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What Shoes Should I Wear For Volleyball

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Which Brands Should You Look For

What to wear to volleyball tryoutsð?and what not to wear to tryouts ð

In volleyball circles, there has been, and forever will be, an ongoing battle between the Mizuno and Asics clans.

To be honest, Ive tried pairs of both and I liked them all. Realistically, both of these brands are leaders in the industry and make great quality products. .

Personally, I enjoyed the slightly heavier Asics shoe–it gave me a little more support, and the shoe seemed to last longer than the Mizuno Waves I had as a junior.

Then again, I havent played in a pair of asics or mizunos for over 7 years. Now I play in Nikes and other basketball-style varieties–but you can read more about there here.

What Shoes Do You Wear To Play Volleyball: A Quick Guide

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Whenever you try out a sport for the first time, you probably try to save money by using what youve already got, including the pair of shoes, such as cross-trainers and basketball shoes.

However, this is often not the best idea, depending on the sport. So, what shoes do you wear to play volleyball?

Shockingly, there are shoes designed specifically for the sport.

Can you just wear running or other athletic shoes? The answer is no.

You definitely need to have volleyball shoes to play the game.

What Are The Must

First of all, its important that the soles are made of gum rubber. Gum rubber grips a sealed wooden court with more traction than regular rubber. Basketball shoes have regular rubber soles, which is another reason not to use them for playing racquetball. It is easy to recognize gum rubber soles. Gum rubber is usually yellow or brown and has lots of tiny grooves in it.

Your club will probably require you to wear shoes with gum rubber soles so you wont mark the floor.

The other must-have in racquetball shoes are the right size. More than for any other kind of court shoe, size makes a difference. Your racquetball shoes have to be comfortable. Your toes should be slightly behind the edge of your shoe.

You dont want to jam your toes into your shoe. You should be able to wiggle your toes inside your shoes. You should be able to feel where your toes are in relation to the end of your foot with your fingers through the top of the shoe.

Its always a good idea to try on shoes before you buy them . Its always best to try shoes to see how they fit when your feet are at their largest. For most of us, this is at the end of the day.

Or just after you have played a racquetball match! Racquetball is a game that will cause your feet to swell, so you need to try the shoes when your feet are at their largest. If the shoes arent comfortable, dont buy them, or send them back. If you dont invest time in this step, you may be very uncomfortable in your shoes after a match.

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Adidas Mens Ligra 5 Volleyball Shoe Best For Jumping

The Adidas Ligra 5 is a go-to volleyball shoe for many athletes considering its affordability compared to much higher priced options.

In addition, its designed with a rubber sole, and it offers good traction so you can stick your landing on the volleyball court.

On the aesthetic side of things, you do have a couple of color choices to choose from such as an orange/red or a gray/orange.

There is a good amount of support you can gain from the shoe as well to aid you through the other rapid movements of the sport from running to jumping. It should last you a while as well thanks to the ADIWEAR outsole.

Although this is made with both an air mesh upper and breathable mesh lining, there are reports that your feet can still get sweaty in these. Nevertheless, the shoes still manage to fit with length-wise, so they should be comfortable to wear for some time.

Do Volleyball Shoes Make A Difference

Should one wear shoes or play volleyball barefoot?

Volleyball shoes are engineered for volleyball play. Some features of volleyball shoes which are designed to improve your gameplay arent present in other types of shoes.

The two distinct features of volleyball shoes are the sole and ankle support. Volleyball shoes are usually comprised of gum rubber soles. These are effective for traction on shiny hardwood or other indoor volleyball courts.

Volleyball shoes also have great ankle support. Volleyball players will regularly jump around to defend or attack.

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Is Running Shoes Good For Volleyball

Running shoes are going to be awful for volleyball. As long as you wear the shoes for what they are intended, they will not wear easily and will stay in good condition for a longer period of time If you buy a pair of shoes for both. Then the different sports may clash and wear the shoes out super quick.

Mizuno Wave Lightning Rx3 Shoe For Women Best For A Budget

Another shoe within the Mizuno brand, this is among the latest editions of womens volleyball shoes that features style and improving fits.

The shoe is very light, weighing just 8.4 ounces, while it features Mizuno Wave technology that spreads out shock evenly through the sole and enhances stability.

The shoe also has Dynamotion Fit, which reduces the stress that the foot naturally puts on footwear and removes the possibility of distortions for good fitting.

The flexibility and agility as you play are due to the Dynamotion Groove technology, and this reduces instability in the heel.

The midsole has a ventilation system that reduces humidity and heat build-up to give you superior performance and comfort. The Mizuno RX3 also has a suspension system that connects the Wave plate to the ground this increases traction and stability, while the outsole rubber enhances the traction.

The only drawback to the shoe is how wide it runs, though it remains among the best in terms of quality. You also do not need to worry so much about the sizing because the shoes are close to street size.

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What Shoes Should You Wear For Volleyball

If you currently play volleyball or have every played this incredible sport, I dont have to tell you that it incorporates a lot of complex movements and jump dynamics. Therefore, there is a need for a mechanism that will help with shock absorption, stable dynamic control, and even injury prevention, and this is where the tennis shoes come in.

So, the question then becomes, what shoes should you wear for volleyball? The question is not straight forward as there are several positions in volleyball, and then there is the matter of personal preference. However, any shoe that you choose should at least offer good flexibility for lateral and low movements, as well as shock absorption from jumps. The Nike shoes reviewed above offer most, if not all of the features needed in a proper volleyball shoe.

What shoes do you wear for volleyball when you are prone to ankle injuries? This is when you go for a shoe that offers good ankle support. Most Nike basketball shoes for volleyball can satisfy this condition.

How To Choose The Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

WHAT I WEAR FOR VOLLEYBALL // Volleyball Favorites | maiphammy

As most volleyball players are not accustomed to shopping for basketball shoes, we have put together the following list of criteria to look for and how a basketball shoe is either similar or better than a volleyball shoe in these areas.


All sports players should be concerned with the durability of any shoes they wear during practice and games. Due to the beatings that shoes take during sports, you can expect them to wear out much quicker than your other shoes.

Pro athletes may need to replace their shoes every couple of months. However, high school athletes might be able to keep a pair unless their feet grow.


There are, of course, leather options which provide excellent support and are very durable. Unfortunately, leather tends to be heavy which is not ideal for the amount of movement a volleyball player goes through.

A mix of material is a much better option. They are mostly designed with leather at the points where the player needs the most support, and more flexible materials in other places.


It is no secret that traction is important in both volleyball and basketball. Traction on the court gets you where you need to go and keeps your feet underneath you.

Smooth surfaces require a tighter tread pattern for better traction while rough surfaces are okay with a tread pattern that is more spread out.

Type of Compound

The type of compound that you need on the sole will depend on the type of surface you will be on.




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Do You Really Need Specialized Shoes

If you arent a pro athlete, you may be tempted to just pick up a pair of cross-trainers and call it a day. However, the right shoe for your sport is important. It can improve your performance and increase your endurance. More importantly, it can help reduce your risk of injury.

Shoe performance is probably not something you think about when you are on the court, but it does have an impact on how well you play. You take the time to select the right tennis racket. You choose basketball shorts that are comfortable and allow freedom of movement. Your feet deserve the same consideration.

Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

Heres a list of the best basketball shoes for volleyball on the market today:

Best Overall

What You Will Love:They are very comfortable and have some great color options.

The Adidas Performance Mens Cloudfoam Ilation provide a great deal of comfort for the wearer.

They are made with durable leather and breathable fabric for a mix of support and flexibility. The rubber sole provides great grip, too.

Unfortunately, most buyers find that the rubber begins to peel back away from the sole in a short amount of time- some within weeks. This can be dangerous if it peels back as you are running since it can cause you to trip.

They run between $65 and $101, so depending on your budget, the comfort may be worth buying a new pair fairly often.

If you choose to purchase these, keep an eye on the rubber before wearing them each time to decrease the risk of an accident and injury.

What We Liked:

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Can I Wear Running Shoes For Volleyball

Justlike basketball shoes, running shoes and other cross trainers are made with theintention of forward movement. Volleyball shoes are made with forward,backward, side to side, jumping and quick, sharp motions in mind, as well asthe amount of time spent on the balls of the feet. The need for a heightenedfocus on traction is not as high in runners, either.

Withathletic shoes, there is a component of weight that volleyball shoes minimize.With running shoes, the weight of the shoe is due to the material necessary forstability and cushioning. This weight would negatively impact a volleyballplayer that must be able to jump from a minimal range of motion.

Further,the soles of volleyball shoes have the gum rubber, whereas this not used inother athletic shoes. Running shoes must be designed for a variety of surfaces,and gum rubber simply does not work for a multitude of surfaces. In fact, it ishighly advised that your volleyball shoes be removed before you ever leave thegym so not to ruin the cushioning or the soles.

Withvolleyball shoes used on courts only, a shoe worn to practice and games shouldlast a full season. If you do not play 4-5 times a week, you may be able tostretch your shoes out to a full year. Shoes not designed for volleyball tendto break down after a few months.

Sizing Concerns For Fencing Shoes:

Best Rated in Women

Another thing to keep in mind with fencing shoes is that they are made in mens sizes only. This creates issues for the women in the sport since youll have to do some conversions to get from a womens foot/shoe size to pick out the appropriate mens size. This is mainly due to the size of fencing as a sport. Were hoping that fencing gets large enough to get manufacturers to design shoes specific for women. Until then, its up to you to do the appropriate size conversions.

Most fencing shoes run on the narrow side. The various house-brand shoes, PBT, and Adidas all run narrow, so theyre usually one size different. The Hi-Tec/Leon Paul and Nike shoes are a little wider, so that conversion is usually 1.5 sizes different

The best thing is to try on the shoes, or order a couple of pair in different sizes and then returning the ones that dont fit. If possible, its generally a good idea to time buying your first pair of shoes with a tournament large enough for a fencing equipment vendor presence. This way, you can try on a few in person and pick up the pair you like best.

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Specific Crossfit/functional Training Shoes

If youre going to buy shoes, these are likely the shoes your should wear for CrossFitat least general CrossFit workouts. Well get into specifics below.

New Balance, 5.11, Under Armour and many others make training shoes, but well focus on the two that are most common: The Reebok Nano and the Nike MetCon.

What Shoes Do Professional Volleyball Players Wear

Professional volleyball players generally wear volleyball shoes. They rarely use other types of shoes like tennis or squash shoes.

The 3 major popular brands professional volleyball players use are Asics, Mizuno, and Nike with Adidas just behind the competition.

These 3 brands have been in the business of producing high-quality volleyball shoes for many years. This is why professional volleyball players generally use them.

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Nike Mens Lebron Best Basketball Shoes For Speed

Everyone who is even slightly connected to sports like basketball and volleyball knows the class and standard of Lebron James. Well, Nike has produced the special Mens Lebron to pay tributes to one of the legends of the game. The shoes are what we call, class, elegancy, and comfort, all aligned together in a single piece of art. From a design perspective, a low-top arch shape along with sophistication is what volleyball players can expect from these shoes. In addition to that, the best volleyball shoes are known for super-fast speed. No matter how quick your reflexes and footwork are, Mens Lebron wont allow you to slip or cause any pain to your feet in clutch moments.

Features To be Noted in Mens Lebron:

Low-Top Design for Improved Flexibility

One of the foremost features regarding the best basketball shoes for volleyball is that it comes with low-top arch support. It enhances the overall flexibility and support of the heel and ankle area. Hence, youd be able to enjoy yourself on the court with these shoes on.

Synthetic + Mesh Upper

The thing that needs the most attention about Mens Lebron is its upper. Its been specially made with a combo of synthetic and mesh material. So, apart from the due support and balance, the upper also enhances the overall air circulation. Therefore, there wont be any moisture for a long time.

Extremely Comfortable Midsole

  • Colors choice is a bit flashy.
  • Not recommended for casual wear.

What Is The Difference Between Tennis Shoes And Volleyball Shoes

Running Shoes For Volleyball…

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Volleyball is such a physical sport and it involves a lot of movements like tennis. They have a lot of things in common and at the same time a lot of differences.

As an athlete or even a beginner, it is essential that you wear the appropriate shoe in any sport you decide to participate in. If not it could lead to poor performance or injury.

In this post, I want to shine some light on what are some of the difference between tennis shoes and volleyball shoes.

Also, I would be answering some of the frequent asked questions such as Can I wear running shoes for volleyball?Are volleyball shoes good for walking? etc. If you are excited about this post, lets dive in.

  • Final Thoughts!
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    Factors To Consider When Choosing Volleyball Shoes:

    You need some elements for making the best decision on a volleyball shoe. For instance, stability, weight, traction, the fit and cushioning are the most important to consider, while durability and breathability are not crucial though they are also important.

    • Is the shoe durable?

    Even though volleyball shoes have come a long way in terms of durability, you still need to replace shoes at least at the end of every season, depending on your schedule during the season.

    You need shoes that guarantee you durability since this will also determine the stability, grip and cushioning to enable you to make flexible movements this will also reduce the wear and tear of the shoes themselves.

    • Grip the shoe offers

    All good shoes must have gum rubber soles to give you traction. For an athlete, a proper grip is essential because it will allow you to stay stable during games. Shoes that have proper gum soles make sure that you are not sliding after every few seconds on the floor. This also helps you avoid injuries and preventing your shoes from marking the court.

    • Does the shoe allow for quick movements?

    Volleyball is a physically intensive sport, and it requires sharp, quick movements in all directions. Because of this, it is good to purchase a shoe that provides your feet with great stability levels to allow for optimal performance as a player.

    • Cushioning and Comfort
    • Breathability
    • Stability
    • Lightweight
    • The upper, sole and midsole

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