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Is Adidas Giving Away Free Shoes 2021

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Fact Check: Adidas Offering Free Shoes On International Women’s Day 2021 Know The Truth

The best adidas boot in 2021 is _______?!

People are receiving a message on WhatsApp that claims to offer Adidas shoes for free this Women’s Day.

  • DNA Web Team

Online scams and frauds are becoming more usual across the world with each passing day. With Women’s Day just round the corner, scamsters have all the more reasons and ways to dupe innocent consumers. Now, people are receiving a message on messaging platform WhatsApp that claims to offer Adidas shoes for free this Women’s Day.

This is not the first time that scamsters are using such ways to dupe consumers. It has been observed that online cheats are using other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to trick innocent people. Unfortunately, thousands of people are falling prey to online hunters and losing a lot of their hard-earned money.

1. “Adidas is offering free shoes on Women’s day”

Columbia Global Performance Testing

Most people, especially people who are into sports and outdoor activities know the brand Colombia. But what most people dont know is that the company has a product testing program that you can apply for to get the opportunity to test their products for free including running shoes and hiking boots.

If youre accepted into the program, theyll send a pair of shoes or boots that you get to test for a few weeks or months. Theyll give you a set of tasks that you need to complete during the testing period.

Once the test is over, youll send the shoes back to them using the prepaid shipping labels they gave you Along with the shoes.

ASICS is one of the biggest manufacturers of athletic shoes. Their program is called ASICS Roadtester.

Currently, they do not have any program for U.S. residents.

They do, however, have programs for people in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Here are the links for each country:

Ways To Get Free Shoes

by Saeed – Verified & Updated January 11, 2022

Who knew, you can now get free shoes!

As it turns out, shoe companies are willing to give you free shoes in exchange for you testing and providing feedback. Its the closest thing to free shoes giveaway by companies.

I actually wrote a post a while back about Nikes product testing program where they send you free shoes to test.

  • Final Thoughts
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    How To Get Free Shoes From Vans

    While Vans doesnt have a product testing program , there is a way to get free Vans shoes and other products.

    They recently started a reward program called Vans Family.

    As a member of the Vans Family, youll get insider information, exclusive Custom designs and members-only experiences.

    You also earn points for doing little tasks telling them your shoe size, confirming your email, inviting friends as well as shopping.

    You can then redeem your points for rewards which Id assume also include their products such as Vans shoes.

    The company is also known to send surprise rewards from time to time. I have seen a few people online mention they have received free Vans shoes.

    • You can join the program for free by going to:

    How To Get Free Shoes Online

    Adidas Free Shoes Scam

    One of the main ways for almost anyone to get free shoes is through participating in testing programs.

    This essentially means that youre getting free shoes for a review on your thoughts on the shoe, including its comfort, style and fitness for purpose, like if it helped you with your running or another sport.

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    #alert: ‘adidas Free Shoes’ Scam Is Circulating On Whatsapp

    Last year, a scam related to Adidas surfaced online wherein the company was claimed to be giving away 3,000 pair of shoes for free as part of its 93rd anniversary.And now, a similar scam is back in which users are receiving “free Adidas shoes” messages over WhatsApp along with a malicious URL to avail the offer, according to a TOIreport.Here’s more.

    “Adidas is giving away 700 free pair of shoes and 7000 T-shirts to celebrate its 70th anniversary”, the message reads with a link to click for more details.Clicking on the URL takes you to a fake website called “” wherein you are asked to provide your personal information.That URL is the first real giveaway since it isn’t an official Adidas website address.

    Once you provide all the details, the webpage then asks you to share the message with 15 other WhatsApp users. This clearly is a ploy to boost the reach of the fake campaign. You are even asked to provide your shoe size.

    The goal of this scam is “click fraud”. A lot of scammers target WhatsApp’s huge consumer base via such clickbaity monetization scheme to rack up bogus ad clicks and earn revenues.Clicking the URL doesn’t result in the installation of malicious software or phishing attack but the fraudsters can do that through the link.So, if you’ve received a similar message, simply delete it.

    A Message Being Circulated On Whatsapp Is Fooling People With Claims That Adidas Is Giving Away Free Shoes On Women’s Day When The Brand Hasn’t Made Any Such Official Announcement The Claim Reads: Adidas Is Offering Free Shoes On Womens Day

    International Womens Day 2021 is here and so are scams. WhatsApp has been an easy platform for spammers and notorious elements of society to scam people. It is true that many companies usually give major offers and discounts on International Women’s Day and usually, they are displayed on the company’s official website. But at times, serious fake messages too circulate online in a bid to scam people. A message being circulated on WhatsApp is fooling people with the false claims that Adidas is giving away free shoes on Women’s Day when the brand hasn’t made any such official announcement. The claim reads: “Adidas is offering free shoes on Womens day” and is being widely circulated on social media. If you have also received this forwarded message on your WhatsApp, you might want to ignore the message and also inform your closed ones about the fake message. A very similar offer in the name of was also going viral recently that asked people to share the message to as many people as they can to receive free gifts. Recovapro Celebrates Women With A Special Offer On Their Massage Gun.

    The message circulated on WhatsApp comes with a link that may look like this: “”. Do not click on the URL as is not real. Instead, you can share these very real wishes we bring you! Check out Happy International Women’s Day 2021 wishes, greetings, HD images, wallpapers, GIF messages, WhatsApp stickers and SMS to celebrate womanhood.

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    How To Get Free Shoes

    The rules of participation for product testers will vary with each company.

    While some companies allow you to keep the shoes you test, provided you submit feedback according to their specified parameters, other companies ask that you send the shoes back for analysis by developers.

    In the cases where youre asked to send the shoes back, the company may keep them indefinitely or send them back to you to keep when theyre finished with the analysis.

    Still other companies may send you other items to keep in exchange for your feedback, such as a new pair of shoes, or a gift card.

    Either way, you could seriously reduce the amount of money you spend on shoes if you participate in one or more of these programs. Heres the scoop on the shoe companies we found that will give people free shoes.

    Free Kizik Shoes For Healthcare Workers

    What you need to know about the NEW adidas boots

    Kizik is known for its hand-free shoes, in that you can slip them on and off without having to touch them. And it helps that they look really good too these arent your grandparents slippers were talking about here.

    Given how important it is right now to limit our touching, especially for essential workers who may be more exposed to the virus, theyre offering to donate 1,000 pairs of free Kizik shoes for healthcare workers.

    To find out more and request a pair, .

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    Is Adidas 70th Anniversary Free Shoes Scam Read

    Is Adidas 70th Anniversary Free Shoes Scam Read! > > The article gives a detailed description of the scammers using the name of big brands with slight difference or misrepresentation.

    Who doesnt like offers on the favorite and comforting brands? But, the offers are real or scam, how would you know?

    Todays article is about Is Adidas 70th Anniversary Free Shoes Scam this question has been spreading in almost every corner Adidas sells. Be it thePhilippines or the United States.

    Dont worry if you missed anything about it this article will provide you with all the details covered about it being a scam or not.

    Netflix Phishing Text Messages

    People still stay at home most of the time because of the pandemic, and thats why scammers will not give up the chance to impersonate Netflix to exploit you.We have reported phishing text messages about fake Netflix 1-year free subscription scams several times, and this week we have seen more Netflix text message scam cases:

    • Fake Netflix Renewal Notification Your Netflix account failed to renew its subscription. To prevent termination of your account, please update your information. < URL>
    • Fake Netflix Account Alerts

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    Sneaker Releases: Reebok Drops An Allen Iverson Nba Finals Shoe From 2001 + More

    Some retailers are tapping into their resources to help, designing masks, providing free pairs of shoes and donating to related causes. Some of these retailers even offer discounts for nurses and first responders all year round.

    Below, heres a list with live updates for discounts from Adidas, Reebok and more for first responders, nurses and medical professionals.

    Adidas Giving Away Free Shoes On International Womens Day 2021 Heres The Truth

    Dull Affair for Reigning Champions? Columbus Crew 2021 Away Kit Colors ...

    A message has been going viral on WhatsApp recently with a link offering “Adidas Women’s Day gift” on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

    Fake news on social media platforms are a huge issue for netizens which frauds keep utilising to scam individuals. One of the most effected social platform is WhatApp, where fake reports and news gets forwarded to many without undergoing proper fact checking. So, this International Womens Day dont fall for this scam!

    A message has been going viral on WhatsApp recently with a link offering Adidas Womens Day gift on the occasion of International Womens Day.

    According this above-mentioned text message, a giveaway of 1 million pairs of shoes for Womens Day has been organised by the German multinational corporation.

    However, this message is actually a scam!

    The spelling of Adidas in the URL of the link is spelt as Adidass, which is a dead giveaway of it being a scam. The link actually takes the users to a page where it reads, Congratulations! You have a chance to get free shoes provided by adidas for Womens Day.

    There is also an on the page Adidas shoe, a buttons for buying it, however, none of those works on the page as all those options are unclickable. This entire scam came to BGR Indias attention at first.

    Messages WhatsApp with the tag Forwarded or Frequently Forwarded on top are a huge giveaway which will prevent you from clicking further.

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    Spot The Scam: Amazon Prime Day Costco Raffle Free Adidas Shoes And Netflix Phishing Scams

    Is the Amazon Prime Day giveaway real? Costco sends me a text message that says I have won in their raffle campaign? This weeks article will introduce 4 viral phishing scams in details, including Amazon Prime Day, Costco raffle, Adidas anniversary giveaway, and Netflix online survey scams. Check how these hot scams work and learn tips to avoid them:

    Free Shoes For Low Income Families

    There are various organizations out there helping people who may be struggling to get by through offering free shoes for kids.

    These are usually organized through schools and are generally location-specific. For example:

    • Laces of Love has provided free shoes to over 200,000 kids in Southwest Florida
    • My New Red Shoes has given free shoes and clothing to nearly 90,000 homeless and low-income children in the San Francisco Bay Area
    • Shoes That Fit has provided over 2 million pairs of free shoes for kids across the US

    If you would like to know more, including to nominate your school or another one you know thats in need of some help, these organizations and more will be able to give you more information.

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    Dont Be Fooled By This Adidas Phishing Scam

    by titanadmin | Feb 18, 2021 | Email Scams, Phishing & Email Spam, Spam News |

    A new Adidas phishing scam has been detected that offers free shoes and money. The messages claim that Adidas is celebrating its 93rd anniversary and is giving 3000 lucky customers a free pair of Adidas sneakers and a free $50 a month subscription.

    Adidas is giving away 3000 Free Pair of Shoes to celebrate its 93rd anniversary. Get your free shoes at < link>

    The very same scam was run in 2019 claiming to celebrate 69th anniversary and on that occasion was giving 2,500 lucky customers a free pair of Adidas sneakers and a free $50 a month subscription. The scammer saw success previously and have clearly decided its worth trying again.

    Is Adidas Giving Away A Pair Of Free Shoes To Everyone

    Best Running Shoes 2021 | End Of The Year Roundup with Jami Reviews

    This morning while scrolling thru Facebook, I notice that my friend Paul had posted a story that Adidas is going to give away a pair of FREE shoes to everyone as part of their anniversary celebration.

    Well, I did some digging and unfortunately, it is not true.

    People were getting a message on the app “WhatsApp” about the celebration giveaway. According to officials with Adidas, this is a big hoax, “We are aware of the WhatsApp message that is currently circulating claiming that Adidas is giving away free footwear and would like to caution the public about believing this, as it is definitely a hoax”

    So why the scam? In order to get your “free” shoes, you need to put in personal information and that is what scammers are looking for.

    Just remember something your mom probably told you…If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is too good to be true!

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    What Is Adidas 70th Anniversary Free Shoes Scam

    This is a major kind of scamming technique used by the fraudulent. It has been witnessed that this message is circulated on WhatsApp. It says, On the 70th anniversary of Adidas, it is giving 700 pair of shoes and 7000 t-shirts for free to celebrate their anniversary.

    They were directing people to a malicious link, which later informed that Adidas didnt launch any such message or offer. It has been found that such messages were circulated on the 93rd anniversary of the company too, the only motive was data theft by redirecting customers on links.

    Legit Ways To Get Free Shoes

    Can you get free shoes online? Yes, and Im going to tell you how.

    Maybe your budget is tight, and you are looking for options to save some money. Maybe you have super-active kids and cannot keep up with shoes, t-shirts, or clothes for them.

    Or maybe you are a runner, and you are always on the lookout for new running shoes.

    Whatever the reason, you can get a brand new pair of shoes without spending a penny. In the article below, I show you where to get free shoes.

    Will it be effortless? No, it wont. It will require some work and some diligence on your part, but its completely worth it. Shall I show you how to do it?

    Quick Navigation

  • Choose your way to get free shoes
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    Final Thoughts On How To Get Free Shoes

    Figuring out how to get free shoes, whether its for a few weeks as a product tester or forever, can be a great bonus for anyone, especially if youre trying to save money.

    Lets be honest: anything free is always appreciated.

    This is why its worth applying to as many of these programs as you qualify for. And you never know when a free pair of shoes will drop into your letterbox!


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    Brooks Wear Test Program

    Adidas EQT Support ADV Art Basel Miami

    The good thing about this program is that you get an immediate reply to your application, so no waiting around to see if you were approved or denied.

    Sometimes you have to send the shoes back. Sometimes you get the shoes back after that.

    From time to time, they stop taking new testers. If so, bookmark the page and keep checking back as they open the doors back up frequently.

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    Crocs: Free Shoes To Frontline Workers

    We may have our own opinion on what Crocs look like, but theres no denying that theyre comfortable.

    Which is why its great news that Crocs is running a Sharing a Free Pair for Healthcare program, which has given away over 910,000 pairs of shoes globally since late March 2020 to healthcare workers.

    Find out more here.

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