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What Shoes Have The Widest Toe Box

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The Best Wide Toe Box Running Shoes In 2021

Benefits of a Wider Toe Box Shoe

Whatever type of running you enjoy, theres nothing worse than experiencing chafing, blisters, and even worse problems from too-tight shoes.

But one of the most prominent problems runners face is finding shoes that fit their wide feet properly. As current research shows, there are significant benefits to shoes that allow toes to splay naturally.

When it comes to wide toe box running shoes, there are a few brands that have positioned themselves as leaders in the industry. However, there are plenty of options at every price point and comfort level.

Altra Mens Olympus 25 Athletic Shoe Buy From Amazon

If you are looking for a great trail running shoe with a wider toe box, the Altra Mens Olympus 2.5 Athletic Shoe could be just what youre looking for. Not only do they have the wide toe box you need to run comfortably, but these shoes also have everything you need for light duty off-road conditions and road running.

The Altra Mens Olympus 2.5 Athletic Shoe features a Vibram mega grip outsole that is durable and provides great traction. Its also a more wideset traction, which improves your grip on running surfaces. The shoes also have an EVA midsole that cushions your fit while providing the optimal amount of bounce back to reduce fatigue. The Altra Mens Olympus 2.5 Athletic Shoe also comes with a Trail Mesh upper, which means its durable and provides the support you need for even the roughest terrain.

  • Heavier than other comparable running shoes on the market
  • Not the most stylish running shoe

New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V5

> Stability

  • Weighs 11 oz. for a US M10.5 2E
  • 8 mm drop
  • Stability

I was a little hesitant to let the Vongo back into my life because of how disappointed I was with the v4. Without wasting your time, its safe to say the Vongo is back! Since finishing the full review almost a month ago, I am continually grabbing the Vongo v5 and have put over 100 miles in my pair.

I dont love the Hypoknit upper, but I dont hate it either. So long as I am not trying to make any tight turns, it keeps my foot in place. However, it has a crazy stretch to it, so things have the potential to move around. Im extremely grateful New Balance went with a well padded heel collar as its very comfortable, doesnt slip, and leaves my ankle irritation free.

The midfoot feels just wide enough for me. For me, the forefoot could be a hair wider, and this could cause issues for those with bad bunions. My 10.5 2E sits right at 11 oz. I think my biggest wish for the v6 would be to cut out another half ounce. I dont know how I would go about doing that, but lucky for me I dont have to figure it out!

The Vongo v5 midsole received the Fresh Foam X treatment. The forefoot gives off more of a 1080 vibe with the soft cushion, while the midfoot to heel is a bit firmer. There is just enough stability thanks to a medial post consisting of a desner gradient dual compound. While it seems like a Franken-shoe midsole, its blended so well that you get one smooth and stable ride.

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Toe Box Width & Depth: How Do You Find It

The area of a shoe that houses your toes is called the toe box. When shoes hurt your toes, most people think they need shoes with a wide toe box. While this may be true for some toe problems like interdigital corns, blisters between toes and blisters on the outside of the pinky toe, almost nobody thinks about toe box depth. Arguably, a deep toe box is even more important to overall comfort than toe box width. So how do you find shoes with a wide toe box or a deeper one than you have now? Lets find out.

Note: This article first appeared on Bartold Clinical

New Balance Womens 1080v9 Fresh Foam Running Shoe View On Amazon


The New Balance Womens 1080v9 Fresh Foam Running Shoe was designed based on collections of data from runners, for a fit that is fine-tuned for your comfort on the go. Available in six attractive color combinations, this is the best wide toe box running shoe if you crave cushioning.

The entire length of the midsole is made from a thick layer of New Balances Fresh Foam, a very soft, incredibly cushioning EVA foam material. It responds to your foot for comfortable cushioning on a variety of terrain.

The shoes Hypoknit mesh uppers feature Ultra Heel bootie construction, giving you the ease of a slip-on shoe, with the stability of a lace-up running shoe. Unfortunately, one of the biggest complaints about this shoe seems to be the heel being too loose and slipping, or wearing quickly because it is too tight.

While the sole of the New Balance 1080v9 Fresh Foam Running Shoe was designed for runners, the problems with heel friction make this style the best wide toe box running shoe for walking in womens sizing. New Balance is chosen by us for the best shoe for mail carrier.

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Foot Conditions That May Require A Higher Toe Box

Our feet form the foundation of our entire body, and they assist us in one of the most basic functions when it comes to everyday living, and that is the privilege of being able to walk.

Your foot contains 26 bones, controlled by numerous ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Through activities of living, sports, and exercise, over time the structure and condition of your feet may change.

Your feet are similarly susceptible to infections and systemic illnesses, which can limit your daily activities and the quality of your life.

Here are a few foot Conditions that require a higher toe box shoe.

  • Hammer Toes and Claw Toes
  • Bunion or Hallux Valgus
  • Other Foot Deformities

Equalon High Toe Box Hiking Shoe

For all those women who like the outdoors and an occasional hiking trip, the Asolo TPS Equalon High Toe Box Hiking shoe is tough and comfortable.

Top Features:

  • Features a durable and slip-resistant Vibram outsole ideal for outdoor terrain, offering excellent slip resistance.
  • A Gore-Tex lining ensures that you stay dry from the inside and outside.
  • The rubber toe cap improves durability and resists abrasion while the lugs on the rubber outsole are self-cleaning.
  • An easy and adjustable lace-up system for the perfect fit.
  • In addition, the toe box area is higher and wider to accommodate foot conditions and deformities.

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Best Running Shoes With Wide Toe Box And Narrow Heel

  • Altra Torin 4 Running Shoes Best for width
  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 Running Shoes Best for stability
  • Saucony Omni ISO 2 Running Shoes Best for moderate stability
  • Asics GlideRide Running Shoes Best for a propulsive ride
  • Hoka Clifton 6 Running Shoes Best for cushioning
  • Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoes Best for snug yet secure fit
  • Altra Paradigm 4.5 Running Shoes Best for running and walking
  • Saucony Freedom ISO 2 Running Shoes Best for breathability
  • Saucony Kinvara 11 Running Shoes Best for light weight
  • Brooks Launch 7 Running Shoes Best for price
  • Barefoot Vs Zero Drop

    Altra Trail Running Shoes | Wide Toe Box / Zero Drop | My Thoughts On Them

    Another set of terms that are often confused with each other are barefoot and zero drop running shoes. The two emerged after the boom of minimalist running.

    However, the two are entirely different, and it has something to do with the drop. Drop is the difference between the heels height and your foots ball.

    Although we dont notice it, our shoes have some kind of drop to them. The perfect example of high drop shoes with heels.

    Barefoot running shoes, also called five-toe shoes, have 2 to 5mm of drop. This pair of shoes are lighter and have less cushion.

    Zero drop running shoes, on the other hand, have a drop of 0mm. Its lighter than those barefoot running shoes and more flexible.

    The only thing the two are the same is they sometimes fall under the wide toe box running shoes. Most zero-drop shoes have a wide toe box, while some barefoot running shoes also have a wide toe space.

    Confused by the different types of running shoes available? Check out our Running Shoes Guide.

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    Adidas Cloudfoam Running Shoes That Live Up To Their Name Go For A Quick Run Or Pop Them On As An All

    Promising review: “I’m a nurse & work for 12 hours on my feet. I also have very flat, very wide, large feet for a woman lol. These shoes are so comfy! They’re super light, flexible, and they don’t make any noise when I’m sneaking into my patients’ rooms in the middle of the night to do things. They don’t make my feet sweat or stink.” trinitee0925

    Get them from Amazon for $23.27+ .

    Comfortable Shoes That Can Accommodate Bunion Feet

    Shoes meant for sensitive feet have a selection of features that make them a must for traveling. They are designed to provide an added layer of protection when walking on concrete floors. Also, they entail a wider width to allow enough room for fitting in custom inserts and socks. Plus, the interior is well-cushioned yet airy to enhance wrap around your delicate feet comfortably, thereby offering a relaxed fit. Slightly sporty models even feature vents to prevent sweating. These shoes are also heavy enough to offer support for prolonged walking, yet light enough to do so without weighing you down.

    Combining all the discussed features, the following shoes are apt for pampering your bunions and hammertoes.

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    Orthofeet Serene Womens T

    Replete with impressive detailing, a contoured insole, and adequate orthotic support, Orthofeet Serene Women’s Comfort shoes are one of the hidden gems in the world of boots. They are stable but not clunky and offer just the right amount of arch support for people with flat feet. Those who are looking for a solidly built shoe meant for travel and hate those flimsy running shoes in garish colors will definitely appreciate the characteristics of the Orthofeet Serene.

    These shoes offer a true fit, irrespective of how imperfect or bruised your feet are at present. And the T-strap detailing helps you flaunt your forefoot, and exude a sleek look. Anyone with knee and back pain will find these extremely comfortable to wear. The sole features airy cushioning that lends spring to your steps, and the ridged design helps you maintain contact with the ground while following the natural gait cycle easily. As constricted as it may seem, the toe box is actually pretty wide, giving you enough breathing space for your afflicted toes. Whats more, the interior is a soft lining cushioned with foam, which rubs gently against your pressure points, offering comfort to people with sensitive feet and/or diabetes.

    Dr Comfort Mens Wing Dress Shoes

    Barefoot Inclined: March Madness: Merrell Road Glove vs ...

    Meant to offer true diabetic support in a sleek and stylish package, the Robert shoes by Dr. Comfort is easy to dismiss as just another casual shoe with no praiseworthy features. But the reality is quite different. These shoes are valued for their sturdy construction and all-leather body that doesnt fall apart at the seams even when you have walked in them for miles at a stretch. Plus, they are a breeze to maintain as they are made from abrasion-proof, high-quality materials. Additionally, they feature plenty of width within and the fact that they come with a free pair of gel-loaded insoles makes them apt for sensitive feet.

    In fact, they have been proven to help alleviate a number of foot ailments, such as arthritis, edema, flat feet, neuropathy and even pronation. The low shaft works well for people who want mild support for flat feet, and the low heel height means you can wear this shoe out for all kinds of formal and conservative gatherings without drawing criticism from others. The understated lace-up style and the availability of neutral color choices make it a good pick for people who want the support of a sneaker but hate having to wear a full-fledged sports shoe.

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    True Linkswear Originals Golf Shoe

    One reason why people play golf is leisure walking. It is the time spent under the sun, talking to friends, while moving to the next hole. True Linkswear is aware of this hence they made shoes that can keep you doing this without making your feet suffer the True Linskwear Originals golf shoes.

    If it is raining, the waterproof full-grain leather construction of this golf shoes will keep your feet protected. If you have large or wide feet, this golf shoe with wide toe box will surely accommodate your feet comfortably.

    These Original golf shoes come with a soft cushioned footbed, thick but not thick enough to block your feets connection to the ground. Once your feet are in, you can feel how comfortable your toes are with its generous toe box. With these golf shoes, you can just walk around the course all day and you wont even feel your feet getting tired.

    Are Foot Shaped Toe Box Running Shoes Really Useful

    The widest part of our feet is our toes. However, most of the footwear today is designed with a tight, bullet-shaped tip.

    This shape creates tension that can lead to different foot conditions. Wide toe box running shoes are designed not to cram our toes in a tight space.

    According to a study made by Michael Wilkinson and colleagues, narrow, stiff-soled can potentially compromise foot structure and function. Helen Branthwaite and her associates also saw in their study that pointed shoes put on more pressure on our feet.

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    Vasque Breeze Iii Hiking Shoe

    The Vasque Breeze III GTX Hiking boot consistently ranked well in reviews for its wide toe box.

    Similar to the Salomons, the consistent remarks were that they Vasque Breeze III was very roomy in the toe box with a narrow heel.

    We remind you, again, the shoes in this review are not all necessarily billed as a wide shoe, rather they are shoes that would be comfortable for those in need of a wide toe box to accommodate a bunion, bunionette, or even a wide flat foot.

    If you have a wide heel, Vasque Breeze III GTX boots may not be for you.

    • Great heel cup and cushioned foot bed with EVA foam


    • While consistently ranked high for roomy toe box, some with overall wide feet found the heels to be too narrow
    • Tend to run a bit small so may need to size up by at least one half
    • Some complaints of clunkiness and weight, but overall typical for a hiking boot of this caliber.

    Wide Toe Box Shoes For Every Occasion

    Toe Box Comparison Crocs vs Nike Shoes !! Brands Must Fix Narrow Toe Boxed Shoes !! Theyre Terrible

    Sharing is caring!

    Feet are funny, arent they? You know whats funnier? The way that shoe manufacturers make shoes for feet that dont exist.

    Most shoes seem to want you to shove a round peg in a square hole. Feet are naturally larger at the toes and get more narrow toward the heel.

    That would mean the logical way to manufacture a shoe would be to make a wide toe box shoe that gradually gets more narrow at the heel, but, as most women will attest, most of our shoes are narrow at the toe box and wider toward the heel.

    Is it any wonder our feet hurt us at the end of the day?

    We are wearing the wrong shoes!

    Compounding this problem is that many of us suffer from bunions, hammer toes, flat feet, and all other manner of feet issues.

    This certainly makes keeping your feet happy if you enjoy using them to walk and hike as much as I do.

    For years, I thought the pain I suffered at the end of the day was due to the normal wear and tear on my feet, but I now know that it is because I was wearing the wrong shoes.

    I now know that as a bunion sufferer, I have to have wide toe box shoes.

    If you suffer from bunions or other issues with your feet that cause them to be wide in the toe box, but narrow everywhere else, you need wide toe box shoes as well.

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    Altra Afm1859f Mens Olympus 3 Trail Running Shoe View On Amazon

    Altras AFM1859F Mens Olympus 3 Trail Running Shoe, available in three colors, is the best wide toe box running shoe in mens sizing for trail running, hiking, long distance racing, and backpacking. This shoe was designed to stand up to the wild terrain only found off-road, for a sneaker that acts like a hiking boot.

    The mesh upper is ultra breathable and allows water to quickly drain when submerged. It features Altras GaiterTrap technology, so you can add gaiters to protect your feet from trail debris, without a strap interfering with your underfoot traction.

    Speaking of traction, the outsole of Altras Olympus 3 Trail Running Shoe combines Vibram MegaGrip and TrailClaw technologies for outstanding grip on a variety of surfaces, even when they are wet. This is because Vibram is a sticky rubber, and it has been strategically placed according to the metatarsals of the feet with TrailClaw technology, giving you optimal traction.

    On top of it, literally, the midsole uses Altras A-bound recycled material to cushion impacts and return energy to the foot. InnerFlex technology allows the sole to move with your foot and adapt to the ground more effectively. Further, the wide toe box and zero drop platform also let your foot align naturally, for a low-impact experience.

    • Complaints that shoes upper is not very durable

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