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What Are Spikeless Golf Shoes

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Best Golf Shoes: Do You Need High

BRAND NEW Adidas Tour 360 XT SL Spikeless Golf Shoes | First Look!

Bored of old-fashioned laces or cant be bothered to tie your golf shoes? Some golf-shoe brands offer a high-tech system that uses a dial you can twist to tighten thinner laces quicker and for micro-adjustment its called the Boa Fit System, and it’s used by Adidas and Footjoy for some versions of their golf shoes. You twist the dial to tighten laces, and press the dial in to loosen them.;

From our experience, however, weve found good old-fashioned laces are still the best way to get your shoes feeling snug, without the need so much to tighten them mid-round with the twist dial, as we found with previous Boa Fit Systems on golf shoes. Sometimes we wonder if golf shoe brands are trying to fix a problem that doesnt exist with these funky new lace setups.;

So we’ve established that golf shoes are essential, but can be good-looking too. Where do you go from here? As good luck would have it, weve rounded up the best golf shoes ;both spiked and spikeless right here in this handy guide

Pros And Cons Of Spikeless Golf Shoes

Golf shoes have made quite the transition over time. We have gone from metal spikes to soft spikes and now the spikeless shoe. Spikeless golf shoes are becoming more and more popular, and there are tour players that enjoy wearing them as well. We will break down for you the pros and cons of spikeless golf shoes and who should be wearing them. If you have ever thought about switching to a spikeless golf shoe, you are in the right place.

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While BOA/DISC offerings are less common in spikeless designs, shoes with these closure systems often fit differently than the laced versions. If the laced model doesn’t feel quite right, it’s worth trying the BOA/DISC closure system if its available, but be ready to pay for it.

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Final Thoughts: Spiked Vs Spikeless

If you are buying shoes to primarily play golf, go with the spiked golf shoes.; You might as well give yourself the extra traction in your swing to help performance and to prevent injury.; Both types of golf shoes can be comfortable and waterproof.; Dont be afraid to spend the money necessary to get a high quality pair of shoes.; It will make your overall experience with the game better!

Why You Should Have Spikeless Shoes

Puma Monolite Spikeless Golf Shoes at

Spikeless golf shoes come with many benefits over traditional spiked golf shoes. First, their lack of spikes and more flexible soles mean that these shoes are often much more comfortable. Especially if you prefer to walk all 18 holes, shoes without spikes are easier to walk in and make you feel less fatigued as you travel from hole to hole. Additionally, you can really only wear a traditional pair of golf shoes on the course, since the spikes make it inconvenient to walk anywhere else! Spikeless golf shoes, on the other hand, can be worn comfortably anywhere and usually look just like a pair of sneakers or stylish shoes; you’ll look stylish whether you’re on the course or walking around town!

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What Makes Spikeless Golf Shoes Unique

On and off turf grip. Spikeless golf shoes are seemingly a fusion of golf shoes and sneakers. The aggressive treads of this type of golf trainer provide adequate traction for courses. But, compared to spiked ones, these can be worn beyond the 18th hole.;

Fresh look. Given that they were only released ten years ago, spikeless golf shoes generally lean towards the athletic style. Each golf shoe boasts a certain fashion identity to appeal to your taste. Nike, Skechers, and Under Armour bring similar looks to their other athletic footwear categories. Meanwhile, Footjoy and , being golf-focused, carry sleek and muted silhouettes.;

Heightened comfort. Because some spiked shoes tend to dig the bottoms of the foot, many prefer spikeless. Different brands boast different cushioning techs. Boost, Phylon, and REVlite are only some of the ever-reliable midsoles infused on some models.

Spiked Vs Spikeless: Comfort

Its important to have a comfortable pair of golf shoes that fit well and support your feet properly. A good pair of golf shoes should not interfere with how you move on the course.

Spiked golf shoes tend to have stiffer and firmer bases compared to spikeless golf shoes. Spikeless golf shoes commonly feature a softer foam base, feeling more like a trainer.

Both can be super comfy and both offer great support , but many golfers feel spikeless golf shoes are more comfortable. Spikeless golf shoes are also lighter meaning youll feel fresher at the end of your round.

With this in mind opt for well-fitting golf shoes that are either spiked or spikeless and youre sure to have a great day out on the course.

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Winner Adidas Tour 360 Xt

If youre looking for a new spikeless golf shoe for the 2021 season, look no further than the adidas Tour 360 XT-SL TEX. Its consistent overall performance across most categories earned it the No. 1 spot.; Compared to its sibling, the XT-SL TEX has a softer, more padded heel section for those golfers who dont like that firmer feeling.

  • Second in stability
  • Fourth in traction

MOST STABLE SHOE – adidas Tour 360 XT SL 2

If you need the maximum amount of stability in your shoes look no further than the adidas Tour 360 XT SL 2. Its solid base combined with their boost technology will make it an easy walk. The XT SL 2 has top notch traction to keep you grounded throughout your swing.

Q: What Is Proper Golf Attire

REVIEW: FootJoy ProSL golf shoes offer spiked stability in a spikeless shoe

A: Proper golf attire can be split into your clothes and your accessories. If you want to look like a pro to compensate for your maybe-not-so-pro abilities then investing in the right attire is the best place to start.

Shirt – Your golf shirt should be a plain shirt with a collar, you cant get away with tank tops and t-shirts, or anything you wouldnt deem semi-formal.

Pants – Pants should be long, made of cotton or polyester and shorts of the same material are also permitted, but sweat pants, jeans, and athletic shorts are not.

Shoes – Spiked or spikeless, whichever you prefer, just no soccer cleats, dress shoes, or boots. Theres no specific color recommendation, so if you want to show off your personality with sunflower-yellow shoes, you can.

Of course, it goes without saying you should wear socks with your golf shoes. Unless that is, you decide to invest in a pair of golf sandals, which are exactly what they sound like and, much like regular sandals, do not require you to wear socks with them, so suppress your inner British tourist with that.

Glove – Yes, glove, not gloves. You only need one glove for golf. Why? Because the old masters said so, thats why. You wear a golf glove to help you properly grip the club. The abrasive material, tougher than skin, prevents the club twisting in your hand and making you scuff the shot. Most gloves also have a pop-button on them which you can use to mark where your ball is on the green if potentially obstructing another.

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The Best Spikeless Shoes Of 2021

True To Size


While BOA/DISC offerings are less common in spikeless designs, shoes with these closure systems often fit differently than the laced versions. If the laced model doesn’t feel quite right, it’s worth trying the BOA/DISC closure system if its available, but be ready to pay for it.

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes: Puma Grip Fusion Sport 20

The main focus on this shoe was providing high quality and long-lasting traction which is accomplished with a carbon rubber outsole. The Fusion Foam technology increases comfort while walking on the course as well as, a microfibre upper material which is highly breathable. This model is another shoe more suited for the summer due to it not being 100% waterproof.

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Sketchers Go Golf Elite 4

  • Not very stylish
  • Not available in white

This is a brand that gets hundreds of positive reviews and for good reason. Sketchers feature waterproof uppers on a rubber sole. They have a front lace-up style with a padded tongue and cuffs for added comfort and support.

Matt Kuchar is just one of the tour pros using this brand and was instrumental in the transition from the traditional spiked version.

The latest technology at Sketchers has delivered the H2GO Shield, seam-sealed waterproofing. The 5Gen, next-generation high response lightweight cushioning foam, and Softspikes, replaceable cleats for better traction and comfort, add to the quality of this product.

Along with the new seam-sealed waterproofing is a soft fabric lining which not only whips away moisture but also dissipates heat, keeping feet cool and dry all day long.

Faux-leather uppers give a smooth, durable and easy to clean golf shoe. The perforations on the side provide for extra ventilation and cooling. The padded collar and tongue enhance the comfort for wear on or off the golf course. The Balboa needs no breaking in and is ready to go straight out of the box.

With the lace-up front, your foot remains stable and firm under all conditions. The width of the forefoot results in a comfortable fit for most foot shapes.

Another interesting feature is the Resamax removable insole which acts as a shock absorber along with the base of the shoe.

Color options are Navy, Black, and Grey.

Adidas Tour 360 Xt Sl

55% OFF RRP Puma Golf Mens Biofusion Spikeless Waterproof ...
  • Might lack breathability on a hot day
  • Limited choice of colors
  • Not really suitable for casual wear

Adidas is another top world-renown brand for sports equipment and their golf gear is a separate highly specialized division.

Adidas claims that their golf shoes will give you surefooted traction and a; flexible fit whether you are swinging from soaking wet grass or an uneven lie.

The Tour 360 is popular as it looks most like a traditional golf shoe. With a sporty edge and modern spikeless technology, it is very stylish. The Black and White version with the Scarlet sole really fits the bill.

The shoe gets its name from the X-shaped traction system of the outsole. These X-shaped lugs are designed with eight-sided touchpoints with a multi-directional grip to further enhance traction and stability. Combining with the X-traction lugs are eight cleats that help t further enhance traction and ensure your feet are firmly anchored. These cleats may cause a bit of damage to soft greens, so be aware.

The much talked about Boost technology of the Adidas insoles is the source of great comfort and energy return. The feel is like bouncing or walking on pockets of air and there is no foot fatigue at the end of eighteen holes.

The 360Wrap, which entirely surrounds the midfoot, has revolutionized golf shoes and provides tremendous foot support and stability. INSITE sock-liner and premium leather uppers ensure a secure and stable fit

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The Perfect Mens Golf Shoe For Your Game

Did you know that if you walk an 18-hole round, you could be walking anywhere from 4-5 miles? And youll be on your feet standing, walking, and hitting your golf ball for up to 3 to 5 hours. Thats why finding shoes that fit you perfectly is so important to your game. When buying shoes for golf, its important to find something comfortable. If you play on a course that’s often wet, look for waterproof or water-resistant shoes. Also, keep in mind that youll have socks on, and their thickness can affect how your shoe fits.

Spiked Vs Spikeless Golf Shoes: What You Need To Know

Even the best spikeless golf shoes are sometimes viewed as a compromise in performance, but that is far from being the truth. Instead of groups of cleats, spikeless shoes have far larger areas covering the entire base of the shoe for greater traction.;

Stable, comfortable, and versatile, the best spikeless golf shoes are certainly not just for casual golfers many professionals are also going the spikeless route. ;

Without spikes or cleats to wear down, the tread will last longer. The lower-key style makes them look less like specialist sportswear, and more like a fashionable trainer. Plus unlike with spikes, you dont have to change when you get to the clubhouse. So youre first in line at the bar to get that first pint in before anyone else shows up.

Of course, there is one clear downside ;spikeless shoes suffer in wetter conditions as their tread isnt as deep as spiked shoes.;

The good news is that many manufacturers now offer their popular golf shoes in both spiked and spikeless, so you can buy your favourite golf shoes in both versions, and choose which to sport, depending on the weather.

Still not sure which you need? Fear not, we’ve got you covered with our handy guide to the pros and cons of both. Golf shoes: spiked or spikeless?

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Make An Impression Without Spikes

Although golf shoes with spikes are the traditional golf footwear, spikeless golf shoes have become increasingly popular in recent years. Their on-course comfort and off-course style have made them the preferred footwear option for many golfers nationwide. Find a great selection of golf shoes without spikes at Carl’s Golfland, with brands including FootJoy, Nike, G/FORE, ECCO, Adidas, and more!

Change Your Spikes Or Replace Your Golf Shoes A Golf Digest Debate

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes 2019 – See Our Top 3! Golf Monthly

Be honest, when is the last time you thought deeply about the bottom of your golf shoes? Dont wait until your foot slips out during a crucial shot to take traction seriouslyevaluate your footwear now. If you flip over your shoe to see worn cleats or nubs, its time for a replacement. You have two options: Either replace the entire shoe, or if youve got a cleated pair of golf shoes, fix the traction issue. With the rise in popularity of spikeless golf shoes, many golfers are used to replacing their shoes, spikeless or not, and forget you can swap out cleats on spiked golf shoes. Is that practical and worth doing? Three of our editors weigh in on whether they swap spikes or swap shoesand why.RELATED:The best men’s golf shoes of 2021 and The best women’s golf shoes of 2021

Opinion 1: Spike Swapper

I love trendy golf shoes and switching up my style on the course, but it seems pretty wasteful and expensive to throw out a pair of shoes whenever the grip wears down, which happens pretty quickly for me. I find that changing out my spikes is not only a good way to get your moneys worth out of your golf shoes, but it also gives you better grip when youre out on the course. There are also a lot of stylish golf shoes that feature adjustable spikes, and with the wide variety of spikes, you can customize your shoes to provide the support and grip you need when playing.

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Callaway Mens Balboa Vent Golf Shoe


  • Not great on weatherproofing
  • Uppers are not easy to clean

This shoe features the Opti-vent mesh liner, and as the name implies gives great heat control and breathability.

The uppers are dura weave mesh on a 3D stability cage. Another feature is the outer sole with dura-rubber with multi-directional traction lugs. The insole is 5mm EVA with an Opti-soft midsole.

The Callaway Balboa Vent in known for being lightweight and comfortable and your feet still feel fresh after 18 holes on the course. The advances in technology at Callaway have provided a trendy and sleek shoe that ensures excellent traction through the multi-directional lugs on the Dura-rubber soles.

You will feel securely anchored and not worry about slipping even in the worst conditions. The dura-weave mesh uppers are breathable and also help with heat control. The 3D stability cage with the front lace-up style ensures a snug fit and prevents the foot from moving in the shoe. Additional comfort and ground feel are provided through the opti-soft EVA midsole.

The Balboa is an extremely comfortable shoe on and off the golf course and the fit is perfect, even on wider feet, with the 3D stability cage.

The color range is two-way Black/White/Red and Grey.

Features To Look For In Spikeless Golf Shoes

While most golf shoes will have basic features as standard, everyones golf shoe needs are different. You might need a better balance, better breathability, or better lug support, so keep in mind these features when looking for a new pair to find the design thats most likely to improve your game and make golf just a smidge more enjoyable for you.

Spikeless Vs Spikes – Spiked shoes will perhaps provide you a little more traction on wet surfaces and slopes, but the cleats on them will need replacing when they wear out or break. You dont have to do this with spikeless, as the studs or dimples are molded into the sole. Spiked shoes are typically better for beginners, as they provide better support and traction on all surfaces.

While you may be loyal to spiked shoes, spikeless shoes are becoming ever more advanced so that there is hardly any discrepancy between the two types. One benefit of spikeless shoes is that they are more flexible and have better ground feel compared to spiked shoes. They are also more lightweight, as the weight of the metal spikes wont be present.

Your choice should also depend on the type, of course, youre likely to play the most on. If your home course is dry, then spikeless shoes are more suitable.

But were not here to convince you either way, and both have the benefits and their disadvantages. These are usually individual, though, and you should go with whatever best works for you.

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