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Thursday Boots Made In Usa

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Who Should Buy Parkhurst Boots

Why you need a Nicks Best Seller! Nicks Boot of the Week
  • Guys who want a lot of bang for their buck this price point is unheard of for these materials and construction.
  • Boot aficionados who appreciate the little details, like veg tanned midsoles and split reverse welts.
  • Anyone living in a wet climate that will benefit from the extra water resistant construction.
  • Men who value versatility the dress/work boot hybrid makes these easy to dress up and down.

Who Shouldnt Buy Rancourt

  • Some people dont like the softness of the latex outsole common on many of their boots.

Rancourt makes a lot of different styles of footwear under their own brand and other brands, and you may not get the same level of customer service and care from the other brands. Their fans buy straight from the source at, a unique company that makes handmade, American made, shoes and boots at scale without compromising quality.

Also Consider For Work Boots: Whites Mp Sherman

It was difficult to nail down just one brand for this category. Arguments were had, tears shed, and friendships lost. Ultimately, we had to include both brands, so while theyre more expensive edging Nicks to the top spot its worth looking at their frenemy Whites, also based in Spokane, Washington.

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Best American Made Steel Toe: Thorogood Steel Toe Moc

Ive already put the Thorogood Moc Toe on this list once, but its such a great value-for-money work boot that I couldnt resist putting the steel toe version on here, too.

Choose between the 8-inch and the 6-inch version, depending on your needs.

If youre working in tough conditions and you wear these every day, you can expect them to last between two and three years . At just over $200, there are few better deals out there.

What I Like

  • There are a few classic color options, though I like the Tobacco leather the most because of how it ages.

  • The polymer sole has a decent amount of abrasion resistance so it doesnt wear down too quickly.

  • I like that you can get an 8 version if your work demands a little more ankle support and protection.

What I Dont Like

  • Because the sole is a harder polymer, its not as slip resistant as other options, so I wouldnt recommend this boot if you walk on oily surfaces a lot .

What Other Reviewers Say

After reading through dozens of reviews, its clear that the Thorogood Moc Toe is beloved by guys who put their boots through hell.

One complaint that came up a few times is that theyre not insulated, which could be an issue if you work in extreme cold often. Otherwise, a great pair of Fox River or Darn Tough socks should help you out.

The Verdict

The Thorogood Steel Toe Moc can take a beating and keep your feet well protected. Theyre not the most stylish boots, but theyre a fantastic value buy considering the quality.

Are Thursday Boots Waterproof


Besides the suede styles, most Thursday Boot styles are water-resistant since they use Thursday chrome leather. Most of their products also feature a welt construction, which means theres a leather welt between the upper and the sole. This helps keep water from getting into the shoe.

With that said, these shoes are still made out of leather so theyre not waterproof. Theyll keep you dry on rainy days but to keep them in the best shape possible, its not recommended to wear them in wet weather.

If youre looking for fully waterproof shoes, Id recommend checking out my list of the best waterproof walking shoes.

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Timberland Made In Usa 8

As a big fan of Timberland boots, I’ve owned many different pairs over the years, but the Made in USA 8″ Boots are by far the highest quality pair I’ve owned. Crafted entirely in the USA, the boots use Horween leather. The Chicago-based tannery puts major emphasis on premium leathers and century-old tanning methods, and the boots definitely reflect that.

The Made in USA 8″ Boots feature a rich burgundy leather upper, brown ankle collars, and black waxed laces. While the boot is modern, Timberland remembers its roots with the vintage-style oversized logo. Unfinished edges, rugged metal hardware, and Goodyear welt construction showcase just how well made the boots are. Horween leather paired with a durable Vibram sole make for boots that will literally last a lifetime.

Return & Exchange Policy

Thursday Boot Company has a decent return and exchange policy and, from my personal experience, their customer service team is reasonable and gets back to you quickly.

They allow free returns and exchanges for any of their boots as long as its within 30 days of receiving your order and your boots are in re-sellable condition . You also have to have the original packaging to send them back.

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Are American Boots Worth Their Price

A good pair of American boots is worth every penny. The boots that you invest in are quite durable and long lasting and the best part is they stand up to any sort of use. The best traits that these boots have are given below and obviously these are the main characters to be looked for while purchasing any pair of boots.

Overview Of Thursday Boots

5 Boots I Regret Buying #shorts

Thursday Boots was founded in 2014 by Conner Wilson and Nolan Walsh, who was displeased with the options of shoes and boots that other brands were providing to customers. So, they wanted to build a brand that will offer honest prices and high-end, durable products for their customers to use.

Thursday Boots big goal is to make ethically constructed boots, which inspires their customers to use ethically made products. The reason behind it is that the brand acknowledges the critical role of the environment that were living in. So, they try to improve the way they make their footwear and select materials used carefully. Furthermore, Thursday Boots only cooperates with companies that have ethical practices.

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Thorogood Moc Toe Highlights

Their most popular boot without a doubt is the Heritage moc toe, and its the boot that probably does the best job of straddling the line of work boot and heritage boot. Its the boot that Brooklyn hipsters love to wear but its also got an extra water resistant storm welt, the sole is resistant to a degree of electrical shock, its certified by OSHA for some uses, and its significantly harder wearing and better at shock absorption than many of its contemporaries.

Are Carhartt Boots Made In The Usa

The answer to this question is Yes! With their manufacturing facilities in Tennessee and Kentucky, many of the Carhartt boots are still manufactured in the USA. Not just this, the brand also uses most of the domestic suppliers.

Most of the Carhartt boots are made in Mexico and interestingly have a Made in the USA logo. However, the ones which dont come with this logo are produced partially in Mexico and are Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production certified.

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Thursday Captains First Impressions

The boots arrived in a few weeks. I noted that the shoebox was in near pristine condition. The boots, much to my excitement, looked as advertised on the website.

Examining the leather uppers, I didnt see any signs of loose grain or creases.

I loved how the brown color had a slight tinge of burgundy, giving the boot a deeper and richer look.

I didnt find any loose threads in the Goodyear welt stitching, and it was uniform throughout the length of the boot.

I wear medium-thick socks and putting on the boots, I was glad I picked a size 11, as they felt pretty much true to size. The toebox had just the right amount of room and didnt feel too tight.

There was a tiny bit of heel slip at first, but this was quickly remedied when I adjusted the shoelaces.

Walking around, the arch support felt good. Im not an outdoorsy type so I cant really speak as to how theyll perform on a hiking trail, but the Dainite-like outsoles provide pretty good grip in suburban environments.

Thursday Boots Wingtip Review


And finally, if you thought the Captain Boot brought you back to the style of the 1800s, let me introduce you to the Thursday Wingtip Boot. The Wingtip is a more premium-priced boot that only comes in mens sizes and three color options.

The most unique feature of the Wingtip Boot is the hand-finished burnish and brogue pattern around the shoe and on the toe. These are definitely statement shoes and for those who want something that has some stylish ornamentation yet still offers a rugged vibe. They also have a higher ankle than any of the other styles mentioned above.

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Who Shouldnt Buy Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill

  • Men who are picky about quality control its best to be able to inspect your boots in person, as the company has gained a reputation for so-so QC in recent years.
  • Dudes that prefer a more rugged workboot style.

When I compared Grant Stones Diesel, Aldens Indy 403 and the Higgins Mill, I thought the Higgins Mill is the best all rounder. Makes sure you check out that comparison if you need further convincing.

Best Alden Boot: The Alden Indy

The most popular model without a doubt is the Alden 403, also known as the Indy because Dr. Indiana Jones wears them in all of his movies. Its a great shoe with fantastic arch support, and while the 403 in Chromexcel leather is the most popular, you can also get it in suede, cordovan, and many other leathers.

The Indy is renowned for its comfort the company has a history of making orthopedic footwear and podiatrists often recommend their boots for those who experience arch pain or discomfort after spending all day on their feet.

Add all that to the fact that theyre made with a water resistant storm welt, the leather ages beautifully, and did we mention Indiana Jones wore them?

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Pros Of American Made Work Boots

1.) If you invest in American made boots, you are well aware that the footwear you are wearing are built by the native countrymen.

2.) As you buy American made boots you support the local economy and the money that you spend flows within the country only.

3.) By buying or sourcing locally you can reduce the carbon footprint.

4.) Potential drop in quality of foreign made boots.

5.) If you are purchasing American made boots then you can find them locally and these boots can be delivered and shipped quickly.

Thursday Boots Fit & Performance

Kylie Jenner Co-Signs the Joots Trend

I had recently heard about Thursday Boots and was excited to try this company. My biggest issue with the ordering process was which style to choose. Their website is easy to navigate and the payment options are vast. They include PayPal and Amazon Pay as payment options for added diversity, which was nice to see. So this made the checkout process seamless once I settled on the Captain Boot in Old English.

Once they arrived , I took them out of the box and they looked just as I had hoped. They sported a rich brown color with a very manly, rugged and classy vibe.

I was a little disappointed to see that the sides and tongues of the boots were a bit wrinkled, as if someone had already used them a bit. But, nonetheless they still looked great!

I wore them approximately 7 days total, within a 2 week period of time, to really test them out fully. It has been an enjoyable experience, despite the fact that I have a back/spine condition.

The boots look great and feel solid, yet comfortable on my feet. Most boots, whether they are work boots or more fashionable, are not this comfortable. I like that the laces are coated and the eyelets are reinforced. Both are exceedingly strong and add nice touches to the boots aesthetic appearance.

I love that the insole conforms to the shape of my foot. The fact that its made out of cork was something of a surprise to me. But, this is one of the most comfortable insoles Ive run across in any boot.

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Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill Highlights

Its pricy, yes, but this is a terrifically versatile boot with high quality materials. Theyve used rich, oily Chromexcel from Horween leather, a Dainite outsole, and a water resistant storm welt that elevates it above many other similar looking boots as far as functionality goes. The Higgins Mill are more formal than most workboots, but theyre also more urban. Its slim enough that it looks great in fancier attire but it also works fine with dark jeans and a quality t-shirt.

Eastland 1955 Edition Monroe Usa

Made of Horween leather, the Eastland 1955 Edition Monroe USA is a boot that will only get better with age. While many of the other boots on this list are geared toward hiking or the outdoors, these are a bit more casual. They feature a brogue design on the toe cap, thick leather laces, and stacked leather midsoles that are completed with lug outsoles.

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Best Usa Made Cowboy Boot: Abilene Bison Leather

Youd think that American made cowboy boots would be easy to find. Youd be wrong.

Despite their design heritage, most western style boots are made overseas. There are a few hand built and custom options you can find that are built in the USA, but many bump up close to $1,000 per pair. And thats not something Im interested in.

So where do you go if you want a quality pair of cowboy boots that are made here at home and dont cost a small fortune?


Their Bison Leather boots are the best value USA built cowboy boot I could find.

What I Like

Best Handmade: Nicks Handmade Americana


Nicks Handmade boots from Spokane, Washington have a reputation as some of the best boots in the world.

Theyre each custom-made to order, and the wait is known to last up to six months.

Smokejumpers swear by the Nicks Hot Shot, and if these boots are good enough for firefighters to jump out of a plane and immediately start battling a towering inferno, theyre good enough for me.

I dont recommend their fire boots for casual wearI think the Americana is a much more versatile boot but still has all the rugged sturdiness and indestructible quality

What I Like

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Who Shouldnt Buy Kreosote Boots

  • You really dont need $1,400 handmade boots and are happy just knowing these exist.
  • Guys who can afford $1,400 but dont want to wait a year for them.

I could go on and on about why these boots are really cool and special, and each style he makes is like reading a placard at a museum. His website is worth checking out if youre into super nerdy boot details.

Thursday Captain Vs President

The Thursday Boot Co. Captain and President are virtually the same boot. The big difference between these two models is the design of the toe box.

If youre torn between these two boots, dont overthink it. You cant go wrong with either one. It really just depends on whether or not you prefer the extra design detail on the toe or not.

For a more minimal look, go with the President. For a bit of extra visual interest, go with the Captain.

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Helm Boots Muller Highlights

Billed as a work boot you can dress up, Helm has shown an ability to modernize classic aesthetics. They take heritage fashion and give it a dash of modernity, like versatile designs and their signature white rubber midsole. They stand out in the crowded boot market by offering fresh twists on vintage styles. There arent many shoes that can be worn with t-shirts or with khakis, but the Muller passes that test. Perfectly straddling the line of classic and modern, I adore the white midsole and feel that the toe and sole are both low profile enough to work with almost any ensemble.

Standard Handmade Asher Boot

Whatâs inside Thursday made in USA?

Standard Handmade is a small company out of Houston, Texas that specializes in handmade boots and shoes. Their Asher boot is a testament to true craftsmanship and their meticulous attention to detail that goes into every one of their products. The Asher is available in black, dark brown and light brown leathers and is handmade to your foots specifications for a perfect fit.

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Wesco Hendrik Boot Highlights

Lets say youre building a Hendrik boot. You can build it with one of 4 different heights: 6, 7, 10 inches. They have 11 different leathers and you can have different leathers on 5 different parts of the boot. You can pick from 6 different leather linings, use different weights of Thinsulate for insulation, and pick from 10 options for outsoles, which include three kinds of winter-friendly Raptor soles. There are also different metals for the hardware, stitching in the upper or the sole, a dozen options for inserts.

You can make the most you boot possible with Wesco.

Merrell Wilderness Usa Boot

As the name suggests, the Merrel Wilderness USA is a domestically made, tried-and-true hiking shoe. They feature a waterproof full grain leather upper, bellowed tongues to keep out debris and moisture, durable metal hardware, and Vibram soles. If you’re looking for a pair of hiking boots that will never fail, the Merrel Wilderness USA is a solid choice that’s well worth the money.

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