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How To Figure Out Baby Shoe Size

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Some Great Shoes Regardless Of Age

Tip Tuesday: How to Accurately Measure Your Baby’s Shoe Size for Moccasins

Again, there are literally thousands of choices out there for baby shoes. However, lots of them are inferior quality, dont have the right fit for your babys development, or are just plain and simply not nice to look at. Then, when you add in the fact that lots of shoes on the market only come in a select number of sizes, shopping for shoes for your baby can be a real headache.

But dont despair! The perfect shoe does exist! Aston Babys Shaughnessy shoe has a great fit for any age or size baby. Their high-quality construction and attractive design make them great for moms, while their tough sole and comfortable fit make them perfect for your baby. Add in the fact that they are built to be easy for parents to get on and hard for baby to get off, all while providing the proper developmental support your baby needs to grow, and these shoes are just too good to pass up!

How Baby Shoe Sizing Works

Baby shoe sizes are often grouped by age. For example, you might see shoes for ages “0-6 months” or “6-9 months.” While this can be helpful, they are meant to be a starting point in your sizing journey. No two baby’s feet are the same , and there is no universal standard for age-based sizing.

Use age guidelines to pick a size to start with, but the safest choice is to measure your child’s foot so that you know exactly what size baby shoes they need.

What Kinds Of Shoes Should I Be Looking For Based On My Babys Age

Now that you understand how to check to see if the shoe youre interested in will fit your babys feet, its time to consider what kind of shoe youll need to match your babys developmental stage. Obviously, youll need to look for different key features in a shoe for a 3-month-old compared to shoes for a 2-year-old.

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The Ultimate Baby Shoe Sizing Guide

Babies grow faster than weeds! Having a clear baby shoe sizing guide will help when you wake up one day, and suddenly your baby has hit that growth spurt.

While no babys foot is the same as another, you can use rough measurements you can to get the sizing right.

In this babys shoe sizing guide, we cover:

  • How to measure your babys foot.
  • Baby shoe size chart.
  • Making sure the size is correct.
  • How often to measure a babys feet.
  • The importance of a perfect fit.

Popular Brands For Crawlers And Pre

Pin on Erin baby shower
  • Robeez
  • Merrell
  • Nina Kids

Of course, you could also dress up your baby in a cute pair of socks until they are walking! While they are cruising and crawling, babies need soft socks with non-skid soles more than shoes.

If your infant wears decorative shoes, take them off whenever your baby begins to cruise or walk. Bare feet will help with their balance.

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Drawing An Outline Of Your Childs Foot

  • 1Gather supplies. Grab two pieces of bond paper and a pencil. Use scratch paper whenever possible it saves paper and helps the environment.
  • 2Position your baby on the paper. If possible, have someone help you hold your child still as he or she steps on the center of your first piece of paper.Advertisement
  • 3Trace the outline of your babys foot. Make sure your pencil is upright not at an angle and trace around the entire foot. Pass around twice so the lines are as vivid as possible.
  • 4Repeat on the other foot. Using your second piece of paper, repeat the process for the other foot.
  • 5Cut out the outlines. Carefully cut both outlines from your papers. Youll have two paper models of your babys feet.
  • 6Use the outlines as references when shopping. When you go to purchase shoes for your baby, hold each outline against the bottom of its corresponding shoe to make sure the size is right. Ideally, the shoe should be just slightly larger than the paper model.Advertisement
  • Children And Babies Sizes

    Choosing the right size for children and babies in Shein is very easy, since in each garment we will find a detail of the measurements of the garment in terms of chest, waist and hips.

    This is the Shein baby size chart, although each size usually reflects the length of the baby:

    • Size 68: 45 cm bust / 47 cm waist / 47 cm hip.
    • Size 74: 47 cm bust / 48 cm waist / 49 cm hip.
    • Size 80: 49 cm bust / 49 cm waist / 51 cm hip.
    • Size 86: 51 cm bust / 50 cm waist / 53 cm hip.
    • Size 92: 53 cm bust / 51 cm waist / 55 cm hip.

    Shein’s sizes for boys and girls can be differentiated by the child’s height centimeters or by age. This is the SheIn children’s table according to centimeters, it is important to look at the three measures:

    • Size 70: 47 cm bust / 47 cm waist / 49 cm hip.
    • Size 80: 50 cm bust / 49 cm waist / 52 cm hip.
    • Size 90: 53 cm bust / 51 cm waist / 55 cm hip.
    • Size 100: 56 cm bust / 53 cm waist / 58 cm hip.
    • Size 110: 59 cm bust / 55 cm waist / 61 cm hip.
    • Size 120: 64 cm bust / 58 cm waist / 66 cm hip.
    • Size 130: 69 cm bust / 61 cm waist / 71 cm hip.
    • Size 140: 74 cm bust / 64 cm waist / 76 cm hip.
    • Size 150: 79 cm bust / 67 cm waist / 81 cm hip.
    • Size 160: 84 cm bust / 70 cm waist / 86 cm hip.

    Kids sizes in Shein can also be expressed by years as size 2Y, 3Y, 4Y, 5Y or 6Y, it is also important to look at the table of measures before choosing by years:

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    Discover All Of Your Favorite Styles

    Once you find the ideal shoe styles for your child, you can feel comfortable shopping for footwear in a similar size. Cozy booties are an excellent choice for hanging out around the house. Slip-on sneakers or VELCRO® shoes are safe and cute enough for daytime outings or spending time with friends. When their favorite shoe becomes too snug, you may need to swap it out for another style. Creating a baby registry list with your favorite types of shoes will help you to get ahead of babys fast-growing feet.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Shoe Sizing

  • How do baby shoe sizes work?

  • Although we might be inclined to believe that baby shoe sizes are just tiny versions of adult sizes, thats not really how they work. Theyre specifically tailored for the feet of newborns, infants, and toddlers. Theyre also the same for both girls and boys – not like the adult sizes.

  • Should babies wear shoes when learning to walk?

  • It’s usually recommended that babies start learning to walk barefoot or wearing soft-soled shoes, but you should alternate with hard-soled shoes once they start walking outright, to help avoid them injuring their feet.

  • What’s the smallest shoe size for babies?

  • The smallest shoe size available is for newborns! And its a 0 , measuring only 8.2 cm/3.22 in length and just 10.8 cm/4.25 in width.

  • What size shoes do babies wear?

  • Baby shoe sizes usually come in different categories, depending on the babys age: so there are 3 kinds we can think of from the top of our heads:

    • Shoes for newborns – between size 0 and size 2 or up to size 18

    • Shoes for infants – roughly up to size 4 or up to size 20

    • And for toddlers – usually between size 5 and size 10 or up to size 28 .

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    How Do I Know Baby Shoe Sizes

    My daughter’s ready for her first pair of shoes. I’m not sure how to figure out baby shoe sizes, though. How do I know what size to buy her?

    Many stores have a children’s shoe sizer. It has adjustable sliders when you place your child’s foot on the sizer, they can be slid to fit. The corresponding lines will show you the correct shoe size to buy for the size of her foot. When you get to the store, if you can’t find one near the kid’s shoe section, ask an associate.

    i recommend to take her to the store with you and put a shoe up against the bottom of her foot to see if it will fit. in my experience, baby sizes vary across brands and widths are not taken into account on size alone – you will most likely find your babys foot is too wide for a lot of shoes out there. is the world’s largest online destination for care. We connect families with caregivers and caring companies to help you be there for the ones you love.® HomePaySM is a service provided by Breedlove and Associates, LLC, a company.

    Sock Size Chart Conversion

    UK shoe sizes are determined using math similar to that of the US and Canada. The only difference is that UK shoe sizes start at 0, not 1. Theres also no distinction between mens and womens sizes. If you use the UKs shoe size metrics, you can easily determine your corresponding US shoe size with simple addition:

    • Men add 0.5-1 to their UK shoe size to determine their US mens shoe size
    • Women add 2-2.5 to their UK shoe size to determine their US womens shoe size

    The arithmetic when it comes to Euro sizes isnt quite as concise, so to save your brain the trouble: well give you a conversion table, which you can apply to the sock size chart.

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    Common Mistakes To Avoid

    There are a few common traps in childrens shoe-buying to avoid:

    • Dont aim for a mini-me. Often will put their children in mini versions of their own athletic shoes, says Andersen. Depending on the shoe, it may not have the flexibility that a child needs to develop normal musculature of the foot.
    • Dont use worn hand-me-downs. Its best not to share shoes, says Andersen. They break down after they are worn by one child. When a shoe becomes worn, it loses its original structure. This could cause a childs foot to rub against the shoe and become irritated, or it could cause the child to shift their weight improperly while walking or running, Andersen explains.
    • Dont forget to keep an eye on how the shoes fit after you buy them. Check their current shoes often to make sure they are not touching the toes, says Andersen.

    And have your childs feet measured each and every time you buy shoes for them, Andersen says, because growth spurts could take you by surprise. This could be as often as every three months. Thats right: Before you know it, youll be right back in the shoe store shopping for the next pair!

    Tips For Buying Baby Shoes

    infant size chart shoes
    • Add 0.5 0.7 inches for the shoes to give your childs feet enough wiggle room and not restrict the proper growth of their feet. A poor fit could lead to more serious problems later on.
    • After measuring both feet, when it is time to shop for the shoes, make sure to use the longer foot measurement as the basis for the size. Better have an allowance rather than buy a pair that only fits one foot.
    • As babies feet grow rapidly, make sure to measure their size often. It is recommended that foot measurement is taken every 2-3 months in the first 24 mos of age to ensure correct shoe size.
    • If buying shoes that you plan your child to wear with socks measure their foot size while wearing them to anticipate the additional length and width needed for proper fit.
    • Before buying shoes online, identify the sizing standard used whether it is in US, UK, or European size to make sure that the size conversion is correct.
    • US shoe size is different from European shoe sizes. Euro size is also different from UK shoe sizing. To convert baby shoes for newborns from the US to the UK, just remember that UK shoes are usually just one-half size lower than US sizes.

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    How To Measure Your Baby’s Feet

    So, let’s get measuring! While you can hold a ruler up to those little feet, it will probably be a challenge to get an exact measurement, especially if they are kicking or curling their toes. Plus, it is important to get a measure of the foot while standing, because the foot will tend to have a different size when under a little weight. That’s why we created our handy printable size chart!

    Make sure to measure both feet! It is normal for one foot to be bigger than the other, so you will want to know the size of both feet and shop based on the size of the bigger foot.

    Now that you’ve sized your baby’s feet, you’re ready to pick their new favorite pair of baby shoes. Keep in mind that brands vary in sizing standards, so look for the exact inches or centimeters when using sizing charts.

    Is It Okay For Children To Wear Rain Boots All The Time

    Rubber boots for everyday life? No, absolutely not! Rubber boots should only be used when it is really wet outside.

    They are not suitable everyday shoes, as they usually make the feet sweat. The boots should be made of natural rubber rather than PVC. This is because both the manufacturing of PVC as well as the printed motifs can contain harmful pollutants which can be absorbed by your childrens feet.

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    Next Step: Test If Your Kids Shoes Fit Nice & Well

    Once you’ve shopped and tried on your new baby shoes, youll have to double-check that all that measuring we did before actually paid off. Here are a few small tips & tricks on how to test it out:

  • Visual check

  • Most shoes that dont fit well should be easily identified just by the naked eye: Do the shoes leave marks on the babys feet? Do they appear to fit snugly? Are they too loose? Or maybe too tight? Make sure you turn the shoes upside down or inside out if you can, anything to check that theyre the proper size.

  • Check the insole

  • If the shoes fit a bit too tight when you first put them on your babys feet, then they might actually become too small in a very short while. Babies outgrow their closets sooo fast! So heres one thing you can do: take out the insole of the shoe and measure it then, compare it to the measurements you have for your babys toes to the tip of the insole – there should be enough space to fit approximately 12mm, at least. If its any longer than that, then the shoes will be too big for your baby. And if its less, then theyre too small!

  • Pinch the shoe

  • Preferably, the shoes should fit snugly enough that youre able to pinch a bit of the material at the widest point. Most barefoot shoes have a very flexible material that usually stretches to fit the feet.

    How Often To Measure Kids Feet

    How to Measure Toddler Shoe Size at Home – Buying Shoes Online for Toddlers – Tips for moms

    Did you know that children’s feet can grow half a size every 2 to 4 months? While this average varies depending on age, you should measure your kid’s feet every two months to ensure their shoes are fitting well.

    Read our FAQ to learn all about how kids’ feet grow and the kind of shoes you need to support their healthy development.

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    Signs That Your Childs Shoes Are Too Small

    A bigger size is most likely needed if:

    • The shoes are pressing deeply against your childs skin.
    • Your child has blisters.
    • There is no space in the toe box – your childs feet are squished!
    • Your child complains that the shoes are tight or uncomfortable. Knees, back, hip or joint pain can also be a sign of ill-fitting shoes.
    • Your child doesnt seem to want to wear the shoes anymore.

    What Does The American Podiatric Medical Association Recommend

    The APMA has a quick three question test to help you determine if your childs shoe/baby walking shoes makes the grade:

    • Does the shoe have a stiff heel? The shoe shouldnt collapse when you press on both sides of the heel counter.
    • Is the toe flexible? The shoe shouldnt be too stiff in the toe area, but it shouldnt fold up too much when pressed either.
    • Does the shoe have a rigid middle? The shoe shouldnt twist in the middle.

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    Baby Shoe Sizing Chart

    Heres a guide to help you with shoe sizes, measurements and age range the sizes may cater to.

    This size chart wont be true for every brandsome may still class baby shoes over 4 inches as 06 months. However, the size chart was crafted after examining several baby shoe retailers size charts and age guides.


    For older toddler sizes, see our kids shoe sizing guide.

    How To Measure Baby Feet For Shoes Yourself

    Toddler Shoe Size Chart Printable That are Obsessed ...

    Baby shoe sizes can be a real hassle by themselves: there are so many numbers and it gets difficult to decide between a size 2.5 or a size for an 8 month old baby – its tough to know how baby shoe sizes work. And measuring a baby’s feet for shoes is a real challenge in itself. Not to mention that they seem to grow by the minute!

    But to help your baby feel comfy and safe with their new pair of shoes, you need to make sure theyre the correct size and fit for their cute little feet. Heres our fool-proof detailed guide, with a few simple steps that might help you out:

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