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How To Pack Shoes For Moving

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Keep A Few Pairs Of Essential Shoes Handy

How to Pack Shoes | The Home Depot

Between packing and moving day, you will inevitably need to wear shoes! Choose a few pairs that will cover your needs. Shoes for work, shoes for exercise, and seasonally appropriate casual shoes should be kept with your suitcase or travel bags. Make sure you have a pair to wear on moving day that you dont mind getting scuffed or dirty in the back and forth with boxes!

Always Take Out A Pair Which You Will Wear On A Moving Day

Before starting the packaging, make sure that you have kept a pair aside for the moving day because you do not want to move in your house sleepers as well as dont want to spend several minutes in searching an ideal pair of shoes for the move.

There are many other tips, but we limit them to the few most important ones.

Here are a few preparations you need to do for proper packaging your shoes:

Step 1: check if any pair needs minor repairs. Get the repairs done before you pack it so that it does not get worse during transit.

Step 2: when you are done through the repairs, always clean your shoes properly before you pack them.

Step 3: now, coming to the packing part, always pack the footwear in boxes and never opt for plastic bags. Make sure that the boxes are dry. If you are using cardboard boxes, make sure they are strong enough to bear the transit journey.

Step 4: stuff the feet area of your shoes with clean crumpled paper. This is done to help your shoes to keep a proper shape.

Step 5: you should get proper packing material such as sturdy boxes, permanent markers, packing paper, sticking tape, etc.

Smart Ways To Keep Shoes Tidy Utility Tote Wine

Close the box and tape it shut. Clothes are neither heavy nor breakable, so packing your clothes by yourself will save you money.

100 things challengehow to fit your life into a suitcase. A great strategy is to pack shoes in the bottom of a box, then put clothes from the same closet on top.

23 zip tie hacks thatll make your life easier zip ties. Add the second shoe, and wrap that in the same sheet.

Air jordan 3 retro animal instinct ck4344 002 2020. Always pack footwear in pairs for greater convenience and alternate the directions of the shoes when placing them in boxes.

Blue strips womens heels stilettos women platform shoes. An original shoe box is designed to fit perfectly the exact size and shape of the pair of shoes it holds, thus eliminating.

Discover the best moving boxes for all your packing needs. Close the box and tape it shut.

Golf shoe bag diy golf bag for fathers day from joann. Clothes are neither heavy nor breakable, so packing your clothes by yourself will save you money.

Golfers delight birthday golf gift basket birthday. Dont pack any valuables on the moving truck.

How to quickly tie your shoelaces using the ukrainian knot. Dont pack jewelry with your other clothes.

How to efficiently pack your rock climbing equipment. Duffel bags provide a great way to move a lot in a little space.

How to organize your golf bag in 5 easy steps golf bags. First, unzip the duffel bag and fold down the top to make packing easier.

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Stuff Crumpled Paper Into Your Shoes

Before you learn how to pack shoes properly, youre going to have to stuff crumpled paper in them to get them to keep their shape during the move. You want to pack shoes without crushing them, so take one sheet of clean and soft packing paper, crumple it well into an oval shape and stuff it inside each shoe. When packing boots for moving, stuff them with paper all the way to the top.

In any case, do NOT use newspapers for stuffing up your shoes because the ink may transfer into their material and ruin them. Using socks to keep the shape of your footwear will also work ok in most cases, but your safest choice is still packing paper as it is stiffer and harder to bend.

Store Items That You Will Actually Wear

The Best Way for Packing, Moving &  Storing Shoes

The essential part of this preparation should be defining which footwear you want to keep, and it most definitely needs to be on a list of the things to do before you move. Like most people, you probably have those pieces that you swear you will wear or ones that are so beautiful but so uncomfortable that they are just picking dust. Either way, consider them as items you should not pack when relocating. Try to get rid of shoes you deep inside know you wont wear donate or organize a garage sale, for example, and earn money. If you are a humanitarian at heart, visit various sites, such as Soles4Soles, and explore the possibilities of donating. Of course, if you have the ones that are so old and torn, kiss them goodbye The downsize of your footwear should be very helpful, especially if you are relocating to a smaller home.

Gift away items that you won’t wear

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Pack Shoes In Original Boxes Or Smaller Boxes When Moving State To State

Of course, the best stowing method is to use your shoes original packages because they are tailored for them and will protect them from scuffing and denting. If you dont have original packages, dont worry. Your footwear can still reach your new home intact and in excellent condition. How? Follow our instructions:

  • Find a small box that will contain only one pair of shoes
  • Wrap each pair in a towel or a clean paper
  • Line the shoebox with bubble wrap or crumpled paper
  • Put the bundle of footwear in the box
  • Make sure there is no empty space inside the box
  • Tape the package and use the marker to label it.

Keep in mind that these steps also apply to the situation when you have an original shoebox. Since packages can be crushed under the weight of heavier things, lots of crumpled paper, bubble wrap, or any cushioning is required. Only this way, your high heels or fancy sneakers will be protected and saved.

Store Your Shoes In A Large Box Or Plastic Tote

  • 1Use separate containers for different styles. A small or medium box should work fine, but it depends on how many shoes you have. Boxes are easy to get from moving supply stores or hardware stores, but they could potentially get water damage. Plastic totes are usually smaller, but theyre a great water-resistant choice.XResearch source
  • Be cautious storing leather or suede in plastic totes long-term since its not a breathable container and could cause your shoes to dry out or crack.
  • In a pinch, you can use a hardshell suitcase instead.
  • If you have flats, you could store the pairs individually in a hanging closet door organizer. Fold the organizer in half to keep your shoes from falling out. However, this wont offer as much protection during the move.
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    Pack A Few Essential Pairs In Their Own Box

    Shoes are often not one of the first things unpacked, since as long as youve got your go-tos youre not likely going to have a need for the others right away. Still, you should make sure that you have easy access to two or three essential pairs that you can easily reach for during the unpacking process. Youll probably wear sneakers for the move itself, so set aside a pair of easy on/off shoes for when you need to make a quick trip out to the car, a pair of shoes you can style with at least a weeks worth of work outfits, and a pair of shoes available just in case you decide to break for a nice dinner or other type of outing.

    Start By Properly Cleaning Every Pair

    How to Pack Clothes & Shoes to Move | Olympia Moving & Storage

    Take a sponge, your favorite cleaning chemicals or even an old body moisturizer for your leather items, and get to scrubbing. Ensure you use products that wont damage the materials of your footwear. Its also really important to make sure every item you own is not only clean but also has a few hours to properly dry from the moisturizing and cleaning products. Otherwise, due to temperature and high humidity, the fabric of your items could weaken and cause the glue to detach. So, try to get this part of the job out of the way in a timely manner.

    A great relocation hack, if you want to pamper your footwear additionally, is to stuff them with some lavender baggies or even tea bags. It will work charms, and after you move, youll feel as if you have not only a new home but a whole new shoe inventory. If youre interested in cleaning your items like a pro, we recommend checking out the following video for more tips and tricks:

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    Pack Shoes In Their Original Box

    If you still have the original shoebox your shoes came in, pack them in that same box. Its sized specifically for them and therefore is the best fit. For shoes that no longer have their original box, you can either purchase reusable plastic shoe containers or standard cardboard shoe boxes. Once your shoes are placed in the box, use crumpled packing paper to fill any excess space to help avoid shifting during transit.

    How To Pack Shoes For A Move: 6 Tips

    Packing shoes for a move is no easy task. Theyre bulky and oddly shaped so they dont fit together like dishes or books. And if you dont pack them correctly, you could end up unpacking scratched, scuffed, bent, or possibly even torn shoes. Youve had your shoe collection for years, and you want it to see you through a few more before you have to start making replacements. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can do to prevent unnecessary damage to your shoes. Here are 6 tips for how to pack your shoes for a move.

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    Place Shoeboxes And Heavier Shoes On The Bottom

  • 1That way, you wont crush or damage more delicate pairs. Start by layering your shoeboxes on the bottom of the container so you have a sturdy base. Then, add any wrapped pairs of heavier boots or sneakers that you have on top of the boxes. Keep layering the boxes with your shoes until theyre full.XResearch source
  • Avoid packing more than 40 pounds in a single container since the box could break.
  • How To Properly Pack Shoes And Boots For Your Move

    How to Pack Your Shoes for Moving Tips

    If youre preparing for an upcoming Southern California move, theres no doubt that youre going to be spending a good deal of time packing. Everything in your home must be packed securely before the local movers arrive on the big dayfrom linens, kitchenwares, and knick-knacks to clothing, shoes, and boots.

    Wait. Shoes and boots? Yes, even shoes and boots need to be packed carefully! The last thing you want is to arrive at your new home to find one shoe but not the otheror a jumbled box of scuffed, misshapen shoes.

    At Merit Moving Systems, weve packed thousandsyes, thousandsof shoes and boot during our decades as a professional moving company. When our home movers pack belongings, they take just as much care with shoes and boots as they do with precious family antiques. To ensure that your shoes and boots survive your moving journey undamaged, our professional Orange County movers have compiled a few helpful tips to consider when packing your footwear.

    1. Dry Footwear Thoroughly

    To prevent the chance of mold growth during your move, shoes and boots should be air dried for a few hours prior to packing so they are free of moisture. Sports shoes, work shoes, and leather shoes are particularly vulnerable to mold if they are packed wet or not sufficiently dried.

    2. Prepare for Packing by Stuffing

    3. Use Original Shoeboxes, Especially for Dress Shoes

    4. Pack Larger Boxes with Heavier Shoes and Boots First

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    Stuff Shoes With Crumpled Paper Or With Socks

    To help shoes keep their natural shape during the move, you can stuff them with wrapping paper. Remember to wrap them on the outside as well. Helpful tip: wrap one shoe completely in packing paper and add its pair in the same wrapping. In doing so, youre avoiding getting scuff marks on your favorite shoes and keeping pairs together. Any other soft fabric will do but avoid using newspaper because you could get ink stains on your shoes.

    Socks can work just as well to prevent your shoes from getting crushed while being moved into your new home. Take a pair of rolled up socks and stuff it down the toe, which will help maintain the shape of the shoe. This hack can serve double-duty, helping you to easily pack socks at the same time. Now, if youre packing boots that go beyond the ankle, make sure to stuff them all the way up to the top. Whenever youre packing high heels, you should wrap the heels in bubble wrap to prevent them from breaking while in transit.

    However tempting it may be to just go for plastic bags, refrain from throwing all your shoes into one big bag. This can easily tear during the move, leaving your precious footwear exposed to smushing or soiling. Additionally, plastic bags trap moisture which can cause serious damage to your footwear, leading to mold growth and deformation.

    Wrap The Pair Of Shoes In Packing Paper

  • 1Prevent any scuffs with a thin protective layer. Rip off a large square of packing paper and lay it flat on a table. Set one of your shoes on the paper on its side and wrap the paper on top of it. Then, place the other shoe on the paper so the soles point away from one another. Wrap the paper tightly around the second shoe and tape it closed.XResearch source
  • If you dont have packing paper, you can use bubble wrap instead.
  • Try to avoid using newspaper to wrap your shoes since the ink could transfer onto them and leave stains.
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    Separate Shoes You Need To Wear

  • 1Keep out shoes for work and regular wear so they arent a pain to unpack. If you need to wear specific shoes for work or if you have shoes that you wear every day, you dont want to dig through the box with the rest of your shoes to find them. Put your everyday shoes in a different place so you can pack them away in a small go box in your vehicle to access quickly.XResearch source
  • For example, you may keep dress shoes for work, sneakers for regular wear, and a warm pair of slippers in your go box.
  • You can also separate any designer shoes that can get damaged or scuffed easily so you can protect them better in another box.
  • How To Pack Shoes For Moving

  • For shoes in shoe boxes, wrap each shoe in a half piece of packing paper to protect from rubbing or scuffing.
  • Line a box with crumpled paper. Put boxes and shoes in the box.
  • Shoes without boxes can be wrapped as a pair in a single piece of packing paper.
  • Fill in gaps with crumpled paper. Close the box and secure with packing tape.
  • Label the box.
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    Our Local Orange County Movers Are The Best When It Comes To Packing And Moving

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    Divide Shoes Into Groups

    Your next step is to divide the shoes youve decided to bring with you into groups. The first and the most important pile is the footwear you wear regularly and will probably be wearing on the days around the moving date. These are the pairs youll be packing last . The second pile should be reserved for fancier and more expensive footwear that will require some extra attention when packing. And finally, the third pile is where all the other pairs belong those that you wont be wearing any time soon, that are out of season, and that you wont need in the following few weeks.

    Alternatively, you could divide your footwear into piles according to their type and shape. For example, high heels could go in one pile, winter boots into another one, and running sneakers into the third one. Of course, if you have any friends who have moved before, you could ask them for some tips as well. Whichever system you decide to go with, its crucial to stay organized and take the time to protect your footwear properly.

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    How To Fold Clothes For Packing

    Folding clothes for moving is the most common method of packing, and its a simple process when you know a few tricks. To fold a shirt correctly:

  • Place it face down on a bed or carpet.
  • Fold one sleeve and a third of the shirt body in toward the middle of the shirt and smooth out the wrinkles.
  • Repeat for the other sleeve and third of the shirt body, and then fold the bottom half of the shirt up.
  • Smooth out any wrinkles and pack the shirt away.
  • To fold pants for moving, fold one leg over the other, fold in thirds, and smooth out the wrinkles.

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