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How To Prevent Shoes From Rubbing Your Heel

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How To Soften The Back Of New Shoes With Shoe


You will find many shoe-stretching sprays in the market for leather shoes. They are specifically made for stretching leather, so you can use such with confidence that it can help in how to break in a shoe that rubs your heel. There is not much really required, except the spray itself, and a thick pair of socks.

Spray the back of the shoes thoroughly and then slip your feet into the boots with the thick socks on. As the stretcher solution dries up, walk about the room with your shoes on.

That should make the leather to stretch out and conform to the shape of your foot. However, please note that like the rubbing alcohol method, using a leather stretcher is recommended for shoes that pinch just a little. If the shoe fits really snugly, you may want to try the heat method.

Out of curiosity, just how does a stretching spray work? It is actually very simple. It is a solution that penetrates the leather, relaxing the fibers. When you wear your boots when the stretching solution has penetrated the leather, it will stretch. The solution cannot break the leather, so your boots are safe.

It is important to follow the instructions of the manufacturer for using the leather stretching solution. Use the recommended amount. There is no need to relax the leather too much, since you do not know its breaking point.

This method of softening shoes causing blisters on back of heel works like a marvel, many times better than the heat method.

How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing Your Achilles

Let us know if youre going to buy a new pair of shoes or have already a new couple thats giving you pain. Whatever it is, to stop shoes rubbing your Achilles, you need to prepare for both situations as before and after getting new shoes.

While buying a new pair of shoes, there are some facts that you need to concern about, so that you wont face difficulties in further steps.

Cover Sensitive Areas Of Your Feet

Cover the areas of your feet that are more prone to blisters. Having any spot in your feet can get easily irritated by walk or run. To protect these specific spots, cover them with sports tape, bandages, paper tape, patches, or pads. Covering these spots will help in the prevention of forming blisters. Get the best protective tape for your feet, so it doesnât wear off with a single wash.

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How To Soften The Heels Of Shoes That Rub Your Heel

Softening the back of your new shoes is yet another most efficient way to help break in shoes that rub your heels.

To soften the back of new shoes you can try these two techniques:

  • Use leather conditioner for shoes like mink oil or beeswax. Just apply it on your shoes and leave them overnight. In the morning you will find the shoes to be a better fit.
  • Put on your pair of socks and warm your shoes using a hairdryer. Now put on your shoes and walk around. You will find them contoured to your feet as they cool down.
  • You can try the above technique for softening the back of your new shoes if they are too tight to slip in and often hurt/rub your ankle back.

    Keep reminded, shoes made up of leather and suede can be softened much easier than any other things like fabric, rubber, or plastic.

    Why Do Your Shoes Rub The Back Of Your Heel

    How to prevent your heels from rubbing &  blisters!

    Buying a new pair of shoes is mind refreshing, but sometimes, it can be more painful especially, when you choose the wrong size. Incorrect shoe size is the main reason behind rubbing. Both the lack of grip and lack of space can hurt your feet badly. As your feet are filled with many nervous vassals, coming in contact with a rough surface can occur in painful situations. Sometimes blisters can cause severe complications like infection, and it is more dangerous for diabetic patients. People suffer a lot who tend to stand for a long period such as nurses, doctors, salesmen, and electricians who

    Sometimes your shoes need more time to be flexible and soften. But many of us dont provide enough time to wear shoes. This is another reason for rubbing or other pain. First, you should find the reason for discomfort or rub at the back. Then take some remedies against it.

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    How Do You Keep Your Feet From Sliding In Heels

    There is almost nothing worse in a pair of shoes than the feeling of them rubbing against your heel. You know as soon as the rubbing begins that it will end in a painful blister unless you take the shoes off altogether.

    But thankfully, there are a variety of ways to stop shoes from rubbing the back of your heel while remaining on the go.

    What You Will Need

    Home Remedies For How To Break In Heels New Shoes Or Leather Shoes:

    At home, put your shoes on wearing a very thick pair of socks, or even wearing two pairs of thick winter socks.

    • There is no need to overdo it, but wearing thicker socks for short periods of time can help break in new shoes and make them fit better. This will gradually make the shoe stretch out and fit easier.
    • These thicker socks can also help prevent blisters.
    • There are sprays available that are designed to help shoe stretch. We detail how to use these sprays below in the video.

    It is possible to combine shoe sprays along with the shoe stretchers that we show below.

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    Some Home Remedies To Stop Shoes Rubbing Your Ankle

    • Softening the shoes can decrease the rubbing. To ease the shoes, you can use petroleum jelly inside your shoes and leave it 24 hours. Before wearing the shoe, rub it with a cloth.
    • Use castor or coconut oil to soften the shoes. Apply any oil of your choice inside the shoes and leave them for two-three days.
    • Sprinkle powder on your feet.
    • Apply potato juice it will reduce any itchiness.

    But before that, go through our epic guide Does Waterproof Shoe Spray Work

    Apply Moleskin To Your Achilles

    Drs. Rx: How to Avoid Getting Blisters on Your Feet!

    Using moleskin a durable cotton fabric with adhesive on its soft side is another way to safeguard your skin and stop rubbing. That will prevent you from getting blisters and sores too. Simply apply it to the area that rubs against the shoe by following these steps.

    Step 1

    Get sharp scissors to cut moleskin and water to wash your feet. You will also need a pen to make sure the cut piece has the right shape and size. Its better to cut off a slightly larger piece that can be adjusted if needed than one thats too small.

    Step 2

    Once youve dried your feet, cut the moleskin so that it matches the affected area. Then peel off the backing of the moleskin and apply a soft side on your heel.

    Step 3

    Likewise, you may stick a piece of moleskin to the back of your shoe. Before putting it inside your shoe, remove dust and debris by cleaning it off with a towel. That will make it easier for the moleskin to cling to your shoe.

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    Guide To Prevent Blisters From Shoes

    By taking the following steps, you can prevent a blister from your shoes. It is crucial to make your new shoe comfortable because a new shoe has some stiffness that goes with time. Once your shoe stuff becomes soft, you are good to go. If you feel your old shoe is giving you blisters or foot pain, change it immediately. Remove the source of rubbing in the shoes that give you blisters.

    Tips To Stop Shoes From Rubbing Your Ankle Back

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    As an athlete or a trail runner, you always wanted to have a good new pair of shoes. But are you scared of wearing a new pair of shoes?

    Or do you often get worried that they may give you blisters or hurt your ankles back? Well, worry no more!

    When your shoes are hurting by rubbing your ankle back or heels you immediately get to know. And you always want to get rid of it.

    Apart from taking them off, is there anything else you can do to prevent them from hurting your foot back?


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    You Are Using The Wrong Shoes

    When I was a kid, I remember using a pair of indoor football shoes to walk around everywhere. But, unfortunately, they caused too many blisters, and do you know why? Because indoor football shoes were not made for walking.

    The advice wear the right shoes for the right occasions is something you should consider.

    Different Ways To Stop Shoes Rubbing The Back Of Your Heel:

    How to Break in Shoes that Rub Your Heel

    This is an easy problem to fix. You just need to change your socks and wear a different pair when youre sitting.

    If youre a runner, then you can easily change your socks in the middle of a run, but for most people, its a little harder.

    A quick solution to this problem is to put a pillow under your feet.

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    Is It Possible For Blisters To Become Infected

    Yes, if blisters are left untreated, they can explode and get infectious. A serious infection can lead to serious foot problems as well as other complications. If you have circulation issues as a result of a medical condition , your chances of contracting an infection are substantially higher.

    If one of your blisters becomes infected, you can treat it on your own, although a podiatrist is suggested. The following are some of the signs and symptoms of an infected blister:

    • Pain and redness in the affected area are getting worse.
    • Pus and cloudy fluid
    • Near the blister, there is yellowish crusting of the skin.
    • Tenderness and swelling are at an all-time high.

    Antibiotics, either topical or oral, are commonly used to treat infected blisters. Severe infections may necessitate IV antibiotics or surgery to remove affected tissue.

    Wear Your High Heels All Day With This Simple Trick

    The summer can be especially tricky since flip-flops are often the quickest to cause blisters. Instead, look for sandals with arch support since they are better for the overall health of your foot.

    “It’s also important to be as honest with ourselves as possible when we shop, said Hannum. “When we spot a pair of shoes we adore, it’s hard to convince ourselves to turn them down even if they’re a bit too tight. The reality is that the slight discomfort you feel in the store will morph into full-on pain and blisters after just a small amount of wear and you’ll soon wish you never bought them. It’s tough, but try to put them back on the shelf!”

    Dr. Nick Romansky, podiatrist to the U.S. men’s and women’s national soccer teams, says there are two things to remember when it comes to blister management: prevent motion and moisture.


    There are three main ways moisture can occur: from not wearing the right socks, consistently wearing the same shoes or just from being a naturally sweaty person, he said. People “often think they should wear 100 percent cotton socks but you actually want a blend of cotton and acrylic socks. Cotton absorbs the moisture and acrylic pulls moisture away, said Romansky, who adds that purely cotton socks are like wearing wet rags.



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    Straightforwardness Torment In The Chunk Of Your Foot With Some Bundle Of Footpads

    • If the wad of your foot is hurting toward the days end, your shoe might be excessively hard this is particularly basic in high impact points.
    • Buy a lot of bundles of footpads and stick them in the front of your shoes, right where the chunk of your foot sits. They are typically formed like ovals or eggs.
    • On the off chance that you have a couple of obeyed shoes that have a clash between the toes, consider getting a heart-formed pad.
    • The adjusted pieces of the heart will fit either side of the toe lash.

    Technique : Wrap Your Heels With Duct Tape

    How to Prevent Heel Slippage & Blisters

    Why are my shoes rubbing my feet and what can I do about it? Many people ask this question, yet the solution is always within reach. One of the ways we can do this is to wrap the heels with duct tape. However, you cannot use duct tape if your heels are blistered. Duct tape reduces the friction between your achilles and the shoes.

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    Use Moleskin For Shoes

    I am a runner, and I know how frustrating it can be when the back of my heel starts to rub raw. I also know that if you stop running, your skin will heal. But then you are in danger of having the problem start all over again.

    Luckily there is a solution! Moleskin is an amazing product that allows you to cover up sensitive areas on your shoe without sacrificing comfort or performance.

    You cut out a piece of moleskin and place it over the area where your shoes rub. And before long, you will have eliminated this painful issue from affecting your life any longer!

    Apply Moleskin Of 1/16 Of An Inch Thickness

    For women, an ankle strap on a high heeled shoe can irritate the back of the heel, leading to chafing. In some instances, the skin on the back of the ankle can become bruised and cut, leading to wounds that can become serious. Loafers and other types of footwear can also rub against the back of the ankle that can create uncomfortable conditions.

    One of the best remedies for this issue is to apply moleskin of 1/16 of an inch thickness over the part of the shoe that is rubbing against the back of the ankle. Also important is to verify the fit of the shoes- if too loose or too tight, irritation can occur at the back of the ankle.

    For men, the counter, or back part of the shoe behind the heel and ankle, can rub on the foot. Applying 1/16 inch of moleskin can help reduce the discomfort. Checking for proper fit of the footwear should also be done. Boots can cause irritation behind the ankle, as well, and checking for proper fit and adding moleskin can also help prevent this issue.

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    Counteract Rankles Scraping And Cutting By Staying Bits Of Moleskin Inside Your Shoe

    • Buy some moleskin from a shoe store and take out one sheet. Spot the sheet behind the culpable lash or heel and follow it with a pencil.
    • Cut the shape out utilizing a couple of scissors and strip off the support. Stick the moleskin onto the tie or heel.
    • This will likewise take a shot at different territories that reason is abrading.
    • On the off chance that the territory is inside your shoe, cut out a little circle or oval that is somewhat bigger than the region getting abraded.
    • Strip off the sponsorship and stick the moleskin to the culpable region.
    • You can likewise stick the moleskin specifically onto your foot and strip it off by the days end.

    What Happens If Shoes Rubbing Your Ankles

    How To Stop Shoes Rubbing The Back Of Your Heel in 2020

    Few lucky people get only red marks and skin burn, if you are not one of them then you probably faced the below issues:

    • Blisters

    Friction Blisters are some small fluid-filled bumps under the raised skin. As the name shows, it is caused by the friction between your feet and the shoes. So creating more friction over these blisters will double the pain and irritation.

    • Bursitis

    Bursitis is an inflammatory condition of the bursae and obviously painful. The bursae, fluid-filled sacks that cushion the tendons and bones in the ankle. Constant friction, pressure, or any impact in that area will cause inflammation.

    • Achilles Tendinosis

    Achilles Tendinosis generally has various causes like overusing the tissue and muscle. In this case, shoes that rub your skin can cause this issue. In actuality, this rubbing can make it worse as Achilles Tendinosis makes a bump on the heel or ankle. Therefore shoes made with hard or rough material should be avoided.

    Achilles Tendonitis is generally more afflictions. It usually occurs due to the rub causes by shoes at the back of the heel or ankle. If you have suffered this previously then you should prefer a good insole for Achilles Tendonitis or running shoes for it.

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    Reduce The Moisture In Your Shoes

    If youre someone who suffers from sweaty feet, you know how important it is to keep your shoes as dry as possible. Otherwise, you risk developing blisters or other irritation. One way to reduce the moisture in your shoes is to use a product like Gold Bonds Friction Defense Stick. This stick helps to absorb sweat and keep your shoes from feeling wet.

    However, if you dont have access to a friction defense stick, you can also try placing some deodorant or foot powder in your shoes. This will help to absorb any moisture and keep your feet feeling dry.

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