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How Much To Ship Shoes To China

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Weight Estimation For Taobao Items

How to Get The CHEAPEST / FASTEST SHIPPING From China (Rehearsal Shipping 2022)

Below is the estimated approximate weight for different kind of clothes and shoes bought from Taobao. Please check also weight estimation for most popular items purchased from

Women jeans: 0.3 0.6kg .Men jeans: 0.5 1kg .Dress shoes, casual shoes, cross trainers: 0.5 1kg .High-heeled shoes, sandals: 0.3 0.5kg .Jean jackets: 1 1.5kg .Cotton shorts and tee shirt together: 0.5 1kg .Underwear: under 0.1kg .Dress suits: from 0.8 to 1.8kg .Dresses: 0.2 0.5kg .Dockers, other casual men pants: 0.3 0.5kg .Women dress pants: 0.3-0.5kg .Sweatshirts, sweaters, other hoodies: 0.3 1.7kg .

We Help Get Your Parcels Where They Need To Go

Help meet your customers need for speed and reach

We deliver to 220+ countries and territories with a choice of delivery speeds.

Get competitive shipping rates

Enjoy competitive rates and price certainty with no hidden fees.

Enjoy the value of using one provider

Standard or express, you get one contract and one point of contact.**

Leverage our commercial partnerships

Access key international subsidiaries and joint ventures, including Australia Post Global and Sai Cheng Logistics International.

You and your customers can track your parcel journey and be advised of any delays.

Get help & support 24/7

Get support from your Account Manager^, our Contact Centre, or 24/7 live chat.

Sending a one-off item?

Smart Shopping Means Avoiding Products Banned From Import To Cn

The US & UK goverments now requires electronic export information for certain commodities shipped to China. If additional export document preparation is needed, MyUS can assist you.

As you shop for electronics, fashions and beauty products in the US or UK online, please be aware certain goods and merchandise are prohibited from import to China. Experienced international shoppers know to avoid these items currently banned from import to China:

  • Drugs

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Compare International Delivery Services

We always deliver as swiftly and safely as we can, but our international services are currently affected by overseas disruptions and restrictions. For the latest info on delivery times and COVID-19 delays, see our international updates.

An update on our International Economy service

From April 2022, our International Economy service will no longer be offered at contract rates to our business customers.

The service remains available at standard rates through MyPost Business or over the counter at a local Post Office.

From price is when sending up to 500g to Zone 1 .


  • Untracked
  • Suitable for items up to $100 in value. For more valuable items, you can add Extra Cover3
  • Optional Signature on Delivery4


  • Tracking included6
  • Suitable for items up to $100 in value. For more valuable items, you can add Extra Cover3
  • Optional Signature on Delivery4


  • Tracking6 and Signature on Delivery3 included
  • Suitable for items up to $100 in value. For more valuable items, you can add Extra Cover4
  • Available at 800+ Post Offices
  • Tracking6 and Signature on Delivery included
  • Suitable for items up to $100 in value. For more valuable items, you can add Extra Cover3
  • Only available in select retail outlets

Explore The Nz Market

How Much Do Air Jordans Cost In China,Cheap Nikes From China Free ...

Ship to New Zealand

If you’re thinking of exporting internationally, New Zealand is a great place to start. There’s no language barrier, and New Zealand shoppers have similar habits and tastes to us.

It was Australia Posts international shipping solution that made our decision to expand to New Zealand a no-brainer. We could ship our product quickly, which made it so much easier to create a better customer experience. That did such great things for our brand.

Rob Rand, founder of KNOBBY

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Does Alibaba Have Free Shipping

Most suppliers show free shipping with vague meanings. Technically, we can say that suppliers on Alibaba provide free shipping. But, note that they always charge you secretly for it.

It is not a recognized trait of Alibaba. Instead, it is solely the trick for suppliers on Alibaba. Lets look at some users experiences.

Q: Why is it possible that Alibaba suppliers allow free shipping from China to the US?A: It is actually not free. Shipping is costly, including fuel, warehouse, transportation, labor, etc. It will cause them loss if they allow free shipping.In fact, these suppliers include the shipping fee in the goods price. Some suppliers have a minimum order quantity to allow free shipping.

Q: Why are the goods prices so low even after including the shipping costs?A: Most goods manufactured in China incur low production costs. It is due to the advantages of raw materials and labor costs. For instance, a watch costs only $10 in China. The suppliers will sell it at USD$40, which is relatively cheap for Western buyers. It includes the $20 product costs and $20 shipping costs.

Q: Is there other possible reasons that Alibaba sellers offer free shipping?A: Yes. The China e-Commerce has grown bigger in recent years. It benefits from economies of scale in production, warehouse, and transportation. The labor costs are also relatively cheap. Some sellers will have a minimum order quantity. That is why they can still sell you a cheap and quality product.

Shipping From China: The Complete Guide

If youre looking for information on shipping from China, whatever it is, this is the guide for you.

In this guide, we equip you with information on how to get your goods from China hassle-free.

Here, you will also find some clues on the best ways to ship, average costs, how to reduce cost, and shipping time, among other things.

So keep reading.

Shipping from China is profitable in every imaginable way.

This is thanks to the cheap product prices, good infrastructure, and friendly foreign policies.

It is even better for drop shippers and those shipping to fulfillment stores.

For these, shipping from China promises a good return on investment.

You can ship a range of products from China cheaply and resell them for an attractive profit.

The best part is that you have the option of doing it yourself or enlisting the services of a qualified shipping agent.

A China shipping agent helps to ease your shipping.

They have the necessary know-how, skills, and contacts to ensure the smooth movement of goods from China overseas.

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Shoe Boxes Minimum Order Quantity

Unfortunately, for custom-designed shoe boxes, the minimum order quantity when working with a manufacturer is as high as 5,000 – 10,000 boxes.

For standard, non-customized boxes, there is no restriction of how many you can buy. You will be able to match the quantity of boxes with the quantity of shoes ordered.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Companies like PackMojo have emerged who offer custom-designed packaging at order volumes as small as 30 units.

You can get an instant quote from them here.

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Package From China Via Usps

What It Actually Costs To Make A Sneaker

If you have ordered from AliExpress, Alibaba, eBay, or some other website in China and are expecting a delivery via USPS, you are probably wondering how long you need to wait for your parcel to arrive.

How long does it take to receive a package from China via USPS? This article provides answers and valuable information. Access DoNotPay if you are facing issues because your parcel is late, lost, or stolen. Our app can help you submit a claim for a refund in no time!

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No One Knows How This Ends

In recent weeks, shipping carriers have aggressively moved empty containers to Asia, increasing availability there, according to data from Container xChange, a consultant in Hamburg, Germany.

Some experts assume that as vaccinations increase and life returns to normal, Americans will again shift their spending from goods back to experiences reducing the need for containers.

But even as that happens, retailers will begin building up inventories for the holiday shopping binge.

The stimulus spending plan moving through Congress may generate hiring that could prompt another wave of buying, as previously jobless people replace aging appliances and add to their wardrobes.

There could be a whole other subset of consumers out there that havent been able to consume, said Michael Brown, a container analyst at KBW in New York. You are potentially looking at some shortages for quite some time.

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Shipping From China To Saudi Arabia

Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia takes only 3-5 days by air and about 5 weeks by sea.

Popular products shipping from China to Saudi Arabia include electricals and electronic equipment, machinery, ships, boats, boilers, etc.

As already mentioned, you can transport your goods from any of chinas major seaports to Dammam, Jeddah, and Riyadh with ease.

Air transport is also available for shipping light and urgent cargo.

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Cheapest Way To Ship To China

You must understand how shipping works to your advantage while delivering a package to China. All these goods going to China mean cheaper consumer shipping costs. Our employees have years of shipping experience in China. Our shipping strategy ensures you get the cheapest shipping cost to China.

Establish a shipping strategy tailored to your needs with our helpful consultants. Shipping to China might look like a maze, but let us guide you. You must collaborate with a group of individuals that understand the complexities of Chinese customs and their specific import regulations to achieve the lowest shipping to China. The study we have carried out can save thousands of people by shipping a package to China and preventing any delays.

A monitored postal service such as DHL eCommerce or EMS Parcel Post will be the cheapest option to send to China from the US. These services are delivered to the domestic leg of travel in the USA and the local postal service in China via local carriers, such as FedEx or USPS.

Ideal for eCommerce businesses, who have to maintain the costs of delivery to a minimum, tracked mail takes longer than ordinary messaging services, and tracking updates are far less common but cheaper. Tracked mail is excellent for delivering packages to long-haul destinations that would otherwise have very expensive delivery rates for tiny and lightweight products.

Alibaba One Touch Service: Make Your Shipment Easier

How Much Do Air Jordans Cost In China,Cheap Nikes From China Free ...

Alibaba One Touch is an Alibaba affiliate that provides import and export services. It helps an Alibaba supplier and trading company to ease the export process.

It allows access to order financing, logistics management, and export procedures. You must use it for customs clearance for orders above $5,000. Lets discover more here.

Read more

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Cheap Shipping To China

The cheapest way to ship to China from the US is via a tracked mail service, like DHL eCommerce or EMS Parcel Post. These services use a local carrier, such as FedEx or USPS, to handle the US domestic leg of the journey and the local postal service in China to make the final delivery.

Ideal for eCommerce businesses, who need to keep delivery costs to a minimum, tracked mail takes longer than a standard courier service and the tracking updates are less frequent, but its significantly cheaper. Suitable for small and lightweight items, tracked mail is a good option for sending packets to long-haul destinations which would otherwise have costly delivery rates.

Here are some examples of our cheap courier services to China and estimated delivery times:*

The Cost Breakdown Of Air Freight

If you are a newbie, you can just keep in mind the shipping costs mentioned above and seek help from your Chinese supplier or freight forwarder. However, you may carry out the shipping process on your own, then the next will surely interest you.

Firstly, the charged weight of air freight is also calculated by real weight or by volume, just similarly to Express. But air freight has its own formula to calculate its Dimensional Weight, which is: Length x Width x Height /6000, slightly different from Express.

Furthermore, if youre shipping your goods yourself, you should know the cost of each part of the air freight, as its not just an all-included price.

Shipping Cost under FOB Term

Usually, while buying wholesale from Alibaba, most of the suppliers will quote you FOB price.

This means, your Chinese supplier is responsible for the transportation cost from a Chinese factory to the Chinese airport and Chinese export costs, while you are responsible for:

  • The cost from China airport to an American airport.
  • The cost from American airport to your door.

Thus, by FOB, Shipping cost = Cost for air shipping from Chinese airport to American airport + American customs clearance cost+ Local logistics cost in the USA

For the accurate cost of American customs clearance and local logistics in the USA, youd better ask your local freight forwarder. Additionally, the type of cargo and the destination airport will make a great variation in the cost.

Shipping Cost under EXW Term

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Shipping From China To Africa

According to reports, China shares an excellent trade relationship with many African countries.

This has recently made Africa one of the largest recipients of shipments from China.

The primary destinations for goods from China to Africa are Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Ghana, etc.

Importers from Africa adore Chinese products due to their competitive prices.

They can source a variety of products from China and resell them in Africa at fair prices.

Pack And Ship Overseas

Shoes Wholesales Market – You should know Yiwu

Stock up on prepaid packaging

Sending lots of parcels to the same country? Keep a pack of International Post prepaid satchels or boxes handy, for postage and packaging whenever you need it.

Print your own shipping labels

Looking for a smarter way to send? Try paying for postage online and printing your own labels. You can even prepare and print Australian customs declarations, while youre at it.

Keep up with international shipping regulations

Use our export tools to keep up-to-date with various international shipping regulations to help provide your customers with more accurate shipping costs at checkout.

Current disruptions and restrictions to international sending

We always deliver as swiftly and safely as we can, but our international services are currently affected by overseas disruptions and restrictions.

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What Is The Best Way To Ship From China To The United States

While its a great question, there is no universal best way to ship from China. You should carefully consider the following variables:

  • Product and Load what is being shipped and how big is it?
  • Destination is it going to a small office or a warehouse?
  • Timing Requirements do you need it the same week, or can you wait? This is a crucial consideration, especially during the Chinese holidays.

Product and Load: Some shipments, like aerosol cans and strong magnets, are very difficult to ship by air. Other products like lithium-ion batteries can be shipped via air, but the documentation required is often difficult for suppliers to provide, and can only ship via specialized aircraft. Because of this, it is often easier to ship batteries by China sea freight.

Some products might be too heavy or too large to be shipped via air, and can only be shipped by sea or rail.

There are some situations where it would be better to ship products by air. Products with dimensions less than 1 cubic meter are often ideal for air shipments. High-value cargo is sometimes both safer to be shipped via air and at times a requirement by China freight insurance companies.

In some instances, buyers may find it easier to ship smaller sized shipments via China air freight, whereas others could benefit from deconsolidation services once the cargo arrives at the port in the United States.

Timing Requirements: If cargo is needed urgently, there is no faster way than shipping by air.

Answers To Your Questions About Estimating Shipping Costs

Shipping estimates

Why does my price say âestimatedâ?

Our online shipping rates calculator estimates shipping cost based on the information you input, like how much the package weighs, its dimensions, the currency conversion rate , and other factors. Your charges could be different from the estimate if any of these factors change.

Why was my ï¬nal shipment price more than originally quoted?

Charges at the time of shipment might be different than those estimated if the package weight, dimensions, origin, destination, currency conversion rate, or other factors change between the time a customer receives an estimate and the time they actually ship the package. Be sure you enter the correct information into the online shipping rates calculator. If youâre not sure of the weight or dimensions, consider buying a small scale and measuring your shipments with a tape measure or ruler. You can download a measuring app onto your smartphone if needed. Doing these things should help you enter more accurate information into the calculator for better estimates in the future.

Shipping cost

How much does it cost to ship with FedEx? Which service is the cheapest?

We base your rate on factors like how far your package has to travel , how quickly you need it to arrive, how big it is, how much it weighs, and whether or not you choose shipping insurance. Use our free online shipping rates calculator to estimate your shipping cost, compare options, and ï¬nd the cheapest way to ship.

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Does Canada Post Ship To China

Yes they do. Delivery times will vary depending on the service level you choose. Priority Worldwide can have your package delivered as early as 3 business days. Small Packet Air generally takes 6-10 business days and Small Package Surface takes 2-3 months for your boxes to be delivered.See delivery times with all Major carriers here.

How To Get Cheaper Shipping On Alibaba

How to buy Yeezy shoes in India

After comparing, FCL Sea Freights are the cheapest from China. Shipping using any other shipping method like LCL incur more cost.

Once you establish your need for a separate container, you have to pay a fixed price. Air Freights are fast to have your order shipped, but they are expensive.

In short, FCL Sea Freights are the cheapest, while Air Freights are the most expensive.

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