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Where Are Beckett Simonon Shoes Made

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Is Walmart Doing Away With Price Matching

Where Are Beckett Simonon Shoes Made & With What Leather?

Walmart to end in-store price matching at 500 stores. Walmart is getting rid of its in-store price matching at 500 stores. While the retailer is not disclosing the affected stores, Walmart said it plans to rollback prices on thousands of items that were routinely price-matched and those rollbacks will be long-term.

Beckett Simonon Coupon And Promo Codes

Before jumping in, these are the latest coupons and promo codes that I have for Beckett Simonon:

  • Save 20% off Beckett Simonon shoes, boots, sneakers or leather goods with coupon code MODERNFELLOWS at checkout.
  • for Beckett Simonons VIP email list. The company regularly offers deals on specific items.
  • Beckett Simonon has a history of incredible Black Friday deals. During Black Friday 2019, Beckett Simonon offered two pairs of shoes for an incredible $289.
  • Overcoming Early Negative Reviews

    Nothing ever disappears on the internet, and a handful of early negative reviews on menswear forums and Reddit persist.

    Importantly, the founders owned up to their early challenges, transformed their business model rather than making cosmetic changes, and became laser-focused on their commitment to customer service.

    Nicholas emphasized that Beckett Simonon strives to be extremely customer centric.

    We always go the extra mile and our customer service team is incredible, he said. We normally have a Help Scout happiness score above 94 points .

    They also sent around new shoes to those early reviewers, which resulted in new, glowing reviews from the likes of Justin Jeffers of the Fine Young Gentleman blog.

    Like the socks? Theyre from Unsimply Stitched.

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    What Is Corrected Grain Leather

    Corrected grain leather refers to hides that have been buffed or sanded on the grain surface in order to remove marks and imperfections. Its made by splitting pieces of full grain leather, removing the imperfections and embossing fake grain patterns onto it.

    Corrected grain is not bad by any means, but its not up to the level of quality of full grain or even top grain leather.

    Who Wins The Double Monkstrap Duel


    When it comes down to it, you cant go wrong with either of these shoe brands. Cole Haan has an extensive history and Beckett Simonon is fast growing in the DTC space.

    Not only are they affordable, both companies offer classic, yet stylish and on trend shoes for guys who care about the way they present themselves.

    The Hoyt is a sub $200 hand-crafted shoe with a blake stitched sole and full-grain leather compared with the Madison, another sub $200 shoe, but with corrected grain leather and a non-resoleable outsole. For these reasons alone Id say Beckett Simonon is the clear winner of the double monkstrap duel.

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    What Kind Of Leather Is Cole Haan

    The leather is kind of stiff and takes a while to break in which leads me to believe that it is not full grain and instead corrected grain leather.

    Another reason that leads me to believe its corrected grain leather is that the leather is very resistant to scratching and imperfections, which full grain is not.

    Beckett Simonon Quality & Craftsmanship

    Beckett Simonon shoes are handmade one by one from luxurious Argentinian full grain leather. To be honest, I cant tell much difference between Allen Edmonds and Beckett Simonons leather shoes. They feel about the same level of thickness and softness.

    If there was one slight distinction its that the Durants are more prone to creasing than the Strand and Fifth Avenue. Ive had my AEs for much longer and the Durants for about 4 months and they already appear to have more prominent creasing, comparatively speaking.

    Like the Strand and Fifth Ave, the Durants are fully leather lined with soft full grain leather for extra breathability. And just like AEs, they are also equipped with durable rubber heels for grip since full leather soles can be quite slippery in wet conditions.

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    How Durable Are Cole Haan Shoes

    Cole Haans leathers are corrected grain which Id say are more durable and resistant to scuffs and creasing than full grain leather.

    Ive worn the Madison several dozen times over the past several years. The outsole is only leather lined along the edges with a full rubber heel and rubber in the middle of the sole. Like the Hoyt, its wearing normally.

    Thankfully, the way I treat my shoes, I can see them lasting many more years.

    How Did Bogot Become A Center For Shoemaking

    Made-To-Order Leather Shoes & Boots | Beckett Simonon Review

    In the 19th and 20th Centuries, the Bogotá elite became well-known for wearing the best in European tailoring and fabrics, such as tweed.

    For this reason, shoemaking was at first centered in one of the classiest areas of town – Chapinero.

    One of our shoemakers, Ivan Dario, grew up helping out his father in a little studio in Chapinero, where he learned all about fine shoemaking and leatherwork.

    He told me that shoemaking is a tradition I inherited from my parents. My father is also a shoemaker and has a studio in Chapinero, here in Bogotá. He is still making shoes there, in fact, mainly to order.

    This passion in shoemaking was focused in Chapinero. The high-class ladies and gentlemen, who had their elegant dresses and suits, all wanted shoes from Chapinero. This was where you found the oldest tradition and most artisanal shoes in Colombia.

    As a matter of fact, the shoemakers gave their name to the district.

    Antón Hero Cepeda, a humble shoemaker from the south of Spain, arrived in Colombia in the 18th Century. He married the daughter of a wealthy landowner and inherited 50 hectares of land – where he set up a Chopine shoemakers. Chopines were a type of ladies shoes with extremely high heels and soles, popular with the aristocracy. They were bit like platform shoes that have come back into fashion with women today!

    Bogotá itself grew and attracted many people from across the country, including many of the finest shoemakers.

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    Did Walmart Stop Price Matching

    Walmart ceased price matching ages ago. When another store had a lesser price on an item and you wanted to price match at Walmart, ever notice that item was not available at Walmart even on the 1st day of the sale? Almost like they took it off the shelf. Makes you go hmmm Thats ok Walmart, Ill shop where the sales are.

    How Are Shoes Lasted

    A last can literally make or break a pair of shoes, and either ensure comfort or pain for your feet. That is part of the reason why you want to buy shoes from companies that work with – or employ – master last makers and take the time to develop their own lasts. There are many factors that are determined by the last, such as arch support, stability, how the shoe complements the dimensions of your feet, and the flexing of the vamp. The overall shape, integrity of the construction and wearability of the leather shoe will also be influenced by how long the shoes upper is allowed to sit on the mold and take shape. Lasting begins when the upper of the shoe is humidified slightly with steam to soften the leather, and make it more pliable. The upper is then stretched over the last, and an extra leather flap is pulled tightly with special pliers and tacked to the underside of the last. Ideally, the shoe will be allowed to air dry and solidify for at least 48-hours. The longer time on the last, the better for the longevity of your shoes because the leather fibers will have more time to adjust, stabilize and bind together.

    Artificial drying, however, involves a motorized band that alters between hot and cold. The thermal shock dries the upper in seconds. Shoes lasted artificially wont hold shape and the leather will most likely warp over time.

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    Leather Quality And Care

    Beckett Simonon crafted these boots with some of the best leather Ive ever had in my hands. The only brand I have experience with that uses better leather is Parker Clay, and they only make bags.

    Now, I dont have any experience with boots that run into the $500-$1000 range, so take my thoughts with a grain of comparatively affordable salt.

    But the Italian full grain cowhide leather is creamy and smooth. Its not as polished as my other full grain Chelsea boots, and that lends itself to a richer texture.

    The Douglas is fully lined with Vachetta leather, which is primarily used for luxury handbags. Its super soft and feels comfortable and breathable.

    Because these boots arent fully polished, they do scuff easier than some of my other full grain leather boots. It requires a little extra work to keep these in top-form, but if you have a scuff, a little leather balm will buff it out no problem.

    For leather care, I use Venetian leather balm. It doesnt add a lot of shine and doesnt darken my brown leather boots too much. With these black Jodhpurs, its perfect.

    Are Cole Haan Shoes Good Quality

    Mens Oxford Shoes

    Based on my experience with the Cole Haan Madison over the years I would say yes, though Im still a little reluctant. Heres why

    I also own a pair of bit loafers that have held up pretty well, granted it has some QC issues. Theres a slight bubbling of the leather along the toe box, but things like that are expected when you purchase from a Nordstrom Rack which often carries shoes with minor defects.

    Additionally, the Cole Haan shoes are not Goodyear welted nor are they Blake stitched which. Visually the shoes appear to be Goodyear welted, but thats simply for aesthetics.

    If you take a look at the sole of the shoe, there is no stitching which means that the shoes are either glued or cemented on which is a sign of a shoe that could fall apart sooner than later. This also means that Im unable to re-sole the shoes when they wear out. This knocks Cole Haan down a few rungs.

    Granted, my Cole Haan Madison havent been through the ringer, they still look quite good and no one is really going to notice that its corrected grain leather instead of full grain.

    Did you know? Cole Haan stopped producing shoes in the US after Nike acquired them in the early 90s, so take it as you will. Many say the quality took a hit as a result.

    Its also worth mentioning that the shoe is not fully leather lined as the area above the toes have a canvas-like material.

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    Beckett Simonon Vs Meermin

    Since first publishing my original Beckett Simonon review, Ive had a few guys reach out to ask how Becketts shoes compare to Meermin, the Spanish shoe brand known for making shoes with a high-quality goodyear welt.

    Unfortunately I dont own any Meermins so I cant speak from personal experience. But after being asked about the Beckett Simonon vs Meermin comparison a couple of times, I decided to do a little digging to see what I could find.

    The most helpful information I found came from reddit.

    In a since-deleted post on the reddit thread r/goodyearwelt , one redditor asked about whether to go with Beckett Simonon or Meermin for a pair of loafers.

    After spending more time than I care to admit reading through the responses, it seems like the general consensus is that Meermin offers a slightly higher quality, but at a steeper price point.

    Actually, they pricer is steeper in two ways:

    Generally speaking, their shoes are more expensive, and the full-grain leather they use takes even longer to break in than Beckett Simonons.

    Based on what I saw on reddit and other forums, it seems like Meermin is a great option for those who have both the money and the patience to invest in the highest quality full grain leather.

    But for those who still want high quality, but would prefer to spend less money and less time breaking in shoes, Beckett Simonon is an excellent alternative.

    Sizing Fit And Comfort

    This section is always going to be one of the most personal, which means certain parts of what I experienced may or may not be the same for any other specific wearer. But for me, the shoes unfortunately dont fit my feet perfectly. Its actually pretty interestingnow that theyre broken in, when I slide them on they feel pretty nice. Not quite like my Aldens, or even some of my more broken-in, beautifully molded Red Wing boots. But, comfortably snug like you want an oxford to fit, and ready for the day.


    As that day wears on, though, the comfort starts to have some holes poked in it. I went with an 11, and Im pretty sure a half-size down wouldve been much too snug up front. But at that size, the shoe feels a little long on me, and I experience a little heel slip, even long after break-in. Also, generally on my walk home , Ill start to feel some pressure and discomfort up at the front part of the laces. Nothing I cant handle, but its not like my feet are wrapped in an As Seen On TV memory foam pillow or anything. Not that thats what I want out of my shoes, but I think you get the point

    Rating: 7.5/10Certainly not perfect for me, but honestly pretty nice most of the day. And in a different life situation, probably a lot nicer.

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    Where Are Beckett Simonons Shoes Made

    When Andres and Nicholas first launched, they outsourced production to factories in South America and India and carried inventory, which meant they offered products in-stock and ready to ship. The founders discovered that early business model forced them to relinquish too much control over the manufacturing process and resulted in some early unhappy customers and negative online reviews.

    Andres and Nicholas changed course, purchasing a factory in Portugal and training up skilled artisan shoemakers to manufacture directly for the company.

    Getting such a level of control on the product was a tremendous step for us, Nicholas told Modern Fellows in an interview. The trade-off is that, right now, we dont have a huge production capacity, but we know exactly what goes into each of our shoes and were responsible for the craftspeople behind them.

    In the process, the two also changed their business model. They stopped offering products in-stock and ready to ship and began the current made-to-order system. This allowed us to increase the overall quality without increasing the prices, said Nicholas, and allowed us to create a perfect balance between our supply and customers demand. Theres nothing extra. All products have an owner.

    Are Beckett Simonon Good Year Welted

    What Leather Are Beckett Simonon Shoes Made Of?

    No, Beckett Simonon shoes are all blake stitch constructed, including the Durants. A blake stitch isnt any worse than a good year welt , in fact blake stitched dress shoes can still be recrafted, albeit through a much more difficult process that requires the help of a machine.

    Interestingly enough, although the B-S Durants are blake stitched, they look strikingly similar to the Strand and Fifth Avenues good year welt. If I didnt know better, Id surely mistake them for a GYW.

    A benefit of a blake stitched shoe over a GYW is that blake stitch shoes tend to have a sleeker appearance, thus make for a more refined looking dress shoe. Whereas good year welted shoes can have a more rugged appearance, making them the perfect welt construction for many boot styles.

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    How Do I Publish A Poem

    Submitting the Poem to Literary Journals and Magazines Search for publications to submit to. Read the publication before you submit to it. Write a brief cover letter. Include a short biography. Submit the poem online. Send the poem by mail. Enter the poem into poetry contests. Check that your poem is eligible for publication.

    Where Does Beckett Simonon Source Its Leathers

    Until recently, all of Beckett Simonons shoes were crafted from high grades of vegetable-tanned full-grain Argentinian calfskin leather.

    Although Beckett Simonon continues to use this leather for its soles, the uppers are now made with gold-standard full-grain Italian leather from the Mastrotto tannery.

    Established in 1958, the Mastrotto tannery is run by its founders sons, Santo and Bruno. Its gold standard was awarded by the Leather Working Group based on the following criteria:

    • Hide Traceability
    • Waste Management
    • Worker Safety

    The Leather Working Group was formed in 2005 by NGOs, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and other leading industry experts and supports the United Nations sustainable development goals.

    It assesses the environmental compliance of leather manufacturers and awards them scores out of 100 points. The Mastrotto tannery has been awarded a Gold standard, which means that it has earned 85 points or more.

    The tannery can be found in Arzignano in the province of Vicenza. Although it values the traditions of its trade, it has also heavily invested in new technologies to improve its workers welfare.

    It uses a water-based tanning process and has built its own water treatment plant to reduce pollution. Furthermore, the heat produced from the tanning process is converted into energy to help power the facility.

    The Mastrotto tannery plays an important role in its community with several social-advancement projects.

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    How Does Beckett Simonon Ensure That The Tradition Continues

    Ivan Dario is an excellent example of how shoemaking knowledge has traditionally been passed on. He told me, At the present moment, Im 35, and I started from 10 years old with my dad. When you like something, you do it naturally. The passion flows from person to person.

    Our head of design, Giovanni, started shoemaking with his Uncle Orlando as a teenager. After his day in high school, he would run down to his uncles studio to help out. He fell in love with shoe design and never looked back. His own little girls are already picking up the lasts and showing interest.

    With a traditional art like shoemaking, it is all about skills being passed down from one generation to the next. If the skills arent used, they are lost.

    Another factor is that by producing top quality, full-grain, Blake-stitched shoes and boots the artisans are able to flex muscles that werent being flexed. Many had the skills – but didnt have the opportunities to use them.

    Its rather like an endangered animal they need to produce to survive!

    As with Ivan Dario and Giovanni, the only way to learn shoemaking is to do it. When you walk around the studio, you will see the older and more experienced artisans working hand in glove with assistants or apprentices.

    These are like the kitchen hands who start peeling potatoes. Eventually, if they work hard and are keen to learn, they might earn their Michelin star!

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