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How To Care For Suede Shoes

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Wait Whats The Difference Between Suede And Nubuck

Shoe Care : How to Clean Suede Shoes

Suede and nubuck both seem softer, and ‘fuzzier’ than traditional smooth leathers and are used commonly to make footwear and accessories. While they might look similar, there is a key difference between the two.

Suede is crafted by sanding or rubbing the inside layer of the leather hide. This side of hide is used as it supple, soft and thin. It is because of this softness that gives suede such a luxurious reputation. We use suede across our whole range of products, from suede boots to suede loafers.

Nubuck, on the other hand, is crafted by sanding or rubbing the outside layer of the leather hide. This side tends to be much thicker, sturdier and more durable. This means that nubuck tends to be slightly less soft but much more durable.

For Small Stains: Use A Suede Eraser

On other occasions, you may find yourself wondering how to remove stains from suede. If you think that a tiny blot has ruined the professional, stylish look of your shoe, think again.

Enter: the Pedag Suede cleaner bar. Use it as you would any other type of eraser. Whether youre dealing with an odd shiny spot, a stain, or a scuff-mark, this eraser will make quick work of it.

Its minimalistic and innocuous enough that it wont take up much space in your home. Yet, when you need it, only a few quick rubs of this bar on your suede will refresh your shoes in no time at all.

We like that you can use it for more than just shoes: If you have any suede clothing or bags that need protecting, this cleaner will suffice for all your needs.

Always Use A Shoehorn

Just as with your morning routine for calfskin, always always, always, always use a shoehorn when slipping on your shoes. There is never a case where a shoehorn should not be used . A shoehorn allows a gentleman to easily slip on his shoes without damaging the shoe counter. A man can never have too many shoehorns. You should have them everywhere briefcase, office, closet, study, suitcase, downstairs couch anywhere you might be putting on your shoes!

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How To Care For Your Suede Shoes With Cheaney

We asked Alex Pardey, Store Manager at Cheaney Covent Garden, for his tips and tricks to keep suede looking its soft, supple best

Words: Jonathan Wells

Its time to brush up literally. Because we modern men are neglecting our soft, suede shoes. And, to protect these versatile, worthwhile, tactile styles, we need to do our homework. Thats why Gentlemans Journal has teamed up with quality English shoemaker Cheaney to get the rub on the gently napped material.

We turned to Alex Pardey, the Store Manager at Cheaney Covent Garden, for his top tips, tricks and techniques to keep suede looking its best. The British shoemaker offers a full shoe shine or suede restoration service in-store, complimentary for customers who own a pair of Cheaney shoes. But first, Pardey wants to clear something up about suedes fragile reputation

I dont know who started that vicious rumour, says Pardey, but suede is actually incredibly resilient to wear and weather. I wear my suede shoes in the rain all the time mostly to stress people out but also to show how hard-wearing they are.

More important than when to wear them, Pardey says we should be caring for our shoes while were wearing them You wouldnt buy a Ferrari and try to run it on cooking oil, he reasons. So, below, weve outlined the three key ways to keep your shoes in tip-top form from restoration and protection, to maintaining that oh-so soft material.

Allow Shoes To Breathe Then Insert Shoetrees

How to Care For Leather Shoes

If you have time, allow your shoes to breath for 15 minutes after removing them. During the day, the inner lining and insole absorb a significant amount of foot perspiration. By allowing shoes to breathe after they are removed and shoe trees are inserted, the majority of this moisture can evaporate.

Shoe trees help restore the shape of the shoe and smooth the wrinkling that occurs as a result of wearing. A pair of cedar shoe trees will also help eliminate odor and further wick away any residual moisture left in the shoes after a full day. Every pair of shoes should be stored with shoetrees. If you cannot afford a pair of shoetrees for every pair of shoes, then use them on the ones most recently worn.

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Why Do People Like Suede Shoes So Much

You can do anything, but dont step on my blue suede shoes is one of the most iconic lines from the early years of the rock-and-roll era. Elvis Presley slyly cautioned an unseen friend not to step on or even scuff his favorite footwear.

While it does sound ridiculous to the modern ear, those passionate about suede goods especially suede shoes know precisely how the King feels about his blue suede kicks. Why not, indeed? Suede shoes are incredibly comfortable, durable, and can easily take a casual outfit up a notch or soften the effect of a severe, more formal look.

Likewise, their unisex appeal has made them great favorites among both men and women. Women appreciate the velvety texture of suede for its softness and how it adds a sophisticated nuance to even the most outdoorsy outfits. On the other hand, men like the rugged, rustic look of suede boots: classic masculine style for city and country living.

However, if there is just one thing that people dont like about suede shoes, they think that they are a pain in the backside to clean. This isnt exactly true: suede may not be the most comfortable material to clean, but keeping your kicks as neat and fresh-looking as the day you bought them is not as complicated as you think.

How To Care For Suede

Most people have a reasonable understanding of how important it is to look after leather shoes and its relatively easy to find information about the various creams, waxes and polishes that are available and how to use them.

Although its just as important to look after suede shoes, they are a little more delicate and there seems to be less information available.

So here are a few hints:

Brush your shoes with a suede brush after every use. This will revive the nap and remove any excess surface dirt that may have accumulated. Suede Brushes are often made of brass wire and are used for raising the nap of the suede, but its also possible to buy multi-headed brushes which can have a gentler effect if youre worried about scuffing the surface. Always brush the nap in the same direction, this will keep the shoes looking clean and stop you just brushing dirt around the shoe.

Spray all over with a suede protector. This can be used to protect your suede shoes against marks, stains, spillages, etc. Some modern suede leathers have protectors already tanned into them, but you wont always know this until its too late, so its a good idea to spray them anyway. Take the manufacturers advice and test it on a small area first, as this will prevent you from ruining the colour. Do this regularly to keep the level of protection constant.

Finally, here are a few more Dos and Donts:

Dont leave your shoes in the sun, this will fade the colour. Keep them cool, dry and well aired

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Begin By Restoring Any Imperfections

The first sign of trouble is a visual one, says Pardey. If you think your shoes look a bit tired and battered, trust your judgement! The colour will be paler, theyll be scuffed, and the suede will most likely feel dry and slightly stiff. But this doesnt necessarily mean theyre in trouble, just in need of a bit of TLC.

And doling out this much-needed TLC requires some specific bits of shoe-care kit. Pardey recommends investing in a good quality suede brush, a suede eraser and a bottle of suede shampoo such as Saphir shampoo, which is available in Cheaney stores to bring your lace-ups and loafers back to their best.

Suede Brush: Essential for maintaining the nap of the suede, which is the natural texture that suede has. It does a much better job of getting into the nap and cleaning out dirt and dust, especially when combined with steaming. Just pop the kettle on and hold the shoes above the steam for a few seconds before brushing.

Suede Eraser: Good for spot-cleaning and removing scuffs. I think that, a lot of the time, people think theyve knackered their suede shoes because theyve scuffed the toe and it looks like the nap has been removed. This is rarely the case, and simply needs a quick treatment with an eraser.

Suede Shampoo: Used less frequently, and does take a bit of time to dry. If theres been a spillage, or its been a while since youve fully cleaned them, this is a great product to have and rejuvenates your shoes to a whole new level.

Guide: Cleaning Refreshing And Protecting Suede Shoes

How to Care for Suede

Suede shoes have an undeserved reputation of being more sensitive than regular leather shoes. This is wrong, as long as you take care of them properly. Here’s a guide on how to clean, refresh and then protect your suede shoes and make them look like new again.The shoes to the left is before the procedure below, the one to the right after.

1. Cleaning

In normal use, it is good to brush the suede shoes with a suede brush or shoe brush to remove dirt and dust. Over time, dirt usually settles a bit anyway, and the suede can start to look a bit dull. Then it is good to do a more thorough cleaning.Saphir Medaille d’Or Omninettoyant is a gentle yet efficient cleanser. When washing suede, nubuck or textile you should use the accompanying brush. Fill a small cup with some of the product, and mix luke warm water and Omninettoyant and work up a good lather as you rub with the brush. Be extra thorough where the shoe is as most dirty.For a normal cleaning its enough to let the shoes dry for about six hours, but if they are very dirty and you have to go over them several times with Omninettoyant, its better to rinse them of. Then you rinse the whole shoe under running water, make sure the whole shoe gets soaked to avoid water marks. Stuff it with paper and lay them on the side to let dry. Once they are almost dry, it’s adviceable to insert shoe trees in wood to retain the shoes shape.

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Use A Suede Cleaner For Tough Stains

When there are stubborn stains on your suede shoes, get rid of them with a suede cleaner. However, before settling for any suede cleaner, test it on a small part of the shoes or bag first. Afterwards, allow it to dry and if it comes out okay, go ahead and apply it on the remaining parts.

Before applying your cleaner, brush the shoes and use a damp cloth to wipe them. Then spray the cleaner on the shoes from at least 20cm distance. Once youre done, use your suede brush to ensure the cleaner circulates round the shoes.

What You Will Learn In This Guide

When you choose suede in your footwear, you have to follow specific care instructions pertaining to this material to avoid damage and improve the longevity of the product. This comprehensive article will look at the following factors that are important in the care and upkeep of suede shoes.

  • What to do before you use suede shoes for the first time
  • Materials and tools required for the care and upkeep of suede shoes
  • Points to note during daily use

a) Before-use Care

  • How to get rid of different types of marks and stains
  • How to protect suede shoes from damage

Through this comprehensive guide, we will look at how to keep a pair looking their best through daily measures. We will also address potential problems like tough stains or damage that can significantly affect the life of your suede shoes.

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How To Treat Suede Shoes

It is important to frequently treat unfinished suede to make it more supple and resistant to scratches. After cleaning your suede shoes, use a soft cloth or brush to apply a suede conditioner, which will usually be a wax, oil or cream. Apply it in straight motions but in different directions to evenly distribute the conditioner over the shoe.

A protective finish can then be applied, like our Protector product from our Shoe Care range. This will help to resist water penetration and guards against stains.

Debunking Myths About Suede

Suede Care Kit

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about suede.Here are some of the common ones:Suede is difficult to maintain:Surprising as it may be, suede shoes actually require less maintenance than calfskin leather shoes. How? Because you don’t need to shine them!While it’s true the nap can collect dust and dirt, suede is relatively easy to clean and maintain .Suede is expensive:As is true with other materials, price is subjective. You can find high-quality suede shoes ranging from a couple hundred bucks all the way up to thousands of dollars.Suede is delicate. Suede is a lot more durable than you might think.Poke around most fashion related message boards and you will read comment after comment about just how sturdy suede is.Some guys report having been caught in downpours and hailstorms where their suede shoes got absolutely soaked. After pat-drying with a towel, letting the shoes air dry for a few days and a brush-up, they were right as rain – errr – good as new.Now I’m not suggesting that you deliberately wear your suede shoes in such conditions, but don’t panic if you do.Never put your suede shoes next to a heater or through the dryer. This can cause discoloration, shrinkage, warping and hardening. But, you wouldn’t do that anyway, would you?

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Caring For Suede Shoes

Suede is a type of leather that has a unique and interesting look and feel, but these exact qualities are what make it somewhat tricky to maintain. Suede is easily scuffed, scratched and damaged by water, but as with standard leather, the better you care for it, the longer it will last.

In this guide we look at what suede is made from, its qualities and its durability, with useful tips on how to care for and clean your suede shoes to help keep them in prime condition for longer.

For Really Tough Grime Use White Vinegar

If you have some even tougher stains on your shoes, like salt, food, or wine, pour a little white vinegar on a clean cloth and gently wipe the affected areas. Apply the vinegar on the stained area first then let it dry. Finally, rub with a suede brush to get those tough stains out.

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How To Care For Suede Shoes

The common myth is that suede shoes are notoriously difficult to keep looking their best. However, dont be put off as this really isnt the case whether its a new pair or you need to rejuvenate an old, at Cheaney, weve created a definitive guide on how to care for and protect suede shoes to ensure they remain in excellent condition for many more years of wear.

How to clean suede shoes

Whether its mud, rain damage or scuff marks, suede shoes can be susceptible to damage just like any other raw material. But knowing how to clean suede is essential to keeping them in good condition and we have a list of tools and tricks to guide you.

A suede brush

Investing in a good quality suede brush is one of the most important tools when it comes to how to cleaning suede shoes effectively, as it is excellent for brushing off dried stains such as mud. Ensuring your shoes are completely dry, use your suede brush to gently brush away the dirt and grime in small motions with a light hand. If necessary, brush against the nap of the suede but always finish brushing in the direction the natural grain to maintain its smooth finish.

Suede Eraser

For hard-to-tackle stains such as watermarks, oil and grease, a suede eraser can be an effective spot-cleaning tool. Simply rub the eraser as you would a standard one on any marks, making sure to only use a moderate amount of pressure.

Suede Cleaner

If brushing and spot-cleaning your suede shoes hasnt worked, the next step is to use a suede cleaner

How To Store Suede Shoes

Shoe Care – Caring for Suede Leather

As well as regularly cleaning and treating your suede shoes, how you store them is also important. They should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent the colour from fading, and they should also be kept away from heat, such as radiators.

If the seasons have changed and youre not going to be wearing your shoes for a while, wrap them in tissue paper and put them in a shoebox or in a specialist shoe bag designed for this purpose. Store them somewhere cool and dry, as suede can become mouldy in humidity.

With some love and attention, your suede shoes should remain in prime condition for years to come. Explore our range of men’s shoes and womens shoes to find your perfect suede pair, or read our guide to caring for your feet.

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Whats A Suede Brush And Why Should I Use It

A Suede brush is a special kind of shoe brush manufactured with the delicate nature of suede leather in mind. You shouldnt use just about any type of brush as it could be too hard for the material.

If you dont have a suede brush at hand, you could use a soft cloth or a nail polish brush. In other words, the brush shouldnt be hard.

When youre brushing, ensure you brush in the direction of the fibers and also avoid scrubbing in a back and forth motion, instead, brush the dirt off the shoe with an outward motion.

Make sure the shoes are dry, otherwise youll stand the risk of spreading the dirt around.

Apart from the brush, there are other items required to clean your shoes and make it last. Some of them include

  • Paper,

Let me explain further

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