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Where Can I Find Non Slip Shoes

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How To Find Non Slip Shoes

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Find the right pair of shoes that is not only stylish but actually serves the purpose and safety of your physical body is easy. You just need to know what to look for when shopping for your shoes and boots. It is especially important during the winter tie and wet seasons. Standing confidently on your feet can literally save you thousands of dollars and keep you away from the doctors office.

Tips on Finding Slip Resistant Shoes

Feel the Bottom of the Shoe: The material should not be too hard. You will be able to bend it to some extent.Look for Grooves: The trick is that grooves on the bottom of the shoes are less likely to collect water making it slippery. Instead, these tracks will channel the water away and out of the sole. You will keep your posture and sturdy walk!Check the Shape of the Shoe Sole: Look for soles with rounded sides and avoid flat edge soles. Flat edge soles can easily trap water under the shoe and send you hydroplaning in no time.

Look for the following shoe characteristics when buying online.

What is the material the sole is made of? Do you see grooves or any other patterns on the bottom of the sole? Do she shoes have any grooves?

Your health is important to you. Without doubt, choosing the Right Shoes for every season is the key to staying away from broken bones and muscle strain.

Choose From Functional And Stylish Shoes That Are Ideal For Any Workplace

If youre looking for footwear for employees in your foodservice establishment, our selection of boots, chef shoes, and non-slip footwear is the perfect option. Working in a foodservice setting can be very active and may require for your employees to be standing and moving for long periods of time, which is why we carry chef wear shoes and non-slip restaurant shoes. Our comfortable shoes have ergonomic soles that relieve some of the stress and help prevent injuries and soreness.

Regardless of the type of chef shoes youre looking for, we have the perfect chef wear shoes for you. In addition to providing an ergonomic shoe that reduces soreness and pain, we carry a wide selection of non-slip shoes, which help prevent accidents in your kitchen or bar. Plus, we carry several types of boots, which come up higher than traditional sneakers, providing ankle support that is ideal for high-volume establishments or employees who are working with heavy machinery.

Womens Zoya Chukka Boot

For those who need a bit thicker outsole, Lugz Zoya Chukka boots would be an optimal choice. These boots offer Cushioned Insole for added comfort. It is especially important for those women who either walk or stand for extended period of times.

A padded collar will support your bodys entire structure. And breathable lining will be your guarantor for dry and warm feet. These are some of my favorite in womens best non slip shoes to own.

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Where Can I Buy Slip Resistant Shoes

Congratulations! Youve been hired for that new job, maybe as a chef for the hottest restaurant in town, or a nurse with your dream hospital, or even as a manager in a grocery store meat department. Unfortunately, they dont want you working in your four year old tennis shoes that youve cut, marked, taped back together and occasionally cut the grass in. So where do you buy slip resistant work shoes?

If your company has no specific vendors, you have options. It is important that you shop around and consider price, quality, comfort and what you expect of your shoes. Here are some of the choices.

The shoes are on aisle 347. Right beside bread.

1) Corporate MegaMart The advantage of shopping at your local Mega Super Center is convenience. You can grab the $25 store brand work shoes and walk in to work with them tomorrow. The problem is quality. Do you trust a place that sells baby food, tires, televisions and pet products to make a comfortable, durable, high quality pair of slip resistant shoes that will last eight hours or more in a crazy work environment?

Your best option is to be picky. Ask some coworkers who they buy from. Look for a company with a good return policy, good prices and a multi-year history of selling safety shoes. Ask other people in your industry, check message boards and forums for advice and do lots of research.

Choose The Right Shoes


No surprise here considering that weve reviewed the best non-slip shoes for restaurant workers, but its worth emphasizing the point again you need to choose your shoes carefully if you spend long hours on your feet.

You could even address this issue by listing shoes that you shouldnt wear if youre on your feet all day, i.e., high heels, flip-flops, unsupportive flats, sandals, and others. Instead, you need shoes that offer plenty of support and, in the case of restaurant workers, plenty of grip and traction.

Look for shoes that fit comfortably and arent too loose or too snug, that have cushioned midsoles that even allow you to insert custom orthotics if you so choose.

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How To Tell If Shoes Are Non

If youre a medical professional, work in the food service industry, or have a job that requires you to spend long hours on your feet, slip-resistant shoes are a must. But as you begin your search for the right pair, you might be wondering how to tell if shoes are non slip.

At Vionic, we know a thing or two about what goes into the perfect slip-resistant shoe. Our Pro collection covers all the bases in terms of slip-resistance, arch support, and comfort. Here, well explain how non-slip shoes differ from regular shoes, how to tell if shoes are slip-resistant, and what to look for in professional, anti-slip shoes.

What Is Considered A Non

In short, any shoe that gives you great a grip is classified in the non-slip shoe category.

What differentiates them from normal shoes is that non-slip shoes are created from rubberized soles and specifically have patterns which are deep threaded these types of shoes, in fact, avoid the use of thick soles which would not factor into making them resistant to slipping, their key concentration is more on the design of the treads and the kind of material employed.

This is done to provide a solid grip when playing on slippery surfaces.

When reducing the danger of sliding or slipping, the most important element of the shoe, as stated before, is the tread, which is found on the shoes outsole. Shoes with greater resistance are made with grooves and treads which have great depth. This type of deep treads fight against slip-ups because they grasp the ground suitably.

The greater number of both grooves and treads that are on the soles of your playing footwear, the more non slip the shoe will be.

Additionally, the manner that the tread designs and patterns are shaped in also has a great effect on the shoes resistance against slippery courts. Round and circular tread designs on outsoles increase the shoes grip, particularly on surfaces such as wet floors.

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Keen Utility Womens Ptc Oxford Work Shoe

The KEEN PTC Oxford womens work shoe has a variety of helpful features that make it ideal for anyone whose workplace is a restaurant.

For starters, KEEN places safety at the top of the list with its PTC Oxford design: among other features, the shoe has KEENs patented toe protection in which its outsole wraps up and over the toe for ultimate protection. Thats nice protection to have in a work environment in which your toes can take a beating including from objects that fall off counters and shelves.

The PTC Oxford has an oil and slip-resistant that meets industry standards for proper traction and stability.

KEEN doesnt sacrifice comfort in its PTC Oxford design:

  • The shoe has superior cushioning thanks to a combination of recycled polyurethane, memory foam, and cork that adjusts to your foots unique contours throughout your workday.
  • The PTC Oxford has a moisture-wicking lining that keeps your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Theres a compression-molded EVA insole that provides an extra layer of support.
  • It comes with a removable footbed that you can remove and replace with custom orthotics if youd like.

The shoes 100% leather upper, meanwhile, is water and stain-resistant another plus for restaurant workers. The PTC Oxford also features a lace-up design.


  • Non-marking outsole thats water and stain-resistant
  • EVA midsole provides plenty of comfort
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Not available in wider widths

Bottom Line

Make Sure To Purchase Non

PPE Tutorials – Non Slip Shoes

Servers can fall over when theyre carrying plates and trays because they cant see where they are walking, or may slip, trip, and fall over floors that have been soiled with water, stews, soups, and other liquids, he says. A slip can easily result in a severe ankle and/or leg sprain, fractures, and other serious injuries. Look for slip-resistant work shoes with high traction rubber outsoles.

Its also important to consider whether a shoe is water-resistant or has hard uppers. Spills and dropped objects are common, and a protective shoe can prevent or minimize injury, and shoes with black leather or polyurethane uppers are not only waterproof but can also be cleaned easily and quickly.

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Skechers For Work Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

Durable, slip-resistant, protective the Skechers for Work Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe for women has everything you need to handle a long day on your feet. They also feel great, which is a commonality within Skechers excellent line of comfortable, stylish, and practical shoes.

The Sure Track shoe offers exceptional comfort thanks to a memory foam removable insole and a FlexSole midsole that absorbs shock while adding to the shoes overall durability. Additionally, the shoe has a soft and comfortable fabric lining that helps to provide breathability, and a memory foam cushion that adapts to your feet as you work.

The Sure Tracks construction features a solid, durable upper thats waterproof which is important to working in a restaurant setting in which youre exposed to any manner of spills, from water to coffee to the soup-of-the-day.

It also features a leather toe box and heel overlays that protect your feet should something fall on them. Meanwhile, the outsole is sturdy and offers plenty of traction, as a non-slip shoe should.

Reviewers also like the Skechers Sure Track for other reasons, including that its easy to clean and that it eliminates the pain that may result from spending long hours on your feet.


  • Some reviewers say the heel is too narrow

Bottom Line

Their shoes passed the test, impressive enough on any wet surface, much less one coated with Crisco.


  • Some reviewers say the stitching isnt always of the highest quality

Bottom Line

Whats The Best Nonslip Shoe For You

The best nonslip shoe for you is the one that will provide you with excellent traction. They have better traction than others and are made using deep tread grooves that offer better friction between the wearer and the surface.

The outsole is made using a soft material, which provides an excellent grip whenever you are walking on the ground. The best shoes are also able to feet well on your feet and available in a great design, which you will be confident when walking with.

They have leading edges on the outsole that offer great traction and create a strong grip between the shoe and the surface. This will ensure their no chance of slipping or falling. Unique rubber which is used in making the outsole works against any slippery surface you can be exposed to. All the pattern aspects are made to ensure slipping is difficult.

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Pro Footwear For Medical Professionals And Food Service Workers

Vionic understands how much time medical professionals and food service workers spend walking and standing on slick floors. Although slippery surfaces may be unavoidable in your line of work, we believe your footwear should allow you to focus on the task at hand, not your feet.

Also, you dont have to resort to clogs or athletic shoes to stay comfortable all day at work. In fact, we recommend opting for a pair of orthotic shoes that are specified as slip-resistant. The Vionic Pro collection has arch support superior to other brands. As a result, you wont be dying to remove your shoes as soon as you get off work. Not to mention, our Vionic Pro line carries a ton of stylish nursing shoes, restaurant shoes, and more.

Whether you report for duty at a hospital, healthcare clinic, coffee shop, restaurant, school, salon, or athletic facility, a pair of our extra-comfy and stylish professional shoes will provide you with around-the-clock grip and stability. We carry slip-on and lace-up casual shoes and active-style sneakers for women and men in tons of colors and designs. We also carry our line in standard and wide width shoes.

Are you ready to say goodbye to slips, trips, and foot discomfort on the job? Shop the Vionic Pro line today.

How To Choose The Best Non

  • Comfort

No matter how effective your non-slip shoes are at providing you a good grip as you walk or run, what makes any pair of shoes worth wearing every day is how comfortable your feet feel when you wear them. Pick a pair of uncomfortable non-slip shoes and youll end up avoiding wearing them. Therefore, make sure that the non-slip shoes you pick are the kind that offer breathability and good cushioning. To make sure you do so, look for a pair that are made of mesh fabric and have memory foam so that the impact gets distributed evenly, which helps prevent the chances of pain or aches.

  • Safety

When your job requires you to walk around most part of the day or places that are greasy or slippery, you need to keep safety in mind. When you work at a restaurant or a hospital, you need to make sure that the shoes are truly non-slip and offer a good grip so that you dont have to tread too carefully all the time. A pair of heavy-duty non-slip shoes with anti-slip sole that have grooves that keep you protected even as you walk on surfaces that have gravel, mud, or soap. Once you know your shoes are 100% safe, you can then check if they suit your style. The bottomline is that your shoes should be safe to wear under certain conditions that you are exposed to on a daily basis.

  • Outsole
  • Midsole
  • Insole
  • Durability

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Vionic Pro For Women And Men

When you browse the innovative Vionic Pro collection, youll find an excellent selection of professional footwear for those who work extended hours on the frontlines, serving their communities each and every day. As mentioned, each pair has a cutting-edge EVA midsole with our Vio-Grip Technology and is performance-tested to ASTM standards. Non-slip shoes from Vionic have either breathable woven uppers or easy-to-clean leather uppers. Additionally, most of our Pro styles come with a removable cushioned insole.

The best part about our shoes? You can wear them all day without foot pain thanks to our Vio-Motion Support technology. Offering three-zone comfort in every shoe, we guarantee comfortable arch support, cushioning, and stability in every step.

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What Makes A Shoe Slip Resistant

What are slip resistant shoes? A slip-resistant shoe is a type of safety shoe. As you can gather from the name, non-slip shoes are designed to prevent wearers from slipping and falling on wet, oily, or otherwise slick surfaces. The main thing that sets them apart from standard shoes is a rubber sole, which provides better grip and traction, making them the perfect healthcare shoes for nurses and doctors..

While OSHA requires workers in many industries to wear slip-resistant occupational footwear to prevent hazards, it doesnt give much detail in terms of what slip-resistance means. However, proper non-slip shoes typically have durable, anti-skid soles, and patterned tread for added friction on wet, greasy, or slippery floors. Keep reading for more guidance on how to tell if shoes are slip-resistant.

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