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What Are The Most Comfortable Shoes For Wide Feet

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These Monochromatic Sneakers From Vionic

Top 5 Most Comfortable Sneakers For WIDE FEET!

Customers rave about how comfortable these Vionics are.

Vionic is a shoe brand known for its superior arch support and comfortand those attributes are on full display in these womens sneakers. Designed with a breathable upper half, these shoes feel almost weightless when walking. They also include a removable orthotic for when you needor don’t needa little extra support. Available in four colors, they come in women’s whole and half sizes 5 to 12 in standard and wide widths.

These sneakers are so comfortable and cushion your feet,” one reviewer writes. “The arch support is excellent. I feel like Im walking on clouds. No more knee or lower back pain!

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

> Daily Trainer

  • Weighs 10.2 oz for a US M10.5 2E
  • 8 mm drop
  • Neutral

The upper is an engineered hypoknit with zonal stretch. It features a large N overlay on each side of the midfoot for additional structure. On the back is a very lightly padded UltraHeel which flares out and is pretty soft and flexible. I had a tiny bit of heel slip at first but within the first two miles, I was locked in. The lightly padded tongue is gusseted and sits low on the ankle, which means it aint going anywhere.

For some strange reason, I noticed pain in the top of my left foot while wearing the 1080v11. I narrowed the source of the problem to either the harder medial N overlay that extends all the way up the foot or inside the shoe where the lacing near the toe box is pushed against the top of the foot. I played around with the lacing and the tongue on a few runs, but it kept hurting me to the point that my foot almost felt bruised. After a few days off from the v11, I loosened the shoes and that helped. Austin seemed to have a similar issue to this but on the lateral side.

Im aware that the #WideFootFam claimed the v10 to be on the narrow side. Ill take your word for it as I didnt get the v10. I dont find the fit to be as roomy as other 2E New Balance shoes in the midfoot, so if youre on the very wide side, youll either have to try the 4E or pass.

Best Oxfords: Dr Martens 1461

Dr. Martens is another beloved and trusted brand for its well-constructed and durable eclectic footwear. You cant go wrong with whatever style you choose. But, if you are just now dipping your toes in what the iconic brand has to offer, we suggest the 1461 Oxfords. Oxford shoes just have a certain eclectic coolness to them, no matter what you wear them with, and this pair doesnt disappoint in that regard. Not to mention you will get years of wear out of them.

Upper: Leather | Outsole: Rubber | Size: 5-12 | Heel height: 1½ in. | Weight: 1 pound, 3 ounces| Fit: Runs about half a size large

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Comfortable Heels For Wide Feet

Weve all experienced finding the perfect shoes only to regret buying them later on upon realizing how uncomfortable they are. If you have wide feet and arent willing to sacrifice comfort in the name of fashion, weve got you covered. Below, weve listed the five most comfortable heels for wide feet so that you can stop experiencing common wide feet problems and discomfort.

Cat Footwear Mens Fairbanks Work Boot

10 Most Comfortable and Cute Shoes for Wide Feet

Simply put, these work boots mean business. Available in wide width, theyre built to withstand a long day of DIY projects while offering safety features like a slip-resistant rubber outsole and electrical hazard protection against open circuits up to 600 volts in dry conditions, Comfort is key here too. From the nylon mesh lining for breathability to a padded collar, ankle pods, and a padded Achilles region, as well as a nylon shank for extra support and stability, youll be singing these boots praises from the basement to the rooftops.

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Puma Mens Ignite Nxt Disc Golf Shoe

The Puma Ignite Nxt Disc golf shoes are perfect if you have wide feet. They come in various colorways, and theyre really lightweight, which is great if you want to play for longer periods. They have an air mesh upper that keeps your feet nice and cool while the cage system offers stability without being too restrictive.

They also offer grip on various surfaces, so you dont find yourself slipping around when its wet out even though there are no spikes, these shoes stay put!

The one downside is durability: some people report having issues with them not lasting more than three rounds before needing replacement. At least they do seem comfy!

New Balance Fuelcell Prism V2

> Mild Stability

  • Weighs 9.8 oz. for a US M10.5 2E
  • 6 mm drop
  • Stability

New Balances Vazee Prism was one of my favorite shoes, so anything with Prism in the name is going to have a high standard to live up to. Im pleased to say that the FuelCell Prism V2 meets the expectations I set.

The FuelCell Prism V2 is New Balances lightest stability shoe option coming in at 9.8 oz. for a size US M10.5 2E. Part of the lightweight package comes from the synthetic mesh upper that is very airy in the forefoot. The gusseted tongue and collar have a standard amount of padding.

For me, the upper gives my wide midfoot a nice snug fit and holds my foot in place. The width here is what I wish the Hoka Arahi in wide was. I have enough room in the toe box and dont get any heel slipping. I did find myself adjusting the tongue a few times because it was rubbing my ankle. It was annoying, but moving it around and pulling my sock up higher dealt with the issue.

The midsole is made up of a full length FuelCell foam that has a denser medial post blended in for the stability. While the forefoot and heel feel noticeably softer, the firmer medial post helps to keep the ankle from rolling in. The forefoot of the outsole is covered in a slightly softer rubber than the heel and the entire shoe has great grip.

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How To Save On The Best Wide Width Shoes

If youre on a budget, you may be able to keep the cost of buying what I deem to be the best wide width shoes on the lower side. And what are the best?

The ones made with wide feet in mindand not just in wide widths. And you want to shop at stores that understand about extra wide footwear for ladies.

What Brands Are Good For Wide Feet

Calla Shoes Review – Comfortable Heels For Bunions & Wide Feet

As far as brands go, here are the ones that Ive felt work best for my feet. They offer a truly double-wide width. That is important if you have double wide width feet like I do, since it isnt always represented in a shoe that say WW or EE or XW.

Also, I believe they offer what I would call fashionable wide width shoes and wide shoes for women that also happen to be comfortable:

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How To Shop For The Best Shoes For Nurses

You now see all kinds of medical professionals on hospital floors wearing running shoes that are designed to stand up to a lot of stress and strain, says Karen Langone, D.P.M., a podiatrist based in Southampton, New York.

Clogs are also a good choice, says Howard Friedman, D.P.M., a Suffern, New York-based podiatrist. They tend to have a wide toe box, which helps accommodate feet as they naturally expand throughout the day. This is why you often see surgeons and other health professionals wearing them in the operating room, Dr. Freidman says. You also need a shoe thats durable but also lightweightafter all, youre probably clocking several miles a day around the hospital. Lastly, shoes with a slip-resistant sole are key, as you never know what messes will come your way.

To help keep pain at bay, Dr. Freidman suggests picking up at least two pairs of supportive sneakers or clogs. A shoes cushioning becomes completely compressed after six hours or so and no longer offers support, Dr. Friedman cautions. So having two great pairs allows you to change halfway through your shift.

The options below are perfect for nurses and anyone elseretail workers, servers, bank tellerswho spend most of their workdays on their feet.

How To Choose The Correct Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

You need to keep in mind a couple of things when choosing golf shoes for wide feet.

First, you will want to make sure the shoes have a wide enough width for your foot so that they can provide support and comfort. Shoes with a wider toe box are going to be best in this regard.

Next, it is important to consider how the shoe fits around your heel and over your toes when choosing golf shoes for wide feet because these parts of your foot may not fit into the same size range due to their different shapes. Youll also want to pay attention to where there might be extra space inside the shoe, leading to pressure points later on if left unchecked!

You should always try them out both indoors and outdoors before buying new golfing shoes take note of any discomfort or blisters as this is a clear sign the shoe isnt the right fit.

If you are having trouble finding the most comfortable golf shoes for wide feet, consider buying from a brand specializing in this niche specifically and can offer more options to choose from such as FootJoy or Ecco Golf.

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New Balance Fresh Foam More V3

> Max Cushion

  • Weighs 11 oz. for a US M10.5 2E
  • 4 mm drop
  • Neutral

Last year I closed out my New Balance Fresh Foam More V2 review by saying If V3 fixes the ankle debacle and provides some sort of a rocker for easier transitioning, it could be way better in my opinion. Sorry guys and gals, this one doesnt do it for me. These changes were made and lets just get it out of the way now Jarrett, you were right!

The engineered mesh upper is on the traditional side. Its soft, breathes fairly well, and is very comfy. A N logo overlay is placed on each side of the midfoot for some structure, but otherwise its got some stretch. Both the tongue and heel are padded well and arent causing any irritation like the previous version. I do think the upper feels warm, but keep in mind Im also trying to swim through the Maryland pudding-like humidity at the moment.

My wide foot is in heaven thanks to the room in the midfoot and forefoot as well as the spacious toebox. What Im trying to say is that the #WideFootFam is going to go bonkers with the fit of the More V3. For me, its near perfect.

The outsole is showing some cosmetic wear, but the midsole is so thicccc that its not like anyone will wear through this shoe any time soon. Even though the More V3 is a neutral shoe, the platform is extra wide and incredibly stable.

Brooks Addiction Walker 2

10 Most Comfortable and Cute Shoes for Wide Feet

Low arches or flat feet mean your foot most likely rolls downward when you walk. This can lead to ankle pain and other joint problems in the foot if it isn’t properly supported.

The Brooks Addiction Walker shoe is ideal for people with flat feet because it was made with the right amount of support to reduce the impact on your joints. This men’s walking shoe has Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technology, which is a midsole designed to keep your foot from overpronating. You’ll also find this in Brooks stability shoes.

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Crocs Bistro Batali Edition

These low-profile Crocs pretty much blend into the backgroundperfect for workers who need a simple, durable shoe. They check all the boxes with an easy-to-clean material, a contoured footbed, and thick toecapsfor a reasonable price, too.

Im an emergency department nurse and these are the only shoes I can wear for 13 hours and my feet and legs dont hurt, an Amazon reviewer raves. Ive been wearing them for 10 years. Wouldnt wear anything else. Plus, they are super easy to clean. Id give them 10 stars if I could.

The Very Best Shoes For Wide Feet

At Sole Bliss, we believe that every woman deserves beautiful shoes. That’s why we design on-trend, luxuriously comfortable shoes for wide feet, bunions and other foot issues. Every pair of Sole Bliss shoes is designed for women with bunions. Our Wide Fit Collection is designed specially for women with wide feet too. Our Wide Fit Footwear features a deep and wide toe-box which is ideal for women with wide feet and high insteps. The ingenious design of our wide-fitting footwear provides the equivalent width and volume of up to three sizes larger than your usual size. For example, if you normally take a size 5, our wide fit shoes offer the equivalent space of up to size 8 at the front. This width and depth is disguised to maintain a flattering fit.

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Skechers D’lites Memory Foam Sneakers

These Skechers sneakers garner high praise from service workers for their comfort and durability during long workdays. Theyre also lightweight with unique air-cooled memory foam comfort insoles and non-slip flexible traction outsoles, which keep your feet glued to the floor through spills. And, they come with a shock-absorbing midsole, meaning your feet will feel like theyre floating all day long.

“I recently had surgery on my foot and was told that I needed to transition to wearing an orthopedic shoe for three months,” wrote one Amazon customer. “In my quest for an alternative, I came across this shoe. It’s very lightweight and has great arch support with air-cooled memory foam. YAY, no sweaty feet!! It also has a very sturdy sole. I showed them to my podiatrist and she approved. On my next visit, she was wearing a pair. I am in these shoes every day and they fit and feel great. I will be buying another pair in a different color.”

Faux Leather Oxford Lace


Promising review: “They are just what I needed. I have more of a square shaped toes/foot, so I always have a little discomfort in that area, but right out of the box, I wore these for nine hours straight standing with minimal discomfort. They don’t have very much padding or support at all, but they feel sturdy and fit well. They fit perfectly with thin nylons on. I’m tempted to buy the white ones, as well with how much I like these.” Jenevieve

Get them from Amazon for $27.99+ .

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New Balance Fuelcell Propel V3

> Daily Trainer

  • Weighs 9.5 oz. for a US M10.5 2E
  • 6 mm drop
  • Neutral

New Balance popped out another great option with the FuelCell Propel V3. In this new version, were getting an updated mesh upper, while the FuelCell midsole and NDurance rubber outsole remain the same.

The upper doesnt feel that much different on the foot. It still fits well and the 2E width is good. My only legitimate complaint with the V2 was the tongue being too short to the point that the shoelace knot sat right at the top of the tongue. New Balance added just enough length to the tongue to fix this. Im now out of complaints

The midsole feels softer when pinching it with your fingers, but the rubber outsole firms it up to give it a nice comfortable ride and isnt nearly as unstable feeling as the Rebel V2. I enjoyed taking the Propel V3 out for easy runs as well as using it for tempo runs. I found the shoe easy to pick up the pace and feel surprisingly good in the 7 minute mile region as it has a slight bounce to it.

My 10.5 2E Propel V2 weighed 10.2 oz. and the new V3 weighs 9.5 oz. Thats an excellent amount of weight cut for just a change to the upper.

How To Select The Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet Full Guide

Understanding the Wide Feet Issue

Have you ever come across the problem where a shoe will feel extremely narrow on your feet, even if its of the right size? In that case, you surely are suffering from wide feet issue.

First of all, the thing you need to keep in mind is that wide feet and bunions are somehow related a bit. However, even if theres no bunion issue and your feet still arent comfortable in the right-size shoe, then it might indicate that wide feet problem.

Wide feet are not as painful as bunions or having high arches. However, things might get a little uncomfortable for you especially if you ignore this issue.

So, getting narrow shoes in this regard is simply not a good decision at all. Such shoes will enhance your discomfort especially when you are playing tennis.

Thats the main reason, youll need to invest in specific shoes that might offer a wide space inside for easy fit. On the other hand, the shoes must be able to keep your feet as comfortable as possible.

How To Select Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet

People with wide feet often find it difficult to choose a tennis shoe that actually provides them stability and comfort during the game.

Thats the main reason Ive listed all the premium shoes above with top-notch quality and with an affordable budget.

As per my experience, there are certain things that you need to consider before making a final decision especially when you have wide feet.

So, lets have a look at them without any further ado:

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