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How To Fix Shoes That Are Too Big

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How Should Walking Boots Fit

how to fix shoes that are too big || make shoes smaller

Given their name and intended purpose, it would simply be a disaster if your walking boots didnt fit properly! Whether youre out with your dog or halfway up a mountain, the last thing you want to accompany you is a pair of ill-fitting walking boots.

To check theyre the correct fit, try them on in the afternoon with the laces undone and follow our above shoe-fitting tips. You can break them in before taking them on any longer expeditions by going on some brief walks or wearing them around the house. Your dressing gown and walking boots combo has never looked so glamorous.

How To Fix Shoes Size That Are Little Big And Wide

posted on October 7, 2022

It really is frustrating when you find a pair of shoes that you love or you receive a pair of shoes as a gift. When you try them on, they are just shoes a little too big for you. How to fix shoes size that are little big and wide. You need shoes too long solution. Great news! You bought when are shoes too big and how to fix shoes too big, wide & large. There are a few hacks to stretch shoes. You can use that will ensure your shoes arent too big.

I have experience and want to share it with you all when my shoes fit me a little big. This article will help you learn these easy tricks. Getting rid of this annoying problem is as simple as ABC, perfect for a quick and easy fix when you are in a hurry. There are quick options, as well as more difficult ones. In this article, well help you with shoe inserts to make shoes fit tighter even if theyre a bit too large. What to use when shoes are too big?

Breaking In Your Shoes

Some people might try to break in their shoes somehow. Simply, you wear your shoes and walk around the house as much as possible. This helps your feet get accustomed to wearing the shoes to no longer impact your balance in the long term. Besides, this teaches you how to stop heel slippage in boots and shoes.

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Is It Ok To Wear Shoes That Are Too Big

Is it ok to wear shoes that are too big? There is a lot of back and forth on this topic. Some people say you should, some say you shouldn’t. Let’s explore the pros and cons of both sides. Some reasons to wear shoes that are too big: · You may be able to get more use out of them before they need replacing ·

They can help protect your feet from blisters or other injuries by providing extra padding in the shoe when it’s bigger than what your foot needs · It can feel like you’re walking on pillows when wearing larger shoes · Shoes that fit a little loose can give your toes more room for movement, which helps prevent bunions and hammertoes from forming Some reasons.

The question of “Is it OK to wear shoes that are too big?” is not so easy to answer. Personally, I think it’s a personal preference and there is no right or wrong answer. What one person may find comfortable, another person might find terribly uncomfortable.

For example, my feet were really sensitive after surgery and wearing shoes that were too big for me felt like I was walking on concrete blocks whereas before surgery they would have been very comfortable. It all depends on the individual and their physical needs as well as what you’re planning to do in your new shoes – such as running or walking long distances if you don’t want any blisters.

How To Fix Shoes When They Are Too Big

Invisible Height Increased Insoles

I know the feeling. You find a pair of shoes that you love or you receive a pair of shoes as a gift, but when you try them on, they are just too big for you.

But good news! There are a few helpful hacks that will leave you never worrying about your shoes being too big.

This article will help explain these handy tricks. All of these DIY hacks are as easy as ABC, perfect for when you are in a rush and need a quick fix to this annoying problem.

Some are quick options, while others involve a bit more effort. This article will help ensure that you can continue to enjoy your favorite pairs of shoes even if they are a bit too big.

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Walk With Both Shoes On

Take your time and try on both shoes. Walk around the store in them. If the floors in the store have different surfaces like carpet and tile, try to walk on each of them.

The best way to try out new shoes is on a treadmill. This will keep the shoes clean and give you a chance to really try them out. Some shoe stores will let you do this. If you’re not sure, ask.

Make sure you know the store’s return policy. You may not be able to return shoes that have too much wear on them.

Make Sure Your Shoes Have Insoles

The following are the best insoles for shoes.

My favorite & go-to way to make shoes fit smaller is to use insoles to make them smaller. Full-size insoles have the advantage of fitting shoes that are overall bigger.

Branded & non-branded options are available in many shapes, sizes, materials & colors as well.

Have any extra insoles lying around your home?. You can get back on track fast with a short trip to CVS or Walgreens regardless of your health status. An old pair of shoes may have thinner insoles. There are many insoles available on Amazon.

If the shoe is too large, the insoles can help reduce some of the extra space. By stacking thin insoles, you have greater control over how well your shoe will fit. Choosing the best insoles can be confusing if you need more information, on what will work best for you, and learn how to use them, see our How-To Guide and How to fix shoes size that are little big and wide.

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Is It Possible To Make Shoes Smaller If They’re Too Big

It is possible to make shoes smaller if they are too big. There are a few different methods that can be used to make shoes smaller. One common method is to use a cobbler’s bench and an awl. The cobbler’s bench is used to stretch the shoes, and the awl is used to punch new holes in the shoes. This method can be used to make shoes up to two sizes smaller. Another common method is to use a hot knife. This method is used to make shoes up to four sizes smaller. The hot knife is used to cut the shoes down to size. The disadvantage of this method is that it can damage the shoes.

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How to: Fix the Shoes that Are Too Big and Too Loose

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Take The Shoes To A Professional Cobbler

If you cant be bothered to find a solution yourself because you dont have time or it just sounds too complicated, you can go to a cobbler.

I would suggest this as a last resort because its the most expensive option, but its also the most permanent since it is done by a professional that can modify your shoe insoles, heels, tongue, grip, etc. Also, I would only use a cobbler for new shoes since old shoes may not be worth the extra money spend .

Wearing The Right Shoe Size

If The Shoe Fits: The Importance of Wearing The Right Size

Stars and royalty are wearing heels one size too big. Meghan Markle does it to avoid bunions and blisters. Her heels always have a little wiggle room. It sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Well, let me tell you why it’s not.

When you wear a shoe that fits your foot properly, not tight and not loose, it provides a good platform for your foot to support your body, given that it is a good shoe to begin with. As we all know, if you wear a shoe that is too tight it will hurt your feet and lead to foot ailments, such as blisters, bunions and calluses. But wearing a shoe that is too big will cause us to walk in an unnatural and dysfunctional way. This can lead to serious foot problems.

When buying new shoes, one should buy shoes that fit comfortably. Also, do not assume that a size in one brand equates to the same size in another. When you buy new shoes measure your foot’s length and width with a Brannock Device. A Brannock Device is the standard foot measuring tool used by footwear designers and manufacturers. Use these measurements to find a proper fitting shoe and always try on and walk around wearing the shoe.

So Meghan may have found the right guy but she definitely hasn’t chosen the right shoe. If you’re looking for a shoe idol maybe you should look at Cinderella instead because her shoe fits. And as the saying goes, if the shoe fits, wear it!

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Use Ball Of Foot Cushions

If you find that adding a full insole to the bottom of your shoes is a bit uncomfortable, or that it makes the shoe too small, then this is the perfect solution for you.

You can use a special cushion thats designed to be placed at the ball of your foot inside the shoe, to make it more comfortable and better fitting. Its made for shoes that are just a tad too big for you when putting a full insole makes them uncomfortable. These types of cushions can come in different colors, shapes, and sizes and are perfect for any ill-fitting flats or high heels.

Get Professional Help From A Shoe Cobbler

Solutions to the Biggest Shoe Problems

Although this is not really a shoes too big hack, a shoe cobbler is a reliable option to adjust loose fitting shoes. Since shoe cobbler services can be expensive, I recommend only going to one for high-end or sentimental shoes.

If you are looking for a budget solution to resize inexpensive pairs of running shoes or sneakers, try hacks from above instead.

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How To Size Dress Shoes

Dress shoes need slightly different care than casual or athletic shoes. Leather shoes will feel a bit tight to start and need to be broken in before wearing them out-and-about. This is because the leather will loosen over time. So if you buy your dress shoes a bit too big, theyre only going to get worse.

When going to the shoe store for dress shoes, bring along a pair of socks. Dress socks are often a different thickness than day-to-day socks, so make sure the shoes are a perfect fit with the correct socks.

Heel Liners For Shoes

How to fix heels that are too big?

Shoe inserts for too big shoes, Shoe too big inserts, Heel liners for shoes, or back of heel inserts, are 4â³ strips that secure onto the inside back of the heel of your shoe. Great to both shorten the length of the shoe insert for size. It prevents make too big heels fit from slipping out of shoes, increases comfort & prevents blisters.

Gel, fabric, and latex-free materials are commonly used in these devices how to make a shoes smaller. I found these nifty heel liner-meets-insole. How to make oversized shoes fit?. It will help you how to make your shoes smaller fit around the back of the shoe.

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Best Heel Inserts For Shoes That Are Too Big

If you are looking to only fill out the heel area of your shoes that are too big, then you can just purchase heel inserts.

I find heel inserts work great when stuck correctly to the inside heel of my shoes.

Heres a picture of how I use my heel inserts:

Heel inserts in shoes.

I recommend this set from Amazon that have the same design as mine:

They are super cushioning on the heel and work well to fill out the extra space. I have quite a narrow heel and find whenever I wear high heels gaping is a big problem for me.

These heel inserts do the trick!

How Should Running Shoes And Trainers Fit


Just like walking boots, its super important that running shoes are as comfortable and supportive as possible. Generally speaking, the best fit for running shoes is snugness from the heel to the middle of the shoe, with plenty of wiggle room around the toes. The aim is to feel supported but not restricted!

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When To Avoid Wearing Shoes That Are Too Big

Theres no better way to say this:

Except thats not all there is to it.

While you can get away with loose shoes, theres always going to come times when shoe size mistakes come back to you.

So if you want to keep your feet and legs safe for the longest time possible, its ideal to know when not to wear shoes that are too big.

Avoid big shoes:

1. If You Plan to Walk for a Long Distance

Picture your day before you decide to wear oversize shoes. Estimate how long you expect to walk, especially if you expect to be too busy to stop.

Avoid big shoes at all cost if you expect to walk for a long distance. Thats because walking in big shoes for an extended period is linked to discomforts. And it may even cause injuries like blisters and sore spots.

2. If Youre Going for a Run or a Hike

Intense activities like hiking or running are not for too big shoes. In fact, oversize shoes dont have the balance, comfort, and support that you need to run or hike.

So dont wear shoes that dont fit your feet. Its that simple.

3. When Traversing Through Rocky Trails

You should also avoid rocky areas where you are likely to trip and fall when wearing big shoes.

However, if you must wear them, try taking each step with your foot entirely off from the ground. That way, youre less likely to trip.

4. When Walking Up and Down a Staircase

Avoid wearing heels that are too big if you spend a lot of time juggling between different floors in a building.

Wear shoes that fit and feel comfortable instead.

Is It Ok To Wear Shoes A Little Big

No. Wearing shoes that feel loose can make you walk in an unnatural and dysfunctional way, leading to serious foot problems.

The only time your shoes should be a little bit loose, is when your feet swell because of the heat, especially when you exercise, or if you have one foot more prominent than the other.

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Shrink When It Gets Wet

You are thinking, how can water help you shrink your shoe inserts for shoes that are too big?. Or your shoe inserts for shoes that are too big. If you wear the correct kind of shoes, you may be surprised at how well it works. If you have leather shoes, this hack may work well, but not as well on synthetic materials. You will also need the following supplies before getting started:

Buy Ball Of Foot Cushions

CZloves: How To Make BIG Shoes FIT small feet

A different option is available if you dont want to worry about tissues falling out of your shoes. Additionally, you can buy cushions specifically designed for this purpose. These ball of foot and heel cushions for shoes are available in different shapes and sizes. This means you can easily find the perfect fit.

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Put A Tissue In Front Of Your Toes

Now, this doesnt have to be a tissue you would blow your nose with. You could also use soft fabric or sections cut off of a rag.

Just place it towards the front of your shoe to fill in any extra space. This works best with close-toed heels, flats, or boots.

This would be a temporary fix, and it usually isnt the most comfortable. This does help with the ever so annoying problem of your heels falling out of the back of your shoes when you walk due to the extra space from heel to toe inside the shoe.

How To Fix Shoes That Are Too Big: A Tutorial

You will need to find a cutting device . Simply cut the panty liner in half. The adhesive on most panty liners doesnt run all the way to the ends, so you will want to put the rounded end down close to the sole of the shoe.

If you have two liners you may want to double them up to give you a little extra cushion. Once stuck to the heel trim excess from the top, and give them a try!

I call this a quick fix- emergency solution, but lets be real here, this worked perfect and now that Im home, I still havent replaced them. Give it a try, your blister free feet will thank you!

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