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Where Can I Buy Nursing Shoes

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Be A Hero In Comfortable Work Shoes For Doctors & Nurses

Ultimate Nursing Shoe Guide

We know that as a doctor or a nurse, you’re on your feet for long periods of time taking care of your patients. That’s why we created a collection of comfortable shoes with arch support that are slip resistant and water resistant so that you can be the hero you need to be. Its important to find comfortable nursing shoes or doctor shoes that keep your feet supported when youre on your feet for long hours. We know that spills tend to happen in the hospital which is why weve made our medical footwear easy to clean with water-resistant and oil-resistant technical uppers for those messy situations. Whether you prefer a slip-on shoe, tennis shoes, or sneakers with laces, we have a pair of shoes to suit your busy lifestyle in the hospital and your personal style. Find a pair of comfortable and stylish nursing shoes or doctor shoes that also offer built-in arch support to provide heel support and a slip resistant rubber sole.

Mens And Womens Shoes For All Nurses And Doctors

Gone are the days of boring mens and womens nursing shoes or clogs! At Vionic not only can you find simple black work shoes, you can also find shoes for medical professionals that come in fun colors such as coral, blue or even metallic prints. From mens nursing shoes to womens slip-on sneakers designed specifically for doctors and nurses, wear medical shoes that support not only your feet but also suit your personal style. Our slip-resistant shoes provide arch support and proper cushioning so you can get through your work day, even when youre working long hours. Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis or your current nursing shoes aren’t providing the comfort you need, a pair of medical and nursing shoes from Vionic is the answer you’ve been looking for. Whether youre walking around the hospital doing rounds or need to run to your next patient, don’t let your foot pain stop you from helping your patients. Find slip resistant shoes that provide the arch support you need.

From the ER, to appointments, conferences and more. Professional-grade support for every aspect of your job.

Brooks Mens Adrenaline Gts 19 Running Shoe

These Brooks are light, airy, supportive and so comfortable! You will be flying down the hospital hallways with ease. These shoes not only support your feet but your knees as well. The new Guiderail Support System focuses on letting you move with ease. But, also keeps excessive movements in check. The perfect way to keep your knees supported during those marathon shifts.

Review from recent Brooks purchaser

This has been my go to running shoe for over 10 years. Ive been unfaithful a couple of times, but always gone back to them and have ran everything up to Marathons in them.

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Rubber And Synthetic Outsoles

Most footwear outsoles comprise rubber, plastic or synthetic materials. These are generally good at dispersing shock and providing grip on slick surfaces. With that said, some footwear may contain leather outsoles instead.

In this article, most footwear focuses on rubber and synthetic outsoles as these are commonly used in healthcare settings.

Depending on the footwear, outsole factors such as thickness, heel height, arch support, and build quality can vary dramatically. Therefore when choosing footwear with rubber or synthetic outsoles, keep these factors in mind:

  • Tread pattern and depth
  • Shock absorption

Best Shoes For Nurses 2021

Klogs Women

What are the best shoes for nurses and healthcare professionals? It seems like a simple question. But, the answer can get really complicated. Not just any old walking shoe will do for nurses. That’s why we asked nurses themselves. Here are the shoes that were most recommended by our online nursing community of over 133,000 nurses:

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Nike Tanjun Running Shoe

Nike Tanjun Running Shoe is an excellent casual sneaker thats sure to stand out from the crowd. Firstly this sneaker borrows similar elements from other Nike footwear, such as an active structure and low profile design. This allows the shoe to move freely around the ankle and provides a supportive base for movement.

The upper comprises textile materials that are lightweight, and breathable to ensure a comfortable experience throughout the day. Additionally, the shoe interior features soft, breathable fabric and a cushioned footbed for extra comfort.

Because of its athletic design, this sneaker is built for active lifestyles. Consequently, the shoe midsole utilizes lightweight cushioning thats responsive and stable for a proper heel to toe transition. As a result, users feel confident walking or running around due to the midsole adequately dispersing shock away from the body.

Finally, the traction outsole is flexible, yet durable to ensure that you dont have to deal with unexpected slips and falls. This is especially important for nurses that work in busy settings with lots of foot traffic.

Nike Tanjun Running Shoe combines style and comfort in a lightweight design thats perfect for offices or healthcare centers. Its low profile design and all-white appearance make it great for nursing school and clinical. And for those interested in other colors this shoe is available in over two dozen design variations.

Footwear Features

Footwear Features

Examine Blogs And Forums For Footwear Suggestions

Another strategy used to find the most suitable shoes for nursing school and work is to read well-respected blogs and forums. These websites provide information about nursing shoes that may not be found on an eCommerce website or retailer store. A great blog will provide plenty of information on each product and explain who the particular shoe is best for.

Additionally, these websites research each product they recommend and do their best to help buyers make an informed buying decision. Forum offers good discussions on what nurses like and dont like about a particular nursing shoe, brand, or style. Nurses may even offer recommendations based on their experience to help others choose a shoe thats right for them.

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We Are An Authorized Dansko Retailer

Family Footwear Center is family-owned and run and has been in the business for over 27 years.

We pride ourselves on the quality of shoes that we carry, and Dansko is one of our biggest sellers, both online and in our 5 store locations.

This is because Dansko makes the most comfortable clog shoes for all working professionals, as well as making an expansive line of relaxed sneaker styles, fashion boots and trendy sandals for everyday wear and weekend wear.

As an Family Footwear Center is able to provide you with a great selection of the most popular Dansko Clogs, Mules, Dansko Fashion Boots,Dansko Sneakers, Dansko Sandals, and even Dansko Shoes and Clogs for Men. We also carry many Specialty and Limited Editions Danskos that are hard to find, along with Dansko’s latest, most popular styles.

Consult A Footcare Specialists

My Nursing Shoes

Foot care specialists can measure your feet, diagnose medical issues, and recommend footwear for your particular needs. As a nurse, you can expect to spend hours daily on your feet. Consequently, this can lead to foot, joint, and back issues over time, if you dont take proper care.

If you find yourself struggling to obtain comfortable footwear or have a physical ailment, consult a foot care specialist. Essentially they can be the best resolutions for improving your foot health.

Even if you arent experiencing physical ailments, consult a specialist to reduce the odds of choosing poor-performing footwear. Consequently, not receiving or following proper healthcare advice may contribute to physical problems down the line.

In the end, footwear comfort, support, and durability will become increasingly important throughout the years. The more time you spend standing, the more necessary choosing the most suitable shoes for nursing school and work will be. After all, investing in high-quality footwear may be the best long-term investment you can make.

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Calzuro Classic Clogs With Holes

These Italian clogs are a cult favorite among everyone from cheesemakers to emergency medicine physiciansand for good reason. With a slip-resistant sole, anti-static material, a genuinely cool silhouette, and a slight heel to reduce fatigue, theyre practically made for nurses. And Calzuro clogs are among the easiest shoes to clean, since they play nice with both dishwashers and autoclaves.

I do 24-hour shifts and these shoes keep my feet happy, one reviewer explains. I especially love how easy they are to clean. In my profession they can get pretty gross, so a run under water in the sink and a wipe down and they are as good as new.

Support For Your Weary Feet

  • Slip-resistant soles with elevated heels in a slight rocker style support movement.
  • A honeycombed bed reduces shoe weight but increases durability.
  • Secure, interlocking technology keeps the insert in place.
  • Soft polyurethane combined with cork on the bottom of the insert cushions your feet and provides arch support.
  • A memory foam middle contours to your individual foot.
  • A leather lining provides a soft touch to your sole.
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    Best Overall: Hoka One One Bondi Sr

    • Lacks width options

    • Lack breathability

    If you’re standing on your feet all day, you need shoes that can keep up. Bala’s Twelves are designed with comfort in mind. These sleek, stylish, and fluid-resistant shoes are great for both in and out of the hospital. Their high-traction outsoles help prevent slipping and their thick cushioning heel keeps ankles supported through long shifts.

    Materials: Knit, glove-like base layer polyurethane foam soles high-traction rubber treads | Sizes Available: 5-12 | Width: Medium | Arch Support: Arch M-Brace

    Best Affordable: Tiosebon Women’s Lightweight Running Sneakers

    Savvy Nursing Shoes, Womens, Brandy Color: Silver Floral

    Limited-time discounts come and go, but these stretchy, knit mesh sneakers cost just $36 without any promotion. They’ve received over 3,000 perfect ratings from shoppers who say they’re even more comfortable than expected. “I’m a veterinary nurse and am on my feet for nine hours a day, and these shoes are so comfy and supportive throughout the entirety of my shift,” said one reviewer. “I HIGHLY recommend these unbelievably cushioned, stretchy-topped, heavenly shoes!”

    Buy It! $35.99

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    Customer Service Changes Please Read:

    Alegria Shoe Shop is committed to supporting our customers, our community, and our employees. To do our part to slow the community spread of the virus affecting us all, we have chosen to have as many staff as possible work from home. This staff includes customer service. Our new system will affect response times for answering questions, and for processing returns and refunds. Please know that we are working as diligently as possible to provide the same excellent customer service that you have come to expect from our company.

    To assist us in being able to provide customer service in the most effective and timely manner possible, we are requesting that you e-mail us your questions and concerns instead of calling us. While we will still have the ability to accept and return calls, response times to phone calls and voicemails may be much longer than usual.

    Please use the e-mail address and reference your order number when possible.

    Please continue to be safe. We are all in this together, and will come out on the other side stronger than ever. We appreciate your patience, and wish for your well being.

    Read Online Reviews To Learn About The Shoe

    To get an idea of whether a shoe is right for you, read the customer reviews. Youll learn more about the shoe from reviews than you will from the description or ratings in many cases. This is especially important if you have a specific foot shape, or a condition that requires particular footwear. By reading reviews , you can understand the shoe platform, shape, and functional design.

    Additionally, some websites have a rating system that helps buyers determine how true to size a shoe actually is. In some cases, a shoe may be one size larger or smaller than expected. Therefore, the rating system can help you discover a shoes true size and fit.

    Also, look for charts and comparison tables that help you identify each shoes strengths and weaknesses. This will help you better compare designs so you can determine each nursing shoes advantages. While a shoe may look great by itself, it might not hold up compared to other shoes in the same category.

    Lastly, when readings reviews and looking at comparison charts, check for authenticity and quality before making a snap judgment. Websites such as Amazon allow users to narrow reviews to verified purchases. As a result, you can reduce the chances of receiving fake or manipulated ratings and/or comments.

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    What The Experts Say

    The ultimate choice really depends on how the wearer is feeling at the end of a shift. Some nurses may find that they can wear whatever shoe and feel the same at the end of a shift. However others may observe a difference in foot/leg fatigue after using different types of shoes. Dr. Diane Koshimune, a communications committee member of the American Podiatric Medical Association and podiatric surgeon with Kaiser Permanente

    Dansko Mens Wynn Slip


    As you can see these Dansko shoes are quite like the Merrells listed above. But, they appear to have greater support in the heel. The Danskos have a contoured footbed and are 100% leather which keeps them looking and feeling new.

    Proud Dansko owner writes

    This is my 2nd pair of Dansko. They are tough, durable, and great for keeping my feet comfy. My first pair lasted me 5 years of constantly being in the kitchen and behind the bar before replacing them since they no longer look proper for professional use. I still use my old pair for day to day outings, and Ill most likely get another pair of Dankso in the future.

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    Best For Plantar Fasciitis: Easy Spirit Women’s Traveltime Mule

    The slip-on mules from Easy Spirit are made of durable leather and mesh fabric. Customers can’t stop talking about their supportive insoles and shock-absorbing outsoles, which work together to reduce inflammation from plantar fasciitis. “I have issues with plantar fasciitis and I have discovered I can wear these shoes all the time without any flare-ups,” one person said. Since there’s no need to bend down and tie them, the Traveltime mules will also help you avoid back and knee pain.

    Buy It! $46.40$48.98

    Best Splurge: Brooks Women’s Ghost 13

    Brooks is well-known among doctors and nurses for its unbelievably comfy running shoes. The Ghost 13 model is made with shock-absorbing soles, supportive cushioning from heel to toe, and breathable mesh fabric that fits like a second skin. Yes, they’re pricey, but nurses in the product reviews section argue that they’re worth every penny. “I am a nurse working 12.5-plus hours on my feet. These shoes are like walking on air! My feet and back no longer hurt at the end of my shifts,” one wrote.

    Buy It! $129.95

    Do you love a good deal? to stay up-to-date on the latest sales, plus celebrity fashion, home décor, and more.

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    Reebok Classic Harman Run Sneaker

    These Reebok shoes are the perfect mix of style, durability, and comfort. This shoe has removable orthotic inserts and soft leather to give extra comfort to your feet. If a solid black shoe is not your style, no worries! There are plenty of colors to choose from.

    Reebok owner writes

    Love my old school kicks. Been wearing this same style for years so I know how they fit. Comfortable and very stylish with scrubs or at least I think so. The only flaw is they loose support after six months but who cares since they arent expensive.

    How To Shop For The Best Shoes For Nurses


    You now see all kinds of medical professionals on hospital floors wearing running shoes that are designed to stand up to a lot of stress and strain, says Karen Langone, D.P.M., a podiatrist based in Southampton, New York.

    Clogs are also a good choice, says Howard Friedman, D.P.M., a Suffern, New York-based podiatrist. They tend to have a wide toe box, which helps accommodate feet as they naturally expand throughout the day. This is why you often see surgeons and other health professionals wearing them in the operating room, Dr. Freidman says. You also need a shoe thats durable but also lightweightafter all, youre probably clocking several miles a day around the hospital. Lastly, shoes with a slip-resistant sole are key, as you never know what messes will come your way.

    To help keep pain at bay, Dr. Freidman suggests picking up at least two pairs of supportive sneakers or clogs. A shoes cushioning becomes completely compressed after six hours or so and no longer offers support, Dr. Friedman cautions. So having two great pairs allows you to change halfway through your shift.

    The options below are perfect for nurses and anyone elseretail workers, servers, bank tellerswho spend most of their workdays on their feet.

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    Skechers Work Sure Track Sneaker

    Skechers Work Sure Track Sneaker is a beautiful white leather nursing shoe for those that want footwear designed for work. This shoe comprises sturdy leather materials with perforated panels for added breathability. Moreover, it features a white exterior that gives the sneaker a classic and clean presentation. Alternatively, theres a black variation for those that prefer a dark and elegant appearance.

    To provide unrivaled all-around comfort, the tongue, collar, and insoles are cushioned with breathable fabrics. Moreover, the contoured PU footbed is removable for those that require a custom/aftermarket orthotic.

    The sneakers rear heel incorporates supportive cushioning to reduce impact when walking on tough surfaces. It features a 1.5 lift that improves forward mobility and stability. At the same time, an EVA midsole assists with shock absorption and dispersion. As a result, the sneaker provides better balance and overall support.

    Lastly, the OSHA compliant slip-resistant outsole comprises sturdy rubber material with traction grooves for maximum traction on various surfaces. Skechers Soft Stride Shoe is one of the most suitable shoes for nursing school students who want a slip-on design. Its great for those that their day standing with little time for breaks. If youd like Skechers footwear, read the best Skechers shoes for nurses.

    Footwear Features

    Footwear Features

    • Available in various colors and designs

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