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Does Skechers Have Wide Width Shoes

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Skechers Size Charts Faq

Skechers Wide Width Mens D’lux Walker Sneakers Review

Do Skechers come in Narrow and Wide Sizes?

Yes! Styles marked with EWW are part of our Extra Wide Fit Collection.Skechers Womens Wide Fit is equivalent to Womens W or D width.Skechers Performance running and walking footwear sizes may vary in width, check the respective Skechers size chart.

Do Skechers have Safety Shoes and Boots?

Yes. All comfort and technology are integrated into the Skechers Work collections.Now Americas #1 work brand, Skechers Work, is made to last offering employees trend-right styling and industry-certified quality for all-day protection and comfort. Check them out on our dedicated post about it.

Do Skechers shoes have arch support?

Many of the shoes of Skechers come with a removable insole or insert. This means you can always change the current insole with an arch support version.Skechers has listened to its consumers and launched an ARCH FIT sneaker collection with the help of podiatric experts. Theres a dedicated page on the Arch Fit Size Charts and fitting.

What Size Skechers should I buy?

Already own a pair of Skechers? Generally sizing tends to be standard across brands, although sizes can vary slightly depending on the style, shape, and material of the shoe. The size of the pair that you already own is a good guide

Are Skechers True to size?

Its not a general rule, but Skechers is really strict on their general fitting rules. So Yes, Skechers fit true to size. No need to size up or down.

How to clean your Skechers?

Ladies Wide Fit Skechers

Womens wide-fitting Skechers trainers have a great choice. They offer comfortable and affordable shoes in a variety of styles and designs. You can go for a safe lace-up if you are looking for a trainer for active wear or a slip-on if you only have an active life or looking for a comfortable pair to wear all day.

Regardless of your style, the insole and scatter arch support technology will benefit from high-quality cushioning.

Skechers constantly add new styles to the company as they introduce their ladies wide-fitting range.

Womens Wide Fit Skechers 149057

Skechers Athletic Shoes For Women With Wide Feet

Not every sneaker comes in a wide width, but Skechers lives up to its reputation for comfort, size, and selection. With an athletic shoe for every sport, the company excels in creating athletic shoes that offer support and style. There are many colors, sizes, and styles of Skechers W width athletic shoes available, including 37 athletic shoes that come in a wide width.

What kinds of sports does Skechers make athletic shoes for?

From wide heels to high arches, youâll find a pair of Skechers athletic shoes to fit the bill. The company sells âno sportâ athletic shoes that cover a range of uses, styles, and fits. They also sell athletic shoes specifically designed for these five sports:

  • GO Golf shoes in one style
  • Walking shoes in 30 styles
  • Running shoes in five styles
  • Training shoes in 13 style
  • Trail shoes in one style

What kinds of walking shoes does Skechers sell?

Skechers makes 30 unique styles of walking shoes, ranging from lightweight mesh uppers and traditional walking shoes to loafer-style slip-ons. If you have a special need, this is the place to find it. Choices include memory foam insoles and the companyâs famous Goga Mat technology as well as other distinguishing features. For walking comfort, choose GOwalk Lite, GOwalk Prized, or one of these styles in a choice of medium and wide widths:

What other Skechers come in a wide width?What is the Skechers Ultra Flex?

Ultra Flex-Statement

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Width Options In Skechers

People with various foot shapes can rejoice at the Skechers shoe selection. The brand offers 5 width options for men and women:

  • Classic Fit – regular Medium
  • Relaxed Fit – roomier toebox
  • Wide Fit – more volume overall , 11.3% of all Skechers offerings are available in Wide
  • Extra Wide – significantly more volume , 5% of all offerings
  • Narrow – only 0.7% of all models

Got a shoe from another brand that fits you perfectly? Check its corresponding Skechers size using the tool below:

Shop Our Featured Technologies

Skechers Wide Width Black Shoes Go Walk Men Sporty Casual Comfort Slip ...
  • Women’sRefine by Gender: Women’s
  • Men’sRefine by Gender: Men’s
  • Girls’Refine by Gender: Girls’
  • Boys’Refine by Gender: Boys’
  • UnisexRefine by Gender: Unisex
  • XSRefine by Size: XS
  • SRefine by Size: S
  • MRefine by Size: M
  • LRefine by Size: L
  • XLRefine by Size: XL
  • XXLRefine by Size: XXL
  • 3XLRefine by Size: 3XL
  • 1Refine by Size: 1
  • 1.5Refine by Size: 1.5
  • 2Refine by Size: 2
  • 2.5Refine by Size: 2.5
  • 3Refine by Size: 3
  • 3.5Refine by Size: 3.5
  • 4Refine by Size: 4
  • 4.5Refine by Size: 4.5
  • 5Refine by Size: 5
  • 5.5Refine by Size: 5.5
  • 6Refine by Size: 6
  • 6.5Refine by Size: 6.5
  • 7Refine by Size: 7
  • 7.5Refine by Size: 7.5
  • 8Refine by Size: 8
  • 8.5Refine by Size: 8.5
  • 9Refine by Size: 9
  • 9.5Refine by Size: 9.5
  • 10Refine by Size: 10
  • 10.5Refine by Size: 10.5
  • 11Refine by Size: 11
  • 11.5Refine by Size: 11.5
  • 12Refine by Size: 12
  • 12.5Refine by Size: 12.5
  • 13Refine by Size: 13
  • 14Refine by Size: 14
  • 15Refine by Size: 15
  • 16Refine by Size: 16
  • 25Refine by Size: 25
  • 50Refine by Size: 50
  • 75Refine by Size: 75
  • 100Refine by Size: 100
  • 125Refine by Size: 125
  • 150Refine by Size: 150
  • 200Refine by Size: 200
  • Infants Refine by Age Group: Infants
  • Toddlers Refine by Age Group: Toddlers
  • Little Kids Refine by Age Group: Little Kids
  • Big Kids Refine by Age Group: Big Kids
  • Extra WideRefine by Width: Extra Wide
  • MediumRefine by Width: Medium
  • NarrowRefine by Width: Narrow
  • WideRefine by Width: Wide

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Do Skechers Relaxed Fit Run Big

Skechers Relaxed Fit runs true to size from my experience with Skechers customers. The Amazon reviews say this style comes smaller than expected . I advise you to buy your size and then check if you need a half size bigger.

The Relaxed Fit style is roomier on the toe area when compared with the Classi Fit shoes. For the Amazon Reviews, I have considered the Skechers Men Elent-Mosen Trainers and Skechers Superior Milford Mens Trainers.

My Experience With Skechers Customers on Relaxed Fit:

This was a popular style for people that needed extra room in the toe area. It was often to see customers buy their size since the shoes came true to size. We had the odd person that would buy a bigger size if they had wider feet, and the shoes felt narrow.

What Amazon Reviewers say about Skechers Relaxed Fit:

Plus its sized smaller than other Skechers shoes I have.I will be sending them back for the next larger sizeHad to go up a size to make it fit.These run way too small, and we sent them back.Too small. Need to order half or 1 size larger.This fits true to size and is very casual, but nice.Great shoe but would buy half a size bigger than your normal shoe size

Are The Go Walk Series A Good Skecher Shoe

From what I have seen on the reviews, many customers love the Go Walk Series. They are designed to be very lightweight and offer a great flexible design. The uppers of the shoe is created mainly from a mesh or a knit type with pores so that the shoe is very breathable, helping to keep your feet cool and dry. Most of them are designed with the Air-Cooled Memory foam that also offers airflow and moisture wicking helping to keep your feet to stay cooler. In the summertime when you are walking or working out and your feet are sweating, this helps a lot with your body temperature. It also helps to keep your feet from sliding around inside of your shoes, giving you more comfort and stability. With the added moisture wicking, it helps to also keep the foul odors from forming inside of your shoes as bad. When a shoe is not breathable, the moisture can build up inside of your shoe and could cause your foot to slip inside losing stability and balance. It can also allow bacteria to build up and cause bad odors and even infections to your feet. These shoes are machine washable so you can wash them to keep them clean and smelling fresh. Do not put them in the dryer, let them air dry.


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Is Skechers Relaxed And Fit Wide

The relaxed fit Skechers is still a medium-width shoe, but they have more space in the toe area. Skechers wide fit has a more open interior and provides wear with a loose fit around the whole foot. Skechers shoes and trainers are comfortable and helpful. Specific footwear is required for those who have medical problems.

Skechers Depth Charge 20

Skechers Wide Fit? Go Walk 3 vs Go Walk 4

Like walking on a cloud, so does the shoe make you feel. The shoe is not only light but ensures maximum comfort as well.

This comfort is sponsored by an air-cooled memory foam insole delivering good arch support to your feet. With a breathable mesh upper, quality ventilation cannot be denied to your feet.

Therefore, one with plantar fasciitis can stand to his feet for a very long time at work without pain.

The shoe has a bouncy midsole and a high-quality rubber outsole that provides strong traction to your feet.

In terms of closure, the shoes upper features an elastic band that helps for easy slip-on and off of your feet. So, it a dream Skechers for the lovers of slip-on shoes instead of lace-up.

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Best Skechers For Arch Support Review Pros & Cons

Skechers is prominently known for producing high-quality, versatile, and affordable footwear. It is also a brand known to make shoes with good arch support.

These shoes provide support especially to people with sore feet, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, chronic back pain, or other health issues requiring certain footwear. With them, you can stand all day comfortably.

Nevertheless, not all shoes from Skechers have good arch support. For this reason, we have carefully selected most of the Skechers that have good arch support.

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What Are Some Sizing Tips

Sizing on rocker bottoms can be notoriously difficult for some. It is hard to narrow down the correct size, so its very much worth your time to try them on in person. If you cant do that, you at least need to go somewhere where you can have your foot measured accurately. Foot doctors and even some stores that sell shoes will be able to help you do that. When you feel comfortable enough with your size, you can try some on. The best thing to do is to try them on in the middle part of the day or later on.

This will give you an accurate fit and it will correlate to how it will feel at the end of your own day. Always leave a thumbs width between your toes- each of them- and the ends of the shoes to keep you from hurting and developing blisters. Also, check for width. If you have a wide foot, you might end up having to squeeze in and that will lead to frustration over time.


Hi Everyone! My name is Brian Wentz and I love footwear. Growing up I spent summers and weekends working in my parents shoe store where I learned the ins and outs of the shoe business and developed a passion for helping customers. When their local store closed in 2016, I was looking for an outlet to continue to share information and guides about shoes, so I created to carry on their legacy of delighting customers by helping them find the right pair for their specific needs.

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Where Can I Find Great Plus Size Shoes

No matter whats going on in the world today, there’s one thing we can all agree on: the happiness you feel from buying a new pair of shoes. Whether its love at first sight, or a slow burn that lights up like a wildfire after feeling your foot cradled in arch-supporting softness, we understand the emotions that can be tied to a pair of shoes. It doesnt matter if your style leans more toward practical and classic, or closer to bold and trendy, because youll find the assortment of plus-size shoes youve been searching for when shopping with us. With a diverse selection that includes everything from sandals to wide calf boots, weve got you covered when youre searching for a new favorite pair.

Skechers Size Chart For Teens

Skechers Shoe Work Wide Width Black Men Comfort Mesh Slipon Slip ...

Shoes in the correct size for Teen must be cool but also a perfect fit. The Skechers shoes must fit firmly and support teen boys and girls feet in their path to adulthood. Skechers has a nice street cool Shoe collection check them out here after you determine your size. The Skechers Size Chart below is for grade school kids and youngsters. You can also check adult collections with the below Skechers size chart.


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Skechers Womens Go Walk Lite Boat Shoe

If youre looking for a comfortable, casual shoe that looks less like a running shoe, then the Go Walk Lite is for you. Not only does this shoe have an attractive look, but its lightweight and made with responsive 5Gen cushioning, which means you wont find your feet getting tired fast.

You can get these boat shoes in five different colors, and they come in wide width sizes up to 11. They have a high-rebound sole for maximum comfort, and the fit closure on them is easy to slip on and off. Dont forget about the soft fabric lining that will feel great on your feet.


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How To Measure Your Skechers Size

Youve reached the Skechers Size Charts page. Here youll find all about the perfect size for men, women, and kids Skechers shoes.Discover a very useful description How to measure your foot link.Probably you dont feel like reading or quickly want to measure your feet.Follow these easy steps to get the right size for your new Skechers Shoes.

To make it easy we summed up our tips to measure your feet :

Time needed: 3 minutes.

  • Measure your feet in the afternoon.

    Human feet swell during the day. Thats why its best to size your feet in the late afternoon.

  • Stand When Measuring

    While standing your feet get bigger due to the weight of your body. For wheelchair users, you can skip this step.

  • hold your pen down, 90 degrees on the surface youre drawing on.

  • Measure the length of your feet
  • Find your width fitting by drawing or with measuring tape

    Skechers has multiple models in wide sizing. So measuring the width of your feet makes absolute sense when looking for the right fitting pair of Skechers.

  • Determine your size in the Skechers Size Chart

    Your foot size measurement may be in between sizes in the above Skechers Size Chart. No Panic.If you want a tight fit, go one size down, whereas if you fancy a loose fit, go one size up.

    Skechers has a great online shop: buy your favorite Shoes here

    The Dedicated Skechers Size Charts:

    Men’s S Sport By Skechers Keafer Wide Width Fit Athletic Sneakers (Target Shoes Unboxing)

    About Skechers

    The Skechers brand was founded in the 1990s, specifically 1992 by Robert Greenberg and his son Michael. The Greenbergs already were very successful with the brand LA Gear before. Initially, Skechers imported European brands. In 1995 Skechers launched their own collection of shoes, called Skechers Sport Utility Footwear.The brand has never tried to compete with real sports brands such as Nike or Adidas. Instead, they focused on the development of an unexploited need: people looking for sports shoes, but not related to any sport. The rest is history.

    Skechers DNA

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    Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk 4 Pursuit Walking Shoes

    These lightweight womens pull on walking shoes have been designed to offer quality and comfort. The upper of this shoe has been made from 100% soft mesh fabric and a seamless construction for a smooth and comforting fit. The mesh allows the upper to be breathable allowing the airflow to circulate throughout the shoe. A stabilizing fabric heel overlay has been added to offer more stability to the heel area. A built-in pull portal has been added to give more durability to help the shoe being pulled on your feet. The Skecher S logos are displayed on the sides of the shoe to complete its style. The outer sole has been designed from rubber and has created a quality traction to help with a secure footing. The inside is lined with a soft fabric to help comfort your feet. The footbed has been bamboo lined to help prevent bacteria odors. The Goga Max footbed has been used to offer energized steps all day. The midsole has had a tapered design and created with the 5 Gen cushioning to add responsiveness. This shoe comes in a variety of colors offering the customers a choice of colors. This shoe is worth its price as it supports your feet all day.


    • Bamboo lining covers the foot bed to prevent bacteria odors
    • Gogo Max footbed offering energizing with every step


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