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Where To Get Boxing Shoes

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How Do Boxing Shoes Differ From Regular Footwear

Boxing Shoes Review – should you get HIGH-top or LOW-top?

The best boxing shoes differ significantly from ordinary footwear or running shoes. Boxing footwear is specially constructed to be sufficiently light to allow easy movement while preventing the boxer from slipping on the mat.

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That said, its no mean task picking the best boxing boots from a wide array of brands that deliver countless pairs of shoes to our stores every day. So, in this article, well review the best athletic footwear a boxer will ever need, complete with a buying guide towards the bottom of the page to help with your own comparison shopping.

Ringside Apex Elite Boxing Shoes

The main aim of these Ringside Apex Elite Boxing Shoes is to provide you with speed, support, and control.

This is a high-top boxing shoe so it gives excellent support to the ankle. You can avail of these shoes in sizes 2 to 13 with different colors such as red, black, blue, and lavender.

It is composed of a micro-mesh material that allows proper ventilation which is a must-have in every boxing shoe. This feature greatly helps in ensuring comfortability during the match.

As to its performance, it has a hook and loop in the toe part that ensures stability and security. It also has an outsole made of rubber to provide better traction and grip in order for you to execute hard moves without slipping or falling.


Nike Hyperko Boxing Shoes:

Nike HyperKO Boxing shoes are sturdy, durable, lightweight, and are one of the most durable shoes we reviewed. These are some of the latest additions to our list of best boxing shoes. You know they are some of the best boxing shoes on the market when champion boxers, like Manny Pacquiao and Andrzej Fonfara, trust and use them.

Structure & Sole:

Nike HyperKo has a grooved rubber sole. It offers boxers great control over movement in the ring. With every movement, the high-quality rubber offers incredible grip, but they are not so sticky you cant pivot quickly. With these boots, you get great control of your boxing footwork.

However, these boxing boots are specifically designed for boxers, to give them maximum power and control, so if you require shoes suitable for wrestling or MMA these may not be the best boxing shoe choice. But if enhanced performance and power in the boxing ring are what you are looking for then these are some of the best professional-grade boxing shoes available.

Comfort & Flexibility:

Often with sturdy, solid constructed shoes, boxers complain about the heat retention and breathability of the shoe. With the Nike, HyperKo boxers dont have to worry about heat and breathability because one of the best features of this boxing shoe design is that it has breathable mesh. Designed so boxers feet will be free from overheating when they wear this boxing shoe even for long periods of training.

Sizes & Colors.


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Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top Boxing Shoes:

Cleto Reyes manufactures their boxing shoes from natural leather and suede, which not only make for excellent quality and durable boxing boots. They also have that retro, vintage look that no other boxing boots on the market offer.

Just because they are made from traditional leather does not make them inferior in any way. These best boxing shoes are Lightweight and designed specifically for boxers. Cleto Reyes Developed and designed these best boxing shoes after a lot of user-based research and they use only the highest quality leather uppers and durable Polyurethane and rubber soles.

Structure & Sole:

The sole of these leather lace-up high best boxing shoes is lightweight and designers make it with rubber which is not slippery. This also reduces impact and provides better steadiness for boxing laces and a wide top to abolish flexion tension. It also offers the best fit using a long-establish Round tip, cord on the front, and zipper on the side.

Comfort & Flexibility:

These are one of the best traditional style leather boxing shoes, the premium craftsmanship really shows, Cleto Reyes uses only the highest quality material. The Wide upper laces of these best boxing boots eliminate flexion damage whilst still being a flexible fit for complete comfort.

Sizes & Colors:


Benefits Of Wearing Boxing Shoes

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes Boots Black Red

I know many of you will like to start out boxing by using other athletic shoes that are made for running, basketball, or other sports. I can tell you right now, its not the same. Wearing real boxing shoes makes a big difference in your performance. In fact, its probably one of the easiest ways to instantly improve a beginner boxers performanceput real boxing shoes on him.

A good pair of boxing shoes improves comfort, mobility, speed, and power. Its really that simple. A shoe thats made for boxing will allow you to be comfortable in boxing positions and stances, and allow you to move in the ways that a boxer typically moves. And if youre able to move better, youll have more speed, and more power.

Wearing boxing shoes improves comfort, mobility, speed, and power.

Many of you will be tempted to do what I did, which is not buy real boxing shoes until way later, until youre more serious, but you wont get to enjoy the fun of how good it feels to wear real boxing shoes. Your feet feel so much lighter, and you move around with so much more agility AND support as you jump around the boxing ring snapping hooks and crosses. You simply have to try it to see what I mean.

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Other Boxing Equipment And Boxing Supplies

There is other boxing equipment you can buy such as speed bags, double end bags, fancy skipping ropes etc… and if you have the money and the inclination, go ahead. However, with the boxing equipment listed above you will have no problem getting started in boxing. Anything extra is gravy so to speak.

Can You Use Wrestling Shoes For Boxing

If youre just starting out, you can use wrestling shoes in boxing. Too many people ask this question as to whether they can do it or not? Yes, you can. If youre training or just starting out with boxing, wrestling shoes are fine. However, as you progress, its wise to switch to proper boxing shoes so youre well-versed with the dynamics beforehand.

If I were to follow my earlier statement, Id suggest no. Though wrestling shoes possess the same or perhaps even better dynamics, Id still suggest you opt for boxing shoes. With wrestling shoes, you might get a better grip and durability, however, boxing as a sport is not as rugged as wrestling and thus original lightweight boxing shoes are a better option.

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Who Shouldnt Buy Adidas Box Hog 2 Mens Boxing Boots

  • These shoes are very flat but this may not be the best option if you need more arch support.
  • If youre looking for color variety, these shoes might not be for you as it only comes in Black.

The Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Boots are a fan favorite amongst beginners and professional boxers as they are classic in style and support learning how to pivot and cut angles.

How Are Boxing Shoes Different

How We Leveled Up Our Boxing Shoes | TITLE Boxing | Best Boxing Shoes

Every sport and workout has specific needs and boxing is no different. Boxing shoes serve the individual needs of an athlete who is constantly moving around a ring, staying light on their feet and shifting their balance. The light weight of boxing shoes as well as the high-top design protect the feet and ankles during training and fighting.

You might start out with regular sneakers, like running shoes, but your whole body uses different muscles and positions during boxing. That’s why it pays to invest in boxing shoes.

Boxing shoes are part of suiting up for your boxing workout and are just as important as wrapping your wrists and putting on gloves.

When you’re ready to hit the mat, boxing shoes will provide you extra protection and support for the moves you’ll be doing during your boxing workout. Whether you’re doing traditional boxing or incorporating kicks, boxing shoes will serve as an important part of your boxing sessions. While the FightCamp appwatches your numbers, your boxing shoes will keep you moving–and get those numbers even higher!

Want to learn more about the pros and cons of boxing shoes? FightCamp Trainer Coach PJ gives you all the details:

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Asics Mens Jb Elite V20 Boxing Shoe:

The Asics JB Elite is the signature shoe of the US-based Olympic Wrestling Champion, Jordan Burroughs. Jordan Burroughs wears these shoes during wrestling and workout that is the reason this shoe has a strong name in wrestling shoes, And, if you love to wrestle and are looking for the best wrestling shoes, and best boxing shoes you must select them.

Soles & Structure:

The weight of the shoe is just 6.8 ounces with rubber soles. If you are a beginner or aperture boxer these best boxing shoes are among the best boxing shoes for you. The split soles of ASIC help you spin around and deliver punches with momentum and power.

Comfort & Flexibility:

The V2.0 is the newly launched and new version of this shoe, with a synthetic mesh and suede upper, and split sole design. These best boxing boots are one of the lightweight shoes and very comfortable for boxing training, rope jumping, and intense workout.

Sizes & Hues:

The shoe is available in a number of colors. My favorite one is the Granite/Green Gecko.

Pay special attention before ordering if you have wide feet because size issues The size table is different from the size on the shoes. Therefore, the shoes are quite small and always order 2 sizes plus from your normal shoe size.


Ringside Diablo Wrestling & Boxing Shoes

These boxing shoes provide the ideal traits of a boxing shoe. Theyre lightweight for speed and provide pivot support through a designated pivot ring on the soles bottom. But whereas many boxing shoes lack variety in color, this one does not. These shoes from Ringside are available in black, white, blue, red, pink, green, orange, and yellow. They also come in smaller sizes which are not typically found in adult collections.

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Popular Brands Adidas Reebok Rival & Venum

These are the 2nd tier brands for boxing shoes on the market. They are probably just as high quality and fancily-designed as Nike but not as popular. Is it due to just marketing and brand recognition/trust? Or is it something else?

Adidas is the other top boxing shoe brand that I would use if I wasnt using Nike. I dont use Adidas because it feels different from Nike. Its not that its bad, just that it feels different and weird because its less familiar. Maybe this has to do with the fact that I wear Nike shoes more often than Adidas. Another thing I would say is that Adidas is probably more popular in Europe. I remember when I went to sports stores in Germany, I often saw more Adidas boxing gloves and boxing products than I did for Nike.

Rival, Ive never liked much. I think theyre made well enough, they just didnt fit well when I first tried a pair. I didnt like the way it felt on my feet. Too many lumps in the sole that doesnt curve the way the bottom of my foot did. My brother loves the one he has but does feel like they are slightly lower quality than Nike.

Reebok is the latest mainstream sports brand to go into the boxing market . The most well-known pros wearing them are Floyd Mayweather and Amir Khan. From what I hear, its a great shoe but might be a little narrow and annoying to put on. Their models are made to be a direct competitor to Nikes HyperKO. You can watch this Reebok vs Nike boxing shoe review video.

Adidas Speedex Boxing Shoes $150

Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes

Specially designed for enhanced performance, the Ringside Diablo boxing shoes are your multi-purpose contemporary shoes for boxing that will leave you impressed and asking for more.

Made with their patented leather vinyl finish material, these shoes are durable and extremely easy to maintain.

Additionally, they come tactically embedded with nylon mesh panels. It also has strong rubber non-slip outsoles and adequate padding in the ankles.

These placements within the shoes firmly secure the boxers feet. They also shield them from sudden shocks or injuries that he/she might incur during their training or workout.

Furthermore, the breathability offered by these shoes is truly remarkable the regular airflow through the boot keeps your feet cool. It also keeps your shoes well ventilated even during sweaty, long boxing sessions.

All these features provide additional comfort and stability to the boxer while boosting their lower-body movement.

The shoes low-top ankle design further provides extra mobility and ample ankle support. This allows you to move around quickly and freely.

Additionally, the Ringside Diablo is exceptionally airy and light in weight. This is possible due to its ergonomic design along with its high-quality material construction.

This enables the boxers to train for a longer period without tiring out their legs.


  • Quality can be better

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What Things Should You Consider Before Buying Boxing Shoes

There are many options to choose from, and all of them have subtle and marked differences to distinguish them. Here are a few factors you should primarily consider before making a choice.


Comfort should be one of the most important factors when choosing a pair of boxing shoes. A good pair should offer maximum comfort to the wearer. Any discomfort caused by your boxing shoes would create unnecessary distraction whether you are sparring in the gym or slugging it out with an opponent in a real fight. Low-quality materials and an improper fit can also lead to foot sores and other problems. Therefore, before buying a pair, check that the shoe fits perfectly. It should be neither too big nor too small. A shoe that is too small will get your toes cramped up, and a big shoe will affect grip and traction.


Boxing shoes are generally lightweight for quick reaction times and fast footwork. However, some shoes are ultra-lightweight, which makes them even more suitable for boxers looking to improve their agility. The weight of your shoes can have a huge impact on the speed of your footwork, so opt for shoes that are the most lightweight.


The sole of the boxing shoe is the point of contact between the boxers feet and the canvas. It needs to be made in such a way that it gives the boxer a solid grip to avoid slipping. The thinner the shoes sole, the more firm the shoe’s grip will be.

Ankle support



How We Tested & Why You Can Trust Us

To give you an in-depth look at each boxing shoe on this list, I researched the best products online, recalled what Ive loved about boxing shoes that Ive used in the past and called in a few pairs to test and evaluate any pieces that were new to me.

I rounded out my first-person impressions with user reviews online to gather a comprehensive view.

I also spent several years training as a boxer in a competitive gym.

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How Should Boxing Shoes Fit

Boxing shoes should generally fit like your regular athletic shoes. It is important to remember that as they are higher, boxing shoes provide support for both your ankle and lower leg.

As always, the general rule is that boxing shoes should not be too loose as this can lead to injury during training but not too tight that it causes discomfort to the boxer.

How To Choose The Best Nike Boxing Shoes

Picking the Best Shoes for Your Boxing & Kickboxing Workout | Beginner Tips

Okay, let me tell you that if you are fully aware of the necessary specifications of the product, getting yourself the best one wont be rocket science.

But the point is getting this full awareness needs a lot of effort and time to research and try till you finally find the product that meets your expectations.

And since we know that having free time in this modern world is such a hard thing, we have done the job for you.

All you need to do is to check out these few effective quick tips that will help you become a smart customer from the comfort of your couch!

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What Boxing Shoes Are Most Popular In Gyms

The most popular boxing shoes

Nike, Reebok, and Adidas will always be the most popular . If those two brands dont suit your taste, try going for Rival. If you want to spend lots of money for custom gear, try Grant. Asics and Rival can also be seen sometimes. I think Rival might be more popular depending where you go.

I feel that only amateurs and smaller guys will wear low-top shoes. Bigger guys and taller guys, tend to go for med or high-tops. I also noticed Adidas are more often worn by the seasoned fighters, not so much by the newbies. Pros and seasoned amateurs are more likely to wear high-tops. If it matters to you, I would say about 80% of pro boxers wear Nike med-top boxing shoes, the other 20% wear Nike high-tops.

QUESTION: Can you use wrestling shoes for boxing?

Yes! Many fighters wear wrestling shoes for boxing. I have heard though, that wrestling shoes can be used for boxing but the reverse is not recommended. Ive never tried and I imagine it would be ok considering how similar the wrestling shoes are built to boxing shoes. I imagine wrestling shoes probably have more grip on the outside edges than boxing shoes and built to be more durable considering the sport has you scrambling along the ground at all angles. Whereas boxing has you mainly on your feet so boxing shoes might be built more to be lightweight rather than for complete 360-degree durability.

QUESTION: Can you use basketball or tennis shoes for boxing?

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