to be uncomfortable in most shoes, theres a good chance youre wearing the wrong size. On top of that, if you constantly feel cramped no matter what style you wear, you might have wide feet.

    So, how do you tell if you need wider fit shoes or standard width shoes without buying a pair first? Measuring your feet is easy to do, and well cover the steps below.

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