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What Does Red Bottom Shoes Mean

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Why Christian Louboutins Have So Many Studs

Why Louboutin Shoes Are So Expensive | So Expensive

If you take one look at some of Christian Louboutin’s shoe designs, especially those with insanely high heels and custom leatherwork, you might be tempted to think he’s inspired by, say, Fifty Shades of Grey. However, Louboutin isn’t catering to anyone, so to speak. “I appreciate that some perceive them that way,” he revealed to the BBC. “But people project their own ideas on to a designer’s work, and sometimes this isn’t what the designer intended.” For example, when Louboutin puts studs on a shoe, it’s not an attempt to conjure anything intimate it’s more of an homage to punk rock, a style he appreciates.

However, Louboutin does recognize that his design tendencies have gotten simpler over the years, evoking the body’s natural lines. “Now I tend to go for simpler, more bare designs, ones that emphasize the shape of the leg,” he continued. “I’ve gone from dressy to undressed.” And well, that’s kind of appealing.

27 What Socks To Wear

Regardless of what style youre trying to pull off today or what event youre attending, you can always try to experiment with your choice of socks. Time to show off your fancy fashion socks, dont be shy! But if you prefer going sockless, you can find some good tips from our earlier post on Sockless Guide for Men.

10 Red Accessories With Red Shoes

Red accessories go well with red shoes. Again emphasizing not to overdo with red. When you are wearing red shoes with red accessories, everything else in your outfit must be monochrome. We have a red jacket, red belt and red shoes with all black and it all blends perfectly. Have a look at these Trendy Mens Clothing Trends and Fashion Accessories.

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Scientists Are Still Learning How Color Affects Psychology

As for why red shoes are significant, well, theres no scientific explanation, but shoes are one of the most immediately noticeable parts of a persons wardrobe. According to conventional wisdom, your shoes are the first thing people notice about youwear around a pair of bright-red shoes, and you can be sure that youre drawing some attention.

Given that red shoes are associated with sensuality, its no surprise that some people also associate them with sinfulness and pride .

Theres something slightly foreboding about red its the color of blood, and therefore one of the most important colors in the course of human evolution. Color perception varies across cultures, and some cultures dont have words for certain colors. Most still have words for black, white, and red, however, as these are three descriptors necessary for survival.

While were not sure whether all cultures have the red shoes trope, it does seem to be a compelling symbol to Western audiences. Keep that in mind the next time youre wearing a bright pair of red shoesyoure wearing an important cultural symbol, and people will undoubtedly notice.

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Notes For Keeping Shoes Well

red bottoms

High temperature or direct sunlight will quickly damage your shoes. You should avoid leaving shoes in such places, store shoes indoors and in relaxed places. If you dont use the shoe often, tuck a roll of paper inside the shoe to help it keep its original shape.

To better preserve high-heeled shoes, you should turn them upside down to prevent the tube from folding. It will help if you store shoes in a separate part of a shelf, box, or bag if you do not use them to avoid being bitten by insects, rats, or dogs. Cleaning shoes properly, avoiding wearing shoes in the rain will help make shoes more durable.

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Beyond A Trend: Red Bottoms & Social Proof

Clearly red bottom shoes are a fashion statement, but it turns out there is a scientific reason that they are so popular.

Best-selling author and Wharton School Professor, Jonah Berger, talks about this at length in his book called Contagious: Why Things Catch On. The book does an incredible job explaining what makes things go viral and why certain products or ideas become popular. He dissects the science of social influence and shares something he calls the STEPPS framework. Each letter in the acronym breaks down a social influencer: Social Currency, Triggers, Emotion, Practical Value, Public, and Stories.

While I wish I had some time go over every element of the framework, lets discuss the one that applies to Christian Louboutin shoes: Public

Jonah Berger describes Public as follows: If something is built to show, its built to grow. The more public something is, the more likely people will imitate it. He says, Design products and initiatives that advertise themselves and create some visible behavioral residue.

He uses the popularity of red bottom shoes as the perfect example to convey Public. Christian Louboutin found a way to make his shoes more visible by adding his signature red color to the soles. This not only makes the shoes look more fashionable, but it makes them more memorable. And as Jonah Berger says, because of this feature, they end up advertising themselves.

The Untold Truth Of Christian Louboutins

Christian Louboutins are arguably the most popular designer shoes that money can buy. Known for their high quality and distinct red sole, these shoes are beloved by footwear fans around the world and sported by tons of A-list celebs. After all, is there anything else that can make you feel sexier and more confident than a pair of stilettos that boost both your height and your fashion cred?

It’s well known that Christian Louboutins aren’t cheap a single pair of them can easily set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars, according to their website but that hasn’t stopped many of us from plunking down an entire month’s rent for a coveted set of heels or, at least, daydreaming about doing it. For now, we’ll just have to live vicariously through Cardi B videos, pretending we’re rich enough to have a custom pair or 10 made just for us.

So what’s the deal with these oh-so-expensive, elegant shoes? Who is Christian Louboutin, and what is his design process really like? And why are the soles of these shoes red, anyway? Read on to discover the untold truth of Christian Louboutins.

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11 Celebrities Wearing All Red Sneakers

NBA players have known for their athletic skills and a great sense of style such that many of the basketball players are also fashion icons. Red shoes are their favorite, and often you can see them wearing red shoes everywhere. Not only red sneakers but they are wearing red shoes for formal occasions also.

Christian Louboutin Beltega Sandals


These are the most popular Louboutin shoes by women from early 2006 to late 2008. With a simple design that is not colorful but still full of mysterious magic, above all, with belts. Enough to cut the heart of the sisters. Beltega Sandals is a real-life fashion paradise.

Take a look at this list of sandals for plantar fasciitis you should buy.

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The High Price Of Red Sole Shoes

Louboutin said it is costly to make shoes in Europe. Making red sole shoes goes through many stages, sometimes up to 30 steps: drawing up, material selection, and polishing. Unique design, high-quality leather material, crystal, or diamond is the essential requirement of the company. Despite conquering many girls, the accessory was criticized by experts for causing foot pain. The designer also admits to paying much attention to the design and beauty of the shoes, accidentally forgetting the details of comfort when moving.

A pair of Louboutin shoes cost $695 the most expensive pair is up to $6,000 much higher than the high heels of Dior, Chanel, or Gucci. In addition to materials and processing fees, the brand also has a strong position in luxury fashionistas hearts, which is why they are more expensive. In addition to seasonal and famous lines, Christian Louboutin also designs limited editions for exclusive collectibles. They are as sought after as expensive handbags like Gucci or Chanel.

With high-quality materials and hand-processed, Louboutin shoes are appreciated by fashionistas for their quality, sustainability, and price in the secondhand market. Every year, Charlotte Jones British diaper mother, favorite Christian Louboutin earns £70,000 by running a website that resells red high heels.

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The Enduring Power Of Red Shoes

At Pradas AW19 show, one pair of shoes stood out. Between the biker boots and trainers laced to the knee, there walked some sparkling red heels that looked like theyd tripped straight out of a grown-up Wizard of Oz . It was an appropriate homage, given that this year marks the 80th anniversary of the films release. And Miuccia wasnt the only one thinking about vermilion footwearfrom bright red velvet at Simone Rocha and crimson, open-toed boots at Victoria Beckham to glitzy heels at Hellessy, red shoes made their way up and down catwalks around the world.

Prada autumn/winter 2019

Theyre an alluring choice. In the case of Dorothy, her ruby red slippersimbued with an immense power that made them ferociously sought after by the Wicked Witch of the Westeventually take her home with a simple click of her heels. In L Frank Baums original book, the slippers were silver. We have the advent of Technicolor to thank for the ruby shoes adorning Judy Garlands feet: shiny sequins with bugle beads on the toes providing a perfect contrast to that tirelessly followed Yellow Brick Road.

The slippers have a contentious history. With somewhere between five and 10 pairs made for Garland to wear, in a dramatic twist, one pairinsured for $1mwere stolen from a display case when they were on loan to a Minnesota museum in 2005. It wasnt until 2018, after a year-long sting operation, that they were recovered.

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31 Red With A Touch Of White

Nothing looks more satisfying than outfits complementing each other. To make an amazing color combination of your style, wear a red suit and make it less formal. Do not wear a dress shirt, just a plain tank top or T-shirt. They would match with your red shoes with a touch of white in them. No need for a tie as well. This is suitable for semi-formal and corporate occasions.

While Designing Shoes Christian Louboutin Has To Be In Specific Locales

meaning behind red bottom shoes

One thing that’s evident about Christian Louboutin is that he’s a little bit extra. For one, in addition to his French properties, the shoe juggernaut owns homes in such far-flung places as Egypt, Portugal, and Syria the latter being an actual palace. “I have this disease that if I feel good somewhere I sort of buy a house,” he explained to The New Yorker. Clearly Louboutin appreciates the finer things in life, and that includes real estate.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the well-traveled Louboutin prefers to design shoes on location in seasonally appropriate locales. “What is really important is the heat,” he continued. “It’s difficult to think of winter when it’s sunny, so it’s really a big thing for me to have the correct radiation.” So, of course, Louboutin prefers to be somewhere more chilly when it’s time to buckle down and create a winter collection.

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Secondary Meaningwhen A Color Acts Like A Logo

According to U.S. Courts, secondary meaning is acquired when in the minds of the public, the primary significance of a product feature is to identify the source of the product rather than the product itself. Louboutin submitted market studies to the court, which concluded that consumers had come to recognize the red sole as identifying the Louboutin brand.

The market study results were no accidentLouboutin invested millions of dollars marketing its red-soled shoes since they entered the market. The court’s holding is certainly fair. If a company invests significant resources into developing a mark which consumers come to recognize, it’s only fair that the company should enjoy exclusive use of its own branding.

The law refers to such a mark as acquiring distinctiveness, or if not inherently distinctive , it is held distinctive if acquires secondary meaning in the mind of consumers.

Red Sole Shoes A Symbol Of Christian Louboutin

The red sole symbolizes the Christian Louboutin, created by Louboutin in 1993 when he stumbled across an employee using red nail polish. Designer Christian Louboutin the founder of the brand is one of the famous figures in the fashion industry. He was passionate about high heels from the age of 12 and dreamed of one day creating products to conquer ladies and gentlemen.

At the age of 18, Louboutin worked as a freelance shoe designer and sold products for a series of major brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent. At that time, for him, this job was to earn a living and satisfy his passion. In 1991, Christian Louboutin opened his first store, selling his shoes in Paris . To create his mark for the product, he chose to sign his name by painting the base red.

Thanks to the eye-catching design, the product gradually resonates, becoming the dream of many girls. One of the first guests was Princess Caroline of Monaco. Later on, the elite, famous actors and singers all fell in love with red heels such as Catherine Deneuve, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham.

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We’ve Rounded Up Some Tips For Finding Your Size In Five Of The Most Popular Red Bottoms

Shoes by Christian Louboutin, also known as red bottoms, are notoriously hard to fit. While the brand’s sizing is inconsistent, that hasn’t stopped the shoes from being glamorous, coveted, or high quality.

Were going to help you figure out your sizes in the most iconic shoes, but first, there a few things you should know. When you buy Louboutins and try them on, make sure you do so on carpet. If the red bottoms are scratched or show any sign of wear, you cant return them or may need to pay a fee.

Stylist extraordinaire and YouTuber Lauren Messiah also recommends taking your heels to a cobbler right after buying them. Take them and get the bottom resoled in red, she says. She recommends getting a red rubber sole, which keeps the entire shoe soles red while adding some grip and cushion to the balls of your feet.

Louboutins are not a shoe you can just willy nilly purchase online, Lauren says, at least not for your first pair. If you are buying online, she recommends buying a couple sizes to make sure you find the right fit even though this will be a temporary blow to your credit card. Chatting with Lobuoutins personal shoppers can be very helpful as well since they have extensive knowledge on fit and can give personalized feedback.

Meet the Expert

Lauren Messiah is a Los Angeles-based stylist, author, and influencer.

In This Manner What Sneakers Have Red Bottoms

How to Resole (My) Red Wing Boots, with @Trenton & Heath !

The Iconic Red Soles on Louboutin Footwear Were Originally Created by Accident. Since French fashion label Christian Louboutin introduced it as a part of their footwear lineup, the iconic red sole on the bottom of their shoes has literally become synonymous with the brands entire identity.

It is more expensive to make shoes in Europe now

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Reasons Why Christian Louboutin Heels Are Worth The Splurge

  • They Elude to a World of GlamourThe red soles offer a secret pleasure to every wearer. Not only that, they let everyone else know you have great taste when you slip into a pair. The red bottoms of Christian Louboutin heels elude to a world of glamour and privilege.
  • They Elevate The MarketIf youve ever daydreamed of your own pair of Christian Louboutin heels, have a Pinterest board dedicated to the red soled beauties or find yourself lusting for a pair season after season, buy them sooner rather than later. Each style created season after season is purely fantastic and extraordinary, and as with most luxury fashion, prices continuously go up.
  • Theyre Immediately RecognizableChristian Louboutin heels are engaging, flirtatious, memorable, and the color of passion. Each pair is a unique expression in personal style with a focus on bold bursts of color, technical innovations and unconventional materials.
  • Theyre CollectiblesTheres a certain appeal and exclusivity that comes with owning these red bottomed beauties. Over the years, Christian Louboutin has released many different themed collections to the world. The more rare the material, the more exclusive and coveted they become. Men and women alike collect Louboutins just as a car enthusiast collects their Lamborghinis.
  • The Meaning Of The Red Shoes: A Brief Journey Through History

    Louis XIV red heels. At the time, only aristocratic men were allowed to wear red heels.

    In the XVII and XVIII centuries, under Louis XIV, only aristocratic men had the right to wear red heels. At the time, red ink came from grinding a red insect imported from Mexico, which made it extremely expensive. This clearly separated the haves and the have-nots. Naturally, red heels went out of fashion with the arrival of the French Revolution.Two hundred years later, Hans Christian Andersen wrote The Red Shoes. This story talked about Karen, a poor girl who, after her mothers death, is adopted by an elderly, blind woman. One day Karen discovers a pair of red shoes peaking from under the dress of a princess and shes overcome by the desire to own a pair. Unable to resist her vanity, she gets her adoptive mother to buy her red shoes. Against the orders of the clergy in her church, Karen wears them for her Confirmation and her Communion eliciting negative feelings in the community.

    Red Shoes Hans Christian Andersen story

    The magical red shoes of Wizard of Oz

    For you, however, its likely that the meaning of the red shoes is closely associated with the Wizard of Oz. In the movie, the magical shoes that help Dorothy return home are red. Its safe to say that every girl who watched Judy Garland click her heels was left with the impression that red shoes are powerful and magical.

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