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Are Rothys Shoes Worth It

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Rothys Review: So Are Rothys Worth The Cost

Rothys Shoes Review and Sizing

Yes, as you can probably tell from this Rothys review, Ive been impressed with my Rothys so far and would recommend them to anyone whos looking for a quality and comfy pair of flats.

Ive had my Rothys for a good handful of months now and I can already say that theyre some of the best flats Ive owned.

I love how versatile and comfortable they are, while still being stylish and packable for travel.

I also love that theyre shoes made from recycled plastic and sustainable materials and overall an eco-friendly brand. The fact that theyre machine washable doesnt hurt either.

All of these things combine to make Rothys very much worth the cost in terms of what Im looking for in a pair of flats.

Should I Buy Rothys Flip Flops

The answer is YES! Ive replaced all my other flip flops with Rothys flip flops.

I wear my Rothys flip flop sandals more than any other Rothys shoe I own. My sandals have gone with me to 6 different countries and served me well while on the treacherous Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii.

And I am convinced theyll never wear out.

Also, buy a black pair, because they go with every outfit.

We recently purchased the Rothys Wrap sandals in Cosmo and are OBSESSED. If you decide to buy the Wrap sandals, definitely get them in your street size.

What Is The Rothys Teacher Discount

Rothys teacher discount has expanded to include teachers, first responders and medical professionals. Every year, professionals in that category are eligible for four 20% off codes that can be used on select styles. Check out the discount page for more information about the styles available and how to verify your eligibility for the discount.

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Bottom Line: Are Rothys Loafers And Points Worth It

Yes, and Im a little obsessed.

Rothys flats, including the Point and Loafer, are versatile and well made, so if youre on the hunt for comfortable flats for work or play and/or ethical shoes, theyre worth your time and money. Plastic water bottles have never looked better! So to answer, Are Rothys worth it, my answer is an easy yes. Get $20 off here with my Rothys discount code!

Do you have any Rothys shoes? Is buying ethically made goods important to you? Are you more of a Rothys Loafers or Points gal?

So Are Rothys Worth It For Travelers

Are Rothy

If youre wondering at this point whether I recommend Rothys as a travel shoe, Id say 100% yes. Sure, theyre pricey, but given how much I plan to wear them, I fully believe Rothys are worth the price.

Rothys are everything I have ever wanted in a travel flat. They feel lightweight, comfortable, and durable three characteristics I look for in any pair of shoes, travel or not. Theyre easy to pack and you can wash them in a machine without worrying about whether theyll fall apart. Also, theyre super cute and come in lots of fun colors!

On top of being a functional and fashionable travel shoe, Rothys are also sustainably-produced and made largely out of recycled plastic bottles. Theyre 100% vegan and utilize carbon-free and environmentally-friendly materials otherwise.

Honestly, I had trouble finding anything wrong with my Rothys . Im extremely happy with my purchase, and this is coming from someone whose last travel flats cost $16 and were made out of faux leather.

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Pricing And How To Get Them For A Discount

Rothys are priced between $125 and $165. Yes, theyre an investment, but I swear theyre worth it.

Rothys do not usually go on sale, but you can utilize the Refer a Friend program. Basically, you can send a friend $20 off their first purchase, and if they make a purchase, Rothys will send you a code for $20 off your next pair. I didnt tell you this, but you can obviously send yourself the $20 off if you have a second e-mail address.

Rothys also offers teachers 20 percent off select products, since theyre such great shoes for the classroom. Verifying your eligibility is easy.

What Is Rothysshipping Policy

Rothys offers a free shipping option, which generally takes about 5-9 business days for orders within the United States. If you want faster shipping by way of UPS Expedited or UPS Express , you can opt-in for an extra $25 or $35 respectively.

International orders will generally take anywhere from 5-10 business days to arrive.. As it stands, there is no expedited international shipping alternative.

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Rothys Sale Info And Is There A Rothys Discount Code

If youre wondering where to buy Rothys, you do so on their official website. Ive never seen a Rothys sale on their website and theres no Rothys Black Friday special, but the closest thing is if you use my Rothys coupon code link to get $20 off your first pair. Its a substantial amount of savings and every little bit counts, right? Its as close to a Rothys promo code or Rothys coupon as youll get, so go for it.

Soles Worn After 4 Days

Rothys Loafers one year review

TLDR: My Rothy’s lasted 4 days before they were destroyed and Rothy’s did not care. Rothy’s are not inexpensive. I bought a pair of sandals in March – excited to wear them once the weather started getting warmer. I went on vacation in May and wore my new Rothy’s sandals over the course of 4 days. 2 of 4 days, I stayed in my hotel and either was barefoot or reclining by the pool. The other two days, I wore my sandals out and about for most of the day. After 4 days, the heels of the soles had totally eroded away. I contact Rothy’s thinking this had to be some sort of defect. Their response was to offer me a discount on a future purchase – as if it’s not insulting to suggest I’d be appeased enough to buy another pair of shoes that didn’t even last a week. Shoddy quality products that they either can’t or won’t stand behind, shady business practices, and a poor customer experience.

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How Do Rothys Fit

Rothys persistently emphasizes that their shoes are meant to fit perfectly right out of the box no break-in period necessary.

However, this also has its drawbacks, as any shoes that feel a little too tight right out of the box will stay that way. Rothys recommends that you go up half a size, particularly if your foot is wider than a B.

There are no Rothys wide feet options, but the company does recommend going a size up to accommodate this. Do Rothys have arch support? Yes!

Rothys is quite flexible in that it allows for free returns if you order shoes that may be a little too tight for your liking. Rothys shoes are made according to industry-wide sizing standards:

Womens Size Chart

They Are Durable And Machine

Probably the best thing about Rothy’s is that they are machine-washable. I’ve owned them for over two years now and have already washed them a few times. Just take the insoles out and wash both the shoes and the insoles in cold water on delicate with mild detergent and let air-dry. They’ll be good as new! Typically, I find I wash the insoles more than the shoe itself. The fact that they are removable makes it super easy to throw them in with the rest of my laundry and lay them out to dry overnight.

The main thing to remember is they should always be washed with warm water and never put in the dryer, as this may cause the shoes to shrink. Either way, being able to easily wash and clean my shoes regularly is a plus in my book.

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Comparing Rothys Vs Tieks: Pros & Cons

I went into some of these things above, but lets really dig into the pros and cons of Rothys vs Tieks and which shoe wins in some of the most important categories.

Comfort & Fit

Comfort is huge when it comes to shoes and especially when it comes to flats, which arent the most comfortable style of shoes.

Neither Rothys or Tieks provide a ton of support since theyre still flats, but in terms of overall comfort, Rothys wins by just a nudge.

This is especially the case for the fit right out of the box.

Although Tieks and Rothys are comparable in terms of comfort once you have a chance to break in Tieks, Rothys are more immediately comfortable.

This is probably a more personal preference, but I also find the materials used in Rothys to be more breathable and lightweight, compared to the leather used in Tieks.

With that said, Ive worn both my Tieks and Rothys for whole days at a time walking long distances and theyre both pretty comfortable for flats.

The only exception is if you have wider feet, in which case Tieks would be the better option.

The reason for this is the narrowness of Rothys shoes, especially for their flats. People with wide feet often complain of their feet hanging over the sides of the insoles.

Tieks have a slightly wider construction and a more flexible opening that conforms to your feet, making it better for wide feet.



Rothys and Tieks are similar in terms of sizing.

Versatility & Style


Number of Options


Rothys: What All The Fuss Is About

Are Rothy

Maybe youve heard all about Rothys and are just want to know if theyre worth the expense. Maybe youre wondering why people love them so much. And maybe youve never heard of Rothys and just want to know why I decided to dedicate an entire review to a pair of mystery shoes. Regardless of which category suits you, youll find everything you need to know in this review. Here are the basic facts about Rothys at a glance.

  • Rothys are a stylish, comfortable, sustainable flats for women and girls.
  • All Rothys are constructed from post-consumer plastic water bottles and other sustainable materials.
  • Rothys are machine washable and feature a removable insole
  • Rothys womens shoe prices range from $125-$165, depending on the style.
  • Rothys now offers shoes for girls! Their childrens loafers cost $65 and are available in sizes 10-4.

Ive been a loyal Tieks customer for several years and I kept hearing people rave about their Rothys. It was time for me to finally see what all the fuss was about.

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Are Rothys Good For Flat Feet

Here is what I absolutely love about Rothys flats. They are very cute, coming in a wide range of styles and colors, and they are totally sustainable. These flats provide your feet with zero support, which also means no shock absorption, so any period of extended wearing will leave your feet sore and tired.

What Are The Cons Of Rothys

While Rothys are a fantastic travel shoe that Id recommend to basically all of you, theyre not perfect. Here are a few things Id throw out there as cons about Rothys:

  • Theyre REALLY expensive. I had to close my eyes while I clicked purchase because I was so scared about the price, and these shoes dont go on sale often. However, even though Rothys are pricey, I do think theyre worth saving up for.
  • You can machine wash them, but you cant machine dry them. Because the dryer uses high heat, your Rothys can get damaged if you put them in there. For the same reason, you need to only wash your Rothys in cold water!
  • Like most flats, they wont keep your feet warm.
  • Some reports say that Rothys tend to run small, especially if youre planning on buying the Points. However, Rothys has a flexible exchange policy so returning and/or exchanging shouldnt be an issue.
  • The plastic material may take some getting used to! I like how it feels on my feet but its definitely different than leather or canvas flats.

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Are The Rothys Driving Loafers Worth It

This driver is easy to slip on and off.

The Driving Loafers fit well and wont cause harm if you live a fairly sedentary lifestyle or only plan to wear the shoes in short bursts. Theyre fine for office settings and casual environments where a solid driver can spice up a jeans and T-shirt outfit. Theyre machine-washable, eliminating any long-term odor concerns.

However, these arent exactly a traditional driving loafer. The shoes plastic bottle fibers are an interesting talking point, but its no-frills design doesnt feel sophisticated like leather or suede. These are aesthetic issues, not performative onesthe driver holds up on its own as a durable, mostly comfortable shoe. I’m just not a fan of how they look when compared to other fabrics or styles.

If choosing apparel made of recycled materials is important to you, these $185 driving loafers could be worth the investment. Theyll certainly last a while and add a pop of bold color to your summer attire, if you go that route with your shade selectionthe loafers come in four colors and prints. But if you like the classic style of loafers or drivers, you may be better off sticking to a leather version.

A Rothys Review On The Road: What About Rothys As A Travel Shoe

Rothy’s Sizing and Review | One Year Later

I knew that the contained environments of my apartment and the 10 minute walk to work arent really representative of a real travel situation, so I took my Rothys for a spin on a trip to Winnipeg. Throughout the trip, Id be walking on a variety of terrain, as well as driving quite a bit, which felt like a great opportunity to truly test out my flats and make this Rothys shoes review as accurate as possible.

During my trip, I walked on all kinds gravel pathways, cobblestone streets, sidewalks, and rocky waterfronts. I spent two days wandering and biking around the city, two days dancing at a music festival, and another day driving and exploring the rocky lakeside.

Through it all, my Rothys held up perfectly fine! Moreover, I didnt get a single blister or callous from my Rothys, even though they were new. They took virtually zero time to break in!

On the hot days, I was so thankful that the material was breathable and light. The plastic also didnt hold onto unsavory foot smells like flats can often tend to do.

When I arrived back home from my trip, I threw my Rothys into the washing machine. Yup, I simply removed the insoles and placed them in my machine, on delicate cycle in tap cold water.

They came out looking exactly like they did after I took them out of the original packaging. After washing, I set them on the balcony to dry for a few hours, they were ready to wear around town once again.

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Are The Bows Easy To Tie & Do The Bows Stayed Tied

I was also worried about the bow staying tied I got this question a ton. However, Im happy to report that its super easy to tie AND they stay tied. The tie is slightly elastic, so it gives a little bit while you walk but not so elastic that it unties. I tied mine once and havent re-tied them since. Heres a cute video of how to tie them with a tuxedo bow!

Rothys Vs Tieks: Which Are The Most Comfortable Flats

This page contains affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Ive written before about how Tieks are my favourite flats for travel as they are comfortable, look great, and fold up into a small pouch. Im currently on my fourth pair and I can wear them all day for city sightseeing or even 12-hour days at Disney.

I really didnt need a second pair of flatsas a full-time traveller with just a carry-on bag, space is limited. But my friend raved about Rothys flats, and once I saw the pointed toe style in my favourite purple colour, I couldnt resist.

Rothys shoes are vegan, machine washable, made from recycled plastic bottles, and come in tons of stylish designs. Meghan Markle even wears them!

Many people claim they are the most comfortable flats theyve ever worn , but I was dubious they could match my beloved Tieks.

In this Tieks vs Rothys review, I compare the pros and cons of these two flats after two years of travelling with them both.

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Sally Kaplan Insider Reviews Deputy Editor: The Point $145

I am extremely picky about flats, mostly because it’s hard to find ones that are the perfect storm of cute, affordable, and comfortable. This pair almost meets all three of those criteria, with the exception of the price being slightly over what I’d normally pay. That said, they are quickly becoming my go-to pair for work. I won’t call them the most comfortable flats in the world , but they are exceptionally easy to commute in and I don’t pray for the moment I can take them off every time I wear them.

The one thing I will say is that if you have wide feet, the pointy-toe style is not for you. I’d go for the loafers in that case. I don’t have wide feet but they’re not narrow either and these fit perfectly for me. My pinky toe rubbed against the seam a little bit, but not enough to cause a blister, so I’d call that a win.

Overall, the lack of break-in period and the little bit of stretch afforded by the knit upper are the two features I’ve loved most and I’d definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a stylish work flat.

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