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Where Are Paul Green Shoes Made

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Fresh Sustainable Fashion From Paul Green

Paul Green Ozzie Boot SKU: 8956949

Paul Green shoes run the gamut, from simple plimsolls through smart formal shoes to street-ready boots. You have a mouth-watering range from which to choose, much of which is made and certified according to the latest sustainability principles.

Beginning at the casual end, youll find trainers, like traditional flat court shoes, in a variety of colours. Theyre made with textile and leather uppers, environmentally certified as per the Leather Working Group protocol. More stylised trainers are also available, all with extra touches like tassel zip fastenings.

For casual summer outdoor wear, you can don a pair of Paul Green espadrilles made from nubuck leather, with cold padding in the soles for extra comfort. For cooler weather, youll find casual lace-ups with block heels and platform toes.

Shop The Outfit Ideas I Paired With The Paul Green Boots

All the non-NSale finds I pulled from my own closet .

So there you have it. Overall a really good pair of boots that, with a little bit of trial and error, more than live up to their potential even within the confines of some pretty basic wardrobe pieces.

And, yes, even to this typically budget-minded shopper, Id say theyre worth the investment. Just the fact that theyre SO light and easy to zip off and on increases the likelihood of me wearing them tremendously, so from a cost-per-wear standpoint, I have a feeling these will end up looking pretty good.

Got more tips for how youd rock em? Lay em on me, folks. Happy shopping!xo,Em

Guys! Follow me on for more peeks into our life on the Northern California coast. And if you feel so inclined, pop over to my personal food + lifestyle blog, The Pig & Quill, where I share salty scribblings from my kitchen and home life. Byeeeeee!

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And Find The Right Balance Through Style

If youre pairing these boots with another piece that could skew a little over the top, consider toning things down a tad with an elevated basic.

jeans | camisole | cardigan | boots

Here the camisole on its own almost plays up the costumey vibe, but adding a dark, neutral sweater calms things down a bit. The boots still look rad. The cami still looks rad. Its just lessshouty.

Note: if youre looking for a leopard print camisole, the print on this option is gorgeous, and its pure silk and on sale at Nordstrom. Fully stocked, too. Honestly considering the upgrade.

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Find The Right Balance Through Color

tee | jeans | boots | knit blazer | leather jacket here or similar in the NSale here) | boots

So, color. Black boots are typically pretty foolproof, but when you add in the shine, they pull even more visual weight down to the foot. My advice? Unless youre going the all-black-everything route , counter all that weight with pieces up top that breathe a bit but still balance things visually. I love the white-on-white. The jacket is substantial enough to hold its own against the boots, and over a white tee, theres not too much contrast breaking up the body line. Flattering and cool.

White tee and black jacket, you say? That works, too. The center line of the body still breathes while the black jacket offsets the tee with just enough weight.

jeans | tee | knit blazer | jacket here or similar in the NSale here) | boots

And here? Well, heres where it gets tricky. All we did was swap out the white tee for black , but on the left, the long white jacket contrasts with the black tee and the jeans so much that it ends up competing with the boots for attention and looking a littlering-leader-y? Would I still wear it? Probably. But if youre gonna put something as dark as black up top, just commit to it, I say. Like on the right. Much better.

How To Style The Paul Green Dynamic Boots

Paul Green 4979

This years Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has been different, to say the least, but one of the things I actually appreciated the most about the format was the opportunity to preview a vast majority of the sale items beforehand and create the wish lists weve all been talking about. Yes, in doing so, I think Nordstrom also created a lot of buzz that then lead to speedy sellouts, but it also gave me weeks, literally, to mull over my choices so I could be less panicky come checkout. Was I less panicky? Well, no. Ha. But I did have my faves narrowed down to a solid wish list, supplemented by a B-list that I would consult if certain pieces sold out.

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Where Are Your Shoes Made

Have you ever wondered where your shoes are made? Most people think that the highest quality shoes are all made in Italy. But, that is not the case. And, if you think that the cheapest, lowest quality shoes are made in China, we can tell you that isnt the case either. For example, the popular, high-end Tory Burch shoes are actually made in China. Does that surprise you? You may also be surprised that many premiere shoes are made in countries like Austria, Israel, and Vietnam.

At Main and Taylor, when we shop for shoes to offer our clients our objective is always quality first. The brands we carry come from all over the world. So, we thought it would be interesting to highlight some of the brands we sell and give you information about where they are made. Get ready to go on an adventure around the world!

Now, lets look at some of the awesome brands we carry at Main and Taylor and where they are made.

Paul Green Dynamic Boots Fit & Fabrication

First off, a quick rundown on the fit and fabrication: The specific boots Im talking about here are the Black Crinkled Patent, and theyre more or less exactly as pictured online. I ordered my usual size, a womens 8, and its a perfect fit with or without socks . The lug sole is actually really lightweight, but since its a Vibram sole, its also robust enough to hold up to some serious urban hiking. And like all the Paul Green shoes Ive tried , theyre supremely comfortable. Lighter and easier to get on and off than combat boots. And just different enough. By all accounts, these are exactly as advertised.

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Smart Paul Green Shoes For Everyday Wear

This selection includes comfortable, smart slip-ons for men and women, which you can combine with chinos and a dress shirt, or a pants suit. You can also wear them without socks for a more casual look, when out for early evening drinks. They come in black and muted shades of brown.

These smart-casual shoes have low heels and a comfortable moccasin-seam design. Theyre made entirely from genuine leather, once again audited and approved by the Leather Working Group. You can also buy slip-ons with platform toes and block heels.

Otherwise, choose the simple elegance of a classic court shoe. The Paul Green versions are made from soft, supple leather with a suede feel, plus the traditional low-cut profile and pointed toe. They come in understated solid colours.

Paul Green The Shoes Of My Life

Paul Green Corinne Sneaker SKU: 9436167

From the office to the opera. From walking the dog to going on a date. From family to shopping to friends. With the right shoe you can turn any to-do into an opportunity!

Paul Green is there for women at every stage of life. Here at Paul Green weve been striving for one thing and one thing only since 1988: Combining the right look with exceptional comfort. Elegance and sportiness are in our DNA. At Paul Green we want women to look good and feel great on their feet and aim to capture their hearts with our versatile range.

Were committed to the highest quality which is why all of our shoes are made in Europe. Only in this way can we guarantee that our shoes accentuate the personality, beauty and radiance of our female customers and boost their pride and self-worth.

Our fashion formula is simple: We make shoes that last a lifetime, not just for the occasion. Its fun to buy our shoes. Whats even more fun though is wearing them, owning them and showing them off. Day after day after day.

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Best Of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale : How To Style The Paul Green Dynamic Boots

One of the items for which there was no comparable B-List item? These Paul Green Dynamic Boots. And fortunately for us all, theyre still in stock.

The thing is, while these boots have the potential to be fan-freaking-tastic, theyre also a little tricky to style right out of the gate. Laura and Linzi both tried them on, too, and agreed that they have massive potential.

But if Im going to spend $300 for a pair of shoes, potential doesnt cut it.

So I spent a couple of hours in front of the mirror today and, friends, I think I cracked the code. These Paul Green Dynamic Boots really can be as undeniably cool as they seem. Heres everything you need to know about getting the absolute most out of them.

Its Best When The Shaft Is Fully Exposed

Thatswhatshe OK, I wont do it. But I will let the search engine bots have fun with that subheading.

OK but seriously: whether that means tucking skinnies into the boots OR pairing them with cropped or cuffed pants either works.

tee | jeans | boots

The option on the left isnt terrible, but with the low-rise jeans AND the chunky boots, the outfit is heavily weighteddown. On the right, a small cuff shows off the shaft of the boots and just a peek of skin. Much better.

tee | jeans | leather jacket here or similar in the NSale here) | boots

With skinnies you could go either way. I think I slightly prefer the look of the left, but if youre trying to actually stay warm this winter, the option on the right lets you layer some hidden thick socks into the mix.

tee | jeans | boots

Even in this iteration, where the boots are arguably a bit too heavy for the outfit, the clean line where the skinny runs flush into the boot is still flattering and just fine, indeed.

Im even OK pairing them with leggings, so long as the outfit skews more street than sporty.

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They Also Look Best When Theyre Not Paired With Too Much Bare Leg

Something about the shiny patent coming right up against a stretch of bare skin emphasizes the galoshes vibe. An inch or two of bare skin? Fine. Any more than that, and it starts to feel like somethings missing. And thats because there is something missing. Socks!

tee | jeans | boots

Bear with me here, but adding socks softens the transition from glossy leather to bare skin and also leans into the boots funkiness that initially drew me in. And friends the socks I happened to grab are patterned, but a textured knit sock in a solid color would work too.

Its also worth noting that Ive been looking for something comparable to these jeans for the past year, and the same style but with slightly different distressing is in the NSale but sadly sold out at the moment. These, however, are the same style in the closest wash to mine that Ive found and decently stocked, too.

top: tee | jeans | boots | boots bottom: Voloshin x TME dress | leather jacket here or similar in the NSale here) | boots

The outfits on the left fine. Passable. But the peek of socks on the right just feels moreintentional.

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