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How Much Are Huarache Shoes

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Huarache Sandal Sizing With Brand X

Nike Huaraches and Air Force 1 || Shoe Review

Brand X strives to provide a variety of different sizing options in their selection of womens Huarache sandals. Sizes vary from adult size 5 to adult size 12, and depending on the style, there may be an option to choose wide sizing. Most styles include Huaraches size 6 in womens, Huaraches size 7 in womens, and Huaraches size 9 in womens.

Because of the snug way that Huarache sandals are supposed to fit, its advised that buyers purchase half a size to a full size smaller than the standard shoe size they wear.

Disadvantages Of Huarache Sandals

Because authentic Huarache sandals are made out of leather strips, theyre going to last for a significant length of time when theyre properly cared for. Though genuine leather shoes are very high in quality, there are a few things to consider before choosing a Huarache shoe that some wearers may consider to be disadvantages.

  • The Price: Genuine leather Huarache shoes are higher in price than synthetic look-alike sandals.
  • The Stiffness: Genuine leather is somewhat stiff to wear at first and new Huaraches womens shoes need to be broken in before the leather relaxes.
  • The Care: Huarache sandals dont require a lot of maintenance, but wearers should try to avoid getting their sandals wet. This way, the leather will not weaken.

Not Without Its Faults

Now, of course, its worth mentioning that the Air Huarache is far from perfect. Though it packs quite the visual punch, runners and casual wearers alike express their concerns regularly.

The heel strap section of the shoe outer caging can face durability issues. With enough consistent use, you can bet this will be among the first parts of the sneaker to suffer.

Additionally, the neoprene inner sleeve does provide a one-to-one fit but runs quite small. A good number of people have had to go up as much as a full size just to get their foot in the shoe comfortably.

But, the overall picture of this shoe is quite rosy. Nike Air Huarache history is full of examples of this models potential.

The design is a Tinker special, which means it takes inspiration from interesting places. It also means that we can assume some future experimentation.

As we see from some of his latest Jordan work, Hatfield likes to tinker With such an illustrious past, its hard to imagine this sneaker going down in the books as anything less than great.

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Nike Air Huarache Style

As a water-skiing inspired shoe, the Nike Air Huarache offers maximum comfort and style. This phenomenal shoe brings sophistication and pizazz when paired with skinny jeans and denim shorts which is why it continues to captivate the hearts of multitudes, including the most popular and recognizable names in the entertainment, music, and sports industries.

Some of the stars seen sporting the Nike Air Huarache casual sneakers are Hilary Duff, Sofia Richie, Bella Thorne, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Chris Brown, Maria Sharapova, plus a lot more. The Huarache sneakers easily stand out in the crowd, which makes it a worthwhile option for several occasions.

Nike Air Flight Huarache Basketball Shoe

Nike Air Huarache City Women

Even though Huaraches made their way into the basketball courts after a while, there are Huaraches made specifically for playing the sport. These shoes have characteristically higher ankles and a different lacing style altogether. The upper is made out of lightweight synthetic materials, as is the rest of the shoe. Theres quite a bit of foaming there made specifically for shock absorption. The bottom of the shoe is also widely different. Again, its designed more for shock absorption more than anything else. The resulting shoe is a stunning one, and it still features the ankle wrap that Huaraches have come to be known for.

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Huarache Running Sandals Of The Tarahumara Kits And Custom Huaraches

Okay, so the big question is, WHY use huarache, the Tarahumara running sandals?

The answer is pretty obvious, but there are some important-yet-surprising pieces to the puzzle.

The obvious answer about huarache is: Its the closest thing there is to barefoot running, without some of the hazards of barefoot running. Namely, youre adding a layer of protection to your feet that bare skin simply cant give you, no matter how well conditioned your feet are.

Especially with the 4mm Vibram Cherry sole material we use in our huarache kits and custom huaraches, you get what I like to call better-than-barefoot. The soles are so flexible its like having nothing on, so light, you barely notice them except its blissfully clear that youre not getting scraped up, cut up, scratched up and dirty like you would if it was just your tootsies on the ground.

That said, Im not going to say Dont run barefoot and run with huarache running sandals instead!

Why not?

Well, because running barefoot gives you more feedback than running with ANYTHING on your feet.

If you want to know how efficient your form is, go barefoot and youll know .

If you want to know if you could be running lighter or easier, go barefoot and youll find out .

Conversely, putting ANYTHING on your feet, including huarache sandals, can mask some improper technique, give you the illusion that youre better than you are and, possibly, lead to overtraining. Especially at first.

Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra

Last, but not least, we have the Ultra remix of the Air Flight Huarache. This completely reimagined Huarache featured a speed lacing system alongside a completely wrapped neoprene ankle and collar. The only real obvious homages to the OG Air Flight Huarache are the ankle window shapes and the heel counter. Kuddos to trying something new.

Listen to the Sneaker History Podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes, or Spotify, to hear us discuss Nike Huarache more.

Which Huarache model by Nike Basketball is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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History Of The Huarache

The Alcapayo. Image via Huarache Blog.

The problems we face when delving into the huarache are the same as researching any other aspect of pre-Columbian Meso-American life, which is simply that much of the history has been destroyed. We know that the huarache sandal began life as a humbler piece of clothing, much more like the alcapayo pictured above, than the modern woven versions.

As we mentioned in our history of flip flops, the sandal is a logical answer to life in hot and humid environments that cant simply be traced back to one specific group of people or place. While the huaraches name comes from Tarascan language spoken by the Purépecha people of Jalisco, three other regions of Mexico are cited as having had influence on the evolution of the modern huarache.

The huarache is often attributed to the Mayan peoples in present-day Yucatan, but the majority of regions best associated with this sandal , were constantly at war with the Aztec empire. So whichever region you believe invented this sandal, its creators likely had fairly regular contact with the two greatest Meso-American civilizations.

Peon working on a hacienda. Image via Huarache Blog.

In the above image you can see the characteristic woven leather upper of the huarache as worn by a worker on a hacienda. At its most basic, the huarache is this leather upper, woven with a single piece of material through the last and holes in the sole.

Yaquis Indians wearing huaraches.

What Are The Features Of Nike Air Huarache Sneakers


Nike Air Huarache sneakers feature a traditional design in the outsole. The outsole is made from hard rubber. Additionally, the underside of the outsole is sturdy with lugs that increase traction. To make the shoes more comfortable, horizontal trenches are carved along the midfoot to increase flexibility. The traction from the lugs combined with the durable and stable hard rubber offers you a well-designed outsole.

While taking a glance at the Nike Air Huarache sneakers, it may seem like the midsole, and the outsole is combined. These two parts have the same design and color. However, these fashion sneakers have been traditionally designed with a separate outsole and midsole. The midsole is made from Phylon, a durable and dense EVA foam. Phylon offers the shoe more responsiveness and support.

The upper of Nike Air Huarache sneakers is visually appealing with a myriad of colors to choose from. Since these are athletic shoes, they have a nostalgic tone with the upper made of several layers. Dri-Fit fabric synthetic is used to increase the breathability of the shoe. This comfortable material is also perforated to improve drainage in the shoe.

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The Evolving Art Of Huaraches

Tire tread soles. Image via Culture Trip.

The huarache changed in the 1930s with the availability of tire treads. Cut-up tires made for cheaper and more effective soles, although in this iteration, there was usually less woven leather on top. The tire tread huarache was a callback to an earlier version of the sandal, before the weaving became so complex that only artisans could make them. Rubber soles also made sense for urban life, because previous leather outsoles and hobnailed sandals didnt have very good grip on cobblestone city streets.

The tire tread phase was proof that the huarache could survive any and all environmental and design changes throw its way. But this phase was also evidence of the stratification of the huarache. The simplest, handmade leather and rope versions were worn by the poor, and the fancy woven versions were made custom for middle and upper-class city dwellers.

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When fashion icons like Kendal Jenner and Kim Kardashian started wearing dad sneakers, everyone knew these chunky kicks are going to be the next big thing. Call it the revival of the 90s – these show-stoppers are everywhere and major brands like Adidas, Nike, and New Balance are making them!

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Looking for more diverse options? Check out Nike dad sneakers. Youll find chunky, stylish kicks in their Air Max 90 and Nike Lifestyle shoe collections.

We also show you top-selling dad shoes from other sought-after brands, such as Balenciaga, Fila, and Reebok.

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Will My Huaraches Stretch At All


Keep in mind that it’s good for leather shoes to be a little snug in the width as they do stretch and start molding to your feet within the first 3-5 wears.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help break your shoes in more easily.

1) Wear your new shoes indoors for short periods of time to jump-start the break-in process. We recommend 2-hour increments over the course of a few days.

2) If you experience any pain during these short periods of time, we recommend wearing socks with your shoes until they begin to soften . Remember to wear them indoors in order to still allow for a return if necessary.

3) Wait until your shoes are uniquely molded to your foot before wearing them for an extended period.

*Keep in mind, the break-in process is different for everyone and may be longer or shorter depending on the shape of your foot.

How To Choose The Best Size For Your Huarache Sandal

Nike Air Huarache Ultra Reviewed for Quality

Huarache sandals are designed to fit close to the foot, being that the woven leather strips foster shoe mobility. Theyre supposed to hug the foot closely and provide superior ventilation so that the wearer does not need to wear socks with them.

Because of this detail, many wearers find that they need Huarache sandals that are either half a size or a full size smaller than their standard shoe size.

For individuals shopping for leather Huarache sandals online, trying sandals on may not be an option. In these situations, its advisable to purchase half a size smaller than the wearers standard shoe. Be sure to shop from stores that offer easy exchanges, just in case sizing needs to be reduced further.

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Trails Of The Nike Air Huarache Shoes

Initially, the Air Huarache was planned out as a running shoe. It almost didnt hit the shelves since the concept of a sandal-resembling trainer seemed like a crazy idea. One of Nikes product managers, who happened to be Tom Hartge, ignored the skeptics and ordered the production of 5,000 pairs of the Air Huarache.

Hartge brought those shoes to the New York Marathon to dispose of to avid runners. Surprisingly, the futuristic-looking sneaker got the approval from throngs of optimistic runners that thousands of pairs got rapidly washed out in less than a week. What made it an instant standout, apart from its unique style, is its use of a foot-hugging neoprene fabric.

After its debut, Nike started to release the Huarache trainer series. The original outline and shape of this shoe which was also later called the Nike Air Huarache Run made it fitting too for other categories such as cross-training and basketball. The Swoosh brand eventually dropped the Basketball, Cross Trainer, Burst, International, and high-performance Racer models which were all assembled and engineered with the famous foot-hugging inner sock.

Among the popular variations that sprung from the Swoosh label right after the release of the core model are the Nike Air Flight Huarache , Nike Air Huarache Light , Nike Air Trainer Huarache , Nike Air Max 90 Current Huarache , and Nike Huarache Free 2012.

The Five Best Nike Huarache Models On The Market Today

Some people think that when they hear Huarache, theyre looking at a completely new brand name in shoes. Many fail to realize that these trendy shoes are actually from Nike themselves. How exactly these model of shoes came to have the huarache name is lost to us, but we know that huarache is a popular Mexican dish. Whether Nike used that as inspiration for this model or not, it doesnt really matter. Huaraches are some of the coolest and trendiest models of shoes that Nike has came up with in a while. If youre still fancying this fad, here we list the five best Huaraches that you can still buy on the market today.

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How To Style Huaraches This Summer

We get it: if youve never laid eyes on a pair of huaraches before, they can look a little strange. But the shoes are much versatile than you might expect.

When rocking huaraches, you can go one of two ways. The first is obvious: dress for a tropical Mexican beach, even if youre in the city. Shorts and mens t-shirts or a Hawaiian shirt will complement the shoes, not to mention make you feel unbelievably comfortable.

The second option is a little more dressy. Some of our favorite huaraches can be seamlessly paired with slacks and a button-up for a warm day at the office. You can also throw on the shoes with jeans and a modern tee for a summer night out or casual weekend getup. No matter how you chose to wear these sandals, they always texturize an outfit with a special, eye-catching look. Plus, this versatility makes them a great summer travel companion.

Casual or formal, huaraches look best when paired with white pants and lighter shades of denim.

If youre nervous about wearing sandals in more formal settings, we know how you feel. If foot sweat is what youre worried about, here are some tips to get foot stink under control, because nothing ruins a stylish summer outfit faster than body odor.

How Much Do Nike Huaraches Weigh

How to tie huaraches barefoot sandals – Xero Shoes

They are rather light. An Air Huarache in a womans size seven weighs about 8.3 ounces. You read right, thats ounces. They weigh about half a pound. The new Air Huarache Ultra is even lighter at 6.8 ounces in the same size. This update features lightweight foam tooling that has been cored out to make it feather-light.

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Why Are Nike Huaraches Called Huaraches

They were named after a type of Mexican sandal. The original huaraches predate Columbus and are made of woven leather. The Nike Huaraches bear little resemblance to such shoes. The inspiration seems to be from a rather violent sport played in ancient Mesoamerica that had some similarities to basketball.

Do Nike Huaraches Run Small

The biggest selling point of the Nike Huaraches is that they fit and fit well. It is composed of a neoprene bootie and exoskeletal upper that provide a snug feel and unbeatable balance. The lace-based customization would cause the shoes to wrap firmly around the feet. The Huaraches were a result of Nike FitAdapt technology that created shoes meant to hug the foot and stay in place.

This innovative technology allowed the consumer to have a vast array of personal choices when it came to shoes for different situations and environments. They first became popular in the 90s. Since everything 90s is getting popular again, lets learn about the Huaraches.

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How To Make Huaraches

Huarache sandals are relatively simple creations, composed of several leather strips and a leather or rubber sole.

Creating a sole for the Huarache sandal involves tracing the wearers foot size or working with a size template. With a proper size template, Huarache makers can trace and cut out the right sole shape from the material being used. From there, the maker punctures the sole to attach the leather strips, then weaves them together in intricate sandal patterns.

Once the strips are weaved properly and attached to the sole, the strips are tied off so that they do not come undone and the shoe is complete.

Though creating Huarache sandals is a simple process, many wearers choose to purchase artisan-made Huaraches. Not only is the quality incredibly high in professionally hand-woven shoes, but there is a respect to tradition in wearing this type of Huarache sandal.

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