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Where To Buy Climbing Shoes

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Q: What Kind Of Climbing Shoes Do The Pros Wear

Outdoor Rock Climbing : How to Buy Climbing Shoes

A: The pros wear climbing shoes that work best for them. While you do get your more distinct and popular brands, pros and beginners alike should choose a shoe thats a perfect fit for the shape and size of their feet while taking their preferred terrains and challenges into consideration. Generally, however, the pros tend to wear a more aggressive climbing shoe because of their more advanced climbing expeditions.

Q: How Do You Keep Climbing Shoes Clean

A: Cleaning methods will depend on the type of fabric the shoes are made from and for the most part, your shoes will come with the recommended cleaning instructions. A general rule of thumb, however, is to avoid washing machines and tumble dryers. Instead, handwash your shoes with lukewarm water and dry them with a heated fan.

When it comes to keeping your climbing gear clean, prevention is better than the cure. Avoid putting your shoes on when your feet are dirty and if they are exposed to moisture, allow them to dry out as soon as possible.

How Can I Make My Climbing Shoes More Comfortable

The Shower Lace up your new shoes. Take your new rock-climbing shoes out of the box. Get into a hot shower. Thats right. Walk around with the shoes on your feet. Stuff the shoes with newspaper. Repeat as needed. Remove all of the packaging from your new shoes. Freeze your shoes. Let your shoes thaw.

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Q: What Are Rock Climbing Shoes

A: Rock climbing shoes are a unique type of footwear that are specifically designed for rock climbers, wall climbers and mountaineers. They are made to sit tight on your feet, have very little padding and feature sticky rubber soles that help you to grip the terrain for a better climbing performance. Because they are not fit for general walking, rock climbing shoes are usually put on just before a sportsman embarks upon a climb.

Top 10 Product Ratings

Ocun Rival
Adjustable heel strap, breathability, single pull adjustment, very comfortable Superb edging, great crack shoe, great on steep rock Sensitive, great edging, comfortable Very comfortable, easy to put on and take off, sensitive yet durable Durable, comfortable, high quality construction
Cons Fabric is less abrasion resistant than synthetic or real leather, metal D-rings can cause pressure points and abrasion to straps Lacks comfort for all day climbing, laces a bit time-consuming Possible back of ankle pressure point, difficult to resole Hard to size correctly, too soft for smaller edges and pockets, rounded toe box Not great on small holds, runs quite large
Bottom Line One of the best available, all-around comfortable shoes, that performs well for most applications including cracks, slab, and face The aggressive downturned toe, combined with a supportive last, makes this shoe shine on vertical face and overhanging rock as well as cracks and technical slab A great shoe for experienced kids who push their limits in steep sport or boulders A colorful and comfortable shoe that is easy to put on and performs well, especially while climbing slabs and cracks The Piki is a high-quality kids shoe with both decent performance and good comfort
Rating Categories

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Can You Climb Barefoot

Most of the climbing gyms require you to wear shoes of some sort while climbing to protect from spreading Athletes foot. Unfortunately, if a climber has athletes foot and climbs, every person that touches the footholds or handholds afterward are susceptible to getting athletes foot and even athletes foot on their face.

Best For Crack Climbing

Rubber typeLining

The Five Ten Kiragami was a top performer in the realm of comfort, which is quite important to kids, especially while climbing cracks. When our primary 8-year-old tester easily slipped into these soft, roomy shoes, her first reaction was “Wow, these are so comfy.” When asked which shoe she wanted to wear for climbing a desert splitter crack, she chose the Kiragami. The single hook and loop closure makes it simple to put them on, take them off, and tighten or loosen the shoes. It is placed close to the ankle so that it doesn’t interfere with toe and foot jams in cracks. The Kiragami comes equipped with Five Ten’s Stealth Phantom rubber, a soft and sticky compound, which increases sensitivity while crack climbing. It is often hard to see your feet while crack climbing, so sensitivity is very helpful. A soft sole also aids in slab climbing by allowing more rubber to contact the rock under the ball of the foot. A rubber rand wraps over the top of the leather upper part of this durable shoe, protecting the top of the foot and increasing contact while climbing cracks, while well thought out mesh placements increase breathability.

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Different Climbing Shoes For Different Climbing Types Or Maybe Not

Lets start with the beginners: If you just started climbing or you are not quite sure yet what type of climbing you will want to focus on, you should get yourself a shoe that fits all types. A shoe that is good indoors and outdoors, on small steps, in holes and when bouldering. This shoe has a bit of a camber but not too much and a stiff sole. That gives you most support and takes the pressure of your muscles, which is great for unexperienced climbers.

Alpine climbers are a bit more comfortable, well at least the shoe is. Because here, you will be doing long climbs, spending a long time in your shoes. Therefore, you are looking for some that are more comfortable, softer and have little or no camber. Also, such shoes are rather symmetric.

Sport climbing is where it gets tight. These shoes have a very stiff sole, are very asymmetric, have a strong camber and downturn. It makes the shoe very tight and stable, putting lots of pressure onto your toes.

Boulder shoes are quite similar. Because these are also just worn during shorter time frames but need to give you lots of stability on small steps and overhanging climbs on the rock or inside. Therefore: strong camber, tight fit and easy on and off thanks to Velcro.

Climbing Shoes For Women & Men

Do You Really Need to Buy Aggressive Climbing Shoes?

Whether you are starting off, warming up, or projecting hard, Evolv rock Climbing Shoes has it all. We cater to a wide range of climbers from new climbers to veteran climbers and even amputee adaptive climbers. Evolv innovates the best climbing shoes to a new level by working closely with product developers, designers and especially, the athletes. We take into consideration of all foot shape and sizes to accommodate unisex sizing. In addition, we designed our shoes to perform across a wide variety of rock types, plastic, and climbing styles.

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Q: Do You Wear Rock Climbing Shoes With Socks

A: Wearing socks with your climbing shoes are not recommended. Not only will they have a negative impact on the shoes overall performance, but your feet will also run the risk of slipping around in your climbing shoes. To add, socks tend to build moisture and this will not only leave your feet feeling soggy but it could also lead to foul foot odor.

How We Chose Our Selection Of Rock Climbing Shoes

When it comes to kitting yourself out with rock climbing gear, the perfect pair of shoes should be at the top of your list. Comfortable footwear that helps to enhance your performance as you grip and push your way up cliffs and mountainsides is what will keep you safe and secure as you excel at the sport. This is why we have compiled a list to help you select a pair of rock climbing kicks that boast the following features quality, brand, good reviews and reasonable pricing.

Quality A quality pair of climbing shoes will remain durable while still complying with regular use. Add this to a comfortable fit, a secure grip and materials that allow an ideal amount of ventilation then you have a quality shoe that will help you to reach your peak performance.

Brand We cannot deny that a brand holds a reputation which, for the most part, will dictate the performance of the product. In the case of choosing the best climbing shoes, we made sure that we selected from brands that not only have a good reputation for designing climbing gear thats a cut above the rest, but we also ensured that they adhere to a thorough after-sale experience by living up to their promises.

Reviews When we compile our lists of the best products on the market, we always make sure we get a second opinion, and then a third and fourth! What the consumers have to say about a certain brand and model truly matters and with this input, we can separate the good from the bad.

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Analysis And Test Results

There has never been a better time to get kids out climbing. Just think, what if Adam Ondra never fell in love with climbing because he hated the way the shoes felt or performed? Today manufacturers offer a vast range of options in climbing footwear for kids, and we highlight the differences so you can spend less time researching and more time getting out there. We break down how each shoe performed on granite slab, quartzite edges, sandstone, basalt cracks, and limestone pockets as well as how they feel on long days, both up on the wall as well as down in the dirt at the base of the crag.

Kid climbers tend to be even more varied in their skill levels and preferences than ever before. There are all types nowadays some kids may never step a climbing shoe outside the gym, while others follow mom and dad around multi-pitch wilderness climbing destinations on any given weekend. Some kids will be crack climbing prodigies while others can crank V8 at world-class boulder fields.

Choosing The Right Material And Size Of Your Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva Stickit

The upper material is either made of leather or synthetic leather. Leather is a bit softer, adapts well to your foot but also stretches faster. A great advantage is that these shoes will not start to smell as quickly! Synthetic leather is more stable and faster to dry. But it smells faster and more intensely.

Coming to the size of your climbing shoe it is all about trying different ones on. Because you will find the best shoe most easily by trying a bunch of them on. You should not let yourself be fooled by the provided sizes. Because some shoes you will have to get in your regular sizes and others have to be worn one or even two sizes smaller. It simply varies between shoes and manufacturers!

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Rock Climbing Shoes For Beginners

If you are looking for the best places to buy climbing shoes you probably are also looking for your first pair of climbing shoes.

Getting your first pair of rock climbing shoes can be a stressful task. There are so many options with prices ranging from $40 to $200.

The simple thing is that going with a major climbing brand and paying a bit more for your shoes up front will ensure they last you a long time and perform well. It is a bit more complicated than this though.

If you are trying to find the right pair of shoes try checking out Bomber Betas Climbing Shoe Reviews

Climbing Shoe Fit Tips

Fit is a very important factor in finding a good pair of rock shoes. If possible, compare and try on a variety of models. Here are some fit tips to help you find the right shoes:

Shop in the afternoon: Your feet can swell up to a full size during the day. Go for a walk, run or, better yet, climb before you shop. Keep in mind that you’ll most likely be sockless, since the inside of shoes are designed to work with skin to reduce slippage. For cold, alpine conditions that require a sock, buy a comfortable shoe thats about a half-size too big.

The only sure way is to try them on: Ideally, you should shop in person so you can easily try on multiple sizes. If you are buying online, order more than one size and return what doesn’t fit. Try on shoes at home to make sure there are no hotspots.

Be flexible when it comes to size: There is no rock-shoe sizing standard, and everybody’s feet are different

Rock shoes come in U.S., European and United Kingdom sizes. Check shoe charts for size translations.

Keep in mind that a size 42 from one brand will fit differently than a size 42 in another. All rock shoe companies have multiple lasts, and every time they change materials or the design, it changes the fiteven with the same last.

When you try on a lace-up shoe, undo the laces completely and then tighten them accordingly from toe to ankle.

Some general fitting rules:

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How To Correctly Fit Your Climbing Shoe

To have a good climbing experience, it is paramount that your rock climbing shoes fit correctly. So, how do you choose the best shoe for your next expedition? Firstly, you need to find a shoe that matches your foot size in both length and width. Some shoes are made for narrow feet while others can accommodate a wider foot structure. When choosing a climbing shoe, you usually settle on a size smaller than your actual shoe size so that you have more of a snug and secure fit.

Not only do your climbing shoes and slippers have to fit your feet, however, but they also need to fit in with the turf and terrain you are about to climb. The more enduring the climb, the tighter the shoes need to be. If its wall climbing or an amateur route that you are about to embark upon, then a loose and airy fit will do the trick.

Last but not least, every brand has its own individual sizing chart. These charts can often differ from general street shoe sizes, which are not always accurate in themselves. To curb this issue, you will need to try on a pair of shoes from your favorite brand/s and then match your foot size according to their own unique size charts.

Manufacturers And Size Selection

Should You Buy A Pair Of Beginners Climbing Shoes? | Climbing Daily Ep.1380

Many climbers have realized that a certain manufacturers shoes fit them better than others. Each manufacturer has their own standards, which is what leads climbers to stick with one brand, since theyre sure the shoes will fit. Its recommended to choose a slightly smaller size for both performance models and tech fit models because the toes have more curl, which ensures maximum performance. Comfort fit models are best suited for people who want to wear the shoes for longer periods of time. The size of the shoes in relation to the street shoe size depends on the manufacturer and can be determined in the size guide. When selecting the size, you should note that the upper stretches between 0.5 sizes and 1.5 sizes after breaking them in for approximately ten rope lengths

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Picking The Best Climbing Store

When purchasing climbing shoes there are 2 main categories of places to go.

  • The Internet
  • Your Local Gym or Climbing Store
  • The internet has great selection and prices. Many of the top retailers carry almost all of the climbing shoes being manufactured today. This makes it very easy to see a wide selection of shoes in one place. It is also easy to compare different retailers to find the one that is selling your shoes for the best price. Unfortunately, you have to wait for shipping and cannot try on the shoes beforehand.

    Gyms and Stores can be a bit pricier than online and also have a smaller selection of styles and sizes. The plus side is you get to try them on and even test them out before you buy. It is very nice to be able to talk to an experienced climber then pick out your first pair of climbing shoes. Many gyms and store will have expert staff on hand to answer any questions.You will also be supporting your local gym which may be a selling point for you.

    Ok, so enough rambling. Lets find out the best places to shop.

    Best Rock Climbing Shoes For Kids Of 2021

    To find the best rock climbing shoes for your kids, we researched over 30 options before buying the top 10 to compare head-to-head. Our test teams are rock-obsessed families that travel around the country, searching for the perfect climbs. The girls rotated through these shoes on gym walls, multi-pitch trad climbs, and sport laps. Whether you are looking for a shoe for laps at the gym, something comfortable for pitch after pitch of adventure trad with mom and dad, something for a first-time climber, or you’re looking for an aggressive shoe for your young competitor, we’ve got you covered.

    May 2021 update: We added the Five Ten Kirigami to the lineup and confirmed that the rest of our picks are still currently available.

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    Offline Stores For Climbing Shoe Purchasing

    Recreational Equipment Inc.

    Well start off with one of the renowned brands, Recreational Equipment Inc. . Its the perfect place to buy rock climbing shoes from anywhere in the US. They have enough stock to provide the right-sized shoes for you.

    Local Gym

    Whether you are a gym person or not, you can definitely find shoes at your local gym. Well, we are not referring here to any particular gym here. Almost all of the mega gyms provide similar kind of facilities these days.

    One thing you should keep in mind that you might not get too much options in these gyms. Mostly, they store up a few models with the common foot size. Just go there and explore the rock-climbing shoes. You might get lucky! Also, we think local gyms are excellent places to purchase shoes as you can directly consult with professionals.

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