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What Are The Best Trail Shoes

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How Long Do Running Shoes Last

The BEST Trail Running Shoes 2020 | Feat. New Balance, Asics, Saucony and more

The life of a shoe depends on a variety of factors, including running style, weight, and how often theyre used. But in general, 300 to 500 miles is a good rule of thumb.

So if you run 10 miles per week, your shoes could last 8 months to a year. If youre logging 20 miles per week, plan on replacing your running shoes every 4 to 6 months.

And if you see excessive wear patterns, holes, and tears or notice a decrease in footbed comfort, its probably time to grab a new pair of sneakers.

Evadict Kiprun Xt: The Best Budget Trail Running Shoes

Price: £30 to £60 | Buy men’s | women’s from Decathlon

Despite costing remarkably little, Decathlon rates these trainers as good for trail runs up to 80km long, and durable enough to last 1,000km of running in total. We cant say weve tested those particular claims yet, but it does provide some indication of their quality and durability, which is particularly important when youre shopping in the budget bracket.

More important, though, is how well the XT7 performs across a range of trails, with the 5mm lugs providing good grip on wet trails, and the sticky rubber keeping you grounded on rocky tracks. The Kalensole EVA cushioning isnt the softest or most responsive on the market midsole foams are definitely one area where you can feel the improvement when you increase your budget but it is supportive and comfortable enough for long runs on mixed terrain.

Key specs Best terrain: All-rounder Weight: 340g Heel-to-toe drop: 10mm

Topo Athletic Ultraventure 2

Best for All Terrain

The Ultraventure 2 may not be as flashy as some competitors, but it is one of the best go-anywhere, do-anything trail shoes we tested. The three-piece injected-EVA midsole is firmer in the medial arch and softer in the lateral heel and main body, yielding a supportive ride. Meanwhile, toothy six-millimeter lugs kept us feeling stable. I plowed through just about whatever, exclaimed one tester. Apprehensive about the nontraditional wide toe box? Dont be. Strategic minimal midfoot overlays and a well-designed lacing system lock you in perfectly. Besides, your toes will appreciate the extra room. 10.4 oz / 8.3 oz 5 mm drop

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Hoka One One Challenger Atr 6

Back for a sixth iteration, the Hoka ONE ONE Challenger ATR 6 returns to the trails better than ever.

The super-versatile Challenger ATR 6 absorbs impact while delivering smooth transitions. CMEVA foam in the midsole cushions each step and protects your foot, and the zonal lug placement and outsole construction provide excellent grip without weighing you down.

The breathable upper is designed with Unifi Repreve recycled yarn and features recycled polyester laces making the Challenger ATR 6 a sustainable option for any trail runner.

From Local Trails To Rugged Mountain Terrain Below Are The Year’s Top Trail Runners

The Best Trail Running Shoes For 2019
  • / Best Trail Running Shoes of 2021

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Running on varied and challenging trails is a welcome break from the monotony of pounding pavement . Better yet, trail running is an immensely easy sport to get into and requires only minimal gear. Below are our top trail runners of 2021, which cover everything from flexible and lightweight shoes for smooth trails to tough and stable designs for tackling technical or mountainous terrain.

Weight: 1 lb. 5.6 oz.Cushioning: MaximumWhat we like: Standout comfort and traction in a lightweight package.What we dont: Thick midsole minimizes trail feel in technical sections.

Hoka One One may have built their reputation around soft, heavily cushioned road and trail runners, but we think their Speedgoat 4 is an exceptional all-rounder. The shoe has the brands signature thick midsole, but the design hits a near-ideal balance of comfort, weight, protection, and responsiveness . In addition, the aggressive outsole is one of our favorites, with substantial lugs and tacky Vibram Megagrip rubber that hold well in everything from dry dirt and mud to steep rock. Tack on a medium-width toe box that fits a broad range of foot shapesplus available wide sizes for both men and womenand the Speedgoat is our favorite trail running shoe of 2021.

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How To Choose The Best Trail

When choosing a pair of trail-running shoes, its important to consider what sort of terrain you want to tackle. While roads all tend to have very similar characteristics, trails can be wildly different, and its important to choose shoes that are tailored to the surface youll be running on the most. The key to this is the sole, which will have lugs of different length to suit different types of surface.

If youll mostly be running on muddy trails then a good grip is vital this means youre looking for deep lugs of around 8-9mm. These are also good for fell running when you need the grip to hurtle safely down slick or loose slopes.

Really long lugs can be skiddy and uncomfortable on hard surfaces, though, so if you like to mix up your runs then look for an all-rounder with lugs around 6mm deep. If you plan to spend a good proportion of your time running on roads, or only intend to tackle very hard and rocky paths, then a lug depth of 3-4mm will be best these are often described as road-to-trail shoes.

What other features should I look out for?

One common feature in trail-running shoes is a rock plate a piece of plastic on the forefoot that protects the underside of your feet from jagged stones. This is a must for rocky trails, but less essential if you stick to muddy forests.

How much cushioning do I want?

How much do I need to spend?

Best Trail Running Shoes For Men Of 2021

On the hunt for new trail running shoes? Over the past decade, we’ve tested over 100 different models, with 16 of the best and most popular in this 2021 review. Our running shoe testers hit the trails year-round, from dreamy dry single track in the desert to plodding through winter snow, to bring you the best advice in terms of traction, comfort, stability, and underfoot protection. Whether you like short lunch runs in nearby parks or regularly venture into the mountain wilderness to collect your miles, we can help you find the best pair for your needs and budget.

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Merrell Nova 2 Mid Waterproof

If you want high-top sneaker comfort and hiker-like durability, the Nova 2 is a solid pick. As trail shoes they offer enough cushioning and support for maintained trails, and theyre great on packed dirt, grass or streets, too. The padded collar holds your foot in place and the external rear strap locks in your heel. For longer runs, the breathable mesh lining ensures your feet never overheat, which is a good thing in warmer months.

Saucony Peregrine 1: The Best All

The Best Altra Trail Running Shoes | Jeff Browning’s Full Trail Lineup

Price: £115 | Buy men’s | women’s from Saucony

Many all-terrain trail-running shoes are geared towards harder, rocky ground. That isnt always ideal for UK off-road runners who spend a lot of time on muddy tracks for half of the year. Maybe more than half, depending on the year.

The Peregrine 11 bucks that trend, being impressively adept at finding grip on boggy ground. Even though the 5mm lugs arent the longest, the aggressive shape cuts through the muck to find purchase on grass and muddy tracks. Its still a comfortable option on harder trails, too, and weve used the shoe for runs with long stints on the road as well as softer, slippery terrain.

There is a rock plate underfoot and the PWRRUN foam used in the midsole is the same stuff as in Sauconys road shoes like the Kinvara and Ride 13. It makes for a cushioned and bouncy ride, and helps make the Peregrine a solid racing option over long distances in particular.

Along with the standard Peregrine 11 the range contains the Peregrine 11 ST, which has longer lugs and is directly designed for muddy runs, and the Peregrine 11 GTX, which has a waterproof Gore-Tex liner.

Key specs Best terrain: All-rounder Weight: 310g Heel height: 27mm Heel-to-toe drop: 4mm

Price: £160 | Buy mens | womens from Adidas

The Speed Ultra was developed in partnership with professional ultramarathoner Tom Evans, but rest assured you dont have to be hitting distances of 50km plus to get the benefits of this shoe in your races.

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North Face Womens Vectiv Enduris Shoes

Best: For speed

Rating: 8/10

While we love the look of these impressive trail shoes from the North Face, were not entirely sure how long the vectiv enduris shoes will stay white for. Featuring a carbon plate , these trainers are designed to tackle dry mountain paths with speed.

When on, you can really feel the rocker midsole technology propelling you forward. Supportive and stable, these do come up a little on the smaller size, so we recommend sizing up if you like more space around your toes.

Asics Fuji Trabuco Gtx

This is the fully waterproof version of the supportive Asics Gel Fuji Trabuco keeping the same features: FlyteFoam Lyte midsole with el cushioning, Duomax anti-pronation support, aggressive sticky multidirectional grip and the rock plate to protect your feet against sharp stones and rocks. The Gore-Tex fully waterproof mesh upper keeps your feet dry in wet conditions.

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How To Choose A Trail Running Shoe

Selecting the best trail running shoe is no small task, and will come down to a variety of factors, including the style of running and your own preferences . We used to think it would be helpful to our readers to have our picks above divided into categoriesa sort of you tell us what type of trails you run, well tell you what to wear. But then we took a deeper look at our own shoe choices. We were consistently opting for an easy trails shoe for cross-country mountain runs and cursing our rugged trails La Sportiva Jackal on muddy singletrack . In the end, we realized that most running shoes defy categories, and are far more about the synergy between the shoes, the terrain, and the runner. However, there are still a good number of clues that can help you narrow down your choice, which we dive into in greater detail below.

Read On To Find Out How To Choose The Best Trail Running Sneakers For You

12 Best Trail Running Shoes for Men 2018

How to choose the best trail-running shoes

To find the best trail running shoes for you, you need to know what you want to get out of the shoes. Good questions to ask yourself are how far youre going to be running, what kind of terrain youll be running on, and in what kind of weather youll be outside. If youre someone who runs on the track or on asphalt, you might already have preferences when it comes to the weight and composition of your running shoes. Some people prefer more stability and therefore a more rugged build. Other people want to be fast, regardless of where theyre running and will sacrifice some support for a more lightweight shoe.

At the end of the day, the best trail running shoe is the one that fits the best, you feel comfortable and above all else safe to run in, as well as one that fits into your budget. Dont get too bogged down by brands or colors and, if you can, head to a store to try them out before buying them .

Do my trail-running shoes need to be waterproof?

That being said, many trail running sneakers are now being constructed using different types of weatherproofing materials or technologies, such as GORE-TEX. If you think youll be running in inclement weather or through more muddy terrain, then waterproof shoes are definitely not a bad option to have.

How important is grip?

How should trail-running shoes fit?

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Hoka One One Speedgoat 4

  • Rubber toe cap and forefoot rock plate for protection
  • Firm, stable ride
  • Not highly cushioned

This burly trail crusher brings plenty of structure and support to a responsive platform. But the outsole is what we like moststicky, aggressive lugs line the perimeter and bottom of the shoe, making it easy to virtually grab hold of uneven terrain. We also appreciated the heavy-duty toe cap, which protects the foot should you kick into rocks. A breathable mesh upper and just the right amount of cushion in the midsole make this standout shoe versatile enough to manage long, slow mileage and speed workouts.

  • Deep 5mm lugs excel on rocky technical trails and soft, dry mud
  • Midsole feels firm, responsive, and protective
  • Upper feels less plush and breathable than that of more premium shoes
  • Durable outsole
  • Mesh part of upper soaks up water
  • MaxTrac outsole and chevron lugs provide reliable traction
  • Wide, comfortable toebox
  • Women’s version fits a bit loose
  • Smooth ride
  • Show signs of wear quickly


  • Good ground contact
  • Too minimalist for some
  • Wide toebox
  • Not enough support for long mileage

How To Choose The Best Trail Running Shoe

Here are a few factors to consider when shopping for trail running shoes:

  • Intended use. Will you be running on hard-packed dirt? Or, are steep mountainsides in your future? While some shoes are geared toward a specific type of terrain, others are more versatile.
  • Foot shape. Do you have a high arch? Do you need a wider than average shoe? To avoid blisters and hot spots, its best to try on a shoe for yourself to find your perfect fit.
  • Cushioning. While some runners appreciate extra cushioning in the heel or mid-foot, others prefer the feel of a minimalist-style shoe.
  • Heel-to-toe drop. The drop of a shoe is important for supporting your preferred stride and cadence. Low and zero drops support a front or midfoot strike and faster cadence, while higher drops are better if you prefer to land heel first.
  • Price. Before purchasing, we recommend shopping around for the best price. After all, store coupons, seasonal sales, and even exploring clearance options can make an amazing pair of shoes more budget-friendly.

Of course, the best way to find the option thats right you is by visiting a shoe store to test out a variety of brands, sizes, and styles.

Plus, many store employees are more than happy to provide advice on the best shoe for your running style and foot shape.

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The Best Salomon Running Shoes

New firm and fast cushioning could make the trail-running powerhouse a dark horse on the road.

Salomons running history began in 2001, when it released its Raid Race trail shoe. With its combination of robust construction, comfort, and fit, it was a forward-thinking design for the time that brought some of the best features of hiking boots to a running shoe. Since then, the brand has continued to expand and earn the trust of pro and amateur trail runners alike, and the company now boasts a deep roster of shoes for all kinds of off- and on-road adventures.

Take a quick look at info on five of the best Salomon shoes from our testing, then scroll down for buying advice and more in-depth reviews of these and other models.

How To Choose Your Trail Running Shoes

The BEST Trail Running Shoes Winter 2021 | Feat. Salomon, adidas, Nike and more

5 min read


Trail running involves running off the beaten track. Its often considered to be a completely different sport to road running, but in fact there are many similarities. They do, of course, take place in two very different environments but the main principle is the same you have to put one foot in front of the other! However, the big difference in environment means that the runners requirements are also different. So lets start by looking in more detail at shoes.

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Best Street Style Trail Running Shoe: Speedcross 3

Salomon had a capital F fashion moment in 2019, when GQ named the S/Lab XT-6 its sneaker of the year. The brand leaned in heavily to the accolade and has since dedicated a section of its website to Sportsyle, a curation of colorful trail sneakers for aesthetically-minded runners. Im here for it. The best trail shoe in the current selection is the Speedcross 3: Its available in nine colors, is an affordable $130, and is the one of the brands most iconic, tried-and-true shoes meant for fast-paced training and racing.

Identify Your Running Gait

Everybody has a natural gait, and it leaves a thumbprint on your shoes. To get an idea of how you run, flip your shoes over and take a look at the wear pattern on the soles.

  • Neutral pronation shows a wear pattern that scuffs the outside of the heel and the ball of the foot. A neutral shoe will probably be your best bet.
  • Overpronation shows wear along the inside edge of your shoe . People with low arches will certainly pronate, and that can poorly load joints up the chain. A stability shoe may help, but dont overdo it. Just find a comfortable shoe that feels good and naturally supports the foot.
  • Supination, or underpronation, is identified by long wear patterns along the outside edge of your shoes . It can also be caused by inflexible, rigid, or high arches. Supination is less common, but the evidence is pretty clear here. The most important thing you can do is buy a cushioned shoe.

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