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How To Clean Nobull Shoes

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After Getting Its Start In Crossfit Nobull Is Ramping Up Product Expansion

NoBull Training Shoe REVIEW | INTENSE Glute Day

When Nobull, a brand that sells training gear like shoes and workout shirts, first launched in 2015, it decided that the best way to build brand affinity was to be hyper-focused on one growing sector: CrossFit.

But over the past year, the company has started to expand more aggressively into new categories after launching its first pair of cycling shoes last June. Next month, it is launching a swim collection. Nobull is still focused on CrossFit it recently announced in March that it will be the new title sponsor of the CrossFit Games, taking over from previous sponsor Reebok. But the companys chief marketing officer, Todd Meleney said that many of the companys customers often participate in multiple sports like running, biking and rock climbing. In order to expand into new categories, Nobull is signing sponsorship deals with a greater variety of athletes, with the goal of doing campaigns with them that go beyond the typical athlete-powered line.

Expanding into new categories also gives Nobull a chance to accelerate revenue growth Meleney said that Nobulls sales grew more than 80% year-over-year last year, and the company is targeting over 100% growth this year. Nobull does not disclose exact revenue, but recently raised a new round of funding that valued the company at more than $500 million.

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Best Winter Rain Boots

In many places Im looking at you, Washington and Oregon winter means rain and lots of it. For anyone spending the winter dodging puddles and slopping through the mud, these winter rain boots will keep you warm, comfy, and dry.

Best Rain Boot: Huckberry All-Weather Duckboot

While we love the classic look of the traditional duck boot, they come up short in several mandatory requirements. The sizing runs large, the traction is sloppy, the midsole lacks support, and they arent all that warm. Huckberry tackles all these issues and brings a better duck boot with its All-Weather Duckboot .

Sure, the AWD could appropriately imply All-Wheel Drive. A modern take on the classic duck boot, Huckberrys All-Weather Duckboot is capable of tackling light hikes, trips to the ski hill, and around-town errands in inclement weather. And it does it better than the duck boots of yesterday.

The full-grain leather upper is welted to the rubberized leather rand. Its 100% waterproof and breathable. A light inner liner doesnt sport any fancy insulation. But we found it keeps the feet warm and the padded ankle collar traps warm air inside the boot, covering a wide range of winter activities.

What steals the ride, though, is the plush EVA midsole. Its soft and cushiony and feels like youre wearing your favorite sneaker rather than a fat, clunky, winter boot. The midsole is bonded to a Vibram outsole.

Best Budget: Xtratuf 6 Deck Ankle Boot

Best Overall: Baffin Control Max Heavy-Duty

No13 Under Armour Mens Tribase Reign 20 Cross Trainer


  • Rubber Sole
  • UA TriBase in the outsole maximizes ground connection where your foot requires it the most, provides for superior upwards flexibility to promote natural motion, and downwards flexibility to grip the ground during lifts
  • Larger-External Heel-Counter and collar height for improved stability and heel lock-in
  • Engineered zonal flex and traction in the forefoot provides for greater mobility during short runs and added grip during planks and sledge pushes
  • Full-Length Micro G foam Mid-Sole for the ultimate in warm cushioning
  • Full rubber outsole Wraps-Up the lateral and medial sides for greater stability and added Abrasion-Resistance with Medial-Rope grip
  • CONS

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    Dr Scholls All In Cozy Faux Shearling Sneaker

    We love all things cozy here at Underscored, and these Dr. Scholls sure do fit the bill due to the synthetic faux shearling lining inside. One reviewer writes that these are extremely soft, plush and comfortable so much so that you dont even need to wear socks. Available in seven colors, these lace-up lightweight sneakers are even sustainably crafted from linings made of recycled bottles and eco-conscious fabric. These are a great option if you want sneakers to resemble your fave slippers.

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    Nobull Ripstop Runner For Daily Wear And Working Out


    One of the perks of this shoes slightly more stable midsole is that you can technically train in them without a ton of compression issues if youre doing lighter workouts. If you want to wear these for hybrid workouts at the track where youre running, doing some light lifting, and bodyweight work, then these will function really well for you.

    Additionally, I like this model for daily wear when theyre broken in. After the quite frustrating break-in period, these are pretty solid for day-to-day wear. Theyre comfortable, supportive, and the ripstop upper has a nice clean and simplistic look to it. You cant wear every pair of running shoes on a daily basis due to their appearance, but these are pretty good in this context.

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    Nobull Ripstop Runner Sizing

    For the NOBULL Ripstop Runner, I think most runners and athletes will be safe going true-to-size in this shoe. The length fits true, but I could see the slightly more narrow midfoot being an issue for those with wider and flatter feet.

    That being said, if you fall into the wide or flat foot category, then you may want to size up a half size or skip on this model as the last construction may not align super well for your foot anatomy.

    NOBULL Ripstop Runner Sizing Thoughts: Go true-to-size unless you have a wide or flat foot. In this case, you may want to explore different running shoe options that better align with your anatomy.

    If you have additional questions on the NOBULL Ripstop Runners sizing, drop a comment below or reach out to me personally.

    Nobull Ripstop Runner Review

    NOBULL continues to innovate their shoes and build out more models for tackling different training settings. The NOBULL Ripstop Runner is one of the more popular NOBULL running shoes. As a fan of the NOBULL High-Top Trainer and NOBULL Trainer, I was curious, how would NOBULLs running shoes really perform?

    To be honest, I wasnt the biggest fan of the NOBULL Mesh Runner, and out of the box, the NOBULL Ripstop Runner has a fairly similar construction. However, after testing these for multiple runs, I do think theyre a stronger running shoe compared to Mesh Runner. There are still certainly some drawbacks to this though, which Ill discuss in detail below.

    In this NOBULL Ripstop Running review, Im going to break down all of the key details that you need to know about this running shoe before investing.

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    Can I Use No Bull Shoes For Crossfit Training

    Thats a great question and were happy that you asked. If you take a look around your CrossFit box, or ask your trainer, youll probably find that there is at least once person who uses No Bull Shoes. Theyre actually designed for CrossFit and HIIT kinds of workouts.

    They can handle lifting with ease, have enough stability for lateral movement, are durable enough for rope climbs and have enough cushioning to handle box jumps. Their low profile is ideal for wall-handstands and theyre comfortable enough fro some light running.

    In short, the Nobull trainer and CrossFit may be a perfect match!

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    The Distance Running Trainer

    No Bull Dress shoes unboxing and review


    ATTN: TREADMILL RUNNERSâthese are the best option for you. At 6 ounces and sporting a mesh construction, theyre ideal for indoor running in controlled environments.

    They feel great for outdoor running, but the light construction WILL cause these shoes to shred pretty easily. If youre an indoor running warrior, you will love how these shoes feel like youre wearing nothing at all.

    You can throw a serious cardio party with these suckers, and for that alone the Minimus TRV1 wins our seal of approval. A lot people just like to run under fluorescents at the gym, and theres nothing wrong with that. Sure, this shoe seems like a one trick pony, but it does that trick very well, so we had to tell you about it.

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    Nobull Vs Nike Metcon 3 Vs Reebok Crossfit Nano 7

    With the rise of functional fitness training came the growth and formulation of cross training shoes. These shoes are designed to support a variety of activities strength athletes may encounter in a functional fitness workout including strength, power, and cardio based exercises.

    Nike, Reebok, and NOBULL are a few of the best cross training shoe brands in this space, so we analyzed their latest cross training shoes. Its not easy picking a definitive winner between these three companies because each shoe they offer has their own strengths and weaknesses. For this comparison article, we compared the Nike Metcon 3, Reebok CrossFit Nano 7, and NOBULL Trainers in a variety of categories.

    The categories we compared each shoe in are: construction, security, material, durability, and price.

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    Nobull Shoes Vs Reebok Nano X

    When Nobull released their shoes, they did so knowing they would face some very stiff competition from the more known names on the market.

    To my knowledge, one of the most known shoes in the workout/cross-training shoe space that could be directly compared to Nobull shoes is the Reebok Nano X, which is currently believed to be one of the best fitness shoes on the market.

    So, how does the newcomer on the block stack up to the established brand of Reebok?

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    Stylish Upper Has Its Shortcomings

    One tester liked the Ripstop Runner for the times he had a run or workout on his schedule, but it wasnt his whole day. Unlike some running shoes, the sleek Ripstop transitioned inconspicuously from his workouts to casual weareven if that just meant looking stylish while checking off a to-do list or working long hours at a standing desk. The uppers perforated ripstop polyester repelled water well, dried quickly, and was both comfy and durable for a full day on his feet. However, the comfort for casual wear didnt translate as well to distance running. Testers noticed that the lacing bunched and the midfoot lockdown waned after several miles, and others also experienced chafing around the ankle collar. There was no rubbing on my toes during runs, though I did develop small blisters on the back of my Achilles from the limited padding, one tester said. These shoes were better for my strength training and riding the stationary bike.

    Buyers Guide: How To Choose The Best Winter Boots For Men

    NoBull Project Shoes

    Winter boots come in all sorts of shapes and styles. As our list of recommendations demonstrates, the winter boot market contains everything from extreme weather work boots to stylish formal footwear. With so many options, it can feel daunting to sift through the pile and select the perfect pair.

    When choosing the best boots for you, its important to understand some of the key factors that differentiate one pair from the next. In this comprehensive buyers guide, we thoroughly explain each of these factors to help you make a confident and informed choice.

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    How To Clean Lelli Kelly Shoes And Boots

    The hand-made embroidery and decorations sewn into your Lelli Kelly shoes make them unique, enticing and appealing to children. Lelli Kelly shoes and boots are one of a kind and utilise sparkles, glitter, beading and shimmer effects to create a beautiful range of footwear you cant get anywhere else.In order to keep them looking as good as new, we recommend that you take great care when cleaning them. In our guide, well tell you what’s best to use and what to avoid to ensure that those shoes still shine!

    Nobull Training Shoes Faqs

    Are NOBULL Trainers good for CrossFit?

    NOBULL training shoes are great for CrossFit. Theyre durable and stable, which is exactly what you need for CrossFit workouts.

    Are NOBULL Trainers good for Olympic weightlifting?

    Some people like to wear NOBULL Trainers for Olympic lifts, but true weightlifting shoes will typically be the better choice for most people, especially if youre moving really heavy weight.

    Are NOBULL Trainers good for running?

    NOBULL Trainers are not good for running for most people, especially those used to cushioned running shoes with a thick midsole. Even running short distances in these training shoes might result in sore feet and poor running dynamics.

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    Nobull High Top Sneakers

    The NOBULL High Top Sneakers are also created from the ultra-durable SuperFabric®, built to withstand harsh weather, glass, and even barbed wire.

    The material is uniquely breathable, keeping your feet cool and comfortable throughout any workout.

    SuperFabric® guard plates are applied to a highly flexible, lightweight mesh base layer, giving you 360 degrees of protection AND freedom of movement.

    The high-cut collar provides padding and a secure fit for movement in any direction. I found this to be supportive yet still effective for working out. It seems unusual at first to workout in high tops, but the added ankle support became useful after I got used to it.

    The outsole lug pattern on the Trainer was designed for multi-environment usage, allowing for an easy transition between inside and outside with the right blend of flexibility, traction and support.

    High carbon lateral and medial guards are included for added protection on sidewalls, and a reflective NOBULL logo provides added visibility and style.


    Nobull Reviews: What Do Customers Think

    How to Clean White Sneakers (Nike Prestos)

    Customers are crazy about NOBULL, and in the best kind of way. 10K+ customersgave reviews with an average of 4.7/5 stars across multiple websites. Heres the best and worst of what they had to say.

    On Reddit, there is a swell of positive comments regarding NOBULL shoes excellence with dynamic movements, like box jumps and lunges, and the fact that they are both supercomfortable and durable.

    This Reddit comment sums up the general feedback: I love my Nobulls. I finally decided to give them a try during my last deployment, and I have to say, they are the best fitting CrossFit shoes Ive worn.

    Amazon customers left NOBULL a 4.5/5 rating average from thousands of reviews. The most common feedback compliments the sturdy material of their shoes and that they are true to size .

    The most significant complaint is that the top material on one customers shoes was too stiff and, over time, made their feet sore. Another customer said their trainers produce a squeaky sound on certain floor surfaces.

    This Amazon review best sums up the customer experience: First off the grip on these shoes are tremendous. The flat sole makes great placement for workouts I have to do. Since my foot is wide the shoes definitely need more breaking in. And my feet feel well encased in the shoes. I havent seen any manufacturing issues. The exterior of the shoe definitely feels durable. They are breathable.

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    The Right Way To Clean Your Running Shoes

    Three ways to safely clean your running shoes without damaging them

    Receive $50 off an eligible $100 purchase at the Outside Shop, where youll find a selection of brand-name products curated by our gear editors, when you.

    Running shoes get dirty. But dont let it bother you too muchlook at the grime as a sign that youre putting in good miles. But if your shoes get so dirty or smelly that youre just dying to wash them, there are ways to clean them safely.

    Skip the washer and dryer, says David Bond, whos designed running shoes for adidas and K-Swiss, and is a co-founder of Ampla footwear. Bond explains that running shoes use a water-based cement to hold them together. If you submerge them in water, like in a washing machine, or put them in the dryer, the shoe will start to disassemble.

    For similar reasons, Bond also says to steer clear of spraying your shoes with a hose, or letting them dry in the sun. Its just not good for the shape of the shoe, he says. Instead, take a wet washcloth and wipe down the outside of your shoe, treating your kicks like you would your car.

    Wearing Nobull Trainer Shoes For Cardio

    Nope. Nope no nada. Heed our advice and just skip the NOBULL Trainers for your daily walk or if you feel inspired to go for a run. As much as our product testers love the NOBULL shoes for training and lifting weights, no one on our team likes these for pounding the pavement.

    Theres no arch support, the forefoot isnt flexible enough to roll with a running stride, and the low heel tab might cause blisters with repetitive foot strikes. You can get away with wearing NOBULLs during a WOD that has short bursts of running, such as 200-meter repeats, but even then, you might find them uncomfortable.

    NOBULL does make running shoes if youre interested in wearing NOBULL shoes for cardio sessions.

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    Are Nobull True To Size

    Many have said Nobull shoes run true to size, but just as many complain about the length being shorter. If you are concerned about size, try purchasing a half size bigger than what you normally wear. Although Nobull shoes are known for their durability, some say training in them can cause premature destruction.

    Under Armour Tribase Reign 3

    White Camo NoBull

    The Under Armour TriBase Reign 3 is what I would call an unsung hero. This is the strongest model yet in the TriBase Reign series and features a reworked and durable upper that supports long-term durability especially for the gym-goer that just plans to train recreationally in them.

    They have a lower heel-to-toe drop and a Micro G Foam midsole with a full rubber outsole to promote overall stability. Additionally, they have a low-cut bootie-style design which makes them an athletic-fitting model in HIIT, agility, and plyometric sessions.

    • Best For: Lifting, HIIT, and CrossFit-Style Training
    • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 2mm

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