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How Much Do Golf Shoes Cost

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Best Budget Golf Clubs


Finding the best budget golf clubs is an important category. You can easily spend thousands of dollars on a new set of 14 clubs, so this is an area where the idea of budget golf can make a big impact on your golf expenses. Were going to cover this section with two different categories. First drivers, and then irons.

The budget golf rule for getting a high-quality driver for less is selecting a new one that was released at least a couple years ago. For example, if you go buy a newly released driver, it can cost you $500 or more, but if you go with a similar model from two years ago, you can find them for less than $200. Here are some of our favorites:

TaylorMade M1

The TaylorMade M1 was first released back in 2016 and has performed well ever since. You can find a used one for well under $200. We would recommend you check eBay or a retailer that focuses on used equipment, such as Second Swing golf.

Cobra LTD

The Cobra LTD is an example of high-quality driver that we feel is undervalued. You can find a new one for $250 or a used one for closer to $150. Check Amazon or used club retailers to find the best deal.

The X Hot is another example of a driver that has been out for several years, but continues to perform well. To get the best price for this budget golf club we recommend you check out eBay or Second Swing. Go used and you can save a nice chunk of cash.

Ram Golf EZ3 Iron Set

Pinemeadow Irons

Final Thoughts On Best Golf Shoes

As you can tell, there is no shortage when you search for best golf shoes online. Whether you want spikeless golf shoes for your feet or traditional, full-grain leather with spikes, there is a massive selection.

In the past, picking out the best golf shoes was as simple as style, price, and comfort. But today, there is a lot more to consider when searching for your next pair of golf shoes so make sure to shop around.;

Now, you should also think about what type of spikes you want, the weather youre going to play in, and what type of laces you prefer. If youre playing regularly, I think its a good idea to have two pairs of shoes.

Ideally, one pair is a lighter color and more breathable shoe for summer and a heavier, more waterproof pair for winter. This way, you dont have to sacrifice any season and not let your shoes get in the way of playing your best golf.;

Remember, dont let price be the deciding factor as the ones that cost a little more can help save you shots in the long. Trust me, I wish I had more expensive and quality shoes when I was -5 on that historic day instead of cheap full grain leather ones that wore my feet down.

Price Of Golf Hybrids

If you want to use hybrid golf clubs instead of irons, you may achieve a better distance of woods and the more forgiving nature of irons. However, hybrids cost slightly higher than woods and irons.

Most top-caliber hybrids have a price range between $149 and $249, including those designed for women. However, one of the cheapest brands with respectable features is the LAZRUS GOLF Premium Hybrid Golf Clubs for Men, which sells below $40.

But if you want one of the best hybrids, look for the Callaway Big Bertha B21, which has a current price of $249.

Read More: 6 Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for seniors.

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Cost To Check A Golf Bag Withspirit Airlines

You can expect to pay between$21 and $50 to check your golf clubs with Spirit Airlines if its your first checked bag, $31 to $60 if its your second bag, and $75 to $100 if its your third bag. Rates will vary depending on if bags are checked during booking or at the airport.

On top of that, youll be charged an oversized baggage fee of $30 if your golf bag is between 41 and 50 pounds, or $55 if its between 51 and 70 pounds.

Other considerations

  • You wont be charged for oversize baggage if your golf bag is more than the 63-inch limit.
  • Youre also permitted to check a pull cart if its attached to your golf bag.
  • Your golf bag may include 14 clubs, 12 balls, and one pair of shoes.
  • You will be required to sign a limited liability agreement.
  • A hard-shell carrying case is recommended.

Footjoy Kids Fury Junior Golf Shoes

TRUE Linkswear OG Feel Golf Shoes Review

Another great pick is the FootJoy Fury Junior golf shoe that is very similar to the adult version. They are a very sleek shoe with traditional lace up laces and made with extremely durable construction. The one downside is that theyre only available in one color and might not be the easiest for your kids to keep clean.;;

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Most Stylish: Footjoy Contour Casual

Looking for something that you can wear even after you leave the course? Go for stylish golf shoes by FootJoy that has shoppers enamored. “I was looking for a shoe that was comfortable, waterproof, and stylish enough to wear for everyday use,” wrote one customer. “This was that shoe! They were so comfortable that I bought a second pair.” Another shopper added: ” perfect for playing but also good for around town. I often take my FootJoy casual golf shoes when I travel as they are comfortable for long walks.” They’re available in four different colors, including navy and charcoal, so you can get a pair that matches your personal tastes.

To buy: , from $95;, $120

Footjoy Fj Originals Golf Shoe

As I mentioned in the intro, Im a sucker for the traditional golf shoe. But one thing I dont miss about the old wingtip style is how uncomfortable they were. Luckily, you dont have to sacrifice looks for comfort anymore thanks to the FootJoy FJ Originals shoes.;

These shoes are 100% textile and have the traditional saddle look that golfers know and love. But thanks to their EVA lightweight cushioning system, your feet will feel great the entire round.;

As someone whos worn these a long time, I can say they do run slightly wide . These classic shoes are available in three colors; all black, all white, and white/brown style as well.;

If you want a traditional look with modern day comfort and want some room for your feet to move, youll love these shoes.;

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Best Value Golf Shoes For 2021


Golf is an expensive game. Paying for a new pair on top of the greens fees and range balls that you must purchase each time out can be money that you would rather spend on other things. Not to mention that players often prefer the fit and comfort of lightweight options but play golf in the dew and rain, so they must have a waterproof option as well. This guide helps you understand what goes into the different types of best golf shoes and the best way to maximize your dollar in your footwear this season.;

When You Should Ship Your Own Golf Clubs

Nike Air Max 1G Golf Shoe Review. One MAJOR problem! Should you buy???

There is also another way to bring your own clubs without carrying them around during your travel period. That way is to ship your clubs in advance to your destination.

It can cost you a significant amount of money, but it saves you from the dread and hassle of carrying your clubs.

Especially for seasoned golfers, it can be hard to let go of their clubs even for friendly matches.;Thats why if you ask them where they get their clubs during travels, theyd choose to bring their own.

With that, here are other situations when you should ship your own golf clubs during a trip:

  • Have custom-fitted clubs that deliver consistent game performance
  • There is no option to rent clubs
  • You have a restricted budget
  • Will be playing golf for a few days

While the reasons are not limited to these, you can clearly see the advantage of renting clubs.

Thats why the number one thing that you must consider is how frequently youll play golf during your trip.

If youre only playing for a day, it wouldnt be necessary to have your golf clubs shipped. It would be counterproductive and a hassle money-wise and physically-wise.

However, if you know youre going to play more than that, the rental price can take its toll.

So shipping your clubs would be the better choice.

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The Absolute Cheapest Golf Shoes You Can Buy

Alright, lets start it off here. If you are honestly looking to spend the least amount of money possible on some cheap golf shoes, you will need to do a couple of things:

  • Consider buying used shoes online. There are lots of good, slightly used shoes on eBay that you can buy. Just type in golf shoes, put in your size and one size higher, and sort from lowest price to highest price.
  • Try Goodwill: Ive seen some great golf shoes at Goodwill on multiple occasions. Check out other thrift stores as well. Is it a long shot? Definitely, but you never know.
  • Try Ross, Marshall, etc. They offer some CRAZY deals at some locations. They dont include the box, but the price is reduced like 60-80% at times, so you have to at least check them out to see. Personally, Ive never found anything my size there. But Ive seen a lot of good deals being had on reddit all the time.

How Much Should I Spend On Golf Shoes

As you probably noticed if you clicked on these shoes, there is a wide variety of prices. Some are $50 while others are $200 or more. So how much should you spend on your quest for the best golf shoes?

Personally, I think price is one of the last things you should consider. Its better to buy a pair of shoes that last a long time instead of a cheaper pair that arent comfortable and wont last long.

Also, I think your golf shoes depend on how often youre playing golf. If youre an avid golfer who is always trying to get better, spending more on shoes makes more sense than someone who plays a few times per year.;

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Cost To Check A Golf Bag With Allegiant Airlines

The cost of checking your golf clubs with Allegiant Airlines depends on when you decide to check your luggage.

For example, if you check your baggage at the same time you book your flight, youll be charged $18 to $41 per bag. Pre-departure, youll be charged $45 per bag, and at the airport, youll need to pay as much as $50 per bag.

For bags weighing more than 40 pounds, a fee of $50 will be applied.

Other considerations

  • Allegiant Airlines specifies that your golf bag may contain clubs, golf balls, and shoes.
  • Oversized baggage fees may be waved for golf bags exceeding the length limit, but NOTthe 40-pound weight limit.
  • They recommend transporting your clubs in a hard-case golf travel bag.

*Important: unlike most other airlines that charge an oversize baggage fee for luggage over 50 pounds, Allegiant considers bags 40 pounds or more to be oversized and will apply a fee of $50.

For those of you whove done your fair share of golf travel, youll know that these 10 pounds actually make a really big difference its pretty easy to keep the weight of your golf bag below 50 pounds, but 40 is pushing it.

You might need to pack fewer golf balls and hope you keep it in the fairway!

Adidas Womens W Response Bounce Golf Shoe

How Much do Climbing Shoes Cost? (With 55 Examples)

If youre looking for an awesome all around golf shoe, you will love the Adidas Response Bounce. This athletic style leather shoe has an awesome pink, white, and gray design with some great features.;

First, it has traditional spikes with their 6-spike thintech outsole that will last a long time. Its also super comfortable with their cloudfoam insole which provides tons of cushioning and comfort.;

Whether youre walking or riding, you cant go wrong with these golf shoes. Not to mention, theyre incredibly affordable and highly reviewed!;

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Playing Golf: What It Can Cost For A Tee Time

Here, again, is where costs vary greatly. I’m pretty luck to live within walking distance of that municipal golf course with not only an affordable 18-hole course, but a nine-hole par-3 course that’s a good incubator for beginners. The par-3 course, also used for FootGolf, features holes 140 yards or less with several ponds in play. Beginners learn quickly where to miss or they’re reaching for a new ball.

Santa Teresa participates in the “Youth On Course” program with extra benefits. For $60 a year, YOC members who purchase the membership at the club get discounts on range balls; free entry into instructional clinics and youth tournaments; and $5 green fees on weekdays for the short course and the big course in the afternoon an hour before twilight. The Youth On Course program, started by the Northern California Golf Association, has expanded to hundreds of courses in 14 states, offering nearly 20,000 kids, ages 6-18, rounds of golf for just $5. If you can’t find a YOC course near you, the next best bet is to play and practice at a municipal facility or a short course where beginners can gain confidence. Let’s say you play nine holes per week with your child at $50 per round for the both of you, that pace will add up to $200 a month and roughly $2,500 per year.

Total Estimated Cost: $500-$2,500, depending upon how much you play, whether you take a cart and where you play.

Golf Shoes With Metal Spikes

Up until the late 1990s, golf shoes traditionally had metal spikes. Unfortunately, they caused considerable damage to courses.

For the better part of 20 years, metal golf spikes have been prohibited on most public and private courses except for some pro golfers that use metal spikes where allowed in major championships, including the PGA Tour.

These days, golf shoes are either spiked or spikeless since they cause far less damage. If youre wondering what the differences are, heres how they compare:;

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Golf Club Renting Faqs

After answering the question, Can you rent golf clubs, its also essential to tackle essential questions about club renting.

If its your first time renting clubs, you might still get confused on where to start.;Here are some of the frequently asked questions on can your rent golf clubs:

Keep in mind that not all golf courses provide or offer club rentals. It primarily depends on the availability of rental clubs.

During the busiest season, some people would even make a reservation for their rent in advance. While some may have a first-come, first-serve policy when it comes to renting golf clubs.

It is always a must to do your research and double-check before going on your trip without your golf bag.

  • Can you rent golf clubs for left-handed people?

While the answer is not a hard no, it can be harder to find golf rental sets for lefties. Most pro shops and rental shops only offer rental golf club sets for right-handed individuals.

  • How much are rental golf clubs average to high-end resorts?

The rental charge typically starts at around $55/day and can go as high as $100/day.

  • How does renting from a regional golf rental company work?

If you cant acquire rental golf clubs from resorts or national golf club rental establishments, this is your best bet.; Regional companies provide services for a specific region or state within a country.

Here are some of the most notable regional golf club rental companies:

Best Overall For Women: Ecco Golf Biom Hybrid 3 Gtx

How to clean your golf shoes I Tips & Tricks I Golf Monthly

Ecco is a brand known for lightweight, high-quality footwear, and this stylish pair is perfect for women who play golf. “These are the most comfortable shoes I own,” wrote one happy shopper. “My feet are fine for 18 holes… I also played in very wet conditions, and the shoes continued to look great.” Reviewers also rave about the shoes’ good grip and soft leather, saying they feel broken in from the start. “I play three to five rounds of golf per week, often walk, and wouldn’t wear any brand of golf shoes but Ecco Bioms,” wrote another customer.;

To buy: from $91;, from $140

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The Best Golf Shoes For Beginners

Mercer likes FootJoys entire lineup, as does Rich McDonough, director of golf instruction at in Brooklyn, and Bill Neal, owner and general manager of Woodridge Golf Club in Mineral Wells, West Virginia. FootJoy is without a doubt one of my No. 1 shoes. The company has such a massive variety of shoes, I dont think there is anybody who is playing golf who cant find a price point or shoe of comfort that works for them, McDonough says. The FootJoy Flex is versatile and comfortable, comes in multiple colors, and looks like an everyday tennis shoe.

For intermediate players who want a stylish shoe, Cameron Haller, golf professional at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, recommends the G/Fore brand. Its trendy and more popular with younger kids than other brands, he says. The Disruptor shoe is lightweight and waterproof and passes as an everyday fashion-forward sneaker. Schwabe is also a fan. The foam cushion footbed has little bubble beads in the sole that massage the foot pressure points a little bit, he says.

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