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Where Are Olukai Shoes Made

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How To Clean Olukai Shoes

OluKai Moku Pae SKU: 9466282

OluKai walking shoes are equipped with removable insoles. In most cases, these can be washed by hand or thrown in the washing machine. But if the top cover is made of suede or leather, you need to use the proper cleaning solution to freshen them up.

As for the entire shoe, if the upper is made of mesh, wool, or other synthetic materials, it can be hand-washed. If it is made of leather, suede, or nubuck, you need to use specialized solutions to clean them up. If your OluKai trainer uses Liko, a particular fabric from Hawaii, the brand advises that you only clean the outsole and not wash the upper.

Good Company: Olukais Aloha

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OluKai makes sandals, shoes, boots, and slippers for men and women, all designed using the “wet sand principle.”

In the ever-crowded market for high-performance active footwear, OluKai stands out for its one-of-a-kind approach. The brand has been giving back to Hawaii ever since it launched in 2005, and 2014 saw the birth of the Ama OluKai Foundation, which honors those who preserve and celebrate the cultural heritage of Hawaii.

The founders, who started off making sandals, were inspired by their now-trademarked Wet Sand Principle, which recognizes the pleasing way a bare foot sinks into wet sand. To achieve this feeling, the company utilized anatomically contoured footbeds to deliver comfort and lasting support.

The way we design and make sandals is comparable to high-end athletic footwear the idea was to deliver a high-quality, comfortable product that could be worn in an ocean or island way of life, explains Kerry Konrady, a VP with the company. Then our consumers, many from colder climates, asked if we could make shoes that performed the same as our sandals. We took on that challenge and determined we could translate our sandal quality and functionality into closed toe footwear, developing innovations like the Drop-in Heel, that converts a shoe to a slide.


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Alapa Li Men’s Athletic Sneakers.



If I Wear A Half Size In Shoes How Should I Size My Olukai Sandals

Our sandals only come in full sizes. Fit can be a bit difficult to determine, as it is usually your personal preference. If you are often a half size, there are a couple of considerations in deciding to size up or down. If you prefer extra room in your sandals, we suggest going up a half size. If you prefer a more snug fit, it is recommended to order down if you are a half size. Please keep in mind if your feet are narrow or wide, this may affect the fit of our footwear.

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Do You Carry Vegan Footwear

Yes! We have two basic types of product at OluKai, Mauka and Makai . Our Makai products are made to be water friendly and made from all synthetic material, no animal products. Our Mauka products are generally Closed Toe and predominately made with leather however we do have Mauka closed toe styles that use canvas or twill that are 100% synthetic. View material details on the product details tab under each product. Vegan styles are noted in the product description on our site, but a place to start is our Ohana sandals or our Mens Nohea Moku or Womens Haleiwa if you want a closed toe style, both are 100% Vegan. Note that synthetic leather is 100% synthetic.

What Do I Do If My Sandals Or Shoes Are Damaged/defective

Olukai HÄ?mÄ?kua Poko Leather Shoes Review â $130 ...

Return all OluKai sandals and shoes covered under warranty to the original place of purchase. The authorized retailer can replace the footwear in question. Please remember to bring your receipt. If the sandals or shoes are under warranty and were purchased on vacation or in a location other than where you live, submit a warranty request.

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What Sets Olukai Shoes Apart

With outstanding comfort, style, and environmentally sound practices, OluKai is a leader in producing beautiful shoes that reflect the casual influences of the Hawaiian Islands. Footwear etc. sells colorful varieties, bequeathing women and men alike with genuinely quality casualwear from OluKai shoes.

Are Olukai Shoes Vegan

Not all, but there are options to choose from for those who live a vegan life. OluKai lists what types of materials make up each model. If you see leather, suede, or nubuck, those are not vegan-friendly. However, those with synthetic leather are vegan-friendly because they are 100% synthetic, and no animal products are used in them.

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Our Analysis And Test Results

If you’re on the hunt for a versatile, comfortable, and good-looking pair of flip flops, look no further. The Hokua are as comfortable as they are durable. While other flip flops might specialize in one area, these are an all-around workhorse that looks good and feels like you’re wearing a fluffy cloud on your feet.

Best Beach Flip Flops

OluKai Holona SKU:8633583

Island Slipper

If youre serious about finding good sandals that will hold up and keep your feet comfortable on warm days, youll love the Island Slipper sandals. Theyre hand-crafted in Hawaii, where sandals are just called slippers . Theyre all formed from rugged materials like ripstop fabric, suede, and leather to hold up well over time. They also feature a tough rubber outsole that offers good solid grip and protection. We love the built-in arch support and heel cup design of most of the sandals sold by Island Slipper. These sandals are perfect for the beach because theyre smooth and easy to clean, and theyre built to last.

Things we dont like:

  • Takes 2-3 weeks to ship out

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What Are Olukai Shoes

If youâre looking for comfort, style and want to do your bit for the environment simultaneously, Olukai is your best choice. The company places a great deal of importance on being environmentally friendly through sustainable materials for their products.

For instance, all products outsoles are made of 30% recycled materials, with 100% recycled materials used for packaging. Further material developments are in the pipeline, too, with the possibility of water-based glues to be used in the future and two current options for vegan-friendly footwear with their Makai and Mauka ranges.

You can wear the worldâs most comfortable shoes and do your bit for the planet all at the same time! OluKai has its roots in Polynesian and Hawaiian culture, which is an entirely outdoorsy lifestyle, and their ranges of shoes reflect that. Every product is given a Polynesian name, and they are all suitable for outdoor life, with a fashion-conscious spin.

Are Olukai Walking Shoes Environment

According to OluKai, it uses natural latex for its gum rubber while the outsole is made of 30% recycled materials. As for product packaging, the brand claims they use 100% recycles materials.

For leather products, OluKai states that it sources its leather from environmentally conscious ISO-14001 certified tanneries. However, when it comes to glues, the brand is still in search of an environment-friendly bonding substance that wont compromise the durability and quality of the build.

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How Does Olukai Reduce Its Environmental Footprint

We use natural latex in our gum rubbers, 30% recycled material in all our outsoles, and 100% recycled material in our packaging. We source all of our leathers exclusively from environmentally conscious ISO-14001 certified tanneries. We are exploring water-based glues, however at this time the sub-par bond durability outweighs the benefits. We will make the switch once the bonding strength improves. We consider making high-quality, long-lasting footwear as one way to reduce our environmental footprint.

Are Olukai Shoes Good For Walking


Yes, OluKai shoes are crafted to make walking pleasurable, even if you use them to explore the beach, the mountains, the city, or in some cases, your office. According to the makers, they used the wet sand principle in their shoes. The moment you step on your OluKais, you will be reminded of the feeling of walking on wet sand, it conforms to the shape of the sole t provide maximum comfort.

The anatomically-shaped insole plays a massive role in achieving this experience. This footbed supports the natural structure of the foot and helps position it to make wearers walk with ease.

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Terrain Tested Hawaiian Lifeguard Approved

Nearly four decades ago, veteran Maui lifeguard and Waterman Hall of Famer, Archie Kalepa saw the legendary Eddie Aikau in actionfeats of selfless courage so formative that Kalepa knew hed someday join that brotherhood of elite Hawaiian life savers. We perform unrecognized heroic acts every day, says Kalepa with disarming humility. He and the 450+ guards of the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association each proudly wear OluKai footwear as they patrol the rocky cliffs and rip tide ravaged shores of the islands.

Hawaiian lifeguarding is a proud tradition and tight-knit community, the highest standard to which guards in other coastal communities aspire. OluKai is humbled to play a significant role in nurturing that tradition. For each pair of the Hawaiian Lifeguard Collection, a portion of the proceeds directly supports Hawaiis Junior Lifeguard Program, inspiring and training the next generation of Kalepas and Aikaus. No matter what anyone says, if you put your mind to it, you can do it, Kalepa tell these Junior Guards. I know its true because I did it. Stay focused, stay healthy, stay fit, and keep your integrity. Those are things that we need to build, not just lifeguards but great leaders in the community.

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Compare To Similar Products

Comfortable, versatile, stylish, great arch support Comfortable, durable, good in water Lightweight, great for hiking Bargain basement price, relatively comfortable, good in wet conditions
Cons Extra straps can get in the way, pricey Breaking in takes time, poor traction Low arch, not suitable for hiking
Bottom Line These versatile flops are so comfortable they feel as if they were tailor-made for our feet These flip flops are made for the ocean but are capable in any environment Strap these to your feet and forget about them, these have serious staying power After break-in, these cult classic flip flops offer excellent comfort and classic styling These offer decent comfort and overall usability that far exceeds typical bargain basement flip flops
Rating Categories

Olukai Womens Synthetic Pueo Perf Shoe

What are the best water shoes from Olukai?

Our final review is another highly fashionable choice. It is ideal for wearing during the day, perhaps for sightseeing or traveling from A to B, and translates to evening wear. The shoe is available in four different colors: neutral and attractive, and the style is âballet pump.â

The outer has laser cutting in a circular pattern all over, which adds breathability while youâre wearing them and makes them look pretty good at the same time! The slip-on design makes these shoes an ideal choice for travel, and the raised back means that you can be sure youâre not going to lose your shoe while walking around!

The closed-toe design is also the preferred option for many women and will also look fantastic when worn dressed up for an evening out on the tiles! These are too cute, comfortable shoes for standing all day.

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Why Are Olukai Sandals And Shoes So Comfortable

Its a combination of premium materials and contoured shapes that form the structure of OluKai. At the core of all our footwear is our anatomical footbed a biomechanically engineered shape that supports and positions your entire foot naturally, allowing it to move through the stride comfortably and correctly. Our deep heel contour centers, aligns, and supports the foot.

What Can I Buy For Smelly Shoes

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  • Best Anti-Fungal. Odor-Eaters Spray Powder.

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Olukai Footwear Technical Features

OluKai womens and mens shoes were inspired by the feeling of bare feet in wet sand and, as a result, contain contoured footbeds that provide outstanding comfort and support. Each pair contains an anatomical arch support and shock absorption properties. Wide toe boxes allow you to spread your toes naturally, and the heel cup cradles the heel to provide stability and reduce pronation and supination. Slip into a pair of casual shoes or Olukai womens sandals and Olukai mens sandals to experience a new sense of freedom.

Commitment to the environment is also a cornerstone of OluKai boots, sandals and shoes it uses recycled rubber in the outsoles and utilizes leathers from environmentally conscious ISO-14001 certified tanneries.

Is Olukai Hawaiian Owned

Olukai Moloa Men

HONOLULU, Oct. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ OluKai, crafter of premium, Hawaiian-inspired footwear is excited to announce the opening of the first two company-owned retail locations in the Hawaiian Islands. OluKai opened at Whalers Village on the Island of Maui, as well as at Hilton Hawaiian Village on Oahu.

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Best Womens Style Sandals


Oka-B is the ideal online store to shop for quality womens sandals. Not only is the footwear affordable and stylish, but its built to last as well. There are sandals in many different shapes and styles, making it easy to find something that appeals to you. Each of the sandals features built-in arch support, a heel cup and a padded design for comfort. Many also use added metallic or stone accents for a touch of flair. We love how thick and tough these sandals feel in your hand, despite looking thin and delicate. They solve for fashion and function!

  • Sold in many different styles
  • Make use of attractive accents
  • Arch support
  • Many different color options to choose from

Things we dont like:

  • Free shipping is only on orders of $75 or more

Are Olukai Shoes A Great Choice For Travel

OluKai shoes come in full sizes only, so this is something to consider when ordering if you regularly use half-sized shoes. Regarding whether this range is ideal for travel, thatâs a big fat âyesâ!

The comfort aspect is really what sells it in terms of travel, and the quality and durability mean that there will be no problem when traveling over all types of terrain. Sandals and shoes are water-resistant, not waterproof, so consider that if you are going out hiking, perhaps in wet weather. However, overall, the OluKai range is the perfect partner for active travel.

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What Does The Olukai Logo Mean

The logo is called the Makau, or fish hook. It is a symbol of strength and good luck. It also means safe passage over bodies of water, which is fitting given the seafaring roots of the Polynesians.

The hook is also popularly associated with Maui or Maui-a-kalana. The Hawaiian demi-god wanted to prove to his brothers that he is good at fishing like they were. However, when Maui cast his magical hook, it caught the ocean floor and formed the islands of Polynesia when the fish hook was reeled in.

Olukai Womens Leather Upena Sandal

OluKai Honolulu Boot SKU:#8160337

Fashion and comfort go hand in hand with this particular shoe. Designed like a strappy sandal, the shoes are slip-on and secure in place with leather straps and a soft lining, and an ankle strap to hold everything securely, which is also adjustable. The footbed is anatomically designed, as with most shoes by Olukai, and the outer leather section is easy to wipe clean if it does happen to become dirty on your travels.

These shoes are easily adjustable via the ankle mentioned above strap, and the silver metal buckle not only adds style to the shoe but also gives you extra peace of mind that your shoe isnât going to move around while youâre on the go. These are some of the most cushioned sandals youâll find.

Overall, this womenâs sandal is an excellent choice for those who want to be fashion-conscious and own the most comfortable strappy sandals at the same time.

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Style And Colour Options For Olukai Womens Shoes

The range of products by OluKai is vast, so whether youâre looking for the most comfortable flip flops or a pair of comfy sandals that you can wear from day to night, youâll undoubtedly find many options to choose from. The OluKai womenâs range spans from flip-flops to flat sandals, wedge heels, to closed-toe boots.

These are certainly some of the most comfortable sandals ever and some of the best comfort shoes for standing all day. The menâs range is equally extensive and spans flip-flops, slip-on canvas shoes, and sneaker designs. We canât forget the kids, and the range for them is a mixture of the two.

Thereâs something for everyone. In terms of color options, each product has a range that a particular shoe is available in, but overall colors tend to be land-based, e.g., neutral and earthy. This reflects the outdoorsy feel of the company and demonstrates its sustainability roots too.

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