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Where Can I Buy Weightlifting Shoes

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The Problem With Trainers

WEIGHTLIFTING SHOES GUIDE | What They Do, How They Should Fit, and More!

The issue with most trainers that are typical worn to the gym is the fact they are heavily padded and are therefore less than ideal when performing heavy lifts such as squats or deadlifts.

This padding actually can absorb a lot of the force created during the lift and also lead to instability. Many gym-goers overcome this problem by removing their shoes. While this may indeed resolve the force and stability issue, a pair of weight shoes are a more hygienic and effective option.

Looks And Aesthetics Of Converse

The look of Converse is another selling point over conventional weightlifting shoes. Most weightlifting shoes are honestly pretty ugly, and may even get you some negative attention.

This being said, Converse have an iconic look that everybody recognizes, and most likely wont draw attention of any type. If looks are a factor for what shoes you buy for lifting, Converse are the way to go.

Q: What Is A Weightlifting Shoe

A: A weight lifting shoe has been uniquely designed to assist with form and posture for anyone participating in weight based activities where stability and range of depth and motion is everything. Theyll generally be constructed from a more robust material like a suede or leather because this gives them their all-important structure and support. On the flip side this means theyre not going to be the most comfortable shoes you have in your wardrobe!

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Bring The Shoes Weightlifting Follows

The importance of your weightlifting footwear cannot be overstated. Once you let your feet stabilize and your lower body support strengthen, you’ll be lifting like never before. The upper body may be responsible for lifting high, but without a solid, planted foot, you may not be able to lift at all.

Lifting shoes, and any quality weightlifting shoes, will help you improve your lifts by offering a superior transfer of power. Weightlifting shoes with a flat , firm sole are going to offer a superior transfer of force through your legs than ordinary training shoes or barefoot training, as their surface offers less resistance. Think about it this way, you won’t be breaking any records doing a heavy back squat on a mattress so much of the force will be absorbed rather than transferred in the motion of pushing that weight back up.

Q: What Are The Advantages To Using Weightlifting Shoes

Reebok Legacy Lifter II Weightlifting Shoe Review

A: A lifting shoe has primarily been designed with that principle function in mind and therefore its not like a regular running shoe or cross training shoe that you could quite easily keep on your feet after the gym to pop to the shop, or for a quick drink with your mates. They tend to be a fairly stiff shoe because of how intentionally supportive they have been designed to be so theyre not exactly the most comfortable of athletic shoes with your best weightlifting belt. Its also important not to compromise the integrity of the soles too as you need to maintain good traction to a lifting shoe is basically pretty sports specific and intended for gym purposes only.

Also, because a lifting shoe is designed for shorter bursts of intense gym based activity, theyll generally be constructed from heavy durable materials that dont offer much in the way of breathability. This can make them a bit inflexible and could cause your feet to sweat a bit more than normal!

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Who Shouldnt Buy The Reebok Lifter Pr Ii

  • CrossFitters who want a weightlifting shoe solely for Olympic Lifting, opt for our top pick on this list.
  • Anyone who prefers a higher heel for training.
  • People who want a heavier shoe that cements your feet to the ground.

Durable, stable and light enough not to hinder your metcons, these shoes are a great option for any level of CrossFit athlete.

Reebok Legacy Lifter Ii Shoes

Best Squat Shoes

Reeboks Legacy Lifter shoes have a raised heel, which can help provide more support for movements like weighted squats. Im a huge lover of Reebok, says Rector. Its designers really do cater for each specific workout/activity and its weightlifting shoe has a great elevated heel and close supporting structure. The shoe also has a TPU heel clip for even more stability while you lift.

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Comfortable Lifting Shoes Make All The Difference

It is essential that you have the proper support and grip while lifting. At Otomix, we understand how important the right weightlifting shoes are to your performance, and offer an exceptional range to suit the novice to professional. Our professionally designed bodybuilding shoes and martial arts range, including our karate and taekwondo shoes, provide you with the ability to set yourself apart in the gym. For the ultimate range and long lasting wear, shop today or call us at 1-800-597-5425 for more.

Reebok Nano X Flexweave

Nike Romaleos vs Savaleos – Which Ones Should You Buy? Nike Weightlifting Shoes Showdown

Reebok Nanos were originally designed specifically for CrossFit , so some hard-core bodybuilders might snuff at my suggestion of a CrossFit shoe here. However, the Reebok Nano is perfect for bodybuilders because of its impressive versatility.

Bodybuilders perform various styles of lifting and may even integrate other elements of sports into their training, such as Olympic lifts and CrossFit-style workouts. For example, “functional bodybuilding,” a term coined by former CrossFit Games athlete Marcus Filly, encompasses the slow and hypertrophy-focused lifts you’d see in a bodybuilding routine, as well as explosive and powerful lifts you’d find in a CrossFit program.

The Reebok Nano accounts for all of those factors and more with a flexible but durable Kevlar-infused top, a reinforced heel counter and a molded, compressive midsole. Your feet will feel snug, secure and ready for all types of weightlifting. You can get Nanos in men’s and women’s sizes in a variety of sizes.

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Converse Are Easy To Find

Chuck Taylors are also really easy to find. Walk into any shoe store or any shoe website, and youll most likely see a pair of converse somewhere.

Theres a reason theyve been around for a hundred years with minimal changes in their design. This is in sharp contrast to traditional weightlifting shoes.

Most shoe stores dont carry weightlifting shoes, and if they do, they wont be good or cheap. Online stores wont either unless its a weightlifting specific store, and the ones there definitely wont be cheap.

As I mentioned, C the opposite. If you want a pair, they wont be hard to find.

Recommendations For Regular Weightlifting

If youre a regular weight lifter as Id imagine that most readers of this blog are then getting yourself set up with suitable gym shoes is fairly straightforward.

As I mentioned above, you are going to be looking for a flat-bottomed shoe with hard soles. That is by far the most important quality.

Here are some ones that Id recommend looking into.Chuck Taylor All Stars

These have been a staple of weight lifters for years and for good reason. They are affordable, very well made, have great support, and will last you for years.

I would recommend the hightop variety, since they provide better ankle support.

Adidas Superstars

Another good choice is the Adidas superstars.

Like the Chuck Taylors, these shoes have a hard, flat sole, and arent too expensive either.

They are a basketball shoe primarily, but many people wear them in the gym for weightlifting, since they are perfectly suited for that.

Adidas Powerlift

Unlike the previous 2 options, the Adidas Powerlift shoes are designed specifically for weightlifting.

They are hard-soled shoes, just like the other 2 options but they also have a slightly raised heel, which can help with olympic lifts

They also look pretty awesome, so that may be a plus for you if youre more fashion conscious at the gym.

It is also worth noting that they are more expensive than the 2 previous options, you can order them .

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Reebok Legacy Lifter 2

These shoes boast an anti-microbial sock liner, breathable textile upper, TPU clip and elevated heel, and extra-grippy rubber outsole thats perfect for the Olympic lifts: the snatch and clean & jerk. At the same time, they sport a flexible forefoot that allows for great versatility in other movements. We also appreciate the added achilles support, which can be beneficial for athletes putting in a lot of hours under or over the bar.

Reebok’s signature weightlifting shoe is engineered with updates for stability and performance on the platform. This version of the shoe features an ETC anti-microbial lining, achilles padding, and a high-grip rubber outsole great for explosive movements.

Best Weightlifting Shoes For Squats

Where can I find a decent pair of weightlifting shoes in ...

If you know that the bulk of your training program is going to revolve around squatting, the Nike Savaleos are our recommended weightlifting shoe. Super stable with a flat sole and slightly elevated heel, these shoes are going to help you feel the platform and help create the drive you need to stand the barbell up.

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Which Womens Lifting Shoes Are Best

Whenever you plan to perform Olympic-style exercises, you need to make sure you support your body with the proper foundation. Lifting shoes are one of the most important aspects of your weightlifting workout. As you spend time shopping for workout clothes that will keep you comfortable and cute at the gym, make sure you invest just as much effort into finding the best womens lifting shoes.

Improve your workouts and do more to protect your body from injury with the ADIPOWER WEIGHTLIFTING II SHOES.

Weightlifting Shoes: How Snug Is Too Snug

After a couple of weeks reading/posting in this forum, I decided to buy a pair of Wei-rui Warrior weightlifting shoes. I ended up buying a size that’s a size smaller than my regular running/tennis shoes — and it feels pretty tight. I’m currently wearing them at work right now , but I’ll definitely wear for my lifting session tomorrow.Based from all of ya’ll’s experience with weightlifting shoes, how tight do you guys prefer them? Tighter than your running shoes? Any wiggle room?

  • DV said:09-17-2012 02:08 PM

    Mine are slightly on the big side. I’d prefer it if they were snug. As long as you can stand to wear them for the session, I’d say it’s good.

  • Corrie said:09-17-2012 05:50 PM

    If they are leather they will stretch.I got some kanama shoes and the guy who makes them sold them to me. My big toe was poking the end and he said it would stretch out. I was worried because I thought he was just making a sale.Turns out he was right though. They fit fine now.

  • cabranch said:09-20-2012 08:14 PM

    You don’t want them too snug, you want a little wiggle room. Your toes definitely need to come to the end of them, but not where you have to cram your foot into it and you don’t want your feet to constantly be in pain. I ordered a pair of Ristos recently, contemplated keeping them, said fuck it and sent them back for one size bigger and they fit perfectly. I’d say send them back if you think they’re too small. Only you are going to know if they’re too tight.

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    Chucks Have Flat Soles

    A lot of weightlifting and running shoes have curved soles, to help with support. While this is helpful for walking, running, and wearing shoes in general, weightlifters need something more flat for good support. Flat shoes might sound bad, but in some cases, like weightlifting, theyre really helpful.

    Flat shoes help you push more efficiently off of the ground during lifts like squats and deadlifts. Its been said that the best shoes for weightlifting are no shoes, which isnt very practical.

    Converse, or Chuck Taylors, are probably the best example of this. Along with having good support that goes up the ankle, with high tops, Converse are incredibly flat compared to other shoes. Converse are also notoriously made out of canvas, which makes them lightweight.

    Theyre used by many professional as well as casual weightlifters and powerlifters because of how flat they are. As I mentioned, flat shoes dont necessarily sound like a good thing, but for weightlifting, the benefits are incredible.

    If I havent said this enough, flat shoes are great for weightlifting. When you do a workout like a squat or a deadlift, youre pushing yourself up off of the ground. While youre pushing, its important that you have good support. Like I mentioned before, the best shoes for weightlifting are no shoes.

    Converse may be great for powerlifters and weightlifters, but there are much better options for outside the gym.

    Why Do Weightlifting Shoes Have Tall Heels

    Weightlifting / Gym shoes- Detailed Review | GOOD or BAD?? | Who Should Buy these!

    A. The reason weightlifting shoes need tall heels is because it shifts your center of gravity while performing exercises like squats or cleans. It takes all of the pressure that would be exerted through your hips and lower back and moves it to your knees, keeping them straight and preventing you from leaning forward or coming off your heels.

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    Best Weightlifting Shoes For Wide Feet

    Featuring a wide profile seriously, this shoe was specifically designed with wider-footed athletes in mind the Do-Wins have long been considered a great shoe for people with wide feet. They are by no means a one-trick-pony though, with a great set of features that will appeal to almost any lifter.

    Chucks Soles Have Less Cushion

    Converse also have less cushion on the bottom than most shoes. Normal training or running shoes often have a lot of cushion , and this is a good thing.

    Cushion helps support your feet and makes shoes more comfortable throughout the day. This being said, when youre weightlifting, cushion is the enemy.

    In lifts like the deadlift or squat, youre pushing up off the ground with your feet and legs. If your shoes have big cushions in the soles, youre pushing down on that before you actually push the ground.

    If youre wearing shoes like converse, you have a more direct connection with the ground. Having the ability to push directly off of the ground right away, you can lift more steadily, and with more stability.

    If you have too much cushion, your stance might be unstable, especially if youre holding a lot of weight. Converse get rid of this issue and help you lift with better form.

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    How To Choose Weightlifting Shoes

    There are several factors to consider when shopping for weightlifting shoes, including:

    • Intended use. Are you a powerlifter? Or do you need a shoe that offers more versatility for short cardio bursts?
    • Mobility. According to Roser, its important to choose a shoe thats somewhat flexible and allows you easily pivot in any direction.
    • Profile and cushioning. Your weightlifting shoe should be flatter on the ground to help your deadlifting and squat form, Roser explained. These tend to be the lower-profile type of sneaker with less cushion all around.
    • Stability and support. To prevent injury, look for a shoe with a wide toe box and plenty of grip to keep your foot secure.
    • Fit. Its always helpful to try on shoes before buying to ensure that you buy the right size and fit, especially if you have wide or narrow feet.
    • Price. Weightlifting shoes vary greatly in price, so be sure to consider how much youre willing to spend on a pair. Its also worth shopping around to find the best price.

    Your Training And Sport

    Just my new shoes, i can recommend them! : weightlifting

    While some athletes are extremely focused on one sport, many are going to bounce between a variety of training modalities, like low bar squatting for a cycle then hitting front squats the next cycle. If you like variety, youll have to settle for a more generalist shoe that isnt designed to perform as well in any one area. On the other end, if youre a purist, you can pick the best shoe designed specifically for your activity, knowing that it wont translate as well to other aspects of your training.

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    How I Chose These Shoes

    To put together this list, I first recounted my own history with various lifting shoes. I’ve been bouncing between powerlifting, Olympic lifting and CrossFit-style training for more than eight years, so I’ve worn my fair share of trainers and lifters.

    I also scrubbed the web for reviews of weightlifting shoes and training shoes, looking for key components like comfort, durability, stability and versatility. I looked to the well-known, longstanding brands for shoes that have several successful iterations , but I also looked to newer brands doing something innovative.

    I read hundreds of Amazon reviews and RunRepeat became my best friend for the duration of this project. We’ll periodically update this article as I try more weightlifting shoes and come across new reviews online.

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    Do Weightlifting Shoes Make A Difference

    If you are lifting weights, such as heavy squats, deadlifts, or compound lifts, lifting shoes can help you feel more sturdy. Studies have shown that various shoes have different biomechanical and kinematic effects on a squat. According to the study, weightlifting shoes may be safer and more effective for squats.

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