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Where To Buy Converse Shoes

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Street Core Canvas Mid

Where to buy CONVERSE Shoes in INDIA | Converse Guide | Converse outfits ideas | Unboxing Converse

Among the countless iterations of the Chuck Taylor is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Street Core Canvas Mid. Just like the original, this shoe has a canvas upper, a flexible rubber outsole, and a rubber toe cap. The upgraded details include additional cushioning for more comfort and padding on the collar and tongue.

Most noticeable of all is the mid-cut design of this kick. This feature offers enough support for the ankle without restricting it too much, the way high-cut designs may. It is available in several classic colorways for a timeless street style appeal.

  • This shoe has a pull tab at the heel to help in slipping it on and off.
  • These cheap mens Converse have a set price of $60.
  • Mens sizes 3-13 are offered. A lot of wearers observed that the model had a narrow feel.
  • For women, going two sizes down should be sufficient for them to find the proper fit.

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Shop 6pmcom For 65% Off Designer Converse Almost Any Month Of The Year is a sister site of , and if youre looking for designer shoes of any brand, is a great place to save Converse included.

Selection will be more hit and miss, and price points vary based on which line of Converse and style, but you can usually find a shoe with 65% overall savings anytime.

For example, Ive seen Jack Purcells 65% off and Chuck Taylors 64% off.

Final Price: $17.99Final Price: $17.99

TIP: Sort by % off when youre on the to see the Converse shoes with the best savings.

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Converse Shoes: A History

Converse was founded in 1908 in Massachusetts by Marquis Mills Converse and first came to prominence in 1917 with the release of the first All-Star basketball shoes. Eventually, these shoes evolved into the iconic Chuck Taylors. These Chucks are made of canvas and were innovative in their loose lining of canvas which allowed ease of movement. Converse Shoes was bought by Nike in 2003. Converse shoes traditionally have their trademark star logo, a stitched canvas upper portion and the instantly recognizable rounded white toe cap. Initially marketed as athletic shoes, Converse shoes were designed for better flexibility and support. The hi-top design was well suited for playing basketball and this was how the shoes grew in popularity. These days you can buy Converse shoes online at competitive prices. With such a wide range of styles, which Converse is right for you?

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Converse Jack Purcell Cp Canvas Low Top

Badminton player Jack Purcell was known for being the 1929 and 1930 Canadian National Badminton Champion. He was also the 1933 World Champion in the sport. Together with the B.F. Goodrich company, he designed his own shoes in 1935, focusing on support and classic looks.

In the 1970s, Converse acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture the sneaker, introducing it to a broader demographic. Celebrities such as Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, and James Dean were soon seen wearing the iconic kicks. The Converse Jack Purcell CP Canvas Low Top is one of the variations of the model.

  • It was released in several neutral colorways, all of which feature the legendary Jack Purcell Smiley Face on the toe.
  • This budget-friendly kick is sold for $65.
  • These cheap womens Converse shoes are offered in sizes 5-12, along with sizes 3.5-12 for men.
  • The majority of buyers thought that the sneaker fit bigger than usual. They suggested going a full size down.

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Converse Shoes: Your Feet Deserve The Best

Buy Converse Unisex Brown Sneakers

Are you looking to revive your punk rock phase? Or simply to upgrade your everyday style? Converse shoes are the perfect shoes for you. For decades, Converse shoes have been pushing the envelope on alternative fashion with their sturdy, stylish shoes that are both casual and athletic. With athleisure in fashion and a 90s style revival, Converse shoes will keep you at the top of your fashion game.

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Converse Sales Tips And Tricks To Get All The Deals

15 Converse Sales Tips and Tricks To

With so many Converse sales happening online and in-store, it would be crazy to ever pay full price. In fact, its totally possible to save up to 70% when you know where to look and when.

Here are a few tips for finding deals on Converse, but first, be sure to bookmark KCLs Converse Deals Page for all the latest sales:

Both Chuck Taylors And Jack Purcells Are Converse Shoes

Before we dive in, lets first distinguish between the two classic, bestselling, unisex styles of Converse

Chuck Taylor was a basketball player and founder of the Converse shoe company. Chuck Taylors are the classic All Star shoes in both high and low tops. You will see All Star written on the tongue or the back of the classic low top shoes. For hightops, youll always see it written on the round label on the side with a bold outline around the entire shoe.


Jack Purcell was a famous Canadian Badminton player. Jack Purcells are low-top shoes with a thicker rubber toe wrap and monochromatic laces.

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Can I Buy Converse Shoes At Walmart

Yes, you can find Converse shoes at WalMart! Walmart has a great collection of Converse shoes, with many options regarding what shoe size you wear, how old you are, and what gender you fall under. You can both shop for Converse shoes at your local WalMart, or on the official Walmart website. You can also filter so you are looking at shoes that are carried at your local Walmart.

Get Converse Black Friday Deals For An Extra 25% Off Clearance

Top 10 Sneakers you NEED in Your Collection! – Converse Shoes | SneakerTalk

The Monday before Black Friday, typically offers an extra 25% off clearance prices, resulting in low-top Chuck Taylors under $19. This deal will run through the Sunday after Black Friday so shop as soon as possible to get the best selection.

In 2019, JCPenney offered 25% off Converse, bringing Converse regular prices down to $18.75 $25 from $45 $60.

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Can I Buy Converse Shoes At Champs Sports

You can, indeed, buy Converse shoes at Champs Sports. Much like WalMart, Champs Sports provides you with a great catalog of Converse shoes to choose from, whether you are shopping for a boy, girl, man, or a woman, you can find all that you need at your nearest Champs Sports store, or on their official website.

The Allure Of The All Star

Converse created a classic in its All Star sneaker, and while the company revisits the silhouette often, they always remain true to the roots of the design. Available in hi-top and low-cut styles, the look continues to be a favorite of the sneaker scene. The OG canvas upper and rubber toe-cap are distinctive and undeniably iconic, and look equally at home with both ripped jeans and summer dresses.

Pick up your own slice of sneaker history, with sizes formen, women, and kids.

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Converse Sale & Clearance

Find the latest shoes, clothing and gear-to-go on clearance at Browse your favorite Converse shoe styles like Chuck Taylor All Star, One Star, Jack Purcell, Chuck 70 and more at discounted prices for men, women and kids. Shop hoodies, t-shirts, pants and other Converse clothing on sale for a complete head-to-toe look. Act quick, all Converse sale items are on clearance for a limited time only. View other Converse promos, shop our online outlet and take advantage of 15% off with student discounts and military discounts.

Dont Be Fooled By The Inflated Regular Prices Of Dsws Converse

Buy Converse Unisex Black Sneakers

Sometimes stores like DSW or Foot Locker will inflate regular prices to make a sale seem better than it is.

The difference can be as little as $5. For example, in fall 2019, DSW had low-top Chuck Taylors on sale for $49.99, showing the regular $55 price. These same shoes are normally priced at $50 on

When double-checking for inflated regular prices, make sure youre comparing identical shoes. Because a pair of leather Chuck Taylors will have a higher regular price than a canvas pair.

Here are MSRPs for the most popular Converse lines :

  • Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops: $55
  • Converse Chuck Taylor Low Tops: $50
  • Converse Chuck 70 High Tops: $85
  • Converse Chuck 70 Low Tops: $80
  • Converse One Star Low Tops: Starts around $70
  • Jack Purcell Low Tops: Starts around $65
  • Kids High Tops: $40

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Which Material Is Right For You

If youre a purist, you might choose to stick to the original canvas shoes. Canvas is a lightweight material that lets your feet breathe, keeping you comfortable even if youre on your feet all day. If you plan on wearing your converse shoes all day, every day, then canvas could be the perfect material for you. Youll be comfortable and relaxed all day.The style conscious men among us could decide to go for suede Converse shoes. Suede has a soft, classy look that can elevate your style game to all new levels. This material isnt waterproof though and requires a lot of care to maintain.Is leather more your style? Fret not, Converse shoes even come in leather variants. Leather is more expensive but is durable and comfortable to wear.Did you think that all mens shoes come in boring neutral shades? Converse shoes may surprise you. With a wide array of colors to pick from, youll be spoilt for choice. Converse shoes for men are available in the classic range of colors: optical white, beige, black, gray, pink and red. You can find these Converse shoes online, often at a discounted price. If you want to go off the beaten track, Converse shoes also come in more uncommon colors like orange, purple, green, etc.Apart from this, there are different collections and special editions with funkier designs. You can find Converse shoes with camouflage print, comic book characters, bands, etc.

Can I Buy Converse Shoes On Ebay

When shopping for your Converse shoes, eBay is also recommended. The catalog of Converse shoes on eBay is similar to Amazon in terms of variety and purchasing options regarding size and gender. The prices on eBay are fair, and typically offer free shipping, which is always a nice and welcome touch to any online purchase. Feel free to browse eBays selection of Converse shoes by following the link provided below.

Converse shoes can be found a great many places, with a few options being listed above. No matter if you decide to shop locally or online, you are sure to be able to find the Converse brand in many places that shoes are sold. Be sure to choose your Converse shoes carefully and they are sure to carry you wherever you need to go!

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Where to Buy Converse and can find these stylish and collectible shoes at a store you love.

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Converse: Americas Original Sport Company

Converse sneakers got their start in 1908, when founder Marquis M. Converse opened up shop in Malden, Massachusetts. As one of the oldest footwear & apparel companies in the United States, Converses claim to be Americas original sports company definitely holds up. While many Converse fans think of the 70s and 80s when they hear the name Converse, this time period is just a fraction of the rich history behind the brand. Over time, Converse released hundreds of new and exciting models, some built to mimic their classics and others to advance and innovate their long-standing technology. Shoes like the One Star, Roadstar, and Jack Purcells badminton sneaker of the same name have been key pieces of the brands development, but after all these years, one silhouette still stands above them all as the most important.

If You Wear Anything Smaller Than A Womens 85 Or A Mens 7 Buy Kids Converse


Converse shoes are unisex. The outside of the box lists both womens and mens sizes. But, Converse also makes classic styles in kid sizes and they are cheaper than the adult-sized styles. So if a retailer says, Womens Chuck Taylors or Girls Chuck Taylors, you can ignore that.

For example, in 2019 on Cyber Monday, Macys offered a deal on Converse for the whole family: Girls Chuck Taylor shoes were on sale for $18.74, while the exact same womens Chuck Taylors were on sale for $29.98. Thats an $11.24 difference!

To figure out what your size would be in kids shoes, just take your regular size and subtract 2 sizes. .

TIP: Do you have wide feet? Definitely buy kids shoes since kids Converse are slightly wider than adult sizes.

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Who Is This Chuck Guy Anyway

Chuck Taylor was a basketball player who believed in Converse shoes so much that he became a part of the companys sales team in the 1920s. He is largely responsible for the shoes popularity with basketball teams across the country, and was so instrumental in making the shoes a household name that Chuck Taylor was added to the ankle patch on Converse shoes in 1932.

The Start Of Something Great

The Converse Rubber Shoe Company opened in 1908 with no idea that it would become an early pioneer of basketball shoe technology, nor an endearing cultural icon. In the early 1900s, Marquis Converse set out to produce rubberized footwear that could withstand blistery Massachusetts winters. The company began producing athletic shoes in 1915, and the Converse All Star silhouette was born two years later. Made popular by basketball player Charles Chuck Taylor, the sneaker propelled the company to elite status among professional players and allowed Converse to dominate the market through the late 1960s.

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From The Courts To The Streets

As other brands and styles began to take hold on basketball courts and other fields of play, Converse began to realize increasing popularity away from sports. The brand had actually begun taking on a rebellious sort of tone as far back as the 1950s, with icons like James Dean rocking them with his jeans and leather jacket. But the shoe began to gain a stronger foothold in those lifestyle circles as punk and grunge bands adopted the footwear in the 1980s and 90s.

When Nike acquired Converse in 2003, it opened up even further design and tech options for a shoe that had become famous for being decidedly low tech. Variations have included the chunky lugged outsole, Lunarlon dual-density foam midsoles, and collaborations that have brought a variety of visual variants.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal High Top

Converse Brown Sneaker Shoes

The Seasonal High Top Chuck Taylor modernizes the iconic high-top Chucks. This shoe is made with a canvas upper and rubber sole, complete with the iconic ankle patch. With these features, the shoe offers the original models timeless appeal. Fresh new colors that are ideal for spring were released for this seasonal edition.

  • This kick also features an Ortholite insole for cushioning.
  • One can cop these cheap mens Converse shoes for $60.
  • Mens sizes are offered from 3-18. Several reviews revealed that the shoe was a bit large, suggesting that a half size smaller would be more optimal.
  • Ladies should get two whole sizes down of this shoe for a snug fit.

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Can I Buy Converse Shoes On Amazon

Amazon certainly does have Converse shoes on their website. The website has an impressive collection of Converse shoes of all shapes and sizes. The prices seem fair and often times come off like a nice bargain. Naturally, Amazon also provides Converse shoes for all ages, sizes, and genders. You can check out the Amazon site via the link above.

Are Converse Shoes Expensive

There are always two shoes in a pair, so here are two sides: the pros and cons of Chuck Taylors. As far as high-end name brands go, Converse is relatively affordable. A pair of Air Jordans at retail can cost anywhere from $175 to $200. Limited edition Chucks may cost a little more but arent as overpriced.

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How To Style Your Converse Shoes

You can pair your Converse shoes with jeans and a T-shirt for an effortlessly cool look or go unconventional and jazz up a semi-formal outfit with a dash of style. If youre feeling too lazy to go hunting for the perfect pair, stay comfortable and buy Converse shoes online. Check and compare Converse shoe prices before you decide on a purchase and remember to get the right shoe size for a good fit and all day comfort.No matter the occasion, Converse shoes have you covered.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Low Top


The leather low top version of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star retains the classic models features, updating it with a smooth finish at the same time. This stylish variation comes in neutral colors that are as versatile as they are low-profile. It has the timeless vibe of the original, making it an instant casual staple.

This shoe is also ideal as weather-resistant footwear, with its moisture-wicking leather upper thats easier to clean. Other noteworthy features include the brushed metal eyelets and reinforced rubber toe cap, both of which add to the models authentic appeal.

  • Among its innovative details are the vulcanized rubber outsole and cushioned footbed.
  • These Converse sneakers are another cheap option, sold at $65.
  • Sizes are in mens 3-13. Ladies can get their size by going down by two sizes, as recommended by the brand.

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