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Where To Buy Skate Shoes

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Take Good Care Of Your Skate Shoes


Skateboarding and longboarding can be tough for your skate shoes, so it is important to take good care of them to prolong their lifespan. If you use your skate shoes to perform a lot of tricks, you can buy Shoe Goo or some similar silicone material that is applied to the tip and sides of the shoe. It is used to create a protective layer to the most vulnerable places on the shoe.

You can also take some preventive care measures with your shoes. Applying super-glue to the stitching of the side and nose of your shoes can prevent them from tearing apart when doing tricks. Using less grippy grip tapes can also increase the lifespan of your shoes by providing less friction.

The Benefits Of Inline Skating And Quad Skating

One of the advantages of inline and roller skating, regardless of the riding style, is muscular endurance and development. By involving your hips, lower back and buttocks, the movements help to build up leg muscles. Like any other aerobic exercise, both skating styles can give you an intense cardio workout without straining your joints and knees.

If you have doubts about the type of skating you should choose, read more about the different skate types in our guide: What Skates Should I Buy?

Why Skate Shoes And Their Properties Are Important For Skating

Skateboarding is not only about riding your board, but also about tricks. These are primarily performed or controlled with the feet. Therefore, it is extremely important that the shoes allow the best possible interaction of skater and skateboard. Skate shoes therefore need special properties:

  • Flexibility for a good board feeling
  • Grip for firm footing
  • Durability and resistance to abrasion

These features are found in the soles, upper materials and other characteristics.

Skate shoe soles: Cup or Vulc?

The soles of skate shoes shouldn’t be too thick in order to ensure optimal control over the skateboard. However, cushioning properties are also important. The profile of skate shoe soles has special patterns that make them more grippy. Generally, skate shoes distinguish between vulcanized soles and cup soles.

In addition, there are intermediate forms that combine elements of vulc and cup soles. An example is the Wafflecup sole from Vans, which you can find on the Vans Crockett Pro for example.

In case you’ve always wondered why skate shoes have such thick soles: the high sole portion on the side of skate shoes is more of an extension of the outsole that provides durability. The actual sole that you stand on is much flatter.

Vulcanized / Vulc soles

In vulc sole shoes, the outsole and intermediate elements are welded to the upper material of the skate shoe by a lateral rubber strip . The insoles or the footbed of vulc skate shoes provide the main cushioning.

Cup soles

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Durability Of Skate Shoes

Skate shoes should last a long time. Which skate shoes last the longest is difficult to answer, because the wear also depends on the skater. If you know where your shoes wear out the most or fastest, you can take that into consideration for your next pair.

  • Your shoes get holes at the toe: try shoes with toe cap or underlying reinforcements.
  • Your shoes get holes on the side: there are also shoes with reinforcements in the “ollie area”. Suede skate shoes usually don’t get holes as quickly.
  • The outsole profile of your shoes loses grip: Some skate shoes have outsoles with a condensed pattern in stressed areas.

Skate Shoes Protect Your Feet In Style

d3V :: #osirisshoes

Your skate shoes are the link between your feet and your skateboard. Even the best set up wont do you any good if you cant rely on your shoes. Since the invention of skateboarding, brands have been coming up with new skate shoe technologies: Vans was one of the first brands to bring some great innovations to the market.Sk8-High or Half-Cab are terms that were used to describe skate shoes in the early 80s. The skate boom continued and soon global brands like Globe , Etnies and DC Shoes made a name for themselves with their ankle-high skate shoes.

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The Characteristics Of Skateboard Shoes

Most skate shoes are made from leather, suede, or canvas to provide extra comfort when riding. They are equipped with an extra-thick vulcanized rubber sole that minimizes the wear during tricks and increases durability. The soles are usually flat and have tread patterns that provide excellent grip. Furthermore, the shoes have great shock-absorbing abilities to endure impacts and hard landings.

All these features make skate shoes as durable as possible because they are exposed to rough handling if used regularly on skateboards. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that skateboard shoes are often worn down faster than normal shoes, because of the grip tape on the skateboard.

Even though skateboard shoes have special characteristics to make them optimal for board sports, many people choose the shoes solely because of the cool design and comfort.

Inline Vs Roller Skating: What Is Best For Beginners

Inline skating and roller skating are both fun activities that require practice to master. The best and easiest for you depends on which skating style you prefer. From fitness skating and aggressive skating to rhythm skating and roller derby, there are many disciplines for you to choose from.

Inline skating is considered an easy activity to get into. Compared to roller skating, it allows you to explore outdoor spaces with greater peace of mind: the longer wheelbase of inline skates, combined with their larger wheels, makes it possible to overcome small bumps and cracks on the road, offering speed and easier propulsion.

Roller skating, also known as quad skating, offers a wider base of stability, but the plate of the skates is quite short, which can make falling forward or backward more frequent while learning. Quad skating provides more side balance, which can boost confidence in beginner skaters. Roller skating can be easily practiced indoors, or outside on smooth surfaces, where making sharp and tight turns is easier.

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How Can I Tell Whether A Pair Is Vegan Or Not

Google is your best friend. Most brands will disclose whether a pair is vegan or not. If not, then theyll specify what materials are used. As long as theres no leather, suede, or any animal-based product, you should be good to go. Also, dont forget to check if the brand uses vegan adhesives as well!

Why Skate Shoes Are Important

How to Choose Skate Shoes | Tactics

Skate shoes are shoes specifically designed for high-impact sports such as skateboarding, longboarding, and scootering. Using skateboard shoes when skateboarding is important because they are built to withstand the hits and impacts of the sport. In addition, their features enhance the performance by providing better grip and board control. At the same time, skate shoes are built to be highly comfortable, so your feet won’t get tired as easily.

It is possible to skate with regular shoes or sneakers. However, you wont probably be able to perform as well as when wearing skateboard shoes, which are made to help you skate better.

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Skate Shoes For Skating With Impact

If you frequently skate spots where impact is high, you need skate shoes with good cushioning. Cupsole shoes with a foam midsole are ideal for this. The cushioning can be a bit more generous in this case. If you tend to roll your ankle, mid or high top shoes offer an option to stabilize your ankles.

Emerica Romero Laced Skate Shoe

Finally, to conclude our list, we have to include another Emerica product: the Romero. The Romero has everything you might be looking for in terms of comfort, durability, and a stylish look.

When it comes to construction, youve seen it before. The Romero is made from canvas, the durable material that is also lightweight we discussed earlier.

To ensure your feet comfort, the Romero boasts an EVA footbed thats incredibly soft and comfortable. Combine that with the canvas upper, and its like youre walking on clouds.

Moving on to design, the Romero looks incredibly trendy despite its simplistic design and neutral color options. For example, theres an all-black model with black outsoles and eyelets, giving it an incredibly modern and trendy look.

Unfortunately, not all the models and colors are vegan-friendly, so you will need to double-check. The vegan color selection isnt the most inclusive. I would even say that its too limited for my liking.

For traction, the Romero boasts a triangle tread thatll provide you with enough grip on your skateboard, so you can perform any trick effortlessly.

However, I strongly recommend you accompany the Romero with a thick pair of socks for the first few days of wearing since it can be a little harsh on the ankles. Once you break-in, though, you should move back to thinner socks because its not the most breathable option out there.


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Learn More About Skate Shoes


Athletic Classics: Vans® Shoes

Vans® shoes deliver up instant style for wherever the day takes you. From street to surf, you can count on this iconic footwear.

Go for iconic skate with classic Vans® sneakers, or pull together your look with high-top shoes, slip-ons and more. Vans® footwear is the perfect way to make a statementstand out in bold all-over prints, bright colors and classic textures.

And with Vans®, you never have to sacrifice comfort for style. This footwear features die-cut EVA midsoles for impact protection and comfort. Padded tongues and collars minimize irritation on the foot. A waffle-grip outsole maintains traction and grip, especially for skaters looking to maintain their edge.

Vans® shoes are available in men’s and women’s styles. Check out the entire collection today or shop the entire selection of athletic footwear at DICK’S Sporting Goods for more.

Featured Categories

Shoe Goo And Insoles For Hardcore Skaters

Kids Sneakers with Two Wheels Roller Skate Shoes Price in India

If you dont want to give up your old kicks, Shoe Goo is the ultimate solution! When the material of your shoes has been all used up from countless Ollies or if your outsole is destroyed from dragging your foot along to brake, this tube of wonderful goo will help. Whether youre using it for prevention or repair just apply some of this magical paste with a spatula and your shoes will be as good as new! The special PVC will keep it as flexible as it was before!Tough bails and failed landings are just part of skateboarding. A lot of brands try to protect your feet a bit better by producing insoles that you can use with any shoe.Impactis spread out across your foot in order to lessen the risk of ankle and foot injuries. You can simply cut them to the right size and shape for your shoe.The insoles are split into three parts: the gel heel gives you cushioning for hard landings. The Primo Pad under your middle foot gives you maximum protection for messed up flips, while the toe pad keeps plenty of flexibility and freedom of movement.So, whether you choose a hardcore skate shoe or you prefer a simple style with an insole, the choice is yours!But dont forget: you only have two feet, and you rely on them for skating, so protect them well with some high quality skate shoes from the huge range available at Blue Tomato!


Customer service

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Skate Shoes For Narrow Or Wide Feet

Of course, not all feet are the same. Maybe you’ve had a shoe that would have fit, but it felt too tight and the next size up was already way too big. In this case, when buying your next shoes, you can look at the width of the sole at the longitudinal arch of the foot. Simply put, you look at how wide the sole of the shoe is at the narrowest part in the middle.

Shoes with a very narrow sole at this point often feel rather tight for wide feet and vice versa. With narrow feet and a very wide sole, you might have problems with a proper fit. However, this is also partly a matter of taste. Some skaters like shoes with a little air, others want footwear that sits like a second pair of socks.

If you’ve ordered a pair of shoes from us and they don’t fit at all, you always have 100 days right of return and can send them back quickly and easily.

Left: shoe with wide sole right: shoe with narrow sole

New Sign Up 15% Coupons

*All coupon codes valid once per new subscriber. Applies to past seasons products only. Not valid with any other offer. Excludes inline ’22 products, all ’23 products, complete bikes , All BOGO Items, New Balance, Aquaglide & Loaded skate. The House reserves the right to cancel or change this promotion at anytime without notice.

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The Best Nike Skateboarding Shoes For High Performance

Buying Guide

Lace up and discover the top Nike shoes for skateboarding.

Whether youre practicing your kickflip or cruising around the neighborhood, finding the best skateboarding shoes is key to staying safe and secure on the board. And whats more, these pairs are versatile perfect to be worn from the skate park through the rest of your day. Check out below the best Nike shoes for skateboarding .

Best for Ankle Support: Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid

Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid is a top option for skateboarders who need high performance paired with comfort. This shoe comes with soft cushioning and a flexible sole that provides arch and ankle support. The grippy traction also helps enhance the boardfeel and control.

Best for Flexibility: Nike SB Bruin React

The Nike SB Bruin React is the kind of low-top skateboarding shoe you can ride in all day. Its robust, sturdy and comes with responsive Nike React foam. Plus, because of their lightweight and flexible materials, these sneakers can also help you achieve a better skateboarding experience.

Best for Responsiveness: Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski Canvas RM

Named after pro skateboarder, writer and musician, Stefan Janoski, these namesake shoes are made for comfort and control while on your skateboard. Their minimal design provides responsiveness while moving around the board.

Best for Functionality: Nike SB Shane

Words by: Claire Tak

What Are Skate Shoes

Braille | How to Choose a Skate Shoe

Shoes that are designed specifically for skateboarding are called skate shoes. However, many skate shoe models can also be seen in everyday life and away from skate parks, as they are simply comfortable and stylish. The difference between sneakers and sports shoes is that skate shoes are characterized by special soles and materials that are designed for skating.

Over the years, numerous skate shoe brands such as Emerica, Vans, etnies or DC Shoes have cropped up. But also big sports shoe manufacturers like Nike, adidas or New Balance have enriched the skate shoe assortment with their first-class models. By the way: they’re called skate shoes and not skater shoes! They’re shoes for skating and the name refers to the function. Therefore, the “r” in the word is omitted and they’re called skate shoes.

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How To Make Skate Shoes Last Longer

There’s a simple trick you can use to extend the life of your skate shoes. Torn seams and holes in the upper material can be quickly repaired with shoe glue. This way you can skate your shoes for a few more sessions. Holes in the sole, however, are difficult to seal with skate shoe glue. In this case, it’s time for a new pair.

Skateboard Shoes & Skate Trainers

Here at Native Skate Store we stock a wide range of skateboard shoes all designed with skateboarding in mind. Some of our core skate shoes brands like Lakai and Emerica have been in business for many years and are owned and ran by skateboarders so you know they know what they are doing when it comes to designing a skate shoe. The bigger guys like Vans and Nike SB you’ll already know and are brands that you can trust when it comes down to making quality skateboard trainers. One of the most recent skate shoe brands to the fold are a skater owned outfit called Last Resort AB who make great clean looking functional skate shoes. We also sell replacement skate shoe insoles so if you need some more cushion for those landings be sure to look through our range from Footprint Insoles Check out the range from all of these skateboard shoe brands below…

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Free Economy Ground Orders Over $99

All eligible orders will be shipped with a 3-6 day delivery. Free Economy Ground shipping is only available in the contiguous lower 48 states

*Free Shipping excludes oversized items such as Bikes, Wakesurfers, Surfboards, Paddleboards, Water Trampolines and Car Racks.

Please expect 3-6 business days for most shipments and 7-10 days for bikes and oversized items.

Please allow 15-20 business days on select Framed custom built bikes.

The Right Size For Your Skate Shoes

Where To Buy Ice Skate Shoes In Chicago

Of course, above all else, your shoes have to fit you. Perhaps you’ve already noticed that, for example, the shoe size US 10 does not always correspond to size EU 44. Or differently: You might have shoes from different brands in the same size, which fit differently. This is because there is no standardized size key.

To help you find the right size for your new skate shoes, we ‘ve broken down the sizes of all brands in our size charts. You can also switch between US, UK and EU sizes for each shoe in our shop. If a shoe runs particularly small or large, you will find an additional note in the product description.

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