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How To Get Free Shoes On Stockx

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How Does Bidding Work On Stockx

How To Get Free Shoes From StockX !! (New Method Working 2021)

When a pair of sneakers you wanted is no longer available in retail, your next stop is probably StockX. StockX is a huge marketplace for items like high-end sneakers, streetwear, collectibles, and accessories.

You can buy from other StockX users directly, or you can place a bid and see if they accept it.

In this article, were going to explain in detail how the bidding works on StockX and guide you through the steps.

How Do You Apply Discount Codes To Stockx Purchases

Discount codes may be used at checkout when you choose the Buy Now method. To enter your discount code:

  • Select the item you want to buy on the shopping page.
  • After selecting the size, color, or model , make sure the Buy Now button toward the top of the screen is highlighted green.
  • Scroll down to find your total, above which is a line that says, Discount Code.
  • Type your promo code in this area and then click outside the field to apply the discount.

Choose Your Own Price

All stock markets can be fickle at times its the same with StockX. You can have a bid go through unexpectedly, or you could sit on something for too long and end up paying the highest possible price. If you dont want to wait, buying on StockX for the lowest ask is always an option.

But if you love hunting for the best price, spending some time and effort might pay off. At least now you know exactly how to place a bid.

Are you planning on placing a bid on StockX? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Brooks: Free Shoes For Nhs Staff And Other Healthcare Workers In Europe

In April and May 2020, Brooks donated a total of 6,000 pairs of free running shoes to healthcare workers across Europe, including NHS staff in the UK as well as Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France and more.

While the program isnt active as we write this, its worth keeping an eye on their site to see when it reopens, as theyve hinted at running a similar offer again in the near future.

Final Thoughts On How To Get Free Shoes

Free Shoes From Stockx Method

Figuring out how to get free shoes, whether its for a few weeks as a product tester or forever, can be a great bonus for anyone, especially if youre trying to save money.

Lets be honest: anything free is always appreciated.

This is why its worth applying to as many of these programs as you qualify for. And you never know when a free pair of shoes will drop into your letterbox!


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How To Resell: Sneaker Reselling For Beginners

The flipping sneaker business in many places has provided an avenue for hustlers to ethically and ingeniously make a quick buck. And what seemed to be footwear that keeps your feet safe and warm serve a different purpose to other people.

Compared to some other ways of making money online, the sneaker resale market is very profitable and valued at around $1 billion. While only 4% of shoes and sneakers are purchased upon release for resale, the market benefits from side hustlers and entrepreneurs who operate in different channels.

The sneaker market as a whole has opened up itself to more people with the help of online channels. However, back in the day when the internet didnt exist, there was a competition within the different communities and tribes in the market. People scoured through a thrift store and flea markets to get shoes under their market price.

Others would run to their nearest Foot Locker to get the latest pair of shoes. Information was spread through word of mouth and Eastbay mail catalogs. In other words, reselling sneakerheads worked in isolation with their communities.

There was only so much distance and area you could cover in the early sneaker game. That shared common experience within a small group of people made the sneaker market what it is today.

If you want to get connected with fellow sneaker lovers, you need to attend SneakerCon that takes places in the different parts of the world.

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Use Bots To Purchase Shoes Online

When a hyped sneaker is about to be released, resellers look to automated systems known as bots to get ahead of the competition.

The software extensions can even disguise internet browsers, allowing one person to purchase multiple pairs quickly.

This option isnt cheap not only do sellers need the upfront capital to buy the shoes, but the technology itself can cost thousands of dollars.

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You Can Build Clientele Through Ebay

The great thing about eBay is that they give you the ability to communicate with potential and past customers. This gives you the ability to follow up with them at a later time in hopes is getting them to return. Customers can also follow your account so that they get updates whenever you list more sneakers.

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How To Find Used Shoes On Stockx


ArchRead more August 19, 2020

One of the best online marketplaces for getting sneakers has to be StockX. Listed on the site are authentic shoes that will be authenticated before sending them on to the buyers. If youre looking to save a few bucks and purchase pre-owned shoes, StockX might have crossed your mind.

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Why Stockx Does Not Sell Fake Sneakers

Im not saying that StockXs verification team is right all the time, after all, they must be checking thousands of sneakers every day, and sometimes they might be having a bad day and let through a couple of fakes. Albeit, the buyer doesnt deserve this StockX does get it right most of the time. Were not sponsored by StockX and thus this isnt a biased review but a company the size of StockX, a market leader, cant afford to deal in fakes because their entire value is dependent on being an authentic marketplace. Therefore, it isnt in StockXs interest to sell you fakes.

Moreover, currently, StockX is the only website where youre getting actual value in terms of prices. We all remember how resellers on E-Bay were known for scamming buyers with outrageous prices and therefore it led to the demise of their sneaker reselling community.

Lastly, StockX isnt perfect. But you dont see posts of people successfully receiving originals from StockX and thats because theres no hype in that. Only when the word Fake is mentioned with StockX, the post travels up your newsfeed. Therefore, its safe to say that 9 times out of 10, StockX gets it absolutely right.

Thats it from us today ladies and gentlemen! Make sure to follow us on to stay updated with all the latest releases and to try our Hypemaster Playbook the ultimate sneaker reselling guide if youre looking to break into the billion-dollar sneaker industry!

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How Does Stockx Work

Since StockX is a marketplace, you can’t rely on formal StockX sales to get a good deal. Most StockX coupon codes will give free shipping on your order or a certain dollar amount off your next purchase. The most popular StockX discount code is the first-purchase code, which gives you up to $300 off of your first watch purchase or $50 off your first handbag purchase.

StockX customer service takes its role very seriously, and each item is first shipped to StockX HQ to be verified before any money changes hands. So you don’t have to worry about scammers selling illegitimate StockX Ultra Boost sneakers you’ll always get the real deal. If you do have a problem or issue with the product you receive, you can refer to the StockX returns policy to either get a refund or StockX credit.

StockX shipping costs around $14 for orders in the United States and is paid by the buyer. The seller pays their shipping cost out of their total payout, though shipping is free for US sellers. Before you proceed to payment, remember to add your discount codes for StockX to receive the best price!

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Does Stockx Sell Fake Sneakers

StockX the New York Stock Exchange for all you sneakerheads. The website that every one of you has probably bookmarked and scroll through mindlessly at 2 am to just feel what it would be like to get a pair of those sneakers that you have been desperate for. You think to yourself, maybe a $1000 does justify the purchase of this item? And as soon as youre about to place your bid, you remember all those Reddit and Instagram posts about how StockX sells fake sneakers.

Where And How To Buy And Sell Shoes

Free Shoes From Stockx Method

Now that you have the shoes, you must find the best channels where you can sell them to turn in a profit.

You can start by creating an account on a consignment shop like StockX to resell the shoes there. Both sites serve as middlemen between buyer and seller. Therefore, you deal directly with either website to sell your shoes. Send them the sneakers when youve chosen the highest bid, and they will take care of the rest.

Sites like StockX are convenient ways to sell your shoes and ensures buyers that they wont be duped by fake sneakers.

On the flipside, you dont get the personal touch from consignment stores that go with seller-to-buyer transactions. However, if youre not much of a salesman or a people person, then this shouldnt be a problem.

If you want the traditional way of reselling shoes, you can always go the way of Facebook Groups, Craigslist, and eBay. These sites allow you to put your personal touch on your pairs product page.

As a best practice, you need to be descriptive and detailed as possible about the sneakers. Leave no stone unturned and make sure that you are honest in your description. Assuming that youre a new seller, itll take time before buyers warm up to you. Therefore, you need to keep working on gaining the trust of buyers and continue marching forward.

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Can I Cancel My Bid

Only if its still pending. Once the seller has accepted your bid, you cant cancel it. This is the reason why you have to enter your billing info before you place a bid. You have to supply a credit card or PayPal to be able to place a bid.

Of course, if the bid isnt accepted, you wont be charged. However, even if you forget about your bid, your payment method will be charged if its accepted. You will receive a notification and later on, a package in the mail with your sneakers.

Legit Ways To Get Free Shoes

Can you get free shoes online? Yes, and Im going to tell you how.

Maybe your budget is tight, and you are looking for options to save some money. Maybe you have super-active kids and cannot keep up with shoes, t-shirts, or clothes for them.

Or maybe you are a runner, and you are always on the lookout for new running shoes.

Whatever the reason, you can get a brand new pair of shoes without spending a penny. In the article below, I show you where to get free shoes.

Will it be effortless? No, it wont. It will require some work and some diligence on your part, but its completely worth it. Shall I show you how to do it?

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  • Choose your way to get free shoes
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    Sell More Expensive Products To Reduce Selling Fees

    The fees on StockX are not the same for every seller. The platform operates with a seller-level system, which means the more an individual sells, the lower the fee theyll be charged.

    A seller with no experience on the platform will pay a 10% transaction fee, while a person who has sold at least 250 pairs of shoes for $30,000 will be charged only 8% for each transaction.

    Focusing on buying and selling more expensive items will get a person to a level 5 selling status more quickly and make them significantly higher profits.

    Nike Ramps Up Sneaker Nft Lawsuit With Stockx Counterfeiting Claim

    How To Buy Shoes From StockX | 2022
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    • Nike said it ordered four pairs of counterfeit shoes through StockX
    • StockX called Nike’s new claims “baseless”

    – Nike Inc told a Manhattan federal court that online reseller StockX LLC has been offering counterfeits of its shoes, building on its existing lawsuit accusing StockX of violating its trademarks by selling digital images of Nike shoes in the form of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

    Nike said Tuesday in a proposed amended complaint that it recently bought counterfeit shoes through StockX despite the platform’s claims that its NFTs are part of a process to guarantee its shoes’ authenticity.

    StockX fired back at the shoe giant in a statement Wednesday, calling the filing “baseless” and accusing Nike of “panicked and desperate” tactics. The company also said Nike’s claims were “curious given that their own brand protection team has communicated confidence in our authentication program, and that hundreds of Nike employees including current senior executives use StockX to buy and sell products.”

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    Nike and a lawyer for the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Nike sued StockX in February for allegedly selling unauthorized NFTs of its sneakers. It argued the digital assets were likely to cause customer confusion with Nike, which began offering NFTs last month.

    For Nike: Tamar Duvdevani of DLA Piper

    Read more:

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    Always Buffering Then Sold Out

    I love the brand,the shoes and the app but its getting hard to continue this and for over 3 years I have never had the opportunity to buy 1 pair of shoes from the site???? I have 3 Sons and its very disheartening to get a notification from stockx etc. and can buy the shoes my Sons want within 5 minutes of the drop but cant buy 1 pair over the past 3 years through the app. And I have sit and waited for hours to hop in the waiting room the Second they are available. Only for the app to spin and spin and say please dont reload which I dont then the app says Sorry SOLD OUT???? I think My boys and I will try 1 more time with the new app and then im done with yall. Thanks for the chance to download the app and waste many hours of my life but I think at some point it is just time to let the NONSENSE GO!!! Please let Avg normal people buy your shoes and cut out the people just making profit off your products! Thanks Bill, Harrison, Tyler and Colt

    Hold Onto Shoes Until They Increase In Value

    Many shoes are successfully sold on StockX for higher than their original retail price.

    According to the platforms Current Culture Index 2022 Jordans are the number one selling shoe, purchased on average for about 60% above retail price.

    Successful sellers like Simms often purchase these shoes for retail and wait to sell them when supply is low, demand is high and the asking price has inflated.

    You have to look at it like a savings account, said Simms. Nowadays, money sitting in a bank really doesnt do anything, it doesnt move, and you dont really make anything off of it. So if you think of as a way to have money sitting in the bank and earn money on your money, thats a smart way to do it.

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    Earn Free Shoes By Taking Surveys

    You can also get free shoes online if you are willing to take surveys in your spare time.

    Surveys let you earn points you can redeem for cash or gift cards from, among others, retailers that sell shoes. If you are active, you can build your balance fast and get free shoes in a few weeks.

    Legitimate and safe survey sites include places like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and YouGov.

    Check here for a full list of my recommended survey sites.

    Use Quick But Trusted Methods To Authenticate

    Free Shoes From Stockx Method

    Vernon Simms says one of the worst things a seller can do to kill a business before it even gets started is get caught trying to sell counterfeit kicks.

    StockX charges sellers a penalty of 15% of the transaction price if theres a failure to complete the sale.

    If a pair of shoes are found to be counterfeit, sellers will be charged the price they paid for the shoe and the cost of shipping.

    Simms recommends using a third-party app for verification if someone needs to know whether a shoe is authentic in a pinch.

    Services like CheckCheck require users to take photos of the sneakers to be analyzed by artificial intelligence technology to detect inconsistencies.

    Two trained human authenticators will verify the sneakers are real as a final check. The turnaround time is quick answers typically come back within 30 minutes.

    Simms suggests that beginners stick to buying inventory from retail stores to make sure shoes are authentic.

    He admitted to making a costly mistake when he started as a reseller, inadvertently purchasing a case of fake Jordan 11s from an individual.

    I couldnt get ahold of the person who sold them to me, they just stopped responding, and I couldnt get anything back, he said. I lost out big time.

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