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Sneakers To Wear With Skirts

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How to Wear Sneakers with Dresses and Skirts | by Erin Elizabeth

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What To Wear With Sneakers

Now that youve chosen your favorite pair of sneakers, what should you wear with them?

While it used to be the case that sneakers were strictly for exercise, or for very casual wear, the lines are definitely blurred now between casual and more formal attire.

Sneakers are a really useful piece of footwear to have in your closet to dress down an outfit.

So, you can wear your sneakers with pretty much everything from jeans to dresses.

Midi Skirt With Ankle Boots

As I have said earlier, midi skirts are perfect for all seasons.

And the most favorite pairing during the fall and the winter months would always be the midi skirt and ankle boots combo.

Ankle boots can always give any outfit a classy and very elegant look.

So if you want to rock your midi skirt and give it a bold and stylish accent, I say opt for a pair of ankle boots.

Ankle boots with heels will give you a more sophisticated and intimidating look.

While ankle boots with block heels can give you a tougher and edgier look.

Of course, the outcome of your outfit will highly depend on your chosen top.

So make sure to choose a top that can level up your whole outfit instead of ruining it.

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How To Wear A Maxi Skirt In 2022

Maxi skirts have gone from becoming a hot fashion trend to a total wardrobe staple. Yet how to wear a maxi skirt is still a question I get askeda lot! Other than pairing your maxi skirt with a plain tank top, how else can you style a maxi skirt?

Spoiler alert: There are PLENTY of ways!

From tulle maxi skirts to column skirts, patterned skirts, pleated skirts, sheer skirts, striped skirtsthere are tons of long skirts to choose from!

Whats more, long skirts work for just about anything, from formal events to casual summer outfits. Theyre truly a wardrobe staple and look great on just about any body type.

Recently, I got a gorgeous chiffon maxi skirt and it made me fall in love with maxi skirts all over again.

Its my favorite maxi skirt and makes me feel like a Princess. Not to mention, its gorgeous for just about any event!

Check out this roundup of maxi skirt outfits to inspire your styling needs.

Faqs Shoes With Skirts

Chanel Sneaker with silk skirt and soft pink Chanel bag

How To Wear Pencil Skirts with Sneakers?

You can wear a pencil skirt with sneakers by pairing it with a simple tee, a graphic tee, a cropped hoodie, and even a crop top.

What kind of shoes go with a skirt?

Skirts look amazing with pumps, high heels, sneakers, sandals, wedges, loafers and boots.

Can Sneakers Be Worn with Skirts?

Yes, sneakers can be worn with skirts. For example, you can pair a pleated skirt with a crop-top and on a pair of high tops for a stylish look.

Can I Wear Trainers with A Long Skirt?

Yes, you can. They are comfortable shoes to wear with skirts. Just make sure you pick a skirt with a hemline that ends around the ankles.

What To Wear If You Cant Wear Heels?

Sneakers, sandals, mules, loafers and boots are great alternatives for heels.

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This Is How Street Style Stars Pull Off The Dress

If you’re attached to your Converse or chunky dad sneakers more than any other footwear, then you already know that the right sneakers can make a strong style statement. You may also be well aware of their unmatched versatility from pairing them with worn-in mom jeans to chic date-night dresses alike, sneakers are a reliable footwear choice no matter the occasion. A sneaker-and-dress combo strikes a particular balance between casual and elevated. Take a recent example from Blake Lively while adventuring in New York City earlier this summer, the actress paired a white cotton mini sundress with Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. The laidback style moment followed a busy week of the 34-year-old fashionista wearing high heels and floor-length gowns, proving that sneakers and dresses are a formula for cool off-duty style.

Take a cue from Lively, and give your favorite poplin dresses a sporty twist this season. New to this style of dressing? Start by matching your sneakers to the color or print of your mini, maxi, or midi dress for a subtle monochrome statement. If going matchy-matchy doesn’t suit your style, try mixing up the patterns and colors instead. Emphasize each piece by pairing a short printed dress with complementary high-top sneakers. Sporty, track-inspired shoes can be a strong contrast against dresses that expose a lot of skin, such as those with plunging necklines, open backs, thigh-high slits, and short hemlines.

Midi Skirt With Wedges

Wedges are another great piece of footwear that you can wear with your midi skirts.

This type of footwear can easily take you from a casual brunch to a romantic date night with your partner.

Wedges are super versatile and can go with any outfit if you wear them together with your midi skirt.

If you want to wear it for work, you can opt for a midi skirt and wedges top with a lacy blouse or a blazer.

If you want to have a casual look when going out with friends you can wear this outfit with a simple tee.

Basically, any top would look good when paired with a midi skirt and a pair of wedges.

You can accessorize this outfit with some light jewelry or a handbag to complete your whole look.

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Try Your Sneakers With A Tiered Midi Skirt

This is one of my favorite styles of skirts right now and a longer midi length is great with a pair of sneakers. This kind of skirt can be dressed up or dressed down easily, but since youre wearing sneakers with it, Id recommend keeping the upper half a little more casual so the outfit makes sense. A t-shirt and a denim jacket is a great option, or just a tee by itself.


Try Sneakers And A Denim Skirt


If youre nervous about wearing a skirt and sneakers, try a denim skirtits most like denim shorts or jeans, so its an easy pairing. Since the skirt is more casual, choose a more casual top like a t-shirt, casual sweater, or a tank.


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14 What Shoes To Wear With Skirts In Winters

This winter season, invest your money in buying a cool and classy pair of boots to pair up with denim skirts. Try choosing flat boots or the ones with lower heels. This idea is perfect for winter and if you want to look chic and pretty during the winter too. Basically, this look is all about wearing leg warmers and along with it, you can wear long boots to match it. For the color combo, you can go for a denim mini skirt with off white colored loose sweater or cardigan and then go for classic brown colored long boots with gray colored leg warmers for the best combo for winters.

Try A Full Skirt With A Fitted Top

Got a gorgeous tulle maxi skirt like this one? Or perhaps something chiffon, silky or a sequin maxi? Let the volume do all the talking and pair it with a fitted long sleeve top or a bodysuit.

Right now, Im obsessing over gorgeous tulle maxi skirts like these from Chicwish that are under $100! This look is great for special occasions as its gorgeous and glamorous.

Photo via Style Pantry

A skinny belt or statement belt are a great way to define your waist when wearing a maxi skirt, and it looks great with this denim shirt!

This maxi skirt look is easy to recreate with just about any top such as a short, long sleeve top or even a tank, too.

If you have a skirt in bright colors like this a chambray shirt is a great neutral to try. But you could also go bold in contrasting colors as well as stick to basics like a white T-shirt.

This chiffon skirt comes in 6 colors and is under $50!

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Pair A Ruffled Minidress With Sneakers For A Trendy And Comfortable Look

If youre looking for a trendy and comfortable outfit, pair a ruffled, romantic minidress with sporty sneakers. Wearing a slip dress with your favorite sneakers is always a good idea because it will look great and feel comfortable all day. Combine your gown with a classic pair of sneakers for a look that will make it stand out from the crowd.

Straight Leg Knee Boots

leather skirt

Knee-high boots with a straight leg are a classic pair to own. They will never and I repeat, never go out of style. In the winter, wear them with a heavier midi skirt that reaches below the top of the boots. A gap is key!

You can get away with wearing them in warmer months too. Just keep your skirt short and breathable and your knee boots a thinner material. Check out my latest post all about how to wear knee high boots outfits with various skirts and clothing.

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Yes You Can Wear Sneakers Even With Dressier Skirts

If you want to wear sneakers with a dressier outfit, like this fuller circle skirt and puffed sleeve top, choose sneakers that are a little more dressy. Skip the dirty or more athletic style sneakers.

For this feminine look, I chose a pair of quilted leather sandals in a blush pink color!


The Best Sneakers For 2020

Sneakers are currently having a fashion moment and I do think its fantastic that sneakers are so on trend.

Im not one who believes in the old beauty is pain adage. I wont make myself uncomfortable in the name of style or fashion, so I rarely wear high heels.

You can see below that many of the big-name designers chose to feature sneakers on their catwalks for Spring and Summer 2020.

For more inspiration check out this piece on the best shoe trends for SS 2020.

Below are some of the best sneakers I found online and that you can buy right now. Use as inspiration on how to wear sneakers or enjoy your shopping!

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Are Dresses With Sneakers A Thing

Theres no question that sneakers are comfortable. Theyre also often more affordable than other types of shoes. So, its no wonder that people are wondering if dresses with sneakers are a thing. The answer is yes! Dresses with sneakers are definitely a thing. In fact, theyre becoming more and more popular. So, if youre looking for a comfortable and stylish way to wear a dress, consider pairing it with a pair of sneakers.

Sport shoes are commonly worn with formal and casual clothing. Wearing sneakers with a dress is considered the ideal way to keep your vitality and femininity. There are no rules against wearing sneakers with formal dresses, but some people may be concerned about wearing sneakers with formal dresses. If youre wearing colorful sneakers, you can pair them with a neutral-colored dress, such as white or grey. Keep in mind that you are not wearing flashy shoes or a flashy dress. You should not wear socks that are too low cut or that are too thin. Wear a bold blazer with turtlenecks to dress up the minimalist outfit, and wear brighter, more distinct sneakers to dress it up.

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Try Your Sneakers With A Pleated Skirt

I just got this gorgeous pleated skirt and its a great option for wearing with sneakers. Just like the tiered skirt above, it can be dressed up or down very easily, but casual sneakers wont make sense with the outfit if you wore this skirt with a dressy top. So instead, I did a casual graphic tee and the sneakers paired perfectly with it.

Which outfit pairing is your favorite??

Knee High Boots With Skirts

Might as well start out with a bang. Knee high boots are a style that will bring out the inner baddie in you. The key to making these boots work is to choose an appropriate length for your skirt. There should be a gap between the skirts hemline and the boots. This little peek-a-boo effect is what creates a sexy look.

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How To Combine Skirts With Sneakers: 15 Examples

If you think that sneakers are perfect items only for sporty looks, youre mistaken. And today we are ready to share with you cool feminine outfit ideas with skirts and sneakers. You can mix classic or fashionable sneakers with various types of skirts from elegant leather pencil to flirty ruffled skater, from casual wrapped to graceful lace straight ones, etc. Now you can scroll down and choose an ideal combination of these shoes and skirts. Get inspired!

Shoes To Wear With Tutu Skirts

How to Wear a Skirt with Sneakers

Are you Looking for a skirt that will grab everyones attention? Then, look no further than a tulle skirt. This feminine masterpiece is a striking shoe style.

Tutus/Tulle skirts are mostly worn in the midi-length, but they are also available in short and long lengths. The fluff of the skirt gives off a flirtatious vibe. According to us, the best shoes to style tutus with include

  • And Combat Boots

Create a cute tulle skirt outfit by pairing a simple tee or a graphic tee with a tutu. You can wear this look as it is or, you can add on a leather jacket or oversized coat to take this look to a whole new level.

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9 Shoes To Wear With Midi Skirts

You can pair up mid-length skirts with soft colored mules but if you want to pair up mules with a mini skirt then go for the ones that are not much delicate. Contrasting colors are always a great idea when trying to find your shoes to match your whole outfit. For this contrasting look, you can go for a leopard print skirt in black and white and then wear a formal blouse in pure white color and tuck that blouse all the way inside your skirt. The skirt can be of any length from knee-length full length one, It is totally up to you. For the Shoes, go for bright orange-red colored mules to match with your outfit. You can wear any kind of bright colored mules for this outfit.

How To Wear Sneakers With A Skirt

How to wear sneakers with a skirt.Like many of you, I have a lot of shoes. As much as I try to pare down my closet and keep my stuff to a minimum, I cant get rid of any of my shoes . While I relish the times when I have the perfect excuse to pull out my heels with my current lifestyle, its just not every day.

Ive contemplated wearing my Louboutins to walk my dog, but I really cant justify the expense. That being said, the fact that Im surrounded by heel hating cobblestones is not a bonus either. So it has occurred to me that sneakers might just be the way to go . Sure, flats work and I like em. I actually have a bunch of really pretty flats, but there are those days when nothing feels as good on your feet as a pair of sneakers. Not only that, but I love to combine styles and sneakers with a skirt is a great example of sporty-chic tomboy meets feminine cool.

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