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How To Tell If Shoes Are Fake

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Pay Attention To The Package

How to Spot Fake Nike Shoes

You can start authenticating your Nike sneakers the moment you receive them. Examine the packaging: if the box is plain, without letterings, or any design showing that the shoes are Nikes, then you should take it as a big red flag. Authentic packaging needs to have lettering at the top as well as the accurate design shown on the official website.

In even worse cases, counterfeit sneakers do not come in a box but are wrapped in plastic, which you should take as a sign of its fakeness.

You should also pay attention to the sturdiness of the box: if the box is coming apart and barely keeping shoes inside, then it does not even need to be pointed out that the pair is fake.

Keep Your Wits About You

If youre desperate to snag a particular pair of sneaks, chances are youll have some competition on your hands. This kind of demand creates a golden opportunity for counterfeiters to fill the supply gap with dupes.

At any given moment, the best fakes available on the market will undoubtedly be the most popular and in-demand shoes, Jasmine says. Right now, the best fakes are the Air Jordan 1 Retro High and the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2.

She adds that shes held, smelled and examined enough AJ1 and Yeezy 350 V2 models to say confidently that I wont be duped by a fake. If those arent words to live by, I dont know what is.

Research The Original Asking Price Of The Sneaker There Is No Need To Get Oversold And If You Think You Just Hit The Jackpot Youre Silly

For sneakerheads and newcomers alike, the time of the drops can tend to be of high stress due to the demand and limited availability of the sneakers.

Just recently, Nike dropped the newest colorway of the Sacai VaporWaffle sneakers. In minutes, they were sold out and being resold for 2x the original price of the kicks. To give you a rough estimate, these limited edition sneakers were originally listed for $180, now to get your hands on a pair, they start at $289.

Keeping the hype in mind, be aware of the original asking price of the sneakers because there is no need to be paying more than necessary. Certain websites like StockX actually provide you with the retail place, resale low and high, and even the trade range, when you get to that point.

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Full Size Run Of Rare Sneakers

Lets say you found a website and are ready to purchase your pair. Lets also say this pair is the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October. When released online at, the shoes sold out within a minute, literally and to top it off, not a lot of models were produced.

Now youre sitting at this website and know you are a size 10, but you notice that not only do they have your size available but an 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5 all the way up to 12. This is a big indicator that the shoes are replicas. As you will notice from the image below, most of these fake websites have a size run from 8 through 13 with most half sizing available. These are whats called money sizes, or in other terms the popular sizes. A size 9 will move faster than a size 7 which leads to quick sales.

Check The Manufacturing Sticker

How to tell if Converse All Star shoes are fake or real

On a deeper note, you can even dig a lot of information by looking at the sticker on the outside of the box:

  • Nike shoe boxes are made with a label affixed to one side of the box which lists details about the style name of the shoe, the shoe size, the color combination, and country in which the manufacturing took place.
  • There will also be a style number on the label which is nine digits long.
  • Pay specific attention to spelling, uniform size text, and even spacing on the box label.

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How To Identify Fake Versace Shoes

When buying designer shoes, its important to be able to spot a fake. Versace is a high-end fashion brand known for luxury goods, including shoes. How to spot fake Versace shoes? You can spot fake Versace shoes by looking for certain telltale signs. For example, fake shoes may have poor quality stitching, misspelled branding, or incorrect logos. Here are some tips on how to tell if your Versace shoes are real or fake:

  • Look for poor quality stitching.
  • Check for misspelled branding.
  • Verify logos to see if they are correct.

Can I Return Fake Nike Sneakers

Sellers of fake Nike shoes can make it hard for buyers to return their already purchased pair. And there is no assurance that they will give you your money back, or they can send you original Nike shoes the next time.

A great way to avoid this type of inconvenience is by verifying first if the shoes you are about to buy are authentic before paying for them.

Tip: We strongly advise you to use Paypal if youre purchasing your Nike sneakers online. Paypal usually withhold the payment you made, so it would be easier for you to make a dispute if you were sold a fake pair of Nikes. And no, were not affiliated with them.

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How Big Is The Production Run Of The Sneakers

This is important for the people who are questioning a general release, or a large production run.The companies producing replica sneakers are not dumb. They want to maximize their profitability just like any other manufacturer. This means that they replicate profitable sneakers. Most replicas in circulation are those of moderately coveted sneakers. If Nike releases 1.5 million Jordan Concords, chances are there won’t be many replicas in circulation.This doesn’t mean there aren’t any, but it is much less likely. In addition, the higher the production count, the worse quality of a sneaker. This means that shoes will have more variables when produced in higher numbers. Don’t over complicate things by sweating every little detail.

The Dangers Of Buying Fake Shoes

How To Spot Fake Sneakers

Unfortunately, the counterfeiting market is a booming industry across the world as many buyers are wanting to achieve that high end designer look for that thrift store price. Buying and selling fake goods can destroy the reputation of a legitimate business. It can decrease their rightful profit margin and hurt their overall business.

Weve all seen them those cheap knock-offs of designer brands

possibly, while shopping at some hip bodega in a large city or at your local flea market. The most popular of these items are typically designer handbags and shoes, as these are the must-have purchases to complete any latest fashion trend. With a growing online market, it has become easier than ever for even the most casual of buyers to keep up with the ever-changing fashion industry. To the untrained eye, even the most poorly made knock-offs can pass for the real thing. While it is great that companies are making cheaper alternatives for products of some of the world’s most well-known brands, there is a difference between knock-off products and counterfeit items.


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My Air Jordans Were As Stiff As A Rock

The Air Jordans I used as the featured image of this article are the ones I bought last year.

As you can see they look amazing for 40 something bucks!

However, I actually got rid of them not long after buying them because they were just horrendous.

They were uncomfortable as hell, they were as stiff as a rock and they were way too small anyway.

I purchased them off of because they actually looked really cool.

So dont get me wrong, the aesthetics is there.

Fake manufacturers really know how to reel you in with a legit looking shoe.

But as you should know by now, that is a ploy.

They are going to look amazing, but the quality isnt going to be there and they wont last as long.

I mean, they were basketball shoes but there was no way they were going to be used for basketball, they were WAY too stiff.

Actually now I wish I didnt get rid of them as I couldve used them as a model for this article.

But hopefully now you know how to spot a fake Nike and you dont get ripped off ever again.

Examine The Outsoles Bottom Pattern

The interlocking patterns on genuine Vans sneakers are of 2 distinct shapes: diamonds and rhomboids. In addition, a three-letter country code must be printed in one of the rhomboids shapes.

Furthermore, the three-letter country code needs to be corresponding to the code on the inner of the box label.

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How To Spot Fake Sneakers

  • We visited luxury consignment shop The RealReal in Los Angeles to chat with sneaker and streetwear expert Sean Conway.
  • Sean and INSIDER’s Caroline Aghajanian go through real and fake pairs of sneakers and determine which ones are the counterfeit shoe.
  • Some of the shoes include Balenciaga Triple S, Adidas Yeezy Boost, Gucci Major Tiger Leather High Tops, Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard 2.0, and Nike “The Ten” Air Presto x Off-White.

Following is a transcript of the video.

Sean: You are correct.

Caroline: Yay, awesome, awesome.Sean: Yes, yes, you are correct.

Sean: My name is Sean Conway. I am the sneaker and streetwear expert for TheRealReal. I started out collecting sneakers when I was around 15 years old because of my love for skateboarding and basketball. Here at the company, I authenticate and price all of the high-value items that come through our luxury consignment office. We receive knockoffs every day. Very often that customers don’t really, or consignors, don’t know exactly what they have because they’re bought from third parties or from websites that don’t authenticate their goods.

Caroline: We are here with all of the sneakers. We have some real ones and the fake ones, and I’m gonna try to tell them apart. You said the first step is the box.

Caroline: OK.

Sean: I wouldn’t say these are fake, but that’s like my first red flag.

Caroline: OK.

Sean: You are correct.

Caroline: Yay, awesome, awesome.

Caroline: It is 0749.

Sean: This is the real pair.

Caroline: I know.

Examine The Logo Patch

How to tell if Converse All Star shoes are fake or real

High-top Chucks have the round logo patch on the inner ankle of the shoe. If you find a shoe that has the logo on the outside, it is clearly a fake. It was placed on the inside as it was initially designed to protect the athletes ankle.

Authentic Converse All Star patch with a navy blue star

The logo patch is a white, round screen-printed rubber patch that has the label CONVERSE ALL STAR in red uppercase letters and Chuck Taylor signature in navy blue script with a five-pointed star in between.

CONVERSE ALL STAR in red uppercase letters and Chuck Taylor signature in navy blue script with a five-pointed star

Note that this red, white and blue badge is not used on monochromatic versions of Chucks. Instead, monochrome pairs feature the logo in 3D and in the same color as the canvas upper.

Black Chucks with 3D logo patch

On low-top All Star sneakers, the Converse All Star logo patch is placed on the tongue.

It is a thin, rectangular canvas fabric that is neatly sewn onto the tongue that says CONVERSE in white against a red background and ALL STAR in navy blue with the star logo separating the two words.

This particular color combination of the badge is only used on the white and natural ivory color versions of the low-top All Star.

Low top Converse All Star logo patch

The two-tone versions of the All Star sneakers feature the rectangular logo patch in black and white, while the monochromatic pairs have the logo in the same color as the shoes.

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How To Spot Fake Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers

This method will require you to authenticate the heel of your shoe. If you pay attention to the top of the heel tab, you can easily recognize one detail. The top of the heel tab should have a noticeable straight-line shape.In comparison, the fake pair would have a softer, rounder shape.Moving on, verify the Alexander McQueen logo on the heel. An authentic pair would have bolder, brighter letters on the logo, but smaller spacing. Please remember this for later, as in your inspection you might notice the same problem with the logo on the outer tongue and the backside of the shoe.Lastly, examine the width of the heel area. It is slightly wider in the authentic sneaker, and the heel tab is bigger.

Number Of Available Sizes

Sneakers that are known to fetch a great amount of money in the open market are usually the ones that get replicated more. So an easy way to tell that the sneakers being sold online are fake is when the sizes for these rare sneakers are all available.

The chances of a small online store to have more than a handful of sizes for rare sneakers are slim to none. And without the need to check the sneakers personally, you can easily tell that they dont have the original set with them.

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How To Spot Fake Sneakers Checklist

Features No
Are the sneakers priced correctly?
Is there a difference between the tag inside the sneakers and the one on their box?
Is the item posted on a trusted website?
Can I see the actual photos of the sneakers?
Are there any noticeable defects?

Any No answer requires further investigation to determine if the sneakers are real or fake.

Scan The Sole For The Asterisk Pattern

How To Tell If A Sneaker is Fake Vs Real?

Moving over to the sole, weve found one flaw that should help you authenticate the Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott sneaker. One is very important, while the other one may not be as relevant.

Lets start with the important authentication way. Flipping over the Air Jordan 1 and looking at the top of the sole, you will see a star or asterisk pattern. Have a look at the picture below.

As you can see, the fake shoes have a significantly more pronounced asterisk pattern than their authentic counterpart.

Besides the level of depth, there are also differences in size and density, upon further inspection of this area.

In all honesty, this is not a go-to tell as much as the tongue tag is, since youll probably need a side-by-side fake and real Travis Scott Jordan 1 comparison to spot it out.

It is our job to mention it nonetheless and who knows maybe it will be the deciding factor when authenticating Travis sneakers.

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What Are Fake Shoes Called

I am sure we have all heard the names of fake shoes. They are called fakes, replica sneakers, knock-offs, B grades, counterfeits, bootlegs, etc.

Although many sneakerheads and shoe lovers would say it is blasphemy to buy a pair of knock-off shoes, some individuals want to sport the latest style, and authenticity is not their primary objective.

Check The Back Heel Tab

Check the heel tabs located on the back of the sneaker:

  • The heel tab should contain the number 23.
  • Before looking at the specifics of the number, observe the shape of the heel tab itself.
  • On an authentic model, the heels tabs are smooth and match the curvature of the shoe. On replica shoes, the heel tabs sticks out, further away from the shoe, and does not follow its natural contour.

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Check The Carbon Fiber Sole

Notice the details about the carbon fiber outsole.

  • In authentic Air Jordan 11s, this carbon fiber is strong and durable.
  • If its possible to press on the carbon fiber and make a slight dent, chances are the shoes are replicas.
  • In addition, in replica shoes, the carbon fiber is painted on and will rub off easily when rubbed on the floor.

Ways To Spot Fake Designer Shoes

Authentic Jordan Shoes

By Jelena

How To Spot Fake Designer Shoes and avoid paying big bucks for something thatâs really not worth it? Yes, shoes might prove to be quite tricky to authenticate, especially if you donât have them right in front of you. They donât have leather tags, stamps or Lampo zippers and although some do actually have a authenticity code, figuring out where to search for it is actually quite troubling. Luckily, there are a few tricks that could help you learn how to spot fake designer shoes! So, in case you find this subject interesting take a look these 7 tips that help you understand not only how to spot fake designer shoes but also why buying fakes is so bad:

  • Misleading Titles and/or Websites
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    The Shape And Material Is Off

    This step might need some training. Nowadays there are early released models that some say are fake while others say are B-Grades which are factory flaws that wont pass inspection. With technology getting better, fakes are being passed off as the real thing and can go undetected from the untrained eye. With that being said, there are some ways you can tell if your shoes are real and in this example we will use the Air Jordan 13.

    • Sticker in place of Hologram
    • Toe Box extends upward
    • Material used on pods is smooth
    • Stitching on pods is off
    • Carbon plate design is not right

    Now this is for the Jordan 13s, so if the shoes fall outside of this here are some steps that can help.

    Side by Side: Take one pair from each shoe and stand them side by side. If both pairs are the same size, does one sit higher than the other? Is one a lot wider? Does the cut drop lower on one pair? These are good signs that you could have a pair of fakes on your hands.

    Stitching: Compare the stitching between the two. In some fakes the stitching can be flawed and even coming out. Also the design of the stitch can be an indicator if they are authentic or replicas.

    Different Use of Materials: Should this pair have tumbled leather but instead is something different? Maybe patent leather should be in place but the shoes in question has something that appears to resemble patent leather. Like mentioned, fakes tend to cut corners to save money and for a higher profit.

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