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Do Reebok Shoes Run Small

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How Long Do New Balance Shoes Last

Reebok Zig Kinetica Edge Review & On Feet! Worth Buying?!

New Balance suggests rotating out athletic shoes to reduce wear and tear. This type of footgear may have reduced cushioning and support after several months of consistent use. Longevity will also depend on other factors, such as choosing the right size and the appropriate shoe for your sport of choice.

Reebok Nano 9 First Impressions

Reebok Nano 9 Pair

When taking the Nano 9 out of the box, I immediately noticed the similarities to previous Nano models: the flex weave upper, the rope pro sole wrap, flat and wide toe box, the list goes on.

In fact, the only major difference I could see from the Nano 8 was the change in Reebok branding on the side from their fitness inspired Delta logo, back to their original.

Now somewhat retro logo. This Delta logo can now be found smaller and on the tongue. Could this be a sign the Nano 9 is to be seen as more of a lifestyle shoe too?

In my hand the shoe felt quite plastic-y and rigid due to the upper weave, and also the extended sole wrap, however, I could tell these would stand up to some serious beatings in the gym.

When I put them on, I immediately noticed how large they were compared to other training shoes and running shoes I have.

For clarification, I am usually a womens UK 6.5/ EU 40/ USA 8.5, regular width in shoes, and normally go half a size larger in running and training shoes. I ordered in EU 40.5 in the Nano 9s and they were HUGE.

This first pair was sent back and I reordered in an EU 39, which are still on the roomy side but fit much better and I feel are the correct size.

In comparison, the Nike Metcon 5 fit very much the same in an EU size 40.5, as the Nano 9 do in a 39.

Nanos tend to be synonymous with the wide toe box, allowing toes to splay fully and grip when performing squats and deadlifts for example.

How Various Reebok Shoes Fit

Casual sneakers from Reebok fit true to the brands sizing scheme. That includes Reebok Classics, Reebok Club C 85, Reebok Pump, and Reebok Zig. Leather models can feel stiff at first but should not be uncomfortably constricting.

Reebok basketball shoes such as Allen Iversons Question line will also have mo surprises with their fit and sizing.

The Reebok Nano CrossFit shoes are designed with a roomier toebox to accommodate toe splaying as you actively move or lift weights at the gym.

Although most Reebok shoes run true to size, it is still recommended to check information on the specific model before purchasing. We gather all available feedback from experts and users regarding each products fit on our product pages for your convenience.

Have a favorite shoe from another brand that fits you like heaven? Find out which Reebok size is most likely to correspond to it using the conversion tool below.

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How Much Room Should I Have In The Toe Box

A shoes tox box will vary with its width and what is ideal for you will depend on the anatomy of your foot. Wider toe boxes will accommodate greater toe splay. Toe splay is the act of spreading the toes out to increase the surface area of the foot to improve stability and balance when training.

For context, if you have a more narrow foot, then you can wear a wider variety of cross-training shoes. However, for my wider footed friends, youll be limited in which shoes fit best due to more narrow and neutral shoes feeling super tight in the toe box.

The ideal toe box will give you enough room to splay the toes when training, but not squeeze the lateral and medial toes too much. If youre leaving training sessions with blisters on your pinky toe or big toe, then you likely should explore different shoes with wider toe boxes.

Nike Shoe Size Chart Fitting And Tips

Reebok Floatride Run Fast 2 Multi

Nike is an extremely popular US-based brand that markets athletic wear and shoes for people of all ages. It is important to assess how Nike’s shoes fit in an effort to better advise online clientele what sizes to order for the best customer satisfaction. The purpose of this research is to provide future Nike wearers with a Nike size guide and tips for fitting. In conducting this research, Amazon reviews were the primary source of information. But before we delve into the results of our findings, here are the size conversion tables for Nike’s shoes:

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Is Nike A Good Brand

Nike is one of the most reliable sports companies around the globe. According to Better Business Bureau, or BBB, Nike has an A+ grade, Adidas has a C- grade, Under Armour has an A+ grade, and Big Baller Brand has a F grade. That shows that Nike is a great company and has been great towards their customers.

Do Reebok Shoes Run Big Or Small

According to a general consensus, we have to agree that Reebok shoes are generally true to size. Note that this applies mainly to the classic Reebok shoes. However, if you have wide feet, some of the leather style Reebok shoes can run a bit narrow, making your feet feel a little suffocated. Apart from this, if you are traditionally a size 8, then you should have no problems with the Reebok size 8s that you order. For those who are in between two sizes, the safest option is to go for the size up, rather than the size down. Moreover, to ensure that you get the correct size Reeboks, you should measure your foot from the big toe to the back of your heel.

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Reebok Nano 9 Upper Unit

Reebok Nano 9 Lace

The upper is predominantly made of Reeboks Flexweave material. This feels much like a plastic overlay on the shoes, which lies on top of an inner breathable mesh.

This synthetic Flexweave has lots of gaps in the pattern to maintain the breathability of the shoe, and I had no issues with my feet overheating on workouts.

The Flexweave makes the shoe super durable when it comes to activities such as rope climbs, box jumps, etc. The Nano 9 upper has the slight look of Nikes Flyknit weave upper but a very different feel and function.

The heel feels stiff and roomy, yet padded. The heel counter has remained firm over several wears.

To begin with, after the first couple of workouts the outside of the heel counter on my right foot rubbed the outside of my ankle a little, not painfully, but noticeably.

After a month of wearing, this has disappeared and causes no problems now, but may be a watch out, or something you need to wear in a few times.

The laces have been updated since previous models, and are wide a flat to stay in place. The padded tongue underneath them also stayed in place and caused no issues when working out, once Id got the tightness of the laces sorted.

Visual Differences & Similarities


First, lets talk about the visual differences and similarities. Both shoes offer 4mm heel to toe drop. They are both covered in a breathable fabric.

Both shoes are made in much the same way and are approachable for just about every style. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, for both men and women.

If you look at both shoes from above, you will notice the Reebok Nano X is a touch wider in the toe area. They look roomier from above, but how does this equate to comfort?

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Do Reebok Club C 85 Sneakers Run Small Or Large

To help you answer that question we have compared Reebok shoe sizes to Nikes shoe sizes.

Women: Compared to Nike, Reebok shoes for women are running a bit large. Consider buying your Reebok shoes 0.5 to 1 US size smaller than your Nike shoes

Men: Compared to Nike, Reebok shoes for men are running large in size, however it varies from size to size how much. The best advice we can give is to buy your Rebook 1 US size smaller than your Nike shoes.

Reebok Jackets Run True To Size

The brand offers comfortable and athletic jackets for men and women. You will not have to size up or down when it comes to their jackets.

When it comes to mens jackets, all of them will stay true to size. However, you might have to size downwards for the outerwear coat because they tend to run large. When it comes to womens jackets, consumers report that all of them run true to size.

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I Have A Wide Foot Should I Size Up

That depends. If you have a wider foot, then sizing up in certain models can lead to heel slip and actually hinder how a shoe fits you. When companies create cross-training shoes, they select a last that is, in theory, going to fit the grandest audience.

At times, the last a company selects to use may not align with your foots anatomy. A classic cross-training shoe example of this is how wider footed individuals often find Nike Metcons super uncomfortable, but enjoy shoes like Reebok Nanos.

In this example, the lasts that Nike and Reebok use are more narrow/neutral and slightly wider, respectively, which is why one might not align with your foots anatomy and the other does not. If you have a wider foot, then something like a Nike Metcon may never fit you perfectly.

Instead of sizing up, Id suggest looking at other cross-training shoe options that have lasts that align with your foots anatomy better.

How Do You Clean Them

Reebok Men

Ill try not to get my kicks dirty to be honest as its a pain to clean them, but if I have to Id normally use a professional service as its less hassle. Ive dropped them off at the Jason Markk flagship in London before and they came back as good as new!

“The reality of the situation is that they work with pretty much anything”

Jack S – Content Writer

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Reebok Shoes Size Chart

Reebok shoes arent a small investment, so you will need to ensure that you get the right size. You can have a look at the size chart of Reebok shoes that are given below to ensure that the Reebok shoe you get offers a comfortable fit.

On a side note, shoe sizes are measured differently throughout the world. For instance, a size 7 classic Reebok shoe in the United States, will be a size 39 in Europe, and a size 6 in the UK. This is why its critical that you stay true to the shoe measurements of the country youre living in.

Reebok Classic: What You Need To Know

The Reebok Classic fits true to size. No need to bother trying on a bigger or smaller size as you’ll just waste your time. If you’re worried about them being uncomfortable, don’t worry, the Reebok Classic has a lightweight EVA midsole that offers all-day comfort.

If you don’t want to miss out on the latest Reebok shoes, then make sure you keep it locked in right here at The Sole Supplier for all the latest updates!

Don’t forget to check out our other size guides below for the best tips and advice on sizing, styling and more:

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Reebok Club C Sizing: How Do They Fit

We may earn a commission when you buy something from links on this page.

Introduced over 30 years ago, The Reebok Club C is an absolutely classic silhouette and every real sneakerhead should have at least one pair in their collection. This silhouette has been in Reebok’s archives for decades and throughout that time theres been countless different colourways and collaborations so there really is something for everyone, are you tempted yet? If you are looking to get your hands on a pair then youre going to make sure you cop the right size.

Weve asked some of our dedicated product specialists just exactly how the Reebok Club C fits to make sure that you purchase the correct size, and while we were at it we also asked them how they style them and their preferred cleaning methods. Check it out right here at The Sole Supplier and let us know if you found it useful!

Reebok Shirts Run True To Size For Men And Women

Reebok Nano X – The Best Looking (does it perform too?)

The brand offers various shirts with different sleeves for men and women. You can choose from their long-sleeve or short sleeve shirts.

Women report that the shirts are light and breathable while offering a great fit for workouts. However, some shirts with compression material might run a little snug. That is not a problem if you are small size, but if you are a medium or large, you might have to go one size upwards.

Men report that no matter what the shirt or material is, Reebok runs true to size. However, bulky men report that some of the short-sleeved shirts can run a little snug. So, if you are athletic and have more muscle mass, it is best to go one size upwards.

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Does Reebok Run Small

Reebok offers true-to-size shoes and clothing. Reebok has a reputation for perfect fitting sizing, and all their items offer maximum comfort. It is not necessary to size up or down for many items.

Jackets True to size

The brand offers the best athletic shoes for men and women with various collections. There is a consensus among both genders that they dont have to size upwards or downwards for shoes.

However, some consumers report that the leather style Reeboks might run a bit small and narrow, which is why you might have to go one size upwards for such sneakers. The Reebok Classic offers the best fit that is balanced in width. So, you can make an informed choice based on your needs.

Are Reebok Club C 85 Sneakers Comfortable

Wearers of the Reebok Club C 85 sneakers gladly report back that the shoes are extremely comfortable! They may need some breaking in to be completely comfortable, but after a few wears these shoes will mold to your feet beautifully. The leather of the shoe becomes soft and offers the wearer a lot of comfort as they go about their day. The sole of the shoes, though too rigid to make a great running shoe, also offers the wearers comfort and support.

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Do They Fit Wide Feet

The good news is that Reebok has a whole assortment of shoes that are specifically designed for wide feet. These shoes are tailored to provide a little bit of extra room to ensure that your feet remain comfortable when youre walking, running, or working out.

While you may generally find it difficult to find shoes for wider feet, Reebok offers a variety of style options. From classic and practical shoe to bold and trendy ones, Reebok offers wide shoes for all occasions. Also, while getting shoes from the Reebok wide shoe collection is a better option for those with wide feet, you can also buy their classic

Reebok Shorts Run True To Size


The brand offers shorts for men and women to wear casually or during workouts. Most of them will run true to size for both genders.

Reebok offers various shorts for men that include training, casual, running, and Les Mills. You can stay true to size in all of these collections, but you might have to go one size upwards when it comes to training shorts. Some consumers report that the training shorts tend to be on the snug side of the fitting spectrum.

Reebok also offers many shorts for women that come in various styles and sizes. You can stay true to size in all the shorts, except the legging shorts style. That is because the legging shorts will hug your legs, and they can tend to be on the snug side, which is why you will have to size upwards if you want a comfortable fit.

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Are Reebok Club C 85 Sneakers Good For Running

Reebok Club C 85 sneakers are not necessarily great running shoes. They are designed to be more of a lifestyle or everyday shoe to wear as you run errands or to complete a cute outfit. Running shoes tend to be designed with a higher arch and more support than the Club C 85s have. These shoes are fairly flat and do not offer much of a cushion to absorb the shock of running. Without this support, you could experience some discomfort as your knees and back will absorb most of the shock.

How Do New Balance Shoes Fit Compared To Nike

As with Adidas, Nike vs. New Balance shoe sizing can differ dramatically based on the exact size. For example, men shopping at Nike will find a size 7 translates to 9.6 inches. At New Balance, a 7 is 9.8 inches.

Millimeters of difference can impact how well your shoes fit. Dont mix up size charts while you shop, use the brand-specific one.

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Are Reebok Club C 85 Sneakers In Style

Reeboks Club C 85 sneakers are absolutely in style. These sneakers have been around for decades but nonetheless they are still some of the most popular shoes out there. White sneakers have been popular for a long time but recently they have made a resurgence in fashion. White sneakers are not only worn with a casual outfit, but with simple sundresses and fancier outfits. The classic, simple and clean lines of the shoes have made their mark in fashion for decades, and they probably wont wane from popularity soon!

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