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What Kind Of Shoes For Pickleball

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Are Pickleball Shoes Necessary

What are the Best Shoes for Pickleball?

If youre willing to spend money on paddles and other equipment, you should really consider buying pickleball shoes.

Though the equipment improves your overall game, its the shoes that will help you play safe and prevent injuries.

Not just that, good quality shoes that compliment your feet will help you play pickleball with confidence, and enable you to move quickly across the court.

Just imagine the amount of pressure that falls on your feet when you run laterally or you land following a jump?

While your feet can handle them, what about your shoes? If its quality is not up to the mark, you might experience an awkward landing which can cause serious injuries.

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Extra cushioning in high-quality shoes can make a massive difference. Similarly, if your shoes dont support your arches and heels, your movement can be limited.

Lastly, if you dont invest in a quality pair of shoes, you risk problems such as knee discomfort, ankle pain, heel pain, hip, and lower back issues.

If youre playing pickleball at least 1 time a week, I would strongly recommend picking up pickleball shoes. They dont have to be ones on this list .

What Is The Best Pickleball Paddle For Beginners

Normally, most beginners that approach the sport do not really care if they win or lose, what they want is to have a good time. Sometimes, this attitude leads them to pick the wrong paddles, as they dont put much thought into it. It is not a big deal, but it may help you get the most out of your first practices.

Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned player, you must research on which paddle will fit you the best.

First of all, there is not a beginners-paddle-only thing. When buying your first pickleball paddle, it is mostly about what you should avoid, rather than what you should get.

Best Outdoor Pickleball Shoes

  • Best Outdoor Pickleball Shoes Buyers Guide
  • What are the best outdoor pickleball shoes in the market?

    From my research findings, this is the most common question among beginners. For this set of people, the price of pickleball shoes is not an issue in most cases. Some are merely looking for where to buy outdoor pickleball shoes online or offline.

    However, choosing the best shoes for pickleball remains hard for many prospective buyers. Besides having too many options to choose from, there is another reason that makes this a relatively hard choice.

    When you search for the best pickleball shoes for indoor or outdoor, an overwhelming majority of what youll find will be tennis shoes and volleyball shoes.

    This could make you begin to wonder if there is any shoe that is specifically made for pickleball players.

    Here is a fact. Based on the relatively new nature of the pickleball game, many sports shoe brands havent committed to making shoes that are meant for pickleball only. But from the experience of veteran pickleball players, certain shoes have been proven to work well in this game.

    Through the pickleball shoe reviews contained in this buyer guide, Ill be highlighting some of the bestselling models from different brands.

    Assuming you are among the people that have been looking for where to buy pickleball shoe for outdoor games, note that all of these products reviewed here are on Amazon.

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    Asics Womens Upcourt Pickleball Shoes

    The ASICS Womens Upcourt 4 offers incredible flexibility, support, and durability while providing comfortable wear to every person especially women. It is made up of synthetic leather overlays that provide superior support and stability when you need to stop or during transitions. The breathable panel is available that provides consistent and plenty of airflows keeping your feet cool and comfortable all the time. Furthermore, the rubber sole gum at the bottom of the shoe maximizes the performance and control by providing a strong grip, especially on indoor court surfaces. This pickleball shoe wont disappoint you when it comes to grip and removes the possibility of slippage when it comes to sliding or transitioning from one position to another. It is lightweight as it weighs only 1.46 Pounds ensuring fast movements without putting too much burden on your feet.

    These shoes are the perfect choice for women as it provides superior control, flexibility, and room for movement without putting too much burden on feet. The shoes are made up of durable materials and provide comfortable wear while lasting long. Moreover, the combination of synthetic leather and upper mesh makes this shoe a perfect choice for women who like to play a fast game of pickleball with less fatigue and without sacrificing control.

    • Be careful when choosing the size.

    Whats The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Pickleball Shoes

    Best Pickleball Shoes (With images)

    This is probably the most complicated question surrounding pickleball shoes. When you really dig into the information thats available, it becomes a little muddy.

    It becomes muddy because of the two court styles that pickleball is played on. Yes, there are two types of pickleball courts.

    Let me explain.

    Were going to get kind of technical for a moment.

    There are outdoor pickleball courts and indoor pickleball courts.

    Outdoor courts are exactly like a tennis court. Same rough texture. So, any tennis shoe or outdoor court shoe is going to work great there. No problems.

    Where things get muddy is when pickleball is moved indoor, say to a YMCA or Rec Center. Now the game is essentially played on a basketball court.

    That court does NOT have the same texture and consistency of any outdoor court. Obviously.

    So, in that case a court shoe like the Asics Gel Rocket 9, with more natural rubber on the outsole is going to grab a little better on an indoor “gym” style pickleball court.

    Does it all matter? Somewhat. But it’s not a deal breaker or game changer.

    All the court shoes Ive listed will work great whether youre playing indoor or outdoor.

    Im getting technical on the court surfaces just to give you more helpful information.

    If you play exclusively indoor on a gym floor, like my local Rec Center does, then Id lean towards something like the Gel Rocket 9. If you play indoor and outdoor.any of these pickleball shoes will work great for you!

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    How Long Do Pickleball Shoes Last

    As mentioned above, most shoes should last about 6 months. This is assuming a person is playing for a couple of hours at a time about three times a week. There are several factors that will determine the actual life of the shoe, most notably: the quality of the shoe and the surface played on.

    The abrasive surface of outdoor hardcourts and just playing outside in the elements will wear outdoor shoes down quicker. Indoor pickleball shoes last longer since they are played on smooth, clean surfaces that are protected from natural elements such as rain, direct sunlight and dirt on the court) and therefore need to be replaced less frequently.

    There are also several habits you can adopt to increase the lifespan of your shoes such as only washing by hand and air drying, only wearing your shoes on the pickleball court and using a separate pair of shoes for indoor and outdoor pickleball.

    Around the six month point, I usually retire my shoes from pickleball and use them for yard work, gardening, running errands or just walking around. At 6 months they are not totally destroyed nor are they falling apart but have lost a noticeable amount of cushion and support that I feel I ready for a new pair.

    Pickleball Shoes: Dont Use Running Shoes

    Beginners often start-up by picking up the first pair of shoes they find in their closet, generally the running shoes. However, running shoes arent designed for lateral movements. As the name suggests, they are meant for running in a forward direction not lateral.

    Pickleball players who are starting out realize this sooner rather than later.

    Remember, it only takes one twisted ankle to keep you from playing pickleball for weeks!

    The longer you go without shoes, the more susceptible they are to injuries because of the wrong choice of shoes.

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    Best Pickleball Shoes For Men

    As Ive written in the past, I strongly believe that the shoes you wear while playing pickleball are more important than the paddle you use, really a good pair of shoes is the most important piece of pickleball equipment youll buy.

    Weve reviewed shoes from all the top sports manufacturers on the market to come up with the following shortlist of the top-rated pickleball shoes for men. If I had to pick just one shoe as the best choice for outdoors it would be the Asics Gel-Resolution 8 and my pick for indoor pickleball is the Asics Mens Gel Rocket 10.

    Ill admit, I am biased towards Asics! I discovered ASICS GEL® Kayano running shoes over a decade ago and became an Asics fan. Whenever I need a new pair of running shoes I just upgrade to the most recent Kayano model.currently the Gel-Kayano 24. Anyway, enough about running, for pickleball I wear the ASICS Gel-Court FF Tennis Shoe which is currently my personal top choice for Best Pickleball Shoes for Men.

    I am a huge fan of Asics shoes and wearing the new FlyteFoam model is pure comfort for me. However, these are top of the line so I realize the price may be too much for some people. Continue reading below to see more of my top picks and detailed reviews including shoes from other top brands and other more affordable options.

    The Asics Gel-Challenger 12 is personally my favorite pick for the best mens outdoor pickleball shoe.

    New Balance Womens 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

    Full Rundown On Pickleball Shoes (And which ones to get)

    Another great option to consider for pickleball is the New Balance Womens 806 V1 Tennis Shoe. It uses both leather and synthetic materials to create a comfortable, well-cushioned shoe.

    The shoes have a rubber sole, which is great for a pickleball court. They also have a lightning dry liner that can keep your feet comfortable. The shoes provide stability and support when playing, so its great for moving around.

    Theyre also slip-resistant, so you dont have to worry about sliding around on wet floors. If you need a shoe for on and off the pickleball court, these are a good option.

    You can choose from a couple of different colors. The shoes come in different sizes, including narrow, regular, and wide.


    • They support your feet for added protection
    • Work well for general use and can last long
    • Get a good grip for pickleball
    • Great for people with wide feet
    • Can help support flat arches


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    Asics Gel Resolution 6

    The GEL Resolution 6 is one of the flagship tennis shoes from Asics in their line of footwear dedicated for stability and durability.

    Asics paid extra close attention to the toe guard and rubber sole, more specifically the outsole, to improve performance and toughness through technology they call PGaurd and AHAR.

    These are all fancy terms for a shoe that is designed to be tougher than your traditional mesh based court shoe.

    To be fair and balanced, players with the need for extra support in the arch may want to choose another option.

    What Kind Of Shoes Should I Wear For Playing Racquetball

    Racquetball is a sport played with a racquet and a ball. The game involves hitting the ball back and forth between two players who stand opposite each other at opposite ends of a court.

    Racquetball is a great way to stay fit and improve your fitness level. If you want to play racquetball, then youll need some good equipment. There are several types of racquets, such as wood or metal frames, and these vary in price.

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    Can You Wear Cross Trainers For Pickleball

    If you go to a department store to buy tennis or court shoes, you may be misled. The salesperson may think that a cross trainer or running shoe will suffice but they would be wrong. Many local sporting good stores dont offer much better advice. Wearing running shoes when playing pickleball can lead to injury.

    How To Choose The Right Pickleball Shoes

    Pickleball Shoes  Which Ones To Get And Which Ones To ...

    Tennis shoes can be the best choice for playing Pickleball. As you know, there are no particular pickleball shoes available on the market so you need a unique pair of shoes that go well with you while playing Pickleball. But if you want something extra, check out the following qualities before buying any pair of shoes for a better experience with Pickleball.

    • They should make side-to-side movement easier regular shoes are built for movement in a straight-line direction, but the shoes for Pickleball should be able to establish torsional stability.
    • They should provide great lateral support.
    • They should provide sufficient traction on the court to prevent slipping.
    • The shoes must protect the ankle and heel.
    • They should be lightweight to improve players agility inside the court.
    • They should have a durable rubber sole to stay with you for a long time.
    • They should be pocket-friendly.

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    The Future Opportunities Of Pickleball Players Or Where You Can Go Only Play Pickleball

    I discover that Pickleball games future are so bright and there are 2.815 million Pickleball players worldwide. This sport is getting better at acquiring TV Contracts and professional endorsements. Also, winners are getting expensive prices. For beginners, there are tremendous opportunities waiting out there. If you are passionate about it, stick with your passion.

    New Balance 696v3 Hard Court Pickleball Shoes

    The next shoe on our best pickleball shoes list is the New Balance 696V3 court shoe. This is a classic tennis shoe that provides a no-nonsense, classic fit with excellent feel and support.

    The New Balance 696V3 features an NDurance rubber outsole in a herringbone pattern which minimizes slippage promotes controlled slide across court. The lightweight EVA midsole provides excellent cushioning and support when jumping and bouncing, while the synthetic leather upper is lightweight and provides plenty of breathability to the foot.

    This pair of pickleball shoes are easy to break-in and are comfortable as soon as you put them on, theyre also lightweight and come in a couple of great color options.

    This shoe is a great all-rounder for anyone who wants a reliable court shoe that will last well and provides comfort and breathability on-court. Invest in the New Balance 696V3 court shoe and you wont feel disappointed.

    Standout Features

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    Does My Pickleball Playing Style Affect My Shoe Choice

    Baseline Play: If your playing style more of a power game, driving long shots from the baseline then youre going to be doing lots of lateral movement – so look for shoes that have extra lateral support and durable soles.

    Serve-and-Volley: Do you approach the net all the time, are you dinking tons of shots and play a control game? If so, your shoes will take a toll especially the toes. A lot of those shots require players to bring weight up on the front of their feet and also increase the tendency to drag feet. Look for pickleball shoes with reinforced soles and toecaps.

    Do you drag your feet when approaching the net or coming to a stop? If so, youll want to make sure you buy pickleball shoes with reinforced toecaps. If you have already been playing pickleball for some time , look at your used shoes to see if the toecaps are worn.

    STOP Wearing Running Shoes to Play Pickleball!

    Running shoes were designed and optimized for athletes moving in one direction-forward!

    They are made to absorb the shock of heel strike and keep the runner moving forward as efficiently as possible. Runners generally do not perform quick starts and stops, nor do they change direction or sidestep laterally. Because of that, lateral support is minimized in these shoes since runners dont need it and it would just add a lot of extra weight to the shoe while offering no real added benefit to the runner. The best running shoes are lightweight and the lack of lateral support helps keep them light.

    What To Look For When Buying Pickleball Sneakers

    What Shoes for Pickleball?

    by Bell Racquet Sports | Jan 24, 2014 | pickleball, pickleball sneakers |

    This post has been updated in January of 2022 to include a comment that mid height court shoes are no longer offered by most tennis shoe manufacturers. If you need added ankle support, consider a low cut shoe with an ankle brace / ankle support.

    This post has been updated in May of 2019! To read the updated blog post on buying pickleball sneakers,

    While pickleball may be a recreational game to some, our pickleball customers here in Rochester, New York consider it a competitive sport . Whether you play it for fun, for fitness or to fulfill your competitive needs, safe shoes are as essential to pickleball as any other court sport. .

    We get so many requests for recommendations that we thought wed share some pointers to guide you through the pickleball shoe selection process. The ultimate goal as with any athletic shoe purchase is to find a shoe that you feel is a good fit on your foot, with a comfortable and stable feel.

    So within the family of court shoes, well break it down by shoe component

    • Insider tip: feel like you have weak ankles? Since a key driver for buying pickleball sneakers in the first place is stability on the court, consider a MID height pickleball sneaker for that more secure feel around the ankle when laced up.

    Okay, with that being said. There are two main categories of shoes you can consider, either of which are perfectly fine for pickleball .

    Some examples of wider width shoes:

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    Can You Wear Tennis Shoes For Pickleball

    Yes! Tennis shoes are court shoes and court shoes are the ideal shoe for pickleball! In fact, any good pair of tennis shoes are going to be a great place to start for pickleball.

    Whether its an outdoor tennis court with pickleball lines laid down or a tennis court converted to a pickleball court at your local tennis facility, good tennis shoes will work just fine!

    It doesnt matter because the courts are the same…their tennis courts!

    So, the shoes youd wear to a tennis facility whether its indoor or outdoor will work great because the court is the same either way.

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