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How To Organize Your Shoes

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Repurpose An Old Ladder

How To Organize Your Shoes

For the person who likes to add a little style to their bedroom, a ladder creates a wonderful and glamorous solution. This idea is particularly useful when you want to store your favorite high heeled shoes.

In fact, Design Sponge has a wonderful tutorial that is easy to follow. You merely need to find an old wooden ladder, either in your basement or at an antique store if you want a weathered look and hang your high heels on each rung.

Not only have you created a talking piece amongst friends, but youve also come up with a creative solution for your organization needs.

Utilize Shelves To Keep Shoes Off The Floor

A great closet layout is a huge bonus when it comes to organization, and I love the deep wall of shelves in mine! Since its deep, I can store two rows of shoes on each shelf which doubles the amount of space. If your closet doesnt have shelves, these IKEA Billy bookcases are amazing to add and I highly recommend adding doors or pretty handles if you choose to use them in a room or cloffice like I used in my last home here!

For more shelf options, check out these below:

How Do You Organize Shoes In A Small Closet

It is so frustrating when you have more shoes than you have space to store them. Small closets just dont provide enough storage for all the things you own.

The best tip for storing shoes in a small space is to think flat! Find ways to store as many shoes as you can in the unused spaces in your closet. And try to keep them flat.

Boxes take up precious space. But what about the area near your ceiling? Install crown moulding and hang your shoes on it.

Use helpful organizers to hang up your shoes or use storage bags to keep them stored safely under your bed.

Finally, just get creative. If all your shoes dont fit in your closet, maybe split them up. Keep your frequently used shoes near the front door, and your dressy shoes under the bed.

There are plenty of easy and effective ways to get those unruly shoes off the floor and stored away. Try these tips to achieve an easy way to organize your shoes.

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Tips To Tackle And Master Shoe Organization

For some reason, especially when the seasons change, every day it seems like your familys shoes multiply overnight and your mudroom or entryway loses all semblance of organization. In a Groundhogs Day cycle, everyone is tripping over piles of shoes cluttering your space. Getting in and out of the house is a constant ordeal thanks to the chaos caused by random shoes that werent put away. And no matter how many times you re-stack and re-sort, its always a mess by the end of the day, leaving you and everyone else frustrated because they cant find their things.

Stack Some Shoe Cubbies

13 Creative Ways to Organize Your Shoes, Inspired by ...

These handy little slots make it easy to see all your shoes at a glance, and even come in two different sizes, to better accommodate heels and booties. Pro tip: Organize each row by style and put the shoes you reach for most often in the top cubbies, for easy access. Special occasion and out of season shoes can then take up the boxes closer to the floor. Stack them vertically if you dont have a ton of spare floor space, or line them in a low row as a sort of border against a wall.

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Genius Ways To Organize Your Family’s Shoes

Does your family have a knack for leaving their things everywhere except for where they need to be? Maybe its a bag, briefcase or backpack cluttering the entryway, or jackets and coats hanging on the backs of chairs, or even dirty clothes tossed practically everywhere except the hamper. Yet none of these everyday organization issues are as frustrating as the scattered mess of shoes that overtake your mudroom or entryway.

Store Boots On The Top Of Your Stackable Shoe Storage

Depending on the amount of storage space you require for your shoe storage solution, stackable shoe storage can be hard to reach. Therefore, we recommend storing your boots at the top of your stackable shoe storage, given that you dont wear them as frequently as heels, and typically they wont fit properly in the clear container boxes you recently got from the container store.

Depending on their length, boots typically flop over, taking up immense, unnecessary space. They also lose shape easily. Therefore, to keep them in shape, you can use rolled-up magazines, newspapers, plastic bottles, or boot shapers. Once your boots are standing at attention, storing them is a breeze. If you prefer not to store them at the top of your stackable shoe storage, you can neatly tuck them away in clear shoe bins or boot boxes, which make great extra shoe storage.

As a tip, to avoid cluttering your stackable shoe storage in your closet, keep a handful of the boots you wear year-round. For seasonal boots such as grunge boots, cowboy boots, snow boots, or winter boots, you can store them in shoe storage containers in your garage, attic, or unused guest bedroom and only access them when need be. Storing them away during off-season is also a great way to clear that entryway of runaway shoes you might have.

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Use Old School Lockers

Shoe fetish is not just for women, butyoung boys and men can also have a huge collection that sooner or later goesout of hand. Those old school lockers can be converted into shoe organizers soyou can keep the gym shoes and accessories at one place and party shoes in theother. Similarly, you may have separate sections for office shoes, hiking bootsand so on.

Two Drawer Shoe Cabinet

How to Organize Your Shoes, Closet Organization Tips, Fab How To

One of my top contenders wasthis cool shoe cabinet, which was a bit pricier, but I liked that you dont see the shoes at all. It really utilizes vertical space in such a genius way!

The main reason I didnt go this route is that I had a little reality check with myself

My family members are just kinda lazy when it comes to tidying up after themselves, and I was pretty certain they would not consistently place their shoes inside.

I had parental premonitions that all the shoes would simply be heaped in front of this beautiful shoe storage unit.

I mean really, thats a lot to askopening the cabinet door of the shoe rack and placing your shoes inside ????

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Best Shoe Organizer Ideas

While clothes can easily be hung up in a closet or tucked away in a dresser, finding an efficient and easy way to store your shoes can be a much bigger hassle. This usually results in an unorganized pile of shoes on the floor of your closet or other areas of your house.

If youre a shoe lover with a lot of shoes we can bet you know the struggle of keeping your shoes organized and not in a cluttered mess. And whether you live in a small apartment or a large home, its still a smart idea to have a way to organize your pile of shoes!

So regardless if you are the queen of high heels or a sneaker fan, youll be happy to know that there are plenty of convenient and smart ways to properly organize and store your shoe collection! In this guide, well be sharing some of the best ways to organize your shoe collection.

Check out what’s in this post!

Wake All Your Shoes Up Then Kick Some Of Them Out

This first step comes courtesy of Jessica Yatrofsky, founder of SjD Consulting, who is certified in the KonMari method and offers beautiful, minimal organizational services for hire. To start, Yatrofsky suggests pulling out all of your shoes and laying them out in the center of the room. In keeping with the philosophies of Marie Kondo, she suggests physically touching each pair and clapping or playing chimes to wake them up if they havent been worn in a while. .

Once all your shoes are laid out, youll have a clear picture of just how many pairs you own. I was surprised to find that I have 23that seems like a lot! But Yatrofsky assured me this number still places me firmly in the minimalist category . Laying them out like this will also better equip you for the editing process, which, according to every organizational expert I spoke, is one of the most important parts of shoe tidying.

As a rule of thumb, I give myself permission to have a maximum of one vanity pair of shoes in my closet at a time.

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The Best Way To Organize Your Shoes

If you were asked to quantify the number of shoes you’ve bought over the course of your lifetime, what would it be? It’s likely a high number. And if yours are currently disorganized, it can be easy to lose track of what’s actually in your collection, which can lead to an unnecessary purchase down the road. Ahead, how to get your footwear in orderwhich starts by identifying the pairs you already have.

How To Properly Organize Your Shoe Collection

Shoe organization

Shoes and boots are key features of any wardrobe, and most people have a valued collection of flats, sandals, tall and short boots, dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, platforms, stilettos, and slippers. The number of shoes and diversity of styles can create a storage challenge in the closet or bedroom, so what is the best way to keep all your footwear in tip-top shape and easy to find when you need them?

From simple to elegant, proper shoe organization is part of an organized and efficient closet design

Eliminating jumbled piles of shoes and boots is critical to keeping your shoes and boots in good condition and your closet clutter-free. These guidelines and ideas for how to organize shoes in your closet will keep all your shoes and boots ready to go when you are! From one pullout shoe rack to a wall of shoes and boots on shelves or in cabinets, Tailored Living® can help calm the chaos with custom closet storage systems that incorporate efficient shoe storage as well as outside-the-closet and DIY solutions to organize, display, and maintain shoe collections of all sizes.

Shoe shelves protect and display

Large or small shoe collections require sufficient storage to eliminate damage by keeping shoes separate from each other

Boots require special attention

Boots storage doesnt have to be difficult, just calculated so everything fits

Fun or merely functional, boot shapers make your boots last longer by eliminating folding and creasing

Caring for your leather boots and shoes

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Wire Basket With Liner

Im a huge fan of baskets as an organizing toolyou toss about anything inside and it looks tidy because its not in a giant pile on the ground!

These basketshave a washable liner so if they do get dirty you can toss them in the laundry, and they come out clean as a whistle

I also realized that unlike some of the furniture-style shoe storage products, this basket is easily portable and can be moved to other areas of the house. If you have guests visiting, you can move the basket near the front door as a little reminder for friends to take off their shoesa subtle hint yet very effective!!

An Overdoor Shoe Rack So You Can See All Your Options At A Glance When You Step Into Your Closet

It has an overall shoe capacity of up to 36 pairs of shoes.

Promising review: “I like this shoe rack. It was very easy to assemble and the instructions were easy to comprehend and follow. Took less than 30 minutes overall. I only have a few shoes on there but it doesnt bend or break under the weight. Its very durable and saves me a lot of space in my room. It doesnt slide or move when I open or close my door which is great. You have enough storage capacity to put at least 36 pairs of shoes which is great for people who have a big collection.” Lala Luciano

Get it from Amazon for $22.45+.

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Shoe Organizing Idea #8 Crown Molding

Its unique, creative, and a fun DIY project.

If your closet has lots of space near the ceiling, install crown molding along the wall.

Hang your shoes on the molding by their heel. For an extra pop of color, paint the crown molding a fun, bright color before you install it.

9. Shoe Organizing Idea #9 Tension Rods Inside a Drawer

If you have a deep drawer in your closet or dresser, you can install rows of tension rods to place your shoes. Protect the bottom of the drawer with durable shelf lining like the ones youd use in the kitchen.

Use A Traditional Shoe Shelf

How to organize your Shoes

I counted 30 pairs of shoes in this shelf! Haha. Cant help it!

This is a very simple solution, though. You can just buy a ready-made shoe shelf and in an instant, you have a good space for your shoes.

Arrange your pairs neatly, so that when you leave it on display, it looks like a home decor too.

If you have less shoes to store, use the remaining space to arrange your other belongings, or select a shelf that isnt as tall as this one.

Maybe something like this.

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Get Rid Of Shoes You No Longer Wear

The first step to organizing your shoes is to take inventory of everything you own. I had bins and bags of shoes hiding in every closet and corner when we first moved in, so I piled all of my shoes in the living room and organized pairs by color and style this took hours but it was so worth it. I think I truly terrified my husband when he walked in and saw how my shoes I had been hoarding when we moved in BUT this was the best way to begin. By categorizing and color-coding, its easy to see if you have duplicate styles, pairs that have wear and tear, or shoes that have gone out of style that way you only keep what you need. Remember, sometimes less is more.

Get rid of the shoes you no longer wear. If you havent worn them in a year and you dont feel sentimental towards them, donate or sell them. I think I cut out about 50% of my shoes when I did this due to duplicates, styles I didnt wear, or old favorites that couldnt be salvaged. Not only does this keep your closet filled with things that you actually wear and brings you joy, it also allows for guilt-free shopping for new shoes! )


Smart Ways To Organize Your Shoes

If a massive pile of shoes is piling up on your closet floor , you need a little organization help. Fortunately, the pros at Horderly have three smart ways to tackle the shoe pile for goodwhether you have extra shelf or floor space for shoe storage, or you need to think vertically.

Tip: Rather than storing each pair with their toes facing the same direction, swap one shoe so its heel is next to its match’s toe, to help you maximize your space.

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Prep Your Shoe Inventory For Storage

Not all of your shoes may be easily accessible depending on how much space you have to work with. If you dont have much space, you may need to only keep whats in season out and store away whatever is not in season.

Before you store away any shoes, make sure you prep them so they are preserved especially if they are going to be in a closed box/bin.

  • Special Occasion

Hide Beneath A Bedskirt

How to Store and Organize Shoes in a Closet

Do you have one of those old hanging shoeracks made of flimsy plastic that look shabby over the door? How aboutinstalling them beneath the bed skirt to enjoy storage space withoutcompromising with the aesthetics of your house.

You need some creativity to cut thesepouches and install them under the bed cover in a smart way to keep your shoesoff the floor and away from the sight until you need them.

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A Rotating Shoe Shelf Perfect For Small Spaces That Can’t Accommodate Rectangular Structures

Promising review: “I absolutely love this! It’s easy to get to all of my shoes, however it does take up quiet a bit of room but it’s completely worth it. It has a lot of pieces but is pretty easy to assemble and doesn’t take very long to put together.” Shayna Pierce

Get it from Amazon for $119.99.

Use Clear Stackable Shoe Boxes To Keep Everything Organized

In addition to shelving, I swear by these Container Store shoe boxes! I bought all of them over 10 years ago, and they are still in fabulous condition even after 13 moves! What I love about these boxes are the front-opening doors that allow you to access shoes without having to rearrange storage boxes like this kind, and the stacking capability keeps them from toppling over or moving. Theyre super sturdy and come in two sizes, and I purchased the smaller size which fit my heels and sneakers perfectly.

While I have used shoe racks in the past, I have found they tend to feel messy with heels and they dont hold as many pairs as these boxes. Also, since they are clear, closed, and stackable, I can stack them under a clothing rack without dresses knocking shoes over, alongside my shoe shelf for sneakers, and on top of high shelves to maximize space. I highly recommend these, and I know you will love them too!

Note: Since my husband has less shoes, I ordered this shoe organizer for his closet, and its perfect! Mens dress shoes and sneakers dont topple over like heels, so its easy for him to access and keeps his shoes visible and organized. Highly recommend this shoe rack for your mans closet!

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