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What Shoes Are Good For Skateboarding

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How To Buy Good Skate Shoes

New Skate Shoes Dropping In March

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A good pair of skate shoes can protect your feet when you are skateboarding. Skateboarding tricks can put a lot of strain on your feet, so it is important to have a shoe that will provide proper support. Choosing the right shoes is a matter of how much you skate and your style of skating, but it can be easy if you know what products are available and which ones are best for your needs.

Good Skateboarding Shoe Brands

Theres a lot of debate about brands and which one has the best skate shoe. Everyone has their favorite brand depending on personal preference. In general, go with brands like:

  • eS
  • Nike
  • New Balance

All of these brands produce top quality skate shoes and most of them have been doing it for decades. Check out our finding, we tested lots of these and heres a growing list of the best skate shoes.

Adidas Lucas Premier Adv Shoes

You will not also go wrong by checking out the Lucas Premier ADV Shoes offered by Adidas. Unlike those average vulcanized shoes, the thin cup sole construction of Lucas can give you the support you need during your all-day skateboarding sessions. It also lets you do occasional jumps.

Adidas Lucas Premiere ADV comes with mesh side panels that provide excellent breathability and comfort. It also boasts of its well-cushioned insole as well as the signature rubber toe guard of the brand. Furthermore, you can quickly break in Lucas Premiere ADV while also boasting of its impressive board feel, making it easier for you to do flip tricks and manual tricks.

Why I Liked It?

  • Offers a nice feel when you are stepping on your board

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Skate Shoes Can Be Fairly Heavy And Clunky

One drawback to skate shoes and working out is that they can feel fairly heavy and clunky at times. Lets say youre tackling a workout with plyometrics or a CrossFit workout with a time-focused component.

In these contexts, youll want lighter shoes that provide a little more responsiveness to tackle the tasks at hand. A heavy skate shoe can feel blocky and as fatigue starts to set in you may notice this and see performance start to dip.

This is why I recommend limiting skate shoes for more static strength work and very casual cross-training sessions. Using something like a Vans Sk8-Hi for multiple box jumps could be counterproductive.

Dc Mens Court Graffik Skate Shoe

Nike Melee Skate Shoes

You dont need to be a pro at skating to admire the design and features of DC Mens Court Graffik Skate Shoe. You dont even necessarily have to be a guy to break into these bad boys. Irrespective of your gender, you will surely find an outfit to pair with these sleek pair of shoes. This design by DC is highly durable and comfortable with pure leather construction thats armed to endure wear and tear.

Signature DC Rubber Sole and Cup Sole

The rubber sole comes along with vent holes to allow freedom while walking and skating at ease. It is highly breathable and comfortable. The cup sole not only makes the shoes look sleek and trendy but also add strength and power to it. These cup soles haves excellent grip on the board while the cushioned panels pillows and guards the feet from high impact by absorbing most of it. They are stitched to the top part instead of being glued which makes it highly durable.

Furthermore, the pill pattern tread further instates brilliant grip on the board. The shoelaces are conveniently fastened from the vamp to prevent tangles in the wheels. The shoe comes in varied color combinations to please your aesthetics and give you a kick start every day.

Advanced Features and Design


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Nike Sb Koston Hyperfeel 3 Trainers 819673

If you are looking for highly reliable mens trainers that you can also use for skateboarding, then the Nike SB Koston Hyperfeel 3 is perfect for you. It is beneficial in the sense that it offers a really impressive feel when you are on the board as it makes use of the Hyperfeel system unique to the brand.

Such system provides a great combination of sock-like fit, highly flexible outsole, and well-articulated cushioning. Nike SB Hyperfeel is also great to use for skating with its ability to offer adequate ankle support. It is also comfy in the sense that youll instantly feel like the footwear works as the natural extension of your feet.

Why I Liked It?

  • Offers adequate ankle support, which makes it suit skateboarding

Dc Mens Court Graffik Se Skate Shoes

These DC mens court graffik se skate shoes are remodeled with a famous outline that supplies a sturdier skate shoe.

The DC court graffik features nearly all the equal factors of the original graffik, however, modernized with heavy obligation substances and information for cutting-edge consumers.

  • Cost more than you expect.
  • Got damage without proper care.

We encourage you to try these skate shoes if you want a dazzling style with a beautiful look. The inner sole is snug so that youll never feel any discomfort in wearing these shoes during skating.

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Vulc Soles Vs Cup Soles

When it comes to skate shoes, a distinction is made between two different sole constructions: cup sole and vulcanised sole. Cup soles are sewn into the shoes, making them more robust, but at the same time, also somewhat heavier and more inflexible. Shoes with a vulcanised sole offer a lot of agility and a great feel for your skateboard, but they are less robust than shoes with a cup soles due to the fact that they dont have the additional seams. Here youll learn exactly what these sole constructions entail in detail:

Vulcanised Soles

The greatest advantages of skate shoes with vulcanised soles are the lower weight and the higher flexibility thanks to a thinner sole. Such a sole construction results in an incredible board feel. Because, in contrast to the cup sole, the individual rubber parts are only glued to each other in vulcanised soles and adhered to the upper by a narrow rubber strip. This means you can jump on your board as soon as you get your shoes, without having to break them in first. The downside of this manufacturing process is that vulcanised shoes wear through relatively quickly and are more prone to abrasion. They also dont dampen as well as cup soles on account of the fact that theyre thinner and softer.

Cup Soles

How We Chose Our Selection Of Skateboard Shoes

Top 5 Best Skateboard Shoes In 2022

Brand – Brand is a biggie here, especially in the style department. There are a million department store knock-off versions of skateboard shoes, but theres only a certain amount of quality brands that really hit the nail on the head. Youll see Nike, Vans, DC and other great brands on this list because they truly know what it means to make an amazing skateboard shoe.

Quality – Quality and brand are associated, and while were telling you that brand matters, it doesnt mean you should blindly follow a brands history. You have to take a look under the hood and the quality of your shoe, and determine if its going to be worthwhile to snag it. This all relies on materials, user reviews, the expected lifespan and more.

Reviews – User reviews help us determine what we should be looking for in order to narrow our scope. We buy and test all these shoes, and if we didnt have hundreds or thousands of reviews to scan through, it would be a blind process. User reviews are the preliminary round of how we determine whats worth our time, and worth your readership.

Durability – The age-old worth of any footwear. Your skate trainers need to hold up against the harsh and unforgiving world, otherwise, youll just burn through your skateboard sneakers in a matter of months, and not have the proper capital lined up to grab a new pair. Durability, lifespan, however you want to put it, is a matter of materials and proper sizing .

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Adidas Stan Smith Adv

Historically, the Stan Smith was a tennis shoe. But not with the same name. Launched in 1965, Adidas called it after the #1 tennis player at the time Robert Haillet. Adidas rebranded the shoe in 1978 and chose Stan Smith, a famous American tennis player, to take up the torch.

The Stan Smith ADV models are reinforced version of the Stan Smith specifically designed for skateboarding. Although, the shoes come in both suede and leather. I recommend sticking with suede. Other than that, you have all the comfort and style of the original Stan Smith.

Q: How Should I Tie The Laces On My Skateboard Shoes

A: Youve got a couple of options. Your main goal is to keep the laces out of your way while skating, but you also dont want to look like a dork and duck them into the collar of the shoe. Besides it looking bad, it usually doesnt hold up very well.

Youll want to stick to three different lacing methods: cross lace, zipper lace, and straight lace. Weve provided a video below to show you the best way to lace up.

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Skate Shoes For Arch Support Faqs

Which skate shoes have the best arch support?

Answer: Well, there are different options available on the market that provide good arch support while skating but the Emerica Mens Reynolds G6 Skate Shoes are the one that we recommend and you can trust too.

Can flat feet wear Vans?

Vans provide great arch support so people with flat feet can surely wear them with ease.

Are skate shoes good for walking?

Skate shoes are not great for walking and may cause fatigue.

What brand of shoes makes the best quality skate shoes?

Nike makes quality skate shoes with different style options.

Is arch support good or bad?

Arch support is great if you have some pain in your feet.

What Are Skate Shoes

Adidas x Welcome Matchcourt Mid Skate Shoes

Skate shoes are specifically designed to improve grip and flexibility while you ride. They are usually built with reinforced rubber in high-impact areas and triple stitching for a long-lasting fit. While you can skate in army boots, skate shoes are a smart move if you’re looking to get major air.

The best skate shoes out there offer enhanced sock liners for major impact protection and strong rubber gum soles for major control as you ride by the water. More advanced skate shoes are designed with technical features that improve comfort and breathability. Rock a heelflip with professional picks like the Kyle Walker Pro. This pair is packed with extras that offer major support so you can ride longer, crazier rails with ease.

Plus, our brand new PopCush foam recipe snaps back and won’t pack it in. We’ve worked with the pros to meticulously tune this technology for superior cushioning and custom energy return for every trick you have up your sleeve.

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Adidas Originals Matchcourt Rx Skate Shoe

If you want to be a pro skater, then you also need the right shoe for the job and thats something that the Originals Matchcourt RX Skate Shoe from Adidas can offer. One thing that you will instantly notice from this footwear is its flexibility as it also tends to break in fast.

It is also one of the longest-lasting footwear from Adidas, which is made possible by its reinforced toecap that works efficiently in prolonging its lifespan. A fabric lining is used in the interiors, making it possible for your feet to breathe and stay comfortable the entire day. It has a vulcanized outsole, which offers an impressive grip as well as a footbed known for its shock-absorption feature.

Why I Liked It?

  • Highly flexible while breaking in fast
  • Long-lasting thanks to its reinforced toecap
  • Breathable and comfortable as it has a fabric lining inside
  • Shock-absorbent and offers adequate grip

Brief History Of Converse Skate Shoes And Skateboarding

The very first Converse shoes were meant for basketball players. These basketball shoes were made from rubber and canvass so they were lightweight, very flexible, and have improved grip and traction which is best for basketball players as they move about on the court.

Meanwhile, skateboarders rode their boards barefoot as they attempted to follow what surfers did. On bare feet, they can have better control over the surfboard. Soon, skateboarding became more and more popular among people who were not into surfing and skaters are now looking for the right skate shoes that will help them improve board control.

Skateboarders started with a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars and soon, found the right shoe that will help them work with a skateboarder. They considered the best qualities of a Chuck Taylor basketball and used these to create a good skateboarding shoe.

In the early days, a skateboard boom happened and most shoemakers created footwear styles thats geared towards skateboarding such as Airwalk and Vans . These two are some of the most popular brands of skateboarding and are known for their durable skate shoe line. Converse, on the other hand, improved the design of their skate shoes with leather or suede rather than use canvas.

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Best Option For Arch Support

Of course, you also need to wear a shoe with an excellent arch support if you want to become an expert in the field of skateboarding. Thats what the DC Net Lace-Up Shoe can offer, which is why it is the product we highly recommend for those looking for arch support. Such support can definitely make you feel safe, especially once you start to do some tricks.

Osiris Mens Peril Skate Shoe

Nike Dunk Scrap Low Men’s shoes Color spliced sports shoes casual shoes skateboard shoes

The Osiris Mens Peril Skate Shoe features a remarkable style, reinforced durability, and padded interior comfort in one. Available in a range of colors and rendered in a quintessential design, this skate shoe looks good on a skateboard as it does on any walking surface.


The lightweight padded tongue of this skate shoe offers impact protection and extra interior comfort. Additionally, the collar features interior cushioning for added safeguarding, ideal for performing complex stunts. Thick lacing guarantees an ideal fit and safeguards the shoes from unfastening during crucial movements. Rubber soles offer handy flexibility and surface protection in one, while a mesh upper material provides breathability and comfort even on the move.


With skate shoes constantly exposed to stress from impact, as well as scrapes and chafes on the grip tape, the outsole benefits from high-quality materials and reinforced construction. The Osiris Mens Peril Skate Shoe features reinforced construction on its rubber outsole which provides maximum anti-abrasion properties. Secure, double-stitching is visible throughout the shoe, from toecap to heel. Synthetic materials render the shoe water-resistant and highly flexible without a compromise on overall quality.


Additional features such as thick lacing, abrasion resistance, and padded linings make this Osiris creation a top choice in modern skateboarding footwear.


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Why Do You Need Comfortable Skate Shoes

Many argue that they can go skating wearing any kind of shoes they want. This is true but not ideal. You will not enjoy your ride, maintain balance properly, or even safely perform tricks if you are wearing the wrong shoes. There are several skateboarding shoes in the market for this reason. Factors like grip, board feel, and shock absorption will significantly improve when you are skating in proper shoes. Most importantly, you can prevent injuries by avoiding unnecessary accidents when you are in the right shoes on your board.

Comfortable skate shoes will completely change your skating experience. You will never go back to regular shoes after trying them once. Many brands in the industry have done an extensive research to develop some excellent options for different kinds of skateboarders.

What Are The Most Comfortable Skates Made Of

If you are asking, what are the most comfortable skates made of?, you are not alone. You do not have to wonder anymore because we have the detailed answer ready for you. There are three main types of materials used in constructing skate shoes.

Leather: full-grain leather is gotten from the hide of animal skin and is very durable. You will get a good shine from it and it can take a good beating without looking easily worn. However, you will have challenges performing good flip tricks with shoes made from this leather and they do not have an excellent grip. Full-grain leather is also expensive. An alternative is synthetic leather which is cheaper but not as strong.

Canvas: this is a textile material used to make comfortable skateboarding shoes with zero cruelty to animals. If you are a team vegan, you should consider this material instead of leather. Canvas is surely not as tough as leather, but it is still durable. The reduced weight from the textile and increased breathability make canvas an attractive option for casual skateboarders.

Suede: most skate shoes are made from suede especially because of their toughness. This material is stretchy and soft. It tends to expand and get more comfortable with each wear. If the entire shoe isnt made from suede, you can make sure the suede covers the highest stress points like your toe caps and ollie area.

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Emerica Mens Wino G6 Slip On Skate Shoe

The Wino G6 Slip On is a new addition to Emerica line, backed with excellent and professional craftsmanship. The skate shoe builds upon the Wino G6 with added features to strengthen the design, increase its durability and instill it with the best, high quality products. Break in to these great pair of shoes with first rate cushioning, providing you comfort and support with every step. It gives you a more board like feel and doesnt take away from your experience and joy of skate boarding.

Double Wrapped Vulc ConstructionThe innovative double wrapped vulc construction of the skate show offers a great board like feel improving your skating experience. It is light in weight and has an excellent heel anchor system to help you lock the feet into the shoes securely and offers superior control and response over the board. It is a highly progressive technology, as most skate shoes are firm and thick, giving less board like feel. Durable G6 Polyurethane Insole

Emericas superior drop-in G6 Polyurethane insoles are constructed with high rebound foam. This helps absorb shock and high impact over hard landings. It also protects the feet and gives support throughout the legs to ankle and knee. They are safe and secure, provide cushioning and comfort to the feet and limit wear and tear. The rubber sole is thick and further reinforces the cushioning effect. The shaft of the shoe measures approximately low top from its arch.

Sturdy Material


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