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How To Make Shoes Tighter

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My Experience Fitting Childrens Shoes

4 Ways to Make Your Dress Shoes Fit Tighter & How to Get Rid of Heel Slip

I have been working for a specialized childrens shoe store for the last 10 years, which has helped me get familiar with the best shoe brands for kids with narrow feet and the best shoe styles among those brands. Some of my co-workers have 20 plus years of experience, and they have taught me everything that I know about fitting childrens shoes. The store specializes in fitting children with complicated foot shapes as well as foot conditions.

I know the challenges that parents face when it comes to finding shoes for their kids with narrow feet.

My first tip is to provide your child with shoes that come with shoelaces instead of velcro closure, since shoelaces are always more effective in fitting children with narrow feet. I have written several articles that explain effective shoe tying techniques that you can use for your kids shoes, but I will explain this in more detail shortly. However, if you still want to provide your child with shoes that come with velcro closure thats still fine, since the two methods that I will describe shortly work for shoes with velcro closure and shoes with shoelaces.

Its important to make sure that your childs feet dont slip or slide around the shoes. Some children are clumsy and have to deal with stability issues, so fitting them in a pair of shoes that are too wide is going to make it extra challenging for them to walk.

Make Shoes Tighter In The Heel

If your heels are slipping out of your shoes, you can fix this by sticking padded heel inserts in the backs of your shoes.

Heel grips are also a good solution to stop shoes rubbing the back of your heels. I’ve had a lifelong struggle with heel blisters& was amazed to discover recently that a common cause is shoes being slightly too BIG! This makes your feet move up & down in your shoes more than they should, and the friction results in sore heels.

I bought this 6 pair pack of Ballotte padded heel grips to try out. My expectations were low, because they were quite cheap & Chinese brands on Amazon can be hit & miss. But I was very pleasantly surprised.

I’ve already fixed 4 pairs of shoes that were giving me blisters with these heel inserts. It’s exciting to finally be able to wear all these shoes instead of them gathering dust at the back of my closet.Heel grips are versatile & work with all closed heel footwear e.g. flats, sandals, sneakers or even boots. They are easiest to place in shoes with a low closed heel, because it’s obvious where to put them – you just align them with the top.

With high tops or booties, it’s harder to know exactly where to stick them. You can place them at the back without sticking them first, and put your foot in and see how they feel, but there’s a bit of trial and error involved.

Shoe Stretch Sprays And Liquids

Adjustable shoe trees can also be used in conjunction with shoe stretching sprays and liquids for a more effective end result. There are a wide variety of liquids and sprays out there that are great for stretching shoes, leather, fabric, and even vinyl. These stretch sprays can be applied to the parts of the shoe that feel tight. Spray the tight areas and then walk around in your shoes to stretch them out. Alternatively, use a shoe stretcher or adjustable shoe tree to stretch the shoes after applying the stretch sprays and liquid.

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The Reasons Why You Own Oversized Shoes

-When you buy shoes online, determining the right size of your shoes has many guidelines. However, each type of shoe often has different size. That leads to the fact that for A shoes, you wear this size but for B shoes you wear a different size. So, note that you should choose the shoe shop that allows you exchange.

-You get a gift, or someone else cedes their shoes to you. This reason is also likely to happen, because not everyone knows your foot size.

-Another reason is that the shoes get wider after a while of walking. This happens quite often, especially for sports shoes.

So we have come to understand the inconveniences when wearing wide shoes as well as the reasons why you own oversized shoes. Embark to find out how to fix it!

Different Ways To Make Your Shoes Bigger

How to Make Shoes Smaller? 6 Helpful Hacks

Whether shoes you already own are fitting a bit too tight or the newest pair you bought is just a bit snug we want to show you some ways to make your shoes bigger. The best part about learning how to make your shoes bigger is never worrying about blisters or tight-fitting shoes again.

However, if your shoes smell and you want to make them bigger, take care of this problem before stretching. Get rid of stinky shoes with baking soda or kitty litter left sprinkled on the inside overnight. Then, youre ready to tackle the stretching process.

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S To Make Shoes Smaller:

The size of shoes can be changed by altering the width of the shoe, but there is also a third option: altering the length of the shoe. This may be done by adding or removing the heel and can even change the fit of the shoe in the foot.

While the latter option sounds more difficult and less efficient than simply altering the width, it has the added benefit of changing the way the shoe looks. It also has the potential to give a shoe an entirely new look.

There are many people out there who want to make their own shoes for themselves and their families. This can be quite difficult as it takes a lot of skill and expertise. But with the right information, its not that hard to make your own shoes.

Heel Inserts Good For Reducing The Shoe Length

Heel inserts, also called heel inserts are so easy to use as you just slip them in the back of the heel and they stick there.

They are going to help you reduce your shoe length and your feet will fit comfortably. They mostly work for shoes that are only slightly longer than what you wear. Thus, they might not help much if your shoes run bigger by one size.

It is vital to put in these stickers correctly. If you do not position them right, they could cause serious heel blisters.

You can buy about three sets of heel liners. You can stick the first one directly to the inside part of the heel.

We suggest that you measure how the shoe fits after this. If you still feel that the shoe is too big, you can stick another insert onto the first insert.

Be careful with the heel liners and place them exactly where you want them. If you have to pull them apart a few times for repositioning, they can lose their stickiness easily.

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Tips On How To Make Shoes Smaller: Practical Solutions For A Better Fit

Having ill-fitted shoes is quite common these days. With the rise of online shopping, many people have found that their ordered size does not match what they receive. Different brands have different sizing charts, further complicating the process of finding the correct size.

If your shoes are too small, you will have no choice but to exchange them. Conversely, if you receive a pair of shoes that are too big, you may be able to make them smaller.

In this article, we will give 11 tips on how to make shoes smaller. Keep in mind that not every method will work for every pair of shoes. You may have to experiment a bit or use combinations of methods to get the desired results.

Getting A Cobbler To Make Shoes Smaller

How To Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller! *Top 10 Home Guide*

There is another option to make your shoes smaller. And its called a cobbler . A cobbler can seamlessly insert one or a combination of insole padding, heel liner, tongue pad & heel grip under the original lining of the shoe.

Yep, itll be more expensive than any service rendered by a professional is, but its a permanent & more convenient alternative to shoes you plan on wearing often. Much easier than cleaning/replacing/repositioning shoe inserts or shoe fillers every day!

If you decide to go to a cobbler to get your shoes adjusted, go in with a new/newer shoe. As you will get more wear out of a newer shoe , it will justify the cost of the service & nip the problem in the bud, right from the start.

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Shrink Your Shoes Using Water

If you have really big shoes, you can try shrinking them with water. While this is a permanent solution, it may also damage your shoes.

To make your shoes smaller, you will need

  • Bucket of water
  • Leather conditioner

The following instructions will show you how to make shoes smaller

Step-1 Wet your tight shoes. If your shoes are made of canvas or cloth, you can soak them in a bucket of water for 15 minutes. If you have suede or leather shoes, you will need to use a spray bottle to wet them down.

The water will cause the material to shrink and tighten.

Step-2 After you have wet down your shoes, let them dry for 15 minutes under direct sunlight.

Step-3 Set your hairdryer to the lowest setting and wear your wet shoes. Direct the heat of the hairdryer on your shoes. The heat will cause the water to evaporate and will shrink your shoes even more.

Make sure you move the hairdryer around to distribute the heat evenly. Do not direct heat on one spot for too long, as this could damage your shoes.

Step-4 Once your shoes are dry, keep them aside for 30 minutes.

Step-5 After 30 minutes, apply a thin coat of leather conditioner on your shoes. This will prevent your shoes from cracking due to heat and water exposure.

Repeat the process if you feel that your shoes are still big.

Suitable for leather shoes, suede shoes, canvas shoes, athletic shoes, casual shoes, and sports shoes.

Suede is a delicate type of leather that requires extra care. Follow our complete guide on suede shoes.

Find A Shoe Repair Professional

Most professional shoe repair shops or cobblers provide stretching services. They have machines and training to alter shoes. Not only can a cobbler stretch your shoes, they can repair and refresh the ones you have to make them last longer overall.

But these shops are becoming harder to find in most areas from lack of interest.

wear shoes that are too narrow for their feet.

Tightness can come from a variety of fit problems, including:

  • toe box too narrow, not high enough, or both
  • overall length of the shoe is too short
  • shape of shoe doesnt conform to your foot
  • height of heels puts stress on your toes or other parts of your foot

If you have any doubt about the comfort and fit of your shoes, its always best to pass on them. An ill-fitting pair of shoes can end up harming your feet and joints over time. You can always find a better-fitting pair somewhere else.

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How To Shrink Shoes

This article was co-authored by Rio Jongsae Kim. Rio Jongsae Kim is a Designer Shoe and Bag Repair Specialist and the Owner of Kims Shoe & Bag Repair in Vancouver, BC, Canada. With over 40 years of experience, Rio and Kims Shoe & Bag Repair specialize in the repair and reconstruction of leather and luxury goods including shoes, handbags, and accessories. Rios experience and dedication to quality repair and restoration have led to his work being featured on Yahoo, Insider, and MSN.There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 189,078 times.

Finding a pair of shoes that fits perfectly and matches your personal style can be pretty difficult. Luckily, whether you bought a pair of shoes that are just slightly too large or your favorite pair of shoes are stretched due to wear, you can shrink them to get a better fit. To shrink leather, suede, and canvas shoes, you can wet the fabric and apply heat to make the material shrink. To get a better fit in more structured shoes, like heels, dress shoes, sneakers, and boots, you can add inserts.

Try Out Wet Socks Method


This is yet another working method that you can try at your home. You can wear wet socks and then wear your big sized shoes. After walking in your shoes with wet socks for few days, you will see some size shrinking in your shoes.

Things You Will Need

1. First you will need a pair of reliable thick socks.2. Take hot water in a bowl. Now dip your socks into the water.3. After making your socks wet with hot water, wear them on your feet.4. Now wear your shoes after your socks and walk in them for few minutes.5. Repeat this process for next 2-3 days till you get satisfactory results for yourself.6. You can use blow dryer too for warming up the shoe areas where you need to shrink it down a bit.7. This method is more efficient for leather and sheepskin shoes.

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Stuff The Toes With Tissues Or Paper

If you are running late to work and did not prepare for your shoes to not fit, this is a quick and very cheap solution to help in a pinch. Grab some tissue paper or even a thin rag and slip into the toes of the shoes. This method works well if you notice your feet slipping to the front of the shoes causing irritation around your toes. We suggest you use this idea for flats, closed-toe heels or boots. Tissue paper inserts are not recommended for athletic situations or for long walks. After a while, or with moisture the material will wear down and get gross and start to become uncomfortable.

Ways To Stretch Out Your Shoes

Shoes will typically stretch all on their own as you wear them. Leather shoes, whether it be menâs dress shoes or womenâs heels, will fit over time. But if they are too tight and uncomfortable to wear in, try some of these easy hacks to stretch your shoes up to half a size or so to accommodate your feet. There are ways to stretch your shoes so you donât have to tiptoe around in them and deal with blisters and rubbing. If you canât or donât want to return your shoes, you can try some of these techniques to try to stretch them to fit you.

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Tighten With Elastic Bands

If you have some experience with sewing, this technique will be perfect for you. All you need to do is get some very strong elastic bands and stitch them on the inside of the back of the shoes. This will pull the material together, thus giving you a tighter fit. Heres the method:

  • First of all, stretch the band to keep it tight and secure it in place with some safety pins.
  • Then you can sew everything in place and remove all of the safety pins.
  • When the elastic band is in place, it will constrict back to its original form while pulling the material of the shoe together.

Use An Elastic Band To Tighten The Shoe

How To Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller!

One hack that you may have never considered is the use of an elastic band on the shoe. This solution works best if you have at least some experience with embroidery or sewing. For this hack, youll need to stitch elastic bands to the interior of your shoes to constrict them.

This will require a specific level of expertise and a lot of attention to detail. Youll need a needle, thread, and an elastic band thats at least 12 inches long. You can use safety pins to hold the band in place as you begin to sew it into one side of the shoe. Be sure to keep the elastic tight as you sew the band into the shoe, and upon completion, simply release it.

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How To Make Shoes And Boots Tighter

In this guide:

Theres nothing quite like the disappointment of slipping on a new pair of shoes you cant wait to show off only to find that theyre slightly too big. However, with a few tips and tricks you can learn how to make shoes tighter.

While sometimes the best course of action is to get your shoes exchanged for a tighter fit, our handy guide to how to tighten thigh-high boots, trainers and more is a good alternative. Whats more, itll really help you out if youre set on a style or find it difficult to get shoes to fit correctly.

Your Toes Need Stretching Too

If your toes are bunched together in your shoes, the shoes are too tight. In addition to stretching your footwear, you need to help your toes to get back to their natural state of separation. Here are some things you can do:

  • Take your toes in your hands and gently pull them apart.
  • Wiggle your toes a little every day
  • Take off your shoes and socks or stockings, and let your toes get sunlight and air.

Here are 19 stretches and moves to try to help your feet feel good.

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