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Where To Find Slip Resistant Shoes

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The Shoe Sole Materials

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As mentioned above, you should expect the EVA rubber materials on non-slip shoe soles. EVA rubber is synthetic and looks like foam or resin. Most slip-resistant soles come with unique designs like rounded sides. Dont be naive to think all rubber outsoles can resist slips and trips. When it comes to harsh working conditions, you need heavy-duty gear. Always check the boots carefully before paying for them.

Emeril Lagasse Womens Canal Canvas Slip On

If you want a more trendy look and are allowed to have one, then this pair of black and white shoes from Emeril Lagasse could be the ticket you need to draw. Using canvas wholly, this pair of shoes looks to mix style with safety in the workplace in a new way unlike weve seen on the list. This pair is just so topical and good for the modern crowd and the wants and needs of the consumer that it has to be commended.

On top of that, the insole is composed of memory foam that not only comforts but also seeks to give the wearer an added balance to their day, too. Even the bottoms of the shoes look great with a lot of treads on them and a green color, which will be make you happy in two ways. The NeverWet system will make wearers extremely happy because it prevents them not only from slipping at work but also from getting soaked with water, too!

There is also odor resistant lining used to make them stay smelling fresh like the first day you got them . I do have some reservations about these shoes, though, and the chief one is just the fact that they look so flat. This indicates they might lack some support in the arches, so if you need that you might need to steer clear and look elsewhere. Theyve also got short heels in the back, meaning they could roll over easier. They also have shown to stain a little easily, so that is a downer on the white part.

  • Not a lot of support
  • Ankles and heels not given much protection

Slip Resistant Shoes For Men

Slippery floors are some of the most prevalent and dangerous hazards at any job site. And theyre not just at job sites: slipping is a risk you face in many indoor and outdoor settings. Slipping leads to falling, which can in turn lead to bodily injury for you and those around you, as well as property damage to nearby surroundings and anything youre carrying. Not only is slippage a workers worry, it should also concern the company as a whole because an on-the-job injury as a result of a slip could lead to litigation.

Having the proper protective equipment, like slip-resistant shoes, is extremely important if your job site puts you at risk of falling on a slick surface. Thats why we offer slip-resistant footwear: to protect you and those around you. We offer a large collection of slip-resistant shoes and boots in a variety of brands:

  • Slip Guardian

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Best Non Slip Shoes That Will Protect You From Slipping

If you work at a place where there is water or oil spilled on the floor all the time, such as a car wash. Similarly, if you are an athlete and play in a wet field such as a basketball court and volleyball court with water spilled.

In these cases, ordinary shoes will not be enough because they are designed to resist slip on dry surfaces rather than oily and wet areas.

In this situation, only non-slip shoes help make you firm on wet areas by offering slip resistance. Its outsole is made of synthetic material such as rubber with a tread pattern to keep you firm while running or walking.

We have compiled a detailed review of the best non-slip shoes for men to help you decide which one to choose for your work or sports.

  • It is made of leather and rubber.
  • The shoe provides maximum stability.
  • It is durable and breathable.
  • It is available in various colors, sizes and in both laces and Velcro.
  • Its outsole makes a firm ground even on wet surfaces.


  • It does not feature a slip-on design.

Reebok Mens Work N Cushion 3.0 Work shoe is designed to fit those workers who need comfort and slip-resistant features from the shoes. Its upper is made of leather which provides support and comfort to the user.

While its bottom and outsole feature a tread pattern to give excellent traction while walking over wet surfaces. The company has been manufacturing quality products since the 1890s and is well-known for slip-resistant shoes for athletes and workers.

Picking The Right Size

Tredsafe Women

Well try to be brief here, but this is just as important as anything in picking out shoes. Getting the proper size can make you either the happiest person on earth, or it can turn you into the meanest, most ornery person imaginable. Here are a few tips to get you going in the right direction:

Measure Your Feet

Identify your true size. Most already know this and can access this information by looking at their current shoes and judging by those. This is very helpful, but its not always the only thing you need to know because some shoes will either run large or small, so you might have to adjust for that. If you are unsure of your size, go in store and measure yourself or get someone to do so. Some foot specialists will also do this, and they can tell you a wide range of other things like gait , if you need any special inserts, and other valuable pieces of information.

Try on some shoes, even if they arent what you want. This step is huge, and especially if you are buying for someone. No one likes to guess and hope, and this is doubly true here. Even if you try on pairs that arent anywhere close to what you want, it helps to get a grip on what you need both in terms of width and length.

Understand the Length & Width of Your Feet

Give Your Feet Room to Breathe

Water Retention & Foot Sizing

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What Are Todays Most Popular Work Shoes Slip Resistant Models

There are many work shoes slip resistant items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every work shoes slip resistant model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.Its no secret that certain products appeal to specific populations. What if you could see which products were the most popular across all consumers? You can, and weve got the list. Check out our collection of products that appear to appeal to all ages, genders, and locations.

Look For Restaurant Shoes With Arch Support

One of the most common server injuries is sore feet. According to Cunha, this is usually caused by wearing unsupportive shoes. Our feet naturally pronate during the gait cycle.

When we wear unsupportive shoes, we pronate for a longer period of time, which then alters the biomechanics and distribution of pressure and weight across the foot, he explains. This imbalance increases the progression of underlying foot deformities, such as bunions and hammertoes leading to soreness of the feet and painful conditions, such as arch/heel pain, shin splints/posterior tibial tendonitis, and Achilles tendonitis. This can progress to knee pain and backaches.

Employees who stand for long periods of time need good arch support, which will equally distribute body weight across the plantar of the feet. Cunhas simple way to check if shoes are supportive is to try and bend them in half. If they bend, back on the shelf they go.

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Tips To Make Your Shoes Slip Resistant

Down below I have some great tips on how to make your shoes slip resistant:

1.) By using a nail file:

A nail filer is readily available in every household. Use it to scuff the bottom of the shoes that will help in making the shoes non-slip.

2.) By using adhesives:

Placing band aids works great and fast in providing the necessary grip to your shoes. For this, you will need 2 band aids. Place one at the front of the shoes and the other at the heels.

3.) By using puff paint:

Puff paint is easily available in kids art and craft store. All you need to do is just apply a thin coat of the puff pain at the bottom of the shoes. This will make the surface of the shoes rough thus making them anti-slip.

4.) By spraying hairspray:

Spraying hairspray at the bottom of the shoes works as a great quick-fix to slippery shoes. Just spray liberal amount of the hairspray to your shoes and allow them to get absorbed in the soles for a few minutes and walk out with your anti-slip shoes instantly.

5.) By using an ankle strap:

Attaching an ankle strap to the shoes also help to maintain a good balance, provide better grip and thus prevents slipping on surfaces while you walk.

6.) By using a masking tape:

The surface of the masking tape is anti-slip. Therefore, to make your shoes non-slip just cut 2 pieces of the masking tapes and apply them on the flat and the widest parts of the outsoles in the sign of an X. This will prevent the shoes to skid in future.

7.) By using a non-slip sole:

Slip Resistant Shoes For Women

Slip Resistant Work Shoes

Women can work in comfort and safety with slip-resistant work shoes from We have slip resistant work shoes for women that meet the needs of nurses, doctors, waitresses, chefs, and other on-the-move professionals who walk and stand all day and don’t have time for sliding, slipping, and stumbling. Healthy Feet Store offers shoes that will provide the perfect combination of comfort, flexibility and grip. Our selection of women’s slip-resistant work shoes come in a variety of styles, including clogs, casual shoes, walking shoes, and boots.

Women can work in comfort and safety with slip-resistant work shoes from We have slip resistant work shoes for women that meet the needs of nurses, doctors, waitresses, chefs, and other on-the-move professionals who walk and stand all day and don’t have time for sliding, slipping, and stumbling. Healthy Feet Store offers shoes that will provide the perfect combination of comfort, flexibility and grip. Our selection of women’s slip-resistant work shoes come in a variety of styles, including clogs, casual shoes, walking shoes, and boots.

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Who Do We Love It

Fila Mens Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe weighs only three pounds making it incredibly lightweight on the feet. Besides offering comfort, performance, and durability, the shoes are safe as well.

They are testified for safety and meet ASTM F2913-11 standards. Overall, the shoes will be a great match if you are looking for something to withstand wet areas.

  • Its outsole is made of rubber for anti-slip nature.
  • It features a formal look.
  • It features an odor management interior.


  • It does not meet safety standards.

Nunn Bush Mens Sherman Slip-Resistant Work Shoe has got a formal look which is preferred to wear in offices besides providing comfort and performance. It has been tested against industry stand test Mark 2, and it meets the criteria completely.

The shoe is well-known for the comfort and performance that it provides while walking in the offices. It provides ultimate strength and durability besides offering the user flexibility and a snug fit.

What To Consider Before Buying Non Slip Shoes

Buying a non-slip pair of shoes is not like buying an ordinary work boot. Thats why you need to know certain factors that play an important role in making these shoes useful. We have compiled a list of some factors that you need to look into in the shoes you are buying.

So, if you find all of them together, you have bought the perfect pair of shoes for your work. If any of these lacks in your shoes, you should not consider them.

Otherwise, you will end up wasting your money and can cause yourself injuries. So, it is necessary to pay attention and end up with the best non-slip shoes.

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Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant Workers

The restaurant workers have to move from table to table within seconds while serving their customers. It requires great effort and speedy movement at the same time.

In these situations, there are chances of getting slipped on a slippery floor or over spilled food by any customer.

Under these circumstances, you need a non-slip pair of shoes that can offer you comfortable and stable running or walk over slippery surfaces.

Does The Slip Resistant Sole Work Under Outdoor Conditions

Dr. Scholl

Most likely the answer is going to be a no. While slip resistance is going to help you some, they just wont give you the traction you are hoping for when you arent on stable ground. If you are, for example, running on a trail, you will need something that has some depth to it to give you traction.

Most slip resistant shoes dont really have that, as they have relatively flat bottoms, so it wouldnt be the best combination for you. Non slip is meant to help you inside and maybe on sidewalks and the such, but not so much in wooded areas or in grass so much.

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Every Step Tells A Storyand We’re With You Every Step Of The Way

We aren’t just here to sell you shoes. At SR Max we offer over 200 styles of slip resistant shoes from some of your favorite brands, including our own. We want to do more than just sell you top quality slip resistant footwear we want to educate and assist you in any way possible. That’s why we offer shoe programs that are designed to specifically meet the needs of any company.

How Can I Increase The Traction On My Shoes

The traction of the shoes will increase once the outsoles of the shoes become rough. So, here are a few great ways of increasing the traction of your shoes:

  • Use the rubber and salt solution to give the shoes a grainy texture which ultimately increases the traction of the shoes.
  • Apply masking tape around the flat and widest part of the outsoles in the symbol of X. This too helps to increase the traction of the shoes.
  • Scuffing the bottom of the shoes, that is scraping the soles against rough surfaces such as concrete also helps to increase the traction of the shoes.
  • Attaching band-aids to the outsoles
  • Spraying an anti-slip spray will also work great

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Safetstep Mens Blast Runner

Alright, the name might not be most tacky weve seen, but SafeTstep still offers a viable option in this sector for men if you are wanting to get a sneaker type look to work in and remain on your feet while doing so. There are plenty of treads, well spaced and designed to help you do just that, so no worrying about that.

The shoe itself doesnt look the best, but its also not that bad, either. Its not going to get you compliments, but it also wont get you laughed at and will blend in with a number outfits. The upper is made of mesh and synthetic material, with the use of the former being especially prevalent in this model.

This makes them very breathable in areas, but it does not take away from the fact that they have good water resistance built into them as well. This fact is a major plus for you to look at, and it should be considered if you are in need of a shoe that will keep you on your feet and dry, too. The bottoms even look like they have some shocks built into them, which is nice for a change of pace with the style.

With all of that said, they do come apart over time and will wear out with a lot of use. But they are extremely comfortable, as noted by people with shoes falling apart beneath them. They are also quite heavy, too, which can be a real bummer if you are standing and an even bigger pain if walking all day.

  • Not the best look ever

Loom Waterproof Sneakers For Women


The Loom Waterproof Sneakers for Women are a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and technology, courtesy of the Merino wool interior, H2-Go layer, and excelcast sole. These everyday shoes are made of moisture-wicking material to keep your feet cool and fresh. Since you dont have sweaty feet, you no longer have to worry about odor-causing bacteria.

These durable sneakers are 100 percent waterproof, which means you no longer have to worry about soggy socks and wet feet in case there is an ankle-down rainwater puddle between you and the office.

If you are an eco-friendly person, the Loom waterproof sneakers are an apt choice because they are made of 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, sustainable material. It means the material isnt derived from animals. Not only that, but Loom focuses on reducing carbon emission, electricity, and water consumption.

These sturdy sneakers come with an advanced impact-resistant feature that protects your feet from any shock. Moreover, they minimize the pain in case of an external impact or accidental fall.

The Loom waterproof sneakers come in European measurement. It means the shoe size may be a bit smaller than the rest of the brands.


  • Shorter size

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Orthopedic Restaurant & Medical Professional Shoes

Our slip resistant restaurant and medical professional work shoes are ideal for those working in fast-paced work environments where trips and slips are a constant danger. Our comfortable slip resistant shoes for men and women come in various styles and with a variety of features. We have classic styled shoes with anti-slip, non-skid soles that make perfect hospital shoes for doctors and nurses. We have shoes with hook and loop straps and clogs with closed heel back designs that are ideal for waiters, cooks or chefs. Medical professionals and restaurant workers will be grateful for the extra shock absorption and arch support at the end of a long day of standing and walking. Whichever type you choose, our slip resistant at-work safety shoes are so comfortable you won’t want to take them off and luckily many of our work shoes are stylish enough to wear outside the workplace. Shoe brands with slip resistant features include Alegria by PG Lite, Spring Step, New Balance, Propet, Klogs and Sanita.What to consider about comfortable slip resistant shoes for men and women:

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