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Are Hoka Shoes Good For Your Feet

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Hoka One One Clifton 7


Hoka One One have started an uber-soft, high-cushioned shoe movement. Hoka is one of the top selling franchises as well as one of the leading running brands in the world, and the Clifton 7s recent update has not disappointed. Hoka maintained the Clifton 6s proven midsole & outsole but modernized and updated the upper to give you a better fit across the top of your foot. End result: a comfortable shoe for someone who is going to be on their feet for 12 or more straight hours. We hear from our customers almost daily that they just arent as sore as they used to be after a long day on their feet after wearing Hoka shoes. Click here to buy in our web-store. Men | Women

Hoka Womens Mach Running Shoes

In the Mach you have one of the more normal pairs of running shoes from the Hoka brand. While these do plenty to help you get through hard runs, they are a regulation kind of look. They are relatively flat to the ground without a rocker style, which is going to be what some prefer to have. They do, though, have a ton of cushioning built into the midsole, and its obvious when you look at the outsole and see how much of that is there. Up top on the upper, one glimpse lets you know that you are going to be taken care of very well in terms of breathability. There is a plethora of mesh placed around them, making them ideal for warm runs and for those of us than run hot compared to others. Like many of the others youll find on this list, there are no seams, utilizing a strong bond of materials that also support and lock you in throughout the foot and including both the heels and arches. These do take a bit of transition time, so be ready to exercise patience in preparing to wear them regularly.


  • Patience needed to break them in

Hoka One One Elevon 2for Men

  • Vegan

The upgrade to these Hoka walking shoes includes a further extension to the heel, providing more cushioning for the heel strike. Where walkers differ from runners is in the heels action, consistently striking the ground as the first point of impact. The internal support wings help you adjust the fit to your heel, and the asymmetrical tongue combines with this feature to provide a locked-in feeling for your foot. If you are not used to the snug second skin fitting in your walking shoes, this may surprise you. These shoes encourage a slower running pace which interestingly makes them ideal Hoka One walking shoes.

The upgrades concentrate on improved breathability , cushioning and enhanced fit.

Need to find an alternative? Try Saucony Endorphin shift for walking happiness.

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How We Picked The Best Hoka Running Shoes

We used data from our fit id® outfitting process, interviews with designers and real-life wear testing to determine the best HOKA ONE ONE running shoes for most runs and the most runners.

You can shop with confidence at Fleet Feet: We offer free shipping on orders over $99, and you have 60 days to return any gear if you dont like the way it looks, fits or feels. Plus, with our price-match guarantee, you can make sure you never pay too much for a new pair of running shoes.

Asics Gel Contend 5 Walking Shoe

Are Hoka Shoes Good For Flat Feet?

If walking is a part of your daily routine, consider investing in this pair. It provides a good amount of foot stabilization, and cushions well with through their AmpliFoam midsole, says Dr. Figlo. Not only is the fabric inside breathable, but the shoe also has an Ortholite sockliner that provides support, comfort, and wicks away moisture.


If you like the classic look of a walking sneaker, there is none more iconic than this pair from New Balance. This tried and true sneaker has retained its reputation over time , still offering a good amount of cushioning, stability, and support to your foot. This shoe is durable, well-cushioned, and has a breathable upper, says Dr. Fridman. It also has a muted look, perfect for those people who dont want loud shoes.


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Best For Stability And Plantar Fasciitis Relief

Many people are familiar with the sharp arch pain associated with plantar fasciitis, and those who stand and walk on hard surfaces all day are even more likely to deal with this excruciating condition. Whether this is all too familiar or you’re someone who just needs a little bit of extra stability, the HOKA Gaviota should be your go-to for all-day wear. Featuring a dual-density midsole that is designed to stabilize the foot by reducing overpronation, the Gaviota offers your feet, knees, and back some extra support so you will still be feeling good as you clock out after a long day. You may even be feeling good enough to take them out for a post-work jog.


Comparison: Hoka Vs Nobull

NOBULL was launched by co-founders Michael Schaeffer and Marcus Wilson in 2015. Since their inception, the brand has operated on the core tenet of cutting to the chase and actively pursuing the life you want without cutting corners or relying on gimmicks.

In NOBULLs online store, you will find athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories for men and women.

NOBULL is currently headquartered in Boston, MA, and they boast a large team that consists of dedicated and inspiring athletes. They are also affiliated with the likes of Jared Stevens, Sam Dancer, Brooke Wells, Kristi Eramo, Tola Morakinyo, Will Grier, and Katrin Davidsdottir.

The brand has a handful of physical retailers in the US, and ships to Canada, Australia, the US, and several countries in Europe from their online store.

As for how their runners stack up, The NOBULL Ripstop Runner is a versatile, lightweight, supportive sneaker made of perforated polyester ripstop material.

This competes with the ultra-supportive EVA foam and mesh upper Hoka Mens Clifton 8 ,a notable best-seller on the website. In terms of supportive technologies, the Hoka shoe wins, but in terms of aesthetics, the NOBULL runner takes the cake for its sleek design.

As for the price points of runners on either site in general, they do not differ by much. The price varies depending on the model in question, but the two brands price their products quite similarly.

Safe to say its up to personal preference when it comes to these two quality brands.

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Hoka One Athletic Shoes For Neuropathy

Hoka One One is a French athletic shoe company that recently got famous for its lightweight and maximum cushioning combination designed to promote stability and comfort. Now easy to find in the USA, some Hoka One models have even received the American Podiatric Medical Associations seal of acceptance.

The Hoka One Challenger ATR 6 are all-terrain trainers versatile enough to make both great trail running shoes and city walking ones. They show numerous neuropathy-friendly features Im sure your feet will thank you for!

The cushioning is extreme but the shoes stay lightweight enough to improve traction and foot mobility. The interior lining is blister-proof and the fabric is super breathable.

The compression-molded EVA midsoles are foam-padded, improve foot stability, and absorb impacts like no other ones! The shoe adherence is reinforced with rubber inserts on the outsoles. As a bonus for neuropathy fragile feet, a protective toe rand adds even more support and protection.

Of course, these high-tech orthopedic shoes some at a higher price. But if you can afford it, you wont regret it!

Hoka Running shoes for Neuropathy: Cons

  • Expensive

The Purported Benefits Of Zero Drop Shoes

Lucky Feet Shoes | Fit Expert Reviews | HOKA Bondi 7

“The most commonly advocated benefit is that barefoot or zero drop shoes encourage less dependency on shoe gear and more reliance on strong muscles of the feet and legs, which in theory will help improve body posture, stride, and performance overall,” says Dr. Cunha. “These shoes may feel comfortable and help improve performance as long as there is no underlying foot pain or deformities.” But, he says, this comes along with a very big caveat. “It’s important to be aware that the benefits of zero drop shoes are only available to people that already have the proper running form to begin with.” So unless you’re already an avid runner , you’ll probably want to start out with a shoe that offers more cushioning or structural support.

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Do I Really Need A Running Shoe

If you are going to be running routinely, the answer here is a very clear yes. Running shoes, and good ones, are very necessary if you are intending on running regularly. The reason why is because they are designed to get you moving forward and keep you doing so. With tennis shoes and other types of shoes, you do not get the correct amount of support needed. Tennis shoes may not look all that different, but they are not designed to handle all of the loads placed upon the feet and joints like running shoes are. You may not favor Hoka for one reason or another, but its very wise of you to not make the mistake of turning to a pair of shoes that just cant handle the pressures of running. Once or twice might be justified, but anything more than that and you are placing your own health at risk.

Crocs Bistro Batali Edition

These low-profile Crocs pretty much blend into the backgroundperfect for workers who need a simple, durable shoe. They check all the boxes with an easy-to-clean material, a contoured footbed, and thick toecapsfor a reasonable price, too.

Im an emergency department nurse and these are the only shoes I can wear for 13 hours and my feet and legs dont hurt, an Amazon reviewer raves. Ive been wearing them for 10 years. Wouldnt wear anything else. Plus, they are super easy to clean. Id give them 10 stars if I could.

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Hoka One One Womens Bondi 7 Running Shoes

The Hoka ONE ONE Bondi 7 is by far the most popular style and for good reason. Its got a breathable mesh top, super-thick sole, and perfect locked-in fit.

They feel like theyre doing the work for you as the rocker midsole helps you glide across the floor. Top-notch for all-around fit, feel the performance and yes, style definitely the best Hoka shoes for women nurses.

Cons: they do have a large sole if you like a sole thats a bit flatter, try the Hoka ONE ONE Cavu running shoes.

Best For Ultimate Comfort On Your Feet

Best Nurse Shoe Review: Hoka

For those looking for soft, cloud-like comfort underfoot, the HOKA Bondi is a fabulous option. As the most cushioned shoe in HOKA’s lineup, the Bondi is perfect for relieving feet and knees from the discomfort of age, long days of work, and the impact of walking or jogging on the joints. Featuring 360 degrees of comfort, the Bondi has a soft mesh upper and memory foam heel collar that matches the feel of the plush foam underfoot.


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Hoka Bondi 7 Fit And Materials

The Bondi 7 doesnt just give you cushioning underfoot it uses extra padding and cushion all around for the plushest feel.

HOKA gave the Bondi a padded heel collar to boost the shoes step-in comfort. The padding has a dense, memory foam feeling that conforms well to the shape of your heel. One tester says he felt like the memory foam hugged his heel and distributed pressure evenly, even when the laces were cinched tight.

The cushy feel continues with a padded tongue that helps reduce the pressure of the laces across the top of your foot. Otherwise, the mesh upper feels thin and lightweight, allowing your foot to breathe better when the weather heats up.

An internal heel cup creates good structure that locks your foot into the shoe. None of our testers had trouble with their heels slipping. Again, the memory foam heel padding creates a naturally secure feeling.

The standard lacing system gives the shoe a straightforward fit. There are seven eyelets on each side of the shoethe top eyelet is empty to give you options to lace the shoes differentlyand the familiar criss-cross pattern doesnt require any guesswork to get the fit right.

The Bondi fits true to length: Testers felt like they had enough room in the toes in their normal sizes. But the shoe runs slightly narrow through the midfoot and forefoot, so runners with wider feet should try on the shoe first or consider sizing up to a wide width.

What Is The Gait Analysis

The study of human motion is what you call Gait analysis.

It’s an essential study used to analyze how we run. It’s especially beneficial for runners as they get valuable insights on how they run and, in turn, what they need to work on or augment in their performance. It could also provide insight on equipment, or you guessed it, shoes that they need.

Determining the level of pronation is the aim of Gait analysis.

Pronation is defined as the natural inward roll of your foot while the outside part of the heel hits the ground. Pronation determines what kind of support you would need from a running shoe.

So having said that, overpronation happens when the feet roll inward more than it should. Underpronation, or what we call supination, on the other hand, is where the feet don’t turn inward enough.

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Do Hokas Help Back Pain

When it comes to back pain resulting from your runs, the culprit is usually a shoe that doesnt have enough cushioning or support.

Hokas running shoes are specifically designed to provide runners with optimal cushioning, stability, and support in order to make them perform better and more painlessly.

Eva Foam In The Midsole: Massive But Light

Pillows for your Running Feet? Hoka Stinson ATR 6

All the Hoka walking shoes have a substantial EVA foam layer for a bouncy, plush feeling underfoot. Hokas proprietary blend of EVA foam with rubber gives elasticity, energy return, and more durability, giving you more miles from your shoes.

A recent development is a ProFly layer. ProFly is a system for strategic placement of soft foam in the heel for shock absorption and firmer foam in the forefoot for a bouncier toe push off with some energy return.

Some Hoka walking shoes also use a J frame in the midsole that involves the strategic placement of firm foam. This time the denser cushioning is in the forefoot, then continues in a strip down the inside of your foot where it finally curves around the heel giving a J shape. This strategic placement of firm foam suppresses overpronation and subtly nudges you into the optimum walking gait. The Hoka Arahi, Hoka Gaviota and Hoka Elevon ranges use a J-frame.

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Orthofeet Neuropathy Shoes For Women

Orthofeet is the most podiatrist-recommended orthopedic shoe company for diabetes and neuropathy patients. The Quincy Stretch Slip-on shoes are extremely comfortable and offer integral protection.

Designed to alleviate neuropathic foot pain, they provide an entirely pressure-free environment with stretchable uppers and a seamless interior lining that prevents blisters and frictions. Orthofeets premium orthotic insoles are included but removable so you can also accommodate your own shoe inserts.

Neuropathy patients must find the perfect fit so their shoes are supportive enough but dont impede blood circulation. These shoes are fully customizable: they are available in different widths and come with removable fitting spacers as well as an optional arch booster.

The cushioning is thick and durable providing a real pillow-like support. The interior is seamless and foam-padded for extra protection. Theres an anatomical arch support and the ergonomic outsole is extremely lightweight to help correct posture and foot alignment.

These glove-like slip-on shoes are by far the best womens casual shoes for neuropathy. Plus, theyre free to try as if you buy on Orthofeets website, you get free shipping, a 60-days wear test, free returns, and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Orthofeet Orthopedic Shoes: Cons

More Orthofeet Neuropathy shoes for Women

Podiatrist’s Review Of Hoka Bondi 5 & Tor Summit

Hoka One One Two Excellent Podiatrist Recommended ShoesHoka One One Bondi 5 Running ShoeHoka One One Tor Summit Waterproof Hiking Shoe1. A thick, rigid sole with no motion or flexibility.2. A wide toebox, 3. Rearfoot control.4. Arch support. These shoes are recommended for patients with:These shoes are not recommended for patients with:Check with your podiatrist to see if these shoes are appropriate for you if you have: For more information, please refer to these other articles:Shoe recommendations for patients recovering from Lisfranc’s injuries

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Are Skechers Good For Neuropathy

Because of their exceptional comfort and advanced technology, Skechers iconic shoes are among neuropathy sufferers favorites. Theyre often recommended by podiatrists themselves. There are numerous Skechers shoes suitable for neuropathy feet, but I find the Go Walk ones to be the most versatile and the coziest ones.

First, these slip-on shoes have a back pull-on loop for easy insertion and tie-less closure. Then, the upper mesh fabric is highly breathable, extremely soft, and naturally expandable to create a natural fit without any pressure. The collar is padded for extra protection against blisters.

The high rebound insoles are well-cushioned and provide good protection. The top layer is air-cooled and moisture-wicking so your feet stay in a dry and healthy environment away from fungus and bacteria. Their only downside is that theyre not removable. You wont be able to accommodate your own orthotics.

The outsoles are lightweight and flexible to help ease neuropathy foot pain and promote foot traction. These Skechers walking shoes are available in different widths . Its ideal for people suffering from sensitive and achy feet, swollen feet, edema, or simply having wider feet!

Skechers Neuropathy Walking Shoes: Cons

  • The insoles are not removable
  • Not ideal for cold or rainy weather
  • Not Medicare-approved

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