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Where Can I Buy Volleyball Shoes

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Volleyball Shoe Buying Tips

How To Buy Volleyball SHOES! KOKO Volley

Whether you have bought many pairs of volleyball shoes in the past or this is your first time, here are a few tips to get you started when choosing the right pair.

Tip #1: Choose a Style You Like

These are your shoes, own them! With different colors, designs, and styles to choose from, you can have a pair of volleyball shoes that look great and feel great too.

If you can find a pair that you like and works well at the same time, you will feel much better about your purchase. You will also feel better wearing a shoe style that you like.

Tip #2: Have a Budget in Mind

Shoes can be an investment anyways when you start shopping for specialized shoes like volleyball shoes. But that doesnt mean that you cant get a good quality volleyball shoe for a good price.

Before you start shopping, choose a price range that you consider to be acceptable. This will also help you to narrow down your search because there are hundreds of different shoes to choose from.

Tip #3: Comfort is Key

Having a pair of volleyball shoes that look cool is great but making sure they fit you comfortably is extremely important too. Make sure you have the right size for your foot.

When shopping around, looking for features that absorb shock, like gel. Or maybe even shoes that are lightweight. Making sure you can wear your volleyball shoes for the entire game or practice session without pain, discomfort, or blisters is something to consider when you are shopping around.

Tip #4: Know Whats on The Market

Why You Need Volleyball Shoes To Play Volleyball

There are so many varieties of sports footwear, such as football shoes, badminton shoes, tennis shoes, gym and training shoes, that can be worn while playing volleyball. So, why you need specific volleyball shoes? This sport involves power along with agility. Thus, you need a pair of shoes that makes it safe and easy to play this sport. Since, most sports footwear are designed as per the athletes sporting actions and movement on the field or court or ground. Hence, you need a pair of shoes that is designed specifically to facilitate movements and actions involved while playing volleyball.

Soles of Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball is unlike any other sport and it involved comparatively less running and more jumping, sliding and a firm grip on a hard surface. So, the volleyball footwear comes with gum rubber soles for improved traction that help to slide easily on hard surfaces.

Midsoles of Volleyball Shoes

When it comes to design, the midsoles of these shoes are made to offer cushion and support at the ball of your foot. The game of volleyball requires you to use the ball of your foot most of the time. So, strong midsoles improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries by absorbing shocks. Also in these shoes, you can rapidly and easily move from side-to-side.

Lightweight Shoes

Cushioning in Volleyball Shoes

Available in various sizes, shades, and styles, you can get a pair of these shoes delivered to your home and achieve your fitness goals by playing volleyball.

The Game Begins At #allvolleyball

Welcome to All, the online leader in volleyball shoes, volleyball socks, volleyball shorts, volleyball uniforms, volleyball team packages, volleyball apparel, volleyball equipment, volleyballs and more.

Since 1995 All Volleyball has provided top brands such as ASICS, Adidas, Nfinity, Baden, Mikasa, Under Armour, Active Ankle, Mizuno, Tachikara, Tandem, Teamwork, Augusta, Molten and many others. Whether you’re a director trying to outfit your entire club or a player looking for a single ASICS jersey or Molten volleyball, we are your one-stop-shop.

We have trained team members here to answer any questions so feel free to call, email or chat with us online during normal business hours. Volleyball is literally all we do so if you need a recommendation on women’s volleyball shoes or men’s volleyball jerseys just let us know. All Volleyball also has a huge selection of men’s and women’s volleyball casual wear so make sure to check out all of our offerings. If you’re looking for a more complete solution that combines volleyball socks, volleyball spandex, volleyball jerseys, volleyball warm ups and volleyball bags be sure to check out our Team Packages. Want to add volleyball shoes and volleyball spirit wear into your package? No problem! We’ve got different programs for each.

We live and breathe our mission each day: help our customers win. If you have any questions please contact us and we’ll show you why All Volleyball’s service is the best in the industry.

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Other Volleyball Shoes We Reviewed

We looked at several other volleyball shoes. Even though they didnt make the cut for our 8 best volleyball shoes list, they still might be worth checking out, especially if youre brand-loyal.

The ASICS Gel Tactic features something that is often overlooked but can make a real difference for players.

What were talking about here is a toe guard that can provide protection for your toes when you are diving to the floor, and jumping and running around all over the court.

Besides the toe guard, the upper also features a padded tongue and heel collar for better comfort, a lightweight design, and Air Mesh for better breathability.

The midsole features the same Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System that is found on many of the other companys shoes that effectively works to disperse shock.

The outsole is made from NC rubber that again is found on many ASICS shoes and features more natural rubber than many others for better traction. The Trusttic System on the sole is also designed to reduce the weight of the sole to reduce foot fatigue.

Key Features:

View Price & Reviews: WOMENS | MENS

One of the best aspects of this shoe and main differences compared to some other shoes on the market is its Gel Cushioning System.

In this case, cushioning is found in both the Rearfoot and Forefoot to not only disperse shock but also allow for movement in multiple planes key for volleyball players.

Key Features

View Price & Reviews: WOMENS | MENS

Mikasa King Of The Beach Volleyball

gelcyber shot mt womens volleyball shoe you can find>> You can find …” alt=”GelCyber Shot MT Womens Volleyball Shoe >>> You can find …”>

This ball is very easy to use and requires little break in time. I have used this ball for years and started playing beach with an indoor ball and this ball changed everything.

This ball is really great to play with and we think it is worth the premium. The two main problems we have with this ball is that it feels overly mushy on the arms during receives even when fully pumped and it does get easily influenced by wind.

Overall I highly recommend this ball for outdoor play given my experience with it in many different weather conditions and hours of playtime on the beach and grass.

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Best For Kids: Asics Kid’s Upcourt 3 Gs Volleyball Shoes

  • Runs small

  • Indoor use only

If your child discovers a love for volleyball, its important that theyre wearing the right shoe to reduce their risk of injury and boost their performance. This durable, comfy pair of youth volleyball shoes from Asics will keep them steady and confident, whether theyre blocking, hitting, or serving. With a grippy rubber outsole, they provide good traction on slippery gym floors, allowing kids to easily jump, pivot, and move.

This high-performance without the distraction of ill-fitting or unsupportive shoes. They also feature a breathable construction and padding to prevent calluses and blisters. Available in big kids sizes 1 to 7, kids can also choose multiple color options.

Materials: Synthetic and mesh upper,rubber outsole | Closure: Lace-up

General Sports Shoes/badminton Shoes

Remember, as we said at the start of this piece, as a beginner player we wouldnt recommend you go out and pay a fortune on a pair of badminton shoes.

Take your time, make sure you like the game, make sure you are going to continue playing the game, and then buy yourself a pair of shoes.

Otherwise, use your current running shoes, or your tennis shoes, or as above, your volleyball or basketball shoes, as long as they dont leave marks, are comfortable, offer support and allow you to move around with ease.

You can buy general sports shoes from a huge variety of online stores around the USA. Of course Amazon is one of the biggest, but you will also find:-

  • Asics

And again, those are just a few examples.

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Where To Buy Volleyball Shoes Near Me

At Sportitude we have a large selection of shoes suitable for wearing while playing volleyball. As an online retailer, we can carry more shoes than many retail stores. You can shop from the comfort of your own home and we’ll ship them directly to your door. Express delivery times are 1-2 days for capital cities and 1-5 days for all other areas. Regular shipping is free for all orders over $100 and if you need the shoes quickly you can choose to purchase express. If you find that the shoes are not for you, perhaps the fit is not quite right, then you can contact us and we’ll honour our 30-day returns and exchanges policy.

When you look at our volleyball shoes, you’ll notice that we sell a huge variety of other shoes. In fact, you can find shoes to suit any sport or outdoor activity, we have trail running shoes, cross-training shoes. If you’re a runner, you can find men’s running shoes and women’s running shoes and in our sports clothing section, you’ll find everything you need to complete your workout ensemble.

Indoor Sports Shoes V Outdoor Sports Shoes

Best Volleyball Shoe From 2020

Road running would be considered an outdoor sport. Soccer is considered an outdoors sports, although you do get specialist soccer boots which can ONLY be worn for soccer.

Badminton is an indoor sport and generally, you can wear sports shoes for badminton that are worn for indoor sports. Table tennis shoes, volleyball shoes and racquet ball shoes are all general fine for badminton too.

If you are unsure about the kind of shoes you can wear for badminton, have a look at this video. John Webb is a badminton coach and offers advice, not just on the game of badminton, but on the right kind of shoes.

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What Is The Difference Between Volleyball Shoes And Regular Shoes

With the many skills needed to succeed in volleyball, shoes for players need to incorporate features from all different types of shoes. The sport requires explosive lateral movement, so the shoe must function like a tennis shoe in terms of stability and traction, saysDeBoer. The repetitive jumping requires heel strike reinforcement like you would find in a running shoe, and the landing requires protection from ankle rolls and impact softening like you would find in a basketball shoe.

Get Ready To Play Volleyball

High, medium, low rise. Rubber or synthetic. Breathability, flexibility, durability. Lets face it, there are a lot of factors that you should consider before buying a pair of volleyball shoes.

Dont sweat it, you have done your research, you have several options that we included in this article to get you started, and with a little bit of time, you will have the volleyball shoes of a champion strapped to your feet. You are all set now it is up to you to decide if you are going to win the game.

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Combine Your Shoes With Volleyball Clothing

Sportshop not only ensures that the choice for your shoes is huge. We also have a large collection of volleyball clothing. So that you can combine your shoes well with your clothing. The clothing is designed with an eye for detail and taking into account the agility and flexibility required during volleyball. We have several brands in our range so that everyone can find what they are looking for. Including Asics, Mizuno, adidas, Hummel, Erima and Nike.


Huge assortment with more than 21.000+ articles


Passion for the sport. Our specialists have an answer to your questions.


Orders are shipped on the day of ordering

  • How can we help you?
  • Our customer service is today open until 21.00 hours

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Are Running Shoes Good For Volleyball

ASICS Womens GelNetburner Ballistic Volleyball Shoe White ...

Although running shoes may be suitable for a casual volleyball player, those who are playing on a regular basis should invest in a pair of shoes that are constructed specifically for volleyball. If you select a shoe like the ones on this list, youll get the traction, stability, and cushioning that volleyball players need for peak performance and injury protection.

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Mizuno Volleybal Shoes Women

When buying volleyball shoes its important that the shoes are fitting well to the function of the player. We have Mizuno volleyball shoes that offer a lot of cushioning, but also special volleyball shoes that are very light and manoeuvrable. Therefore, pay close attention to which Mizuno volleyball shoes you order! Feel free to ask for advice.

What Are Badminton Shoes

Badminton courts surfaces are usually made out of a synthetic material a PVC/PU with an acrylic top. These surfaces mark easily, requiring the player to wear non-marking shoes. Not all shoes leave marks so when you buy a pair of sports shoes, check about the markings.

There are always signs near Badminton courts, or around the club, requesting you to wear non-marking shoes, and it is important that you follow the rules. Often, you will not be allowed on the court if your shoes are not correct.

If you are unsure about your shoes, look at the soles. Most non-marking shoes have softer soles. They also have light coloured soles. Black soled shoes do usually leave marks, BUT and it is a big but you can get badminton shoes, non-marking shoes that do have black soles.

As long as they are specialist badminton shoes, the colour doesnt matter. It is the type of sole you need to worry about and not the actual covering or colouring of the shoe.

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Best Volleyball Shoes Liberos Hitters Setters Budget

In this article, we cover the best volleyball shoes for men and women.

Volleyball is a sport that demands a lot from shoes and is the reason why any old pair you have lying around isnt going to cut it. The difference between a good and bad pair of volleyball shoes comes down to a lot more than you think.

We reviewed dozens of volleyball shoes until just the best options remained. We looked at comfort, durability, grip, fit, stability, style, and value from shoes by ASICS, Mizuno, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour for men and women. We also evaluated shoes best suited for different positions like liberos and hitters.

Best Budget For Women: Mizuno Women’s Cyclone Speed Volleyball Shoes

Why doesn’t Nike Make Volleyball Shoes?
  • May run small

  • Better for narrow feet

At a budget-friendly price, these versatile shoes from Mizuno are an excellent pick for all-around volleyball players. The responsive EVA midsole provides good cushioning to protect your feet and joints as youre jumping and running. Like all high-performance volleyball shoes, they also have non-marking rubber soles to offer excellent traction for quick movements on the court.

The synthetic mesh upper moves with your foot, so you get a good range of motion in addition to a very secure fit. They come in womens sizes 6 to 11, and some suggest going up a size as they seem to run small.

Materials: Synthetic and mesh upper,rubber sole| Closure: Lace-up

  • Better for narrow feet

  • Break-in period required

Whether youre brand-new to volleyball or an experienced player who wants to add an affordable pair of shoes to your collection, the Asics Upcourt 4 shoe is a solid choice. Lightweight and durable, it features the cushioning, breathability, and performance that youd expect from more expensive shoes. The rubber gumsole grips the court surface to keep you from slipping, and the mesh paneling keeps your feet from overheating. It’s also constructed from synthetic leather for additional support.

Available in mens sizes 6 to 13, they come in a few different color combinations, so you can choose one that coordinates best with your uniform or favorite volleyball attire.

Materials: Synthetic leather, rubber sole | Closure: Lace-up

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Buy Volleyball Shoes Online To Score Some Aces In Your Next Game

Playing volleyball is a good fitness activity that just requires a pair of proper volleyball shoes that fits you right. Playing any outdoor sport, undoubtedly, is one of the great ways to stay physically fit and active. You burn calories, sweat out toxins, stretch your muscles, and jump, hop, run to get a whole body workout experience along with fresh air. However, to prevent any physical injury while playing any outdoor sport, you need proper sports-specific gear. For example, there are sports-specific shoes to ensure that your performance is not negatively affected by your footwear and also your feet stay protected from possible injuries. There are premium international sport footwear brands that design, develop, make and sell various sports specific shoes, including volleyball footwear. You can check out volleyball shoes online from brands, such as Port, SPORTS, and REVOKE. Keep reading to know more about these shoes and how you can buy the right one for yourself online.

Adidas Originals Crazyflight Bounce 2 Most Stylish Volleyball Shoes

Most Stylish If how you look on the court is just as important as your performance, the Bounce 2 is the right choice

Its not much use if a volleyball shoe is all style but no substance. Thankfully, this isnt the case with the Crazyflight Bounce 2. It manages to make you stand out and look great on the court while ticking all the right boxes.

The biggest strength of the shoe is the level of control it provides. The lightweight mesh upper and bounce cushioning system combine to give a lightweight feel that allows for agile movements and good shock absorption as your feet land back on the ground. Its a popular shoe for players who need to control the net.

One thing to keep in mind is that the sizing runs a little big. So best to order half a size to a size up.

adidas Originals Crazyflight Bounce 2 Key Features

  • Style

Most Durable Tired of your shoes wearing out too fast? The Wave Bolt 6 is the most durable shoe out there

The Mizuno Wave Bolt 6 is similar to the Wave Lightning Z3 in many aspects. The shoes feature the same excellent Parallel Wave cushioning system that works to disperse shock throughout the whole shoe. However, the sole is a bit stiffer, which affects comfort slightly.

Dynamotion Fit is also present that allows explosive movements more easily thanks to the uniquely designed grooves in the sole of the shoe and the midsoles natural arch design.

Mizuno Wave Bolt 6 Key Features:

  • Durable

View Price & Reviews: WOMENS | MENS

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