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What Is Zero Drop Running Shoes

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To Rotate Or Not To Rotate Your Running Shoes: That Is The Question

What are Zero Drop Shoes? – Barefoot Running Q& A
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The heel-to-toe differential is one of the most commonly discussed differences between running shoes. While the barefoot movement popularized the idea of zero-dropa flat platform from heel to forefootmost traditional running footwear touts around a 12-millimeter difference with an elevated heel. The most recent studies demonstrate that one approach isn’t necessarily better than the other. While running barefoot or in zero-drop shoes has been shown to put less stress on the knee, it often increases the loading on the ankle, Achilles tendon and calf.

“I think the minimalist trend took off dramatically in 2012 when runners found that switching to a minimalist shoe made their knee pain disappear,” says Alice Holland, director of Stride Strong Physical Therapy in Portland, Oregon. “This can simply be attributed to the fact that the impact load has shifted to another joint, thereby relieving the much-worked knee.”

What Is Heel To Toe Drop

Heel to toe drop is the difference in height between heel and forefoot in an athletic shoe. Its measured in millimeters, going from 0 to 14mm in running shoes. Its also called heel drop, shoe drop, shoe offset, heel differential, toe drop, pitch, gradient.

Based on a heel drop, shoes are split into 4 categories:

  • Zero drop ,
  • High drop shoes.
  • These categories were given D0, D1-4, D5-9 and D9+ names in this guide, respectively.

    Heel drop should not be confused with stack height , the amount of material between feet and the ground. They are completely independent of each other.

    Are Zero Drop Shoes The Same As Minimalist Shoes

    The term zero drop is often used interchangeably with minimalist. For example, this article from Well + Good quotes a podiatric surgeon who states, Zero-drop running shoes are minimal barefoot running shoes that have minimal to no cushioning.

    But that isnt always true.

    Minimalist running shoes are *one type* of zero drop running shoes, but there are also plenty of cushioned zero-drop shoes.

    A shoe can have an inch of cushioning underneath the sole but still be zero-drop since were only measuring the drop from the back of the shoe to the front. The Altra Torin is a perfect example of this. With a stack height of 28 mm, its far from a minimalist shoe.

    On the other hand, the Merrell Vapor Glove is an example of a zero drop shoe that IS also minimalistwith a stack height of only 6.5 mm.

    To summarize: Zero drop shoes can be minimalist or maximalist and everything in between as long as the heel and forefoot are an equal distance from the ground.

    Runners looking for zero drop shoes can find them in various levels of cushioning to suit their needs. Because zero drop doesnt mean a lack of cushioning, we are focusing on why you might choose shoes that put your foot in a flat position instead of at an angle.

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    Why Is Drop In Running Shoes Important

    Basically, the lower the drop, the more strain there will be on your Achilles tendon and therefore your calf muscles as well. Running in shoes with the wrong drop for your stride forces you into an unnatural stride which over time can result in repetitive stress conditions like Achilles pain, tendonitis and periostitis that are the nightmare of any runner.

    Having a slightly raised heel when running lessens the strain on your tendons and muscles, which comes in particularly helpful for heel strikers who are believed to experience more impact than midfoot or toe strikers. On the other hand, a midfoot or toe striker wearing shoes with a higher drop may be forced to strike more toward the back of their foot which can also cause joint pain and injuries.

    Vibram Fivefingers Kso Evo Low Drop Running Shoes


    The intelligent system that assists your essential base activity without reducing the ease is what Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO is all about.

    It ensures that the boot is gentle on your base while defending you from street dirt the friendly match and odor-free, in addition to the capable base atmosphere, is an excellent function to add. Freedom in every instruction offers the Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO, with a patterned main and tolerant grip.

    Freedom and ease without reducing the bottom tenderness may be the key to getting a Vibram FiveFingers KSO EVO. If you need to complete corner education and running, that boot will not fail your productive life.

    It is helpful in damp, moist areas, as the outsole grasp is designed for any surface. If you should be seeking the organic base activity, zero-drop profile, and undoubtedly the increased athletes harmony, speed, and base strength on the tarmac, that boot is the greatest for you.

    Pros: Light, presents floor dropped, competent and variable, the fast lacing system is excellent.

    Cons: Main is also slim and perhaps not resilient. Some claim concerning the feet being even minor, the material wears down rapidly.

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    Spreads The Movement Around

    As previously mentioned, zero-drop running shoes are said to move pressure away from the knees and spread it around to lessen the risk of injury. This effectively transforms your calf muscle into a shock absorber that directly intercepts the impact from the stride and evenly distributes it through the leg.

    The flat design of the zero-drop shoe ensures that every part of your foot gets to land firmly on the ground, spreading the initial shock before transferring it to the calf muscles and knees. This also lets your feet move more freely as compared with heeled running shoes.

    Nike Flex Run Low Drop Running Shoes

    Nike Flex Run makes a comeback using their new type, a higher-performance running shoe with increased functions that may allow you to be better throughout your runs.

    The little more robust Respond Work supplies a safe journey that may conform to your base form while sustaining and acquiring your foot. The brand new variation has the flexibleness that enables you to work lengthier range the ease and flexibility are why boot right .

    If you need optimum padding, design, breathability, and flexible match, Nike Flex Run is the boot for you. It enables you to operate on the selected character without dropping the cushion.

    It may also allow you to conquer lengthier ranges without endangering your base weakness or vexation some athletes also utilize the Respond Work for healing and large usage runs.

    Nike Flex Run is designed for streets and streets. The functions include bend lines, large anti-abrasion plastic, phyllite-shaped product, smooth phylon midsole, stress mapping engineering EVA, inserted sock lines, a padded language, and complete internal sleeve construction.

    Pros: Top is made out of light mesh for capable and ease, mesh and foam is what Respond Work was structure, increased match

    Cons: A little more vital for many athletes before separate inches, smaller measurement than applied to, some problems concerning the slim foot place.

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    Transitioning To Zero Drop Running Shoes

    Zero-drop running shoes may have piqued your interest, but always consider that different shoe designs can affect your performance. Each person has their own take about running and what shoes work best.

    But a change from a traditional shoe to a zero-drop shoe is a major change, and it will ask quite a bit of your muscles, especially your calves. If you are already set on getting a zero-drop running shoe, then make sure to transition gradually.

    You may be thinking that a simple heel-to-toe height drop is basic, and no transition is needed, but the aftermath of one or two runs will show the need clearly. If you have spent your life running with a substantial heel-to-toe height, then you might need more time to adjust than most.

    Why We Need Gender Specific Running Shoes

    Zero Drop Running Shoes? Why I Switched to Altra

    Having been inside places like the New Balance technology area, I know that MOST companys makes a male and female last to produce each shoe model.

    But Altra has taken it even further with their last, making changes that truly account for the differences in a womans foot:

    • Narrower heal
    • Longer arch
    • Different upper for our foot shape ever notice how women often get pain on the top of our foot and then need to do some fancy trickery with our laces to relieve pressure?? Yup its because shoes arent made for that.

    Note the above pictures are not to discredit any brand, but to help provide an example of how these are different.

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    How Much Cushioning Do I Need

    This is directly related to how much a) ground feel you like and b) softness you enjoy. With more cushioning, theres more comfort, more weight, and less ground feel.

    Merrel Vapor Glove 4 vs Altra Superior 4.5

    Keep in mind that some shoes, like Merrel Vapor Gloves, are so flat that even walking on concrete in them might hurt your feet. But they do wonders on soft trails.

    If this is your first trip to the zero-drop world, maybe leave the minimally cushioned shoes for later – to give your feet time to adjust to the new heel drop first. Either way, take it slowly.

    How We Chose These Shoes

    Every shoe on this list has been selected by one of our editors here at Runners World. Weve researched the market, surveyed user reviews, consulted with product engineers, and used our own experience in these shoes to determine the best options. Weve handpicked each pair based on value, test impressions, expert recommendations, and how the shoe performs overall. Here are 10 top picks to consider if youre making a move on minimalismjust be sure to ease them into your running routine gradually.


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    Factor #3 Sole Technology

    All shoe brands will use different sole technology, depending on the need and want of the specific shoe. Before any runner can pick out a zero-drop running shoe, its important to consider your specific wants and needs. Are you looking for a rough terrain running shoe?

    Are you looking for a treadmill running shoe? Do you need an everyday comfortable walking shoe? Only through this process can one find a zero-drop running shoe with the matching midsole, outsole, and insole technology. This could also prevent the need for having to buy extra padding or insoles in the future.

    Heel Slips In Altra Rivera

    5 Best Zero Drop Running Shoes [2020]

    A small rubber overlay is present around the back of the heel to offer a bit of structure to the wide heel counter. The wider heel counter did allow my heel to slip out slightly but was something I forgot about the longer I would run.

    I had this experience in the Torin 3.0 as well and wish Altra would do something to counter this issue. Maybe more cushion within the internal heel area might be justified.

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    How Much Cushion Do You Want To Feel

    The ride provided by your shoes is determined by two aspects of cushioning: the firmness of the foam and the thickness of the shoe material between your feet and the ground. This material in the midsole is usually a type of foam, typically EVA or polyurethane, that helps absorb the impacts as your feet strike the ground. From maximally cushioned midsoles to ones with no cushion, how thick or firm the midsoles below your feet is a matter of personal preference. Some runners want a plush, soft ride for extra comfort. Others dont want or need that much cushioning, preferring more response from each stride. The best way to decide is to try on a variety of shoes and see how they feel.

    Here are your choices when it comes to cushioning:

    • Maximum cushion: These maximalist shoes offer thick padding in the midsoles for the ultimate plush feel. Runners may prefer the comfort of thicker, softer foam underfoot when running long distances or multiday races. But super-soft cushioning isnt for everyone. Some dont like the squishiness feel. Further reading:

    Best Zero Drop Running Shoes Rated In 2021

    Today, 12mm drop on many running shoes will support the heel attack more compared to middle base attack, which escalates the effect on your legs, while low depth, which is 7mm drop or under, will generate a far more dynamic motion and can help you build an all-natural stride.

    If you should be considering changing from regular running shoes to low drop, you need to take action gradually till you are applied to it and do plenty of extending to avoid incidents through your routine.

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    Double Knot Is A Must

    Eyelet holes contain welded overlays for strength that is now an industry standard across most competitive brands. I did note, however, the laces would untie during normal foot movement if they were not double knotted.

    Sometimes the little extra attention to this detail earns extra positive points. This is not a huge concern if you are okay with making sure to double knot, however, the fewer things I have to worry about on my runs the better.

    Great For Roads And Single

    Altra One2 Zero Drop Running Shoes Review

    Overall, the Altra Rivera is a versatile shoe that worked well in all terrains including gravel, roads, and single-track trails of the unknown.

    The shoes lightness and flexibility allowed me to pick up the pace when needed all while not feeling beat up the next day on a long run.

    The tread contains grooves throughout that allow small pebbles and rocks to get stuck on nearly every run containing any sort of gravel.

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    How Long Will Zero

    Zero-drop shoes typically hold up about as long as conventional shoes, if not slightly longer. Since you no longer rely on foam support or cushioning to hold up your arch or heel, the sole of the shoe will wear evenly. Expect 400 to 500 miles, but weight, running surface, and your natural running stride can all affect that number.

    Altra Running Shoes Faq

    What is Zero Drop?

    Zero Drop simply means there is no drop from the heel of the shoe down to the forefoot. Whereas traditional shoes typically feature a 12mm drop from heel to forefoot, our shoes are the exact same distance off the ground at both the heel and the ball of the foot. You were born with your feet Zero Drop!

    What are the extra insoles in some of your shoes?

    The Support Footbed, similar to a traditional insole, features some arch support and heel sculpting, similar to traditional shoes. The Strengthen Footbed is completely flat and offers less support so you can strengthen the muscles in your feet. In some of our shoes, the Strengthen configuration can be used by simply removing the footbed that comes with the shoe. Our Stability shoes come with a removable Varus Stability Wedge that offers support for those whose feet or legs collapse inward. Unlike traditional stability devices, the Stability Wedge accomplishes this without pushing up in the arch and making the feet weak over time.

    How far can I run in your shoes?
    How wide are your shoes?
    Do your shoes work for those that use 4E shoes?

    That depends on whether your foot is a 4E at the toes or if it is through the midfoot and/or heel. If you prefer the extra width for the toes, then our shoes may indeed fit you. We have had many people that wear a 4E wear our shoes with success. In addition, all of our shoes can be worn without the included footbeds, which gives them an extra size of width.

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    Transitioning To A Zero Drop Running Shoe

    Transitioning period when going from a higher drop to a zero drop is a must. Take it seriously, take it slowly.

    Here are a few facts to help you understand it:

    • The bigger the difference in the drop, the longer the transition period should be. Consider doing it in steps, e.g. getting shoes with a 4mm difference in the drop, not 8 or 10mm.
    Low High
    • It will help if you start slowly. If theres no pain, use your shoes every day at short distances, even if its only going to the grocery store. Slowly, up the ante. The moment you feel pain during or after the run, rest and dont put on the same shoes again until youre feeling ok. It should not come to that, ideally, at all.

    What Are Zero Drop Walking Shoes

    Altra Zero Drop A1334 Provision 1 5 Road Mens Running ...

    Also known as minimalist sneakers, zero drop walking shoes have a forefoot thats on the same level with the heel on the ground. Form a design standpoint, the construction is in such a way that youll feel as if you were walking or running barefoot.

    Unlike other types of shoes, the minimalist are lighter and flexible, and they have a wide toe box to allow your feet to assume their true shape.

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    Top Tips For Transition To Running Shoes With No Drop

    1.) Drop your mileage By a lot. When in the middle of the switch to zero drop shoes, less is more. Even just 2-3 miles will bring new fatigue to your tendons, ligaments and muscles of your legs that youre not used to. So run a couple of miles and see how you feel the next day. If you feel any new soreness, rest and heal up and allow the discomfort to subside before running again. Remember that the inflammation you feel is necessary for healing your injury and ultimately making you stronger.

    2.) Run less days in a week Not only do you want to drop mileage, but youll also want to run fewer days. Putting a rest day between each running day is the best way to go initially .3.) Slow down Approach runs in your new shoes like you would a recovery run. Easy, conversational-paced miles will help you minimize new soreness.4.) Alternate between your old shoes and your new, zero drop shoes No need to go cold turkey when you transition to zero drop shoes unless you want to. Alternating between your old and new shoes/running form will allow you to make a smooth transition.5.) Utilize calf-strengthening exercises. While transitioning to zero drop shoes, any type of strengthening you can do for your calves will help. The video below gives a great example of something simple you can do to complement what youre doing out on the road.

    Not only am I a healthier runner in zero drop shoes, in my 40s, Im also the fastest Ive ever been. Is it the shoes?

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