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Best Sandals To Hide Bunions

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Most Fashionable Shoes For Bunions For Every Occasion

The 5 Most Comfortable Shoes I’ve EVER Owned!

There are many reasons why choosing the right footwear is important. The shoes you wear dont simply contribute to your style they can also affect your overall comfort, health, and appearance. One of the most common foot problems is bunions. Youre probably familiar with bunions and the telltale discomfort they can cause: Stiffness in the big toe and excess pressure to the other toes. If you consistently wear shoes that are too tight, you can both develop bunions and worsen existing ones. Eventually, this can make something as simple as walking more challenging.

Choosing the right footwear is even more important. The best shoes for bunions can both prevent new ones from forming and treat any existing discomfort. The wrong footwear, meanwhile, can irritate your bunions and exacerbate the pain.

Just knowing you need to wear the right shoes doesnt mean you actually know what to look for in bunion booties or sandals. Luckily here at Taos, we offer a wide variety of options, from comfortable leather boots to sandals that hide bunions. Our styles help you avoid discomfort while staying as fashionable as ever.

What Determines the Best Shoes for Bunions?

Your main goal when choosing a bunion boot or other type of footwear for bunions is to select an option that has extra space around the toes. In general, the heel should also be relatively low most of the time.

Fashionable Shoes for Bunions

Comfortable Leather Boots for Bunions

The Best Sandals for Bunion Feet

Shoes And Sandals For Bunions: The Best & Most Stylish Picks

No matter the season, bunions refuse to conform to ill-fitting footwear. No worries, weve got you covered! See six of our favorite shoes and sandals for bunions. All feature soft leather uppers, vamps that dont cross the bunion area and other comfort features to carry you through the day painlessly. Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite shoes or sandals for bunions that have helped you!

Born Iwa sandal

We love the wide criss-cross straps of the Born Iwa. Made from supple leather, the straps envelope the forefoot and cover the bunion area without irritation. The insole is nicely cushioned but arch support is minimal. The Born Iwa is available in whole sizes 6-11 , $94.95 from Zappos and Nordstrom.

The Matai is Naots longtime best-seller for multiple reasons: removable cork/latex footbed with metatarsal and arch support, soft leather uppers that conform to shape of foot and a vamp that crosses well below bunion area. The hook and loop closure provides a snug fit at the instep. Read my detailed review or take it from a happy Zappos customer:

Very supportive and attractive I have a hard time finding shoes that accommodate my bunions and have enough padding and support in the footbed without being too wide in the heel. These are just about perfectly comfortable with the added bonus of having an interesting visual appeal-not too cloddy. Love em!

The Naot Matai is available in euro sizes 35-43 for $81-179.99 from Zappos, and

Birkenstock Tracy

Bzees Smile

Bunions Are A Struggle

For most folks, summer is the time for cute sandals for me, I get anxious about having to wear sandals with my bunions. I dont like wearing hot sneakers everywhere, and I certainly dont care for flip flops.

And having bunions is not about appearances, either. The deformity of my big toe is a real pain point for me and forces me to slow down my walking on some days. I sometimes experience pain in my foot and lower back as a result of it.

I do my part to care for my bunions, including wearing sneakers recommended by my podiatrist. However, I want to shake it up a bit and wear cute sandals with my dresses and skirts.

I didnt want to be stuck in my old sneakers all summer, so I began looking for the cutest bunion friendly sandals. Wait till you see what I came up with!

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What To Look For When Buying Sandals For Bunions

We recommend you look out for soft uppers, preferably made from naturally stretchy and accommodating materials, such as leather. Try to avoid having too much detail over the bunion area, as this could cause friction and typically is likely to limit how far the upper material can stretch.

Soft leathers and suedes are ideal materials for bunions as they will gently stretch to form a comfortable fit unique to each foot. We also have specialist shoemaking tools in our stores that will gently stretch certain areas of a shoe, and we are often asked by our customers to lightly stretch their shoes around the bunion area.

Wide fit sandals are ideal in that they can give more width across the toe box and this helps to work around a bunion. However, it is not automatic that having a bunion means you would have a wide foot overall and finding a secure heel fit with shoes can be a challenge for some. Thankfully many sandals have adjustable straps or no straps at all which helps us get a comfortable fit, without compromising too much on style in the summer.

Sandals With Removable Insoles To Allow Custom Orthotics

Woman Comfy Toe Correcting Sandals

If you want to have custom orthotics made to fit inside a sandal, you first have to purchase a sandal with a removable insole. After doing an exam and taking the cast or image of your feet, we then write an orthotic prescription and send the sandals to the orthotic lab to have orthotics made specifically for your sandals. Here are our favorite sandals with removable insoles:

Naot: Many Naot sandals have a removable insole. This allows us to make you a custom orthotic that will fit perfectly in the sandal. You can see a selection of Naot sandals here.

Alegria: Most Alegria sandals have removable insoles so that you can have a custom orthotic made to fit in place of the manufacturers insole. Another nice feature of Alegria is the rocker sole that acts to limit motion of the big toe joint. This rocker action can do a lot to reduce bunion pain. You can see Alegria sandals here.

Finn Comfort: Finn makes both mens and womens sandals with removable insoles. The size of the Finn insoles makes these sandals just about perfect for fitting a custom orthotic. Also Finn tend to run a little wider than the other sandals which is great if you have a bunion that is causing the front of your foot to be wider than average. You can see a full selection of Finn Comfort sandals here.

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Tamarindo Sanddollar Sandal Womens Leather Softbed Flip Flop Suntan/pebble 8

  • Tamarindos Sanddollar Sandal is a lightweight leather slip on. The foot bed and outsole are molded to maximize traction, comfort, and durability. Soft full grain leather straps intertwine over the upper to stylishly secure your foot.
  • Hand Made These sandals are put together by hand with heavy gauge thread. This adds durability, increases flexibility, and gives every pair a unique, crafted look.
  • All Day Leg and Back Support Our Luxetech Handsewn Comfort Technology utilizes an EVA midsole thats lighter and more flexible than rubber. Plus the molded footbed give you the foot support that active adventurers need.
  • Soft Leather Straps Made from full grain leather, which stays strong and continues to look great over time. They are also very easy to clean just wipe your flip-flops once a week to prevent dirt from building up.
  • Designed by Footwear Experts We use cutting-edge technology to make Tamarindo products lighter and stronger. From toe to heel, our boots, shoes, and sandals are meticulously designed to cradle your foot and help you explore in the stylish comfort!

Shoes Made With Flexible Mesh Or Canvas Material

Shoes that are made from flexible mesh or canvas type material often accommodate bunions best. For this reason, the stretchy materials often expand around your bunions, making the shoes more comfortable. Above all, some comfort brands that offer flexible mesh or canvas material are Arcopedio, Fidelio, New Balance, Brooks just to name a few.

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What To Look For When Buying Shoes For Bunions

Tight-fitting or otherwise narrow shoes can make a bunion pain worseand potentially even cause a foot bunion to form. The protrusion can also develop from foot deformities and medical conditions like arthritis.

In any case, a good pair of comfortable shoes can make a world of difference. Since the bony bump actually extends the width of your foot, its vital to get wide enough footwear. For some people, this means wearing wide widths, and for others, a wide toe box will suffice.

Additionally, we suggest looking for a relatively soft upper material, like leather or mesh, as this will allow more give.² High heel styles arent typically recommended for folks with bunions , but some low wedges can be comfortable.

Lastly, the best sandals for bunions will carry an APMA Seal of Acceptance. This means the American Podiatric Medical Association certifies theyre safe, beneficial for foot health, and offer sufficient arch support.

Keen Women’s Rose Sandal

Best Cushioned Running Shoes 2022: The Run Testers’ Latest Favourites

Keen shoes are well known in the hiking community, and its easy to see why. I have always purchased Keens for my children, but it wasnt until I researched the best hiking shoes for bunions with a wide toe box, that I decided to purchase a pair of Keens sandals for myself.

I can tell you without hesitation that my Keen Rose Sandal is the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned, and I wear them daily.

The only reason I dont wear them on the trail more is that I dont like digging pebbles out of my sandals, but even with that, the Rose sandal gets far fewer pebbles than my other hiking sandals.

However, the Keen Rose Sandal is more than a good hiking sandal. I wear them for my daily walking shoe, around-the-house shoes, and on all of our travel days where I can walk upwards of 7 miles. They are that comfortable and are my #1 recommendation for a comfortable wide-toe box sandal.

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Are Sandals Bad For Bunions

So long as you are looking for features that suit bunions, there is no limit to the style of shoe you can wear with bunions. Soft uppers, minimal details and wide fit can all be found in a variety of shoes, boots and indeed sandals. For more styles of shoes suitable for bunions, take a look at our best shoes for bunions blog.

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Why Should I Buy A Best Sandals For Bunion

You can tell if you need or want a best sandals for bunion by looking at your existing inventory. You probably dont need it and should reconsider buying it. If you can’t bear to go with the old one, you could always sell it and put the money toward the purchase of a replacement.Finishing your project in this manner is a lot of fun and simple to do.

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Dr Scholls Shoes Sheena Wedge Sandals

Best Wedge Sandals for Bunions

  • Size Range: 6-11
  • Colors Available: Oyster and black
  • Extra Details: Contoured insole

Dr. Scholls Shoes Sheena Wedge Sandal bring that Dr. Scholls energy into a slight heel that wont put your foot at a dramatic angle. The insole is contoured to fit your foot without forcing your foot to fit into it. The soles are flexible, too, which helps them move with you rather than against you.

What reviewers say:Obsessed! I had plantar fascia surgery 16 weeks ago, and I am still having trouble wear ANY shoes. My husband and I are about to go on a cruise and I NEED nice/comfortable wedges. These are cute, and comfortable. I just placed an order or the same ones in a different color.

Choose The Socks Wisely:

The 3 Best Sandals For Bunions

It is not a joke when you are advised to choose the right socks for bunions. The right kind of fabric can heal the pointed tender area within a few months. Cotton socks are commonly used however, they are not a safe option. Cotton increases friction that causes redness and swelling of a bunion.

Choose spandex or wool socks. They are not only comfortable but provide maximum coverage. Avoid socks that have seams for the toes. That increases the rubbing of toes and juts out the protrusion more. Seamless socks are safer and give a wide berth to the metatarsal joints.

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Sole Bliss Willow Black Suede Wedges 179

Sole Bliss shoes have been worn by many celebrities, including Helen Mirren and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Approved by UK podiatrists, these Sole Bliss shoes are constructed with a deep and wide toe-box and an invisible stretch panel to support and reduce pressure on bunions, as well as triple-layer underfoot cushioning for ultimate comfort.

According to the brand, 91 per cent of women say they worry about what shoes to wear for a special occasion. But these summer wedges from Sole Bliss’ Willow range are perfect to wear to any event.

Made from black luxe suede upper and full soft leather lining, they boast a three-inch snake print cork wedge and platform, vintage-style peep-toe, and an adjustable strap to support your feet while you walk. Wear with dresses, jeans and skirts to showcase your summer style with confidence.

Use Decorative Shoe Clips

Shoe clips are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. You can jazz your shoes up with an elegant bow, a flower, or colorful rhinestones to disguise your bunion.

The best feature of decorative shoe clips is that you can use them on any type of shoe, which increases your wardrobe exponentially!

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The Best Shoes To Wear When You Have Bunions

No one is immune from bunions. But if you do suffer from them, it can feel next to impossible to find shoes for bunions which are both stylish AND comfortable.

Chances are though, you may well suffer from bunions at some point in your life. Around a quarter of all people are estimated to get bunions, and that rises to more than a third for those over the age of 65.

Plus, women are more likely to suffer from bunions than men.

Sometimes A Little Creativity Is Key

You Will Want Barefoot Shoes After Watching This⦠My 5 Year Journey

For those occasions when fashion trumps our good sense, Danform Shoes Fit Experts can tailor a not exactly bunion-friendly shoe by adding space. Using the ball and ring stretcher, forgiving leathers will loosen.

As long as you spend most of your days wearing supportive footwear, you can, as one of our favorite customers says, “afford to be ornamental” on special occasions!

Flat soled sandals like the Born Iwa, above, aren’t recommended for everyday bunion wear, but its leather upper can be customized to your foot when our experts dig into their bag of tools.

Your feet will thank you for choosing a wedge over a traditional high heel.

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Stegmann Original 108 Wool Clog


  • May need to size down for barefoot wear

  • Requires a break-in period to loosen

The Stegmann Original 108 Wool Clog is a comfortable, stylish pick perfect for those with bunions. The wool upper helps keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and the cork and latex sole conforms to your feet for added comfort. Available in medium and wide widths, the shoes also have structured arch support designed to support your toesbunion joint included.

With additional cushioning and a slip-resistant rubber outsole, the Stegmann Original 108 Wool Clog is a durable and long-lasting option that you can wear year after year. And with only an inch of heel height, it helps reduce pressure and promote natural alignment. It’s available in women’s and men’s whole and half sizes and various colors.

Women’s sizes: 5.5 to 11 | Men’s sizes: 8 to 13 | Available Widths: Medium, wide | Upper Material: Merino wool blend

Sculpted Footbed & Toe Loop

The Mayari sandals have the same comfortable, sculpted footbed Birkenstock is known for. They have a toe loop and are available in a vast range of colours and finishes, both narrow and regular fit. These sandals are very versatile, easy to pair up with any outfit or occasion, which makes them a great wardrobe staple for the summer season.

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Comfortable Sandals And Orthotics For Men And Women

Whether youre dealing with bunions, wide feet, flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis, or general foot pain, Vionic has a pair of sandals that suits your needs. From toe-posts and T-straps to slides and wedges, we have it all. Not only that, but many of our styles are certified by the APMA.

In addition to stylish podiatrist-designed sandals and shoes, we carry mens and womens orthotics. You can place our shoe inserts in virtually any pair of shoes to make them more supportive and comfortable. For more information on bunions and if bunions can be reversed, visit Vionic Shoes today! Sore feet causes a number of inconveniences, and Vionic is here to guide you to comfort and support. Wondering what is foot pronation? Weve got you covered! Visit our website for further insight on overpronation vs underpronation, along with how to correct overpronation.

Order yours today, and prepare to be amazed by the difference.

Scholl Lydia Sandal Now 5919

Comfy Bunion Correcting Sandals in 2020

Scholl has long been renowned for its foot care advice, treatments and products, and this elegant Lydia sandal doesn’t disappoint. From the office to an evening out for dinner or drinks, this versatile sandal will see you through summer.

The Lydia wedge boasts a sophisticated design and features straps on the shoe tip and on the ankle. The lining and inner sole material are made from leather.

The comfortable wedge height supports your foot and its Scholl’s signature Memory Cushion insole absorbs shocks. It also adapts to the natural anatomy of the foot, which means it helps to distribute pressure.

Products featured in this article are independently selected by our shopping writers. If you make a purchase using links on this page, MailOnline will earn an affiliate commission.

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