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What Is The Newest Jordan Shoe

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Where To Buy Air Jordan 4 Lightning

The Five BEST Air Jordan Sneakers

Luis Torres | Aug 27, 2021

Where to Buy Air Jordan 4 “Lightning”

Its almost a yearly rite of passage that the Air Jordan 4 Lightning is rumored to release. Year after year, speculation about the AJ4 iteration surfaces. ;Hopefully, the rumors are true this time.

The colorway, which has been dormant since its 2006 release, but is coming back after 15 years in the vault. The return lines up with Jordan Brands commitment to bringing an entire slate of Air Jordan 4s starting with the Fire Red in 2020 all the way to 2021. While confirmation is still up in the air for the Lightning release, our hopes are high this time around.

Take a look at official pictures of the 2021 Retro below as we await the drop. Set to arrive in full-family sizing on August 28th for $220, expect the pair to be available from SNKRS and select retailers.

Keep it locked in at Nice Kicks and our;sneaker release dates;page for more information on;Air Jordan release dates.

Be sure to to stay updated on the latest releases while on the go.

Take A Quiz To Find Your Perfect Pair Of Basketball Shoes

If you are a little overwhelmed by all the things you need to consider, then you might be interested in a simple quiz I developed. You answer a set of simple questions about which type of player you are, whether you plan to play outdoors etc. and the quiz will automatically recommend the best-rated shoe that fits all your criteria. This way you can find a good basketball shoe within minutes instead of browsing the web for hours!

Most Valuable Air Jordans Ever Made

The Air Jordan is iconic but some variants will absolutely blow up your bank account. Here are 10 examples.

Air Jordan sneakers have become way more significant than simply being shoes upon someones feet. They are now high-priced statement pieces that are very carefully selected by each individual, and often added to a collection of other Air Jordans. These prized possessions are treated more like memorabilia than mere shoes to be worn for the day. Collectors all over the world are known to seek out specific types of Air Jordan shoes, and are willing to pay a very high price to gain ownership of them. The high demand for these shoes continues to add to their overall value and the cost continues to rise. Lets explore the 10 Most Valuable Air Jordans Ever Made

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What Expert Say About The Jordan Basketball Shoes

Jordan basketball shoes are iconic and famous, but what do experts think of these athletic kicks? In a recent study by Sports Illustrated , it was found that most people want to buy authentic Jordan shoes.;

A whopping 89% of respondents said they would instead purchase an original pair than a knockoff or imitation shoe.;

The top two reasons cited for this preference were the high-quality construction and durability associated with Jordans and their popularity in pop culture, which make them excellent footwear choices regardless of whether you play sports or not.;

In recent studies conducted by SI, many participants revealed that they wanted to wear genuine Jordan’s because of its stellar reputation due to how long-lasting their products turn out being; moreover, there is also the factor.

History Of The Air Jordan

2018 Nike Air Jordan Shoes The Air Jordan 6 Gatorade New ...

The partnership began in 1985 when rookie Michael Jordan inked a deal with the Swoosh for a reported $2.5 million over five years, plus royalties. By today’s standards, the transaction doesn’t seem like much. But back then, it was colossal, and Nike was banking big on the kid out of North Carolina.

Nike was still in its adolescence as a footwear brand, but it had a new technology that would be the catalyst for its success in basketball and performance footwear at large: Air. Nike Air technology consists of pressurized air inside a tough yet flexible membrane. The technology provides lower-impact, spring-like cushioning to the wearer’s movement, whether it be a runner’s stride or, in MJ’s case, his jump.

Designed for a player who regularly took flight on the court, the Air name was the perfect fit, and Air Jordan was born.

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The Air Jordan’s In Film Tv And Hip Hop

Even if you’ve never owned a pair of Air Jordans, you’ve seen them everywhere. Air Jordans have been front and center for some of the more memorable moments in pop culture.

Early on in Jordan’s career, director Spike Lee embraced the sneakers by wearing a pair of Air Jordan 1s in the 1986 film, She’s Gotta Have It, as Mars Blackmon, a character who would later be featured in numerous ad campaigns and even on some Jordan shoes.

Iconic scenes from other Spike Lee films highlighted that Air Jordans were distinct and should be coveted, including a character called “Buggin’ Out” getting his brand new White/Cement Air Jordan 4s scuffed in the 1989 film, Do the Right Thing, and Jake Shuttlesworth buying a pair of Air Jordan 13s in 1998’s He Got Game.

Other notable moments include Will Smith wearing the Air Jordan 5 in the pilot episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Michael Jordan sending Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck to pick up his lucky gym shorts and a pair of Air Jordan 9s in the classic Space Jam. Who can forget the iconic scene where Michael takes on the Monstars in black Air Jordan 11s that would later be dubbed Space Jam 11s

Rap is as competitive as basketball, and everyone wants to be at the top of their craft. Michael Jordan’s name has been referenced countless times in hip hop as the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye West, Ice Cube, Lil Wayne, Fabolous and Drake have compared their lyrical prowess to MJ’s talent on the court.

How To Find Basketball Shoes That Fit Your Playing Style

The list above is a great way to find basketball shoes that perform well overall, but not every basketball shoe will work the same for different types of players. Quick guards will need different shoes than big and heavy centers.

But how do you know what kind of shoe you need? In the following paragraphs, I want to go into more detail and tell you what to look for to find your perfect fit!

Lets talk about the most important characteristics of basketball kicks and what you want to look for when you are in the market for a new pair:

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Jumpman Is Ready For Take Off

Four years later, the Air Jordan III, designed by sneaker legend Tinker Hatfield, marked a major moment in Air Jordan history. Now a strong enough brand to live independent of Nike, the Jordan shoes dropped the Swoosh and an icon was born; a silhouette of MJ going up for a dunk was featured on the tongue of the AJ IIIs, introducing the now famous Air Jordan logo. Along with the bold Air bubble in the heel and luxurious elephant print on white leather, the AJ III was a history-making sneaker. Adding to its fame, MJ won his second dunk contest sporting the shoe and convinced the world that he could fly. If Air Jordan wasnt on the worlds radar beforehand, the AJ IIIs made sure it was.

The Air Jordan 10 Ovo

Unboxing Every Air Jordan Sneaker

The Air Jordan 10 OVO is a limited edition shoe with a huge price tag. Worth roughly $20,000, the popularity of this shoe was attributed to the hype surrounding the first person to own a pair Drake himself. Drake is known to be a huge basketball fan, and when he was gifted this shoe, the world took notice. This was a great move by the brand, as the demand for this shoe sky-rocketed when Drake was seen in a pair.

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In true Drake fashion, he made sure every member in his crew also received a pair, to further emphasize his symbolic relationship with the Jordan brand. Drake caused a further fuss over this shoe by donating his pair to a fan- who by the way is now likely selling them for lots of money!

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Ohtani Strkes Out 10 A’s Beat Angels 3

He was more surprised than anything. I dont think he expected us to come up with something that was visually so exciting but also lightweight, says Kuerbis. I literally threw him the shoe and he couldnt believe how light it was. And then he started looking at the material, and he was just fascinated. The fact that you can see through it. It looked rich and it looked super futuristic and super technical, so those were a couple things he was excited about the shoe.

The Air Jordan 36 follows the tradition that started with the 31 by paying homage to the Air Jordan sneaker that was released 30 years before. The 36 has several nods to the Air Jordan VI, the first sneaker Jordan won a championship in back in 1991.

You can also find a chain design on the back of the heel in the midsole, which signifies six championships and represents the gold chain that Jordan is known for. The cutout on the outsole is the same design and shape as the Air Jordan VI tongue. Theres a ribbon wrapped around the eye with braille on it: one reads Michael Jordan and another reads 23.

The brand also took a global approach with the new model in time for the athletes to wear during the Tokyo Olympics. Dubbed the Global Gameplayer-exclusive models from Jordans global roster, which includes Guo Ailun, Jayson Tatum, Rui Hachimura, Luka Doni and Kia Nurse, will be released around the world.

The 36s first colorway, Glory, is available now.;

More NBA Coverage:

Who Should Get Jordan Basketball Shoes

If you are looking for stylish, comfortable, and affordable shoes, Jordan basketball shoes may be the right choice.;

Providing an excellent grip on multiple surfaces, say clay or asphalt, these sneakers will have your feet feeling great while still being able to look good with their clean design.;

So if comfort matters but style does not, let this pair of Jordans help you find what your body needs today.

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Nike’s New Air Jordan 35 Aims To Combine ‘culture And A Functional Shoe’

Nike on Thursday unveiled the Air Jordan 35, the latest iteration of a shoe named after NBA legend Michael Jordan and unveiled all the way back in 1985. Since then, the Jordan Brand has become integral to Nike, which this week reported earnings that blew past analysts expectations.

The new Air Jordan 35 features certain stylistic components of previous Air Jordans, especially the Jordan V, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Nike touts the shoes responsive cushioning in the heel and forefoot.

“The coolest part about the Jordan brand and what Michael Jordan was able to do is he introduced a culture and a functional shoe and combined them together. The shoe is bigger than just a shoe, just like the brand is bigger than just Michael Jordan himself, Craig Williams, president of Jordan Brand and a former Coca-Cola executive, told Yahoo Finance on Thursday.

The Air Jordan line is arguably the most iconic shoe series of all time, and UBS analyst Jay Sole said the franchise has been a key component of the shoe giants success over the years. In December, Jordan reported its first-ever $1 billion quarter. Its growth stems, in part, from the fact that it is no longer just a mens basketball shoe.

The brand is growing strongly all over the world, with female consumers, and in other categories like apparel, running, and golf, Sole said.

Read On For More On The Best General Release Jordans To Look Out For

Cheap 2018 New Cheap Air Jordan Pro Strong Retro 11 ...

Air Jordan 5 Anthracite

Buy:Nike SNKRS

Editors Notes: The classic black and grey “Shadow” colorway has been given an update, aptly referred to as “Shadow 2.0.” With a scheme that would make any Raiders fan smile, the 1s pair a genuine black leather upper with light smoke grey nubuck overlays. The silhouette’s signature Swoosh logo is implemented on the side, while the ball and wings motif appears at the collar and “Nike Air” is added to the tongue and insoles.

Air Jordan 3 “Rust Pink”

Release Date:;TBC

Price: $190


Editors Notes: Yet another women’s drop, the Air Jordan 3 “Rust Pink” is one of our favorites from the upcoming general release colorways. The pair draws similarities to Aleali May’s Air Jordan 6 Millennial Pink from 2019, featuring a pink nubuck base layer complemented by brighter pops of pink and matching elephant print.

Air Jordan 4 White Oreo

Release Date:;TBC

Price: $190

Buy: TBC

Editors Notes: Still waiting for the “White Cement” Air Jordan 4 to return? Then you may want to go ahead and snag the “White Oreo” colorway in the meantime. This lookalike has yet to be announced by Nike, but we have come across official images of the anticipated pair. The shoe’s gray speckled midsole has led many to call it the “Oreo,” although an Air Jordan 4 with that nickname already exists.

Air Jordan 13 Reverse Bred

Release Date:;TBC

Price: $190

Buy: TBC

Air Jordan 6 Gold Hoops

Release Date:;TBC

Price: $190

Buy: TBC

Air Jordan 3 “Racer Blue”

Price: $190

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Air Jordan Ii Blackout

The Air Jordan 11 Blackout sold for the staggering price of $11,267. This is one of the most popular editions of the brand, with the all-black design being a real hit with customers across the globe. This shoe is a cross between a slick, all-black high-end shoe, and an athletic running shoe that will be as functional as it is aesthetically attractive. Our guess is that this shoe would be purchased and cherished on display as part of a museum-like collection, rather than worn on the court.

Top 10 Best Jordan Basketball Shoes Reviews 2021 Buyer Guide

September 11, 2021 By John

Every basketball player dreams of playing like Michael Jordan to improve his impact inside the court. For that reason, the player must need footwear that suits swift movements, better cushioning as well as enhanced support and stability. The involvement of Michael Jordan in different areas of interest is unparalleled. Just like other interests, he also wanted to create footwear that supports a professional basketball player in an ideal manner. Therefore, the best Jordan shoes are a necessity these days.

Jordan brand is providing the best shoes for athletes and especially designed the best Jordan basketball shoes. They are pretty expensive, and the only reason for their cost is their iconic sneakers. The brand never compromises on the quality and also provides the best shoes in the fitting. Nike brand owns the Jordan brand, but Michael Jordan gets a specific percentage of the revenue. Jordan is said to be the subsidiary of Nike with its own identity.

Check Detail & Price

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Air Jordan Vi 1992 Olympics Edition

With a price tag of $7,200, the Air Jordan VI 1992 Olympics edition easily ranks as one of the 10 Most Expensive Air Jordan Sneakers. The value of this shoe comes from the fact that Jordan was one of the very few basketball stars to earn an Olympic Gold Medal.

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Of course, at the time of the win- this is the shoe he wore on his feet. This pair was specially designed for him for this occasion and the idea of wearing this piece of history drives the cost of the shoe to soaring heights.

Air Jordan Sixty Plus

Top 10 AIR JORDAN Sneakers of 2019

The first Jordan Sixty Plus was released in August 2009. The Jordan 6ixty Plus is a hybrid sneaker from Jordan Brand that combines the various sneakers Michael Jordan wore when he scored 60 or more points in an NBA Game. In these games, MJ was wearing the Jordan I, II, V and VII. Inspiration came from the Air Jordan 5 because he was wearing those when he scored his career high of 69 points.

  • Air Jordan 1 Toe box shape and perforations
  • Air Jordan 2 Snakeskin accents, rear TPU, lower Eyelets, Jordan “Wings” logo on tongue
  • Air Jordan 5 Midsole/Outsole, shape of tongue, Lacelock, mold of upper near ankle, higher eyelets, “Air Jordan” tag inside of tongue
  • Air Jordan 7 Perforations on side panel, “gap” between ankle area and body of shoe, graphics on tongue, heel tab, 23 on rear TPU

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What Is The Rarest Jordan

The Air Jordan 12 PSNY Regional Pack would be the rarest Jordan out there thanks to their geographic exclusivity. The regional Air Jordan 12s in Wheat, Bordeaux, and Olive rank as the rarest of all.

So whether youre into one of the latest collaborations or strictly want something off the top 20 list, there is an Air Jordan for every sneakerhead out there.

Air Jordan Release Dates 2021

Information on upcoming Air Jordan Release Dates 2021 is coming in hot! So much so that we had to catalog it in one concise article for all of us to keep track of our staff included. Despite COVID constraining efforts in 2020, Jordan Brand delivered one of its best years ever in retro releases, with the brand undoubtedly looking to its 2021 Jordan Release Schedule to deliver another monster year and by looking at what Air Jordan Releases are on the way for 2021 below, its going to be an even bigger year again.

Weve already confirmed some bangers, including the return of revered OG colorways like the Air Jordan 6 Carmine, the *rumored* Air Jordan 4 Military Blue, and for the first time ever the Air Jordan 1 High OG Neutral Grey. There are also some past classics returning as part of this Air Jordan Release Dates 2021 lineup, with the Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull joined by the Lightning Air Jordan 4 and *finally* the Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey. Add to that some new fan favorites like Air Jordan 1 High University Blue and the Black Toe Shattered Backboard AJ1 as well as collaborations from Travis Scott, CLOT, and Trophy Room, and youve got yourself one seriously stacked list of Air Jordan Release Dates for the year ahead the only question is, which will be the best Air Jordan releases of the year?

Take a peep at our comprehensive;Air Jordan Release Dates 2021;list below, and well be sure to keep this list up to date when more pairs surface.

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