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What Is The Lightest Weight Running Shoe

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Altra Womens Escalante 25

The lightest weight running shoe: ON Running

The Altra Womens Escalante 2.5 has long been favored for its light ride. Along with the light weight, its also well-cushioned and has a comfortable one-piece knitted upper. Though comfortable, this upper isnt as stable when changing directions at a fast speed, so this pair is best used at steady paces on a straight course. If youre not trying to run sprints around tight corners, this shoe feels almost like a slipper, which makes for a great choice when it comes to consistent, comfortable running thats easy on your feet.

A fantastic running shoe for women, the Altra Escalante 2.5 blends comfort and breathability to a shoe that’s forgiving and durable at a very reasonable price point.

Lighter Running Shoes Are Better In The Long Run

If youre in need of a new running shoe, aim for a lighter model for longterm results.

Lightweight trainers mean less impact, less fatigue and faster recovery.Wearing lightweight shoes and running with soft footsteps can be very beneficial for a runner of any ability or experience level.

If you have good form with a natural running gait and you wear lightweight shoes, running can put you in a state of euphoric bliss as you effortlessly click off the miles. Everything flows together harmoniously and efficiently, no matter if youre running a minute or a marathon.

But if you have inefficient form and wear heavier, overbuilt shoesand the two often go hand-in-handthe simple act of running can quickly become very destructive to your body. Heavier training shoes typically weigh more because they have built-up heels, which translate to steep ramp angles of 8 to 15 percent. This encourages a heavy heel-striking gait and braking, both of which have been shown to cause a variety of overuse injuries.

Conversely, lightweight training shoes that have a very low heel-toe slope encourage more of a natural running gait in which the foot hits the ground very lightly and almost level near the ball of the foot .

The benefits to wearing lighter shoes include less braking , less muscle strain, and less energy output because youre lifting the weight of the shoe off the ground instead of using excessive muscular force to push off the ground.

Hoka One One Rincon 3

Weight: 7.4 oz. , 6.2 oz.

  • Soft and responsive EVA midsole
  • Early-stage Meta-Rocker encourages propulsion
  • Asymmetric tongue

The Rincon has been a runner-favorite since the original models release in 2019. It exhibits everything we love about Hoka without being a Hoka in the traditional sense. Its bountiful with cushioning, yet has a more streamlined profileinstead of the quintessential hulky Hoka exteriorthats built for everyday runs, speedwork, and even racing. This versatile trainer weighs less than previous iterations the redesigned mesh upper weighs 0.3 ounces lighter and feels much more breathable. The curved soleHoka calls it an early-stage Meta-Rockerhelps promote smooth turnover.

  • Zero-drop offset
  • Less arch support

We whizzed down straightaways in Altras Rivera, which replaces the Torin Mesh . It rides like youre running barefoot with just enough protection underfoot to shield you from stray pebbles. The springy Ego midsole provides a thin layer of cushioning. Your toes wont feel crammed in the wide toe box, and testers praised the Riveras seamless upper for its comfortable, hotspot-free fit. Disclaimer: Ease into these zero-drop shoes at a slow pace. One of our editors skinned a knee after face-planting on the sidewalk after just a milethen dusted herself off to run five more.

  • Responsive nitrogen-infused foam midsole
  • Less cushioning in the forefoot
  • Light and soft
  • Cant try on before you buy online

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Who Shouldnt Buy The Brooks Glycerin 19

  • Runners who are looking for a shoe thats a little more versatile and can handle speed work and cross training.
  • Customers who want shoes that dont give off dad vibes.

This pick is durable, made to withstand lots of miles, and will feel light and bouncy as you go. If youre looking to train for a , this smooth right will do the trick.

On Cloudflow Performance Running Shoes


The On CloudFlow might surprise many shoe enthusiasts by gaining more fans thanks to its efficacy and ergonomic design. A lot of them welcomed the shoes lightweight nature and excellently responsive cushioning system as well as other great aesthetics. Of course, there was nearly no complaint about this neutral running shoe.


  • I and my friends were so grateful that the shoe could offer high comfort to their feet during the runs
  • Putting on this shoe for a long time wont cause any discomfort to the muscles, following those who have tried it
  • It performed very well and easily satisfy the strictest users thanks to its lightweight nature.
  • Both design and color schemes of the Cloudflow gained some high praise just because they thought that it was so appealing at first sight


  • I also want to report that some rocks usually get stuck in the shoes crevices and holes of sole unit
  • The shoes outsole couldnt grip the wet surfaces quite well.
  • Its rubber pattern beneath the cloud pod tends to wear off fast
Our Verdict
Editor Rating

The On Cloud shoe enables all runners to fully experience the most explosive toe-offs and gentle landings thanks to its greatly impressive cushioning and other impact-protection features.

There are a lot of testers who appear so happy with the shoe due to its lightweight nature and adequate cushioning system.

Our Verdict
Editor Rating

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The Best Lightweight Trail Running Shoes

For Lightweight Trail Running Shoes we focus on six main areas of testing that we feel can wholly capture the purpose, feel and nature of a shoe.

This season we had nine testers from all over the country and a variety of running backgrounds. Some have been running for many years, some are newer to the sport, but everyone brings a shared goal of honestly and accurately testing each shoe. We strive for a wide sampling of runners. We have both men and women, elite athletes and middle of the pack runners, people from the Rocky Mountains to the desert in the South West to the East Coast. Having a diverse test crew is very important in order to get the most relevant information to the reader. We require each tester to run at least 50 miles in each shoe. In addition to that we strongly recommend varying the terrain and running on single track trails, mountains, in the mud and rain, in the snow, on the grass, on the road, etc.

We want to ensure these shoes are tested in the same way most people will be running in them and so we try to put them through everything we can. This year we continued to see brands making very comfortable shoes that are also very lightweight. Gone are the days were a lightweight shoe had to be minimalist or harsh. There was a subcategory of race oriented shoes that were clearly made for race day and not much else. Not surprisingly, the brands that were able to strike that middle ground of comfort and race day speed were the highest ranked.

Asics Solution Speed Ff

The Asics Solution Speed FF is one of our picks for the best tennis shoes in 2020, and they also happen to be one of the lightest mens and womens tennis shoes available too.

The shoes outsole takes advantage of Asics High Abrasion Rubber, also known as AHAR, which splits into two pieces separated by a Twistruss stabilization system one at the forefoot and another at the heel to deliver traction and durability.

At the toe of the shoe, the rubber wraps higher to form the toe guard to increase protection at this high wear area.

The midsole for this model shoe uses FlytFoam, one of the shoes significant upgrades from its predecessor, which is 55% lighter while also delivering 76% better cushioning than conventional EVA foam. The result is the most lightweight midsole that Asics has ever produced.

The Asics Solution Speed FFs upper delivers form-fitting comfort through their FlexionFit technology and wraps the outermost layer with abrasion-resistant polyurethane for added protection.

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Breathable And Tough Material

As with hiking boots, the upper material of lightweight hiking shoes varies from tough leather like the Vasque Mantra, to fully synthetic uppers like the La Sportiva Primer. Hiking shoes aim to be breathable, however, some do a better job at this than others. So it is important to consider whether you will be hiking in predominantly warm temperatures where extra breathability is a must. Look for something with a mesh or partially-mesh upper and a moisture-wicking inner like the Merrell Moab Ventilator to keep your toes as cool as possible. The best waterproof hiking shoes usually feature a Gore-Tex lining, which does an exceptionally good job at maintaining breathability too.

Light Weight Running Shoes

THE Lightest Running Shoes that I have EVER owned

There are various types of light weight running shoes which are available in the market today. Nike offers some of the best light weight shoes which are comfortable to wear and are breathable as well. Some of the shoes like PUMA Womens Trace Mesh running shoes are available for women runners also.

There are a large range of shoes which are available in the market today but it is quite difficult to choose the best one and also the lightest running shoes.

Almost a number of shoe options are available in the light weight category and each is filled with so many good features. Nike offer some very good shoes which are lightweight for the runners. These are basically sneakers but are quite light weight and hence considered good for running.

The sneaker basically is having a light weight upper which is made up of a fuse framework, something not found in other running shoes of the similar kind. These shoes consist of breathable mesh as well. A new kind of technology is being used in these shoes called as the LunarLon which ensures that shoes are having an effective cushioning system. There are various colours which too are said to be found in these shoes and hence you can choose the one which suits you the best.

Some of the running shoes are good for women runners also. These shoes are also light weight for the female runners.

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The Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

With that in mind, here are our picks for the top 16 hiking shoes:

Uppers: Kevlar


Handmade from natural materials, theNaglev Unico Hikeris our eco-friendly choice. Its made from a combination of durable natural materials, including coconut, vegetable-dyed leather, natural gum, Kevlar, TPU, and wool. The result is a very sturdy hiking shoe. Its low profile design and a moisture-wicking sock liner also makes the Unico Hiker a comfortable choice for trail runners.

The natural rubber outer sole features moferately deep and well spaced lugs. This delivers the grip you need for tricky terrain while a supportive EVA midsole and soft footbed provide extra comfort. The Unico Hiker is also fitted with a Kevlar upper and TPU toe cap for armour-like protection that is water resistant.


Weight: 700g / 1.5 lbsUppers: Suede and synthetic


Another lightweight hiking shoe that is on the more eco-conscious side of things is the Timberland Garrison Trail Sneaker. Combining recycled plastic with sustainably and responsibly constructed suede, these stylish and contemporary sneaker-style hiking shoes are an appealing option for the modern hiker.

Weight: 815gUppers: Suede

Eco-conscious: PFC-free water repellency and eco anti-odourWeight: 856gUppers: Synthetic + Keen.Dry

Weight: 1.75 lbs / 793gUppers: Synthetic + FutureLight membrane


Weight: 1.5 lbs / 680gUppers: Synthetic + Gore-Tex


Weight: 1.25 lbs / 567gUppers: Synthetic







Nike Air Zoom Vapor X

One of our all-time favorite shoes, the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X, is the heaviest of our lightweight selection but is an excellent package that provides one of the best blends performance. Plus, it comes in a hard and clay court model.

The outsole of the Vapor X is one of the unique areas where the shoe cuts down weight. Instead of using a consistent thickness throughout the entire length of the shoe, Nike has reduced unnecessary rubber in areas that have proven to be low wear.

At the midsole, the shoe combines an EVA midsole with a Zoom Air package at the heel of the shoe to absorb shock and shed weight while providing responsive comfort thats low to the ground.

At the top of the Vapor X, youll find an ultra-breathable mesh thats lightweight for maximum comfort. However, the shoe maintains its stability by incorporating a TPU frame at both sides of the shoe.

At the same time, the Dynamic Fit lacing system offers customization to help keep your foot secure during sharp movements.

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Best Lightweight Running Shoes

This page contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

In this article well consider a few important factors that you should look out for when deciding to buy a perfect fit, lightweight running shoe. Nobody likes putting on a shoe that does not fit properly.

These issues often involve pain, hotspots, pressure spores and a lot more. It is often expected that while you are gunning for that ideal lightweight shoe, you should look to strike a balance between flexibility and support a shoe can offer.

Runners With High Arches Flat Feet And Dwindling Bank Accounts Your Running Shoe Options Are Here

Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 Womens Lightweight Running Shoes ...

Running shoes are a necessity for athletes looking to hit the track, trail, or pavement. Whether youre an aspiring beginner, an intermediate pavement-pounder, or an advanced athlete, running shoes provide the support and cushioning you need to endure long miles and speed work that weightlifting shoes and regular sneakers will not provide. There are tons of different kinds of running shoes on the market, so weve done some scavenging for you to find the best.

On this list, youll find our top picks for men and women, along with those for flat feet, high arches, long distances, and more. When youre considering which running shoes to buy, its important to think about what kind of training youll be doing, how many miles youll be putting in on a daily basis, your foot type, and if youll be competing regularly. As youre going through this list, consider all of these aspects with the confidence that weve done the research to back each of these picks for their respective categories.

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New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit

Starting out our list is a strong contender for the best lightweight running shoe on the market, the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit. The super comfortable shoe features a very soft insole and the seamless, non-irritating upper just further adds to its comfort. Most of the shoe is constructed from a lightweight mesh that allows your feet to breathe while running. The mesh, combined with the bootie construction, give the shoe a second skin-like feel, almost making it feel like youre just wearing socks. Unlike socks though, these running shoes have a single-piece foam midsole that provides superb cushioning, with most of it being focused in the heel area. The midsole and snug fit work together to give the user full support thats hard to beat from heel to toe. Not to mention, its available in a wide variety of colors, so you can pick one that suits your personal taste.

Lightweight Tennis Shoe Trend

In recent years, top tennis shoe brands have continued to push the boundaries by offering lighter footwear while maintaining the stability required to perform and keep players safe.

A few different factors contribute to this trend, but perhaps the most prominent are player demand and technology advancements.

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Best Lightweight Tennis Shoes For Men & Women

Lets take a look at our favorite picks for the best lightweight tennis shoes for men and women, starting with the reigning champion for the lightest.

Weve included a table of our favorite picks below for a quick comparison of each shoes weight based on a mens size 10.5 and a womens size 8.5.

On the mens side, each shoe had to equal or fall below 14 ounces to make our list. For womens shoes, we set the mark at 12 ounces.

11.5 oz

What Is A Lightweight Running Shoe

On | Cloud – the lightest running shoe

Cushioned lightweight running shoes may seem like an oxymoron but more companies have been making shoes that have some cushion that still qualify as lightweight, per Dr. Cody. I would consider any shoe under size 10 that is between five and 7.5 ounces as a lightweight running shoe for women, says John Shackleton, CSCS, performance coach for the men’s basketball program at Villanova University.

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Know Your Foot Strike

Understanding how your foot strikes the ground while running helps you select the right shoe for your foot. Runners typically fit into three footstrike categories.

To figure out your footstrike, look at your current pair of running shoes. They should show more wear in the area of the shoes sole that strikes the ground first.

React Infinity Run Flyknit

  • Immediately soft, then firm, React foam provides bottomless cushioning
  • New Flyknit upper breathes well, fits snug in the midfoot
  • Added outsole rubber improves traction


  • Heel cup too wide for some

The Infinity Run uses a thick slab of springy React foam and a rocker shape that feels like theres a slight ramp beneath your midfoot. Eschewing a medial post, Nike went with a high arch and used a horseshoe-shaped guide rail on the rear of each shoe. The rails, like weve seen on shoes like the Brooks Adrenaline, are designed to help overpronators maintain a neutral foot orientation while not encumbering neutral runners.

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