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What Shoes Are Good For Back Pain

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Dansko Womens Professional Tooled Clog

Real Good Feet Stories – Shoe Inserts for Knee, Hip, Back Pain Relief | The Good Feet Store

Danskos are great shoes to alleviate lower back pain. These shoes have very prominent arch support. Their specialized design effectively reduces ankle and knee stress. Many women say that once they own a pair of Dansko shoes, they will never wear any other brand. The relief of joint and lower back pains these shoes provide is truly phenomenal.

Merrell Womens Jungle Moc Slip


  • Design is not impresive

Maybe youre put off by all the fancy and technical jargon of running shoes and crave simplicity in life. You like to keep things clean and elegant and just want to walk over trails and enjoy the view but your lower back pain gets in the way and you cant seem to find something that suits you.

Say no more, you want Merrell Womens Jungle Moc Slip-On. This moc was made just for someone like you, they feature a smooth suede upper with a cushion underfoot for that extra support to reduce back pain and take the pressure off from your feet.

Walking for long periods can make your feet sweat and Merrel understands, which is why they included the Aegis antimicrobial treated lining in these shoes which act as organic odor control.

What we like:


  • Design is not impresive

When it comes to podiatry problems wearing boots is the last thing anyone would ever consider, boots arent known for their ankle support as they are mostly worn for style or durability but then Vionic comes along and decides to change that.

Vionic Womens Country Logan Ankle Boot for when you want comfort, support, and style to culminate right at your feet. These boots have the same arch and foot support that the company is known for and the heel is short and wide, perfect for solid stability.

What we like:


  • Have narrow tips

What we like:


  • A bit Sweaty

What We Like:

  • Bow accent and ballet flat
  • Removable orthotic insert covered with microfiber
  • The Vio-Motion technology
  • Verdict:

    What You Consider Before Buying Any Lower Back Pain Shoes


    Materials are very important when it comes to buying a shoe that was designed to relieve lower back pain. If the shoe isnt made out of the proper materials, then it wont perform well. It also wont last as long if you buy a shoe made out of cheap materials.

    For lower back pain, you want a shoe that combines high-quality leather, memory foam, and decent rubber for any traction you might want on the bottom. By making sure that your shoe is made out of the proper materials, you ensure that it will take care of the problem you bought it for. Certain materials are also more durable than others.

    If you want a shoe that will last longer over time, you might consider buying something made out of high-quality leather and not synthetic materials.


    It is always important to make sure that you buy a shoe that fits properly. Not all shoes fit the same. Some might run a little bigger in size, and others might run a little smaller. Buy reading what past consumers have to say and looking at any size chart. You can make sure that the shoe you are buying will fit properly and actually do the job you bought it for.


    Proper arch support

    Shock absorption


    Having a highly flexible shoe will relieve the amount of force you have to use when walking or running. By making it easier to bend the sole of your shoe, you take the stress from the ankle and calf area. Anytime you remove stress from your feet or legs, you are helping to relieve stress from your lower back.

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    Why Is It Important To Get The Best Walking Shoes

    Getting good walking shoes can not only help you with back pain and lower back pain but also with heel pain, ankle pain and a number of other pain points can be destressed by wearing the right kinds of shoes. One of the best examples of shoes for lower back pain is that of Brooks addiction walker. This one provides you with the perfect combination of pain relief as well as comfort.

    There are some enhancements that walking shoes have over regular shoes which make them a great option for walking long distances. Let us take a detailed look at this buyers guide up next, which will help you know about all these features in great detail:

    Best For Walking: Brooks Womens Addiction Walker 2 Walking Shoe

    How do I Choose the Best Shoes for Back Pain? (with pictures)


    • Quite heavy for long walks

    Brooks Womens Addiction Walker 2 Walking Shoes give you comfort, maximum support, and long durability, and maximum comfort. These shoes support the lower arch, reduce the impact on the spine, and offer a safe landing on each stride.

    The full-grain velvety nubuck uppers and soothing fabric lining offer comfort and shock absorption. They completely align the heel and forefoot.

    The insole helps to reduce the impact on your joints and return energy as it is enhanced with BioMoGo technology and Hydroflow technology. The slip-resistant outsole features a firm grip to prevent skids.

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    Contact Spine Institute Of North America Today

    Wearing comfortable shoes with good support and low heels can help improve posture and reduce back pain. However, back pain can happen for many reasons, and you may need more than a new pair of shoes depending on your condition.

    The spine specialists at Spine Institute of North America are here to help. Our team of spine experts is prepared to get to the root of your back pain. We will find the exact cause for your back pain and use the least invasive method to relieve your pain fast and effectively with the goal to maintain long-term relief.

    We understand that back pain can be debilitating, and we are committed to getting our patients back to enjoying life pain-free. To make an appointment, contact us today.

    This content was medically reviewed by Baher Yanni, M.D, on February 7th, 2019.


    Types Of Shoes Bad For The Back

    There are certain types of shoes that are known to cause back pain to its wearers. Arguably the most known of these is the high-heeled shoe worn by women. By definition, these are shoes with heels that are at least 2 inches high.

    One survey conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association revealed that more than 7 out of 10 women reveal they wear high heeled shoes. Around 40 percent who were surveyed said they wear high heels daily. More women use high heels for special occasions like parties and weddings.

    High heels may make its wearers look stylish and elegant but it can throw off the backs alignment. High heeled shoes can cause a lot of stress and strain on the back because they alter the center of gravity.

    High heels cause a woman to lean forward, and this forces the body to decrease the forward curve of the back. This leads to poor alignment of the spine, resulting to the overuse of the muscles and back pain.

    Flip flops may be comfortable to wear, especially during laidback weekends and trips to the beach. But this type of footwear, too, can compound back pain. The absence of arch support can impact the feet, legs, and lower back. Arch support can lessen or prevent foot pain as well as provide balance and support.

    Flat shoes arent good either in preventing back pain. Like flip flops, flat shoes dont have little to no support. While there are some flat shoes with built-in arches, these arent enough to prevent back pain.

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    The Best Walking Shoes: What Are Motion Control Shoes

    When you are running or walking, your foot is constantly in motion. This leads to the overpronation of your foot from time to time. And when it happens a little too much, you begin to experience pain in your feet. As well as lower back pain. This is something that is otherwise totally avoidable if you choose the right kind of footwear.

    Motion-control shoes basically perform the task of reducing the amount of motion that your foot goes through. The more stable your feet remain while you walk, the better you can run without the risk of losing your balance. While these shoes are also good for walking and for reducing lower back pain, they are primarily meant for runners. Those who wish to run long distances without losing stability. These shoes also provide decent arch support as well as good comfort. Brooks Mens Beast 20 is one of the best motion-control shoes that we have come across in recent times.

    What Kind Of Footwear To Avoid While Walking

    Shoe Inserts for Knee, Hip & Back Pain | The Good Feet Store

    Now that you know which kind of shoes you should wear for walking, it is also important to know what to avoid. In fact, it is more important to know what to avoid than what to wear. If you are not wearing the correct footwear, at worse you are not comfortable enough and theres some pressure on your back. However, there are some types of footwear that are actually detrimental to your back. Those cause lower back pain if worn for longer walks.

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    Best Dress Shoes For Back Pain

    The Brooks® Addiction Walker shoe is loaded with support for your low arches and control for your overpronation.

    This casual yet contemporary walking shoe feels great whenever and wherever your everyday takes you!

    Aside from the fact that this is a pair that you can easily use when you have to attend formal events.

    This will allow you to be fashionable without hurting the lower portion of your body.

    • Needs Breaking In
    • Size Not True to Size

    Now that we have covered the best dress shoes for back pain that can be worn at special events, you would also like to know the best sandals for lower back pain that are nice to wear during the summer time or when you would like to wear your most comfortable shoes.

    Here are some of the options you can check out:

    The Best Running Shoes For Back Pain

    If youre an avid runner, aches and pain can be a serious issue. Here are some of the best running shoes for back pain.

    Why you should consider these shoes: The removable sock liner in this ASICS running shoe lets you insert custom orthotics for a personalized fit. Available in styles for men and women.

    Features: Rearfoot GEL® cushioning, large selection of colors

    What users say: They work like a charm! No more back pain and they are super comfortable too! I wish I would have made the switch sooner.

    Price: Varies depending on style, starting at $44.95

    Why you should consider these shoes: This shoe is recommended for long distance running, cross training, and treadmill exercises.

    Features: Rubber sole, mesh upper, soft cushioning

    What users say: Brooks are the best shoe Ive ever worn. They have relieved my back and knee pain.

    Price: Varies depending on style, starting at $84.95

    Why you should consider these shoes: Available in a range of colors, the Bondi is the most cushioned shoe HOKA ONE ONE carries.

    Features: Breathable, 100% vegan, full-length compression molded EVA midsole

    What users say: I have been running in Hoka One Ones for years. The Bondis are the most cushioned of their styles. This is my 6th pair and they are amazing right out of the box!

    Price: $150

    Why you should consider these shoes: The grid-like midsole of the Escalante allows your foot to flex for more speed and better performance.

    Features: Rubber sole, contoured footbed

    Price: $180

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    Orthofeet Sprint Foot Pain Relief Mens Sneakers

    This shoe is so famous for various types of pain relief. You can find this shoe in many foot problem-related articles and reviews also. This leather shoe has amazing orthotic support. Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Plantar Fasciitis Mens Sneakers feature some excellent quality that you can be highly interested to purchase this shoe.

    The shoe has a premium orthotic insole. There is anatomical arch support in this shoe. It will minimize the pain for moving to and fro. The cushioning heel pad conforms to the flexible position of your foot as you walk. It will help you to enhance comfort. It also helps you to alleviate pain and lower back. The shoe is biomechanically engineered to alleviate stress on different parts of joints.

    The shoe is designed in mind to enhance stability and to help facilitate the users foot motion.


    Merrell Mens Encore Gust Slip

    The Gentleman

    The Merrell Mens Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe features an EVA foot frame that provides stability and comfort. The slip-on design makes it casual to wear and easy for the consumer to put on and off, even if their back is hurting them.

    It has a breathable mesh lining as well that will wick away any moisture to keep the feet dry. The rubber outsole provides a lot of traction as well, so the consumer will never have to worry about slipping on any slick surface.

    This shoe is also made in the USA with 100% full-grain leather. It is built to provide comfort and hold up over the years. Couple that with the Merrell air cushion heel that absorbs shock, and there isnt a more comfortable shoe on the market.


    • It features a slip-on design.
    • It has an EVA foot frame that provides stability.
    • It has a breathable mesh lining.
    • The inside wicks away moisture.
    • It has a rubber outsole for traction.
    • It is made out of 100% full-grain leather.
    • It has Merrell air-cushioned heel.


    • It runs a little big.

    This is a great slip-on option if you are looking for a shoe to relieve you back pain but dont want to be bothered with laces. Just make sure you read the sizing chart and get the size that best fits you so that it stays on when you are wearing it.

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    What Are The Worst Shoes For Lower Back Pain

    A cheap pair of shoes can cause heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and lower back pain. The worse effect of cheap shoes is that it moves your joints improperly.

    High Heels:

    Being a woman, you can not skip high heels. But high heels impose unfavorable effects on your backbone and cause severe back pain. If you wear it for a long time, you may suffer from Achilles tendons, heel pain, and swollen forefoot.


    One of the biggest reasons behind lower back pain is stilettos. The needle-like heel can not bear your body weight and cause serious backbone issues. You can get a spinal imbalance. If you an amateur of high heels, then wear chunkier heels with less height.

    Wedge Heels:

    These shoes put your body in an unnatural position, and an imbalance of the body causes severe back pain. These shoes put high pressure on your tendons and are one of the primary causes of lower back pain.

    Types Of Shoes To Avoid With Back Pain

    If you take a close look at our list of shoes for back pain sufferers, youll notice there are a few variations missing. Thats because there are certain types of shoes you should almost always avoid if youre dealing with back pain.

    Many women are disappointed to hear that high heels are at the top of this list. Due to the unnatural balance required to wear high heels, your body will try to compensate. Rather than keeping your spine and hips straight, your lower back pushes forward. This has a negative effect on alignment, which often results in back pain and excess pressure on your knees.

    Simple flip-flops are considered the extreme opposite of high heels, but theyre another type of shoe to avoid. Most flip-flops are incredibly flat and thin. They act only as a barrier between your feet and the ground. This type of design lacks the necessary support your feet need to carry the rest of your body. People who wear flip-flops frequently often experience ankle and arch pain that can contribute to the development of back pain.

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    Best Fashion Walking Shoes For Lower Back Pain: Rockport Oxfords

    Founded in 1971, Rockport has grown from a tiny, father/son business to a brand that is sold in more than 60 countries around the world. Rockport was one of the first companies to design a shoe specifically for walking, and the company became famous for shoes that combine the comfort and performance of athletic shoes with the look of fashion shoes.

    In 1990, company vice president Tony Post completed the New York City Marathon wearing Rockport DresSport shoes, to show that Rockport loafers both look and feel great.

    The Rockport Oxford has a stylish, casual look and a high quality leather upper with fine detailing that can go from the boardroom to the boat without missing a beat. While these shoes have the look of casual oxfords, they have the heart of an athletic shoe, with a sleek silhouette and modern appeal and rugged strobel construction.

    These oxfords have comfortable fabric lining for extra breathability, and Rockfords truTECH technology for lightweight shock absorption. The EVA outsole is light weight but cushioned and shock absorbing while also being durable.


    • Sizing and fit on these shoes runs a bit large

    Walking Shoes For Exercise Walking

    Pain-free with a new pair of work shoes

    Exercise walking, as with other forms of exercise, requires the right equipment for a safe and effective routine. Good walking shoes are an important investment, and choosing the appropriate walking shoes is an important step in maximizing the benefits of exercise walking.

    Finding the proper walking shoe may take some time and a bit of money, but it is essential for achieving long and short term benefits. Shoes are the most important piece of equipment in walking.

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