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How Do Aquazzura Shoes Run

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Are Aquazzura Shoes Comfortable

5 SHOES FOR SUMMER! AQUAZZURA, VALENTINO, YSL Luxury Unboxing + Try On Haul // Maria Teresa Lopez

Yes, in the majority of cases, However, it is up to the ladies and their comfort zone. If you ask me, whether they are comfortable or not, then I would say yes. Well, that is if you are not wearing high heels or pumps for too long.

If you ask my friend the same question, she would say yes. Because of this, she despises heels. So it is mostly up to you what you feel most comfortable in.

Their footwear lines are sexy and elegant. They are mostly meant to be worn in parties, corporate offices, and events where you are not into much movement. So, if you go clubbing or a night out with friends, then I would suggest not going down this road.

However, the brand also offers many comfortable all-day wearable sandals with lower heels or flats. These dont make you feel anything heavy in the toe or heel. You can wear those flats all the time.

The majority of the flat materials are leather or soft rubber that fit perfectly and dont hurt a bit in your toes. For any day you can wear flats in style. Comfort has always been one of the topmost priorities in Aquazzura. So they incorporated many different designs and shoe styles in their brand.

At Aquazzura The Artwork Goes On Your Feet

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  • May 25, 2016

The new Aquazzura store on Madison Avenue sells shoes that complete perfect outfits: colorful high heels and slightly less high heels that lace up around the ankle, tied with tassel-ended bows that dance with a womans stride.

In photos on the companys website tagged Follow My #Aquazzurasteps, shoes act as visual punctuation: Zigzag straps mirror a blazers tailored lines, ankle ties hug right at a denim hem, the tip of a red or blue toe delights the eye when it peeks out from under a long black skirt. This woman looks polished.

In fact, the women with whom the Italian footwear label has collaborated are nothing if not masters of photo-readiness. The Aquazzura woman is together, in full dress, finished. The shoes are even named for such women .

Whats missing today in fashion is simply beautiful things, Edgardo Osorio, a co-founder of the label in 2011 when he was 25, told W Magazine in March. Its as if to be interesting you had to be depressed and messy, but thats complete nonsense.

But Im wearing track pants, and my feet are unpedicured. They feel hot. The fact that Im imagining the reception of my feet and legs is a female labor that is exhausting. The labor of beauty, the expectation of looking finished for an external gaze, is in me, not in the space. But I cant shake it, and I leave.

How Tamara Mellon Is Bringing Back Her Namesake Line From Bankruptcy

Retail recognition paired with an active social media presence and steadily increasing sales has allowed the label to expand quickly. According to Osorio, business has tripled over the past year. A growing door count has helped, as the brand launched on in June and will join the mix at Barneys New York for fall 13.

The Internet is our biggest market and the U.S. is our biggest market. We also do incredibly well in the U.K. and Middle East, Osorio said. Now we are looking to expand in Asia and Russia.

Next, Osorio has lined up designer collaborations and an Aquazzura flagship store, slated to open by the end of 2014. Small leather goods, jewelry, eyewear and other accessories, as well as mens footwear, are also part of the designers long-term vision.

Osorio recently spoke with Footwear News about price points, pineapples and the pleasures of Italy.

Who is your core customer?EO: She knows about fashion and likes to dress up and have fun, but its never about a specific girl. Shes not necessarily young. A lot of our girls are 35 to 55, but we sell to much younger and older. Everybody wants to be cool. In Dubai, we had a trunk show at Level Shoe District. We had women in their 70s lifting their burkas to show me their Sexy Thing . The hilarious part was that a 19-year-old girl was trying on the same pair of shoes as a 70-year-old woman, and they both bought the shoes. They looked great.

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S Of Stretching Canvas Shoes

Thanks to me, I have been a shoe enthusiast and have been following canvas shoes and all for a long time. Not only that, I have a huge collection of canvas shoes as well.

Canvas shoes are the ultimate comfortable footwear for me apart from sandals of course. The fabric construction lets the air pass more efficiently than other shoes. So, my feet tend to keep cool while wearing shoes.

Nonetheless, todays concern is not the comfort or structure of the shoes, its on how to stretch your canvas shoes.

You see, there are both home remedies as well as professional processes regarding the stretching of canvas shoes. Today, I will be discussing all the pros and cons of 7 home remedies for stretching the canvas shoes.

Why Should You Purchase Aquazzura Heels

Aquazzura Stellar Embellished Velvet Ankle

The question is why wont you purchase a shoe which is comfortable to wear like Aquazzura heels, pumps, boots, or sandals!

This footwear tends to be so amazing that they dont hurt your toe, heel, ankle, or feet while walking. Apart from having a wide range of collections, Aquazzura heels are made of premium leather fabrics and the fine workmanship ensures they fit perfectly on your foot.

If you still dont believe in Aquazzura, then let me in on a secret: the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is a big fan of this brand. Over and over again she has worn many elegant Aquazzura footwear.

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Confessions Of An Aquazzura Hoarder

If youve followed my blog since its inception in 2011, youll know Im a huge fan of Aquazzura. There are many reasons I love Aquazzura the styles are elegant, feminine and so much fun. The silhouettes fit my foot really well along the arch, as well as with the width and are insanely comfortable. Theyre crafted beautifully and actually last! Needless to say Ive become an Aquazzura hoarder. I have more Aquazzura heels in my closet than any other shoe designer! I currently own seven pairs of shoes by Aquazzura and all of them happen to be high heels. Seriously, theyre that comfortable!

You know who is also a fan of this luxury shoe label? Meghan Markle. Shes got quite a few pairs she wore this pair the day of her engagement announcement, has worn these on a number of royal engagements since she and Prince Harry married, wore a taller version of these in January to the Endeavour Fund awards, and even wore a bespoke white version of this pump for her Royal Wedding reception ! Clearly, the Duchess of Sussex and I have the same obsession! You can see all of the times shes worn Aquazzura here on Sussex Style Watch

Can Canvas Shoes Be Stretched

Canvas Shoes are arguably the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I kinda like the fabric orientation of my Vans. However, I had a problem with my latest pair of canvas sneakers. I accidentally bought a size shorter than usual.

I walked to the store, but they didnt have what I wanted. Then the first thing that came into my mind was, can canvas shoes be stretched? Luckily, Yes! I have done it myself! So, today, I am going to share all the pro tips and tricks to stretch your favorite canvas shoes.

Disclaimer: The methods that I am going to show you today are verified by years and years of experience. However, you will have to do it at your own risk!

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Aquazzura Christy Flats Help

I normally wear a 36 in flats. I got a 36. They are true to size for me. I hope that helps. Pic for inspiration.

jlg12678 said:I work at Shopbop and not only several pairs of Aquazzura I recently tried on the Christy.They run true to size. I am normally a US 7, fit a 37.5 in Louboutin, 37 in Aquazzura, and 37 in Chanel. The pair I tried on I ended up selling on ebay because they were a 36.5. I could have made them work but they would not have been comfortable.They are on my “next to purchase” list. Right now I have the closed toe heels in nude and black , the Sexy Thing booties in nude and black , the leopard print Rebels from last year , and the Stella booties .

Watch Video: Edgardo Osorio Creative Director Of Designer Shoe Label Aquazzura Chats About His Spring Summer 2015 Collection And How Heels Can Be Made Comfortable

WORST Shoe Shopping Spree from Manolo Blahnik to Aquazzura

Aquazzura Matilde heel, $980 from On Pedder. Image: On Pedder

If youre still unfamiliar with shoe designer brand Aquazzura, you definitely ought to try the heels from the shoe label soon. These heels are said to be so comfortable that theyve become a cult favourite for fashionistas in the know.

When I started the brand, comfort was a really dirty word, says Aquazzura shoe designer and founder Edgardo Osorio, with a laugh. Wed met the shoe designer when he was in Singapore at the On Pedder store for the launch of the Aquazzura Spring Summer 2015 collection.

Aquazzura founder and creative director Edgardo Osorio. Image: Carlo Fugeri

became a word of mouth phenomenon, shares Osorio. Women started telling other women, editors started telling other editors They started calling it the 12 hour shoe because it was a shoe you could actually wear for 12 hours.

According to designer, the secret to a comfortable pair of heels lies in the well-made shape and construction of these high heels. The shoe has to be made such that it balances the weight of your body between the front, back and arch of the shoe this thus creates a better fit and support for your feet.

Edgardo Osorio signing a customers Aquazzura heel at a meet-and-greet session at On Pedder Singapore. Image: On Pedder

Shop for Aquazzura shoes at On Pedder, Scotts Square, #02-10-13 and Ngee Ann City, #01-12.

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Do Aquazzura Shoes Run Small

So, this is the big question. The answer is a BIG NO. There might be few reports of the pair of shoes not maintaining the size, but overall, they can be stated as usually TTS. TTS refers to true to size. What does that mean? Well, True to size refers to the fact that the shoes width, length, and arch measurements are in line with the estimation on the Brannock device .

  • 1/2 Size Large: This means the pair of shoes runs large. For instance, if normally your feet size is 10 then youll need to have a shoe that size 9.5 for footwears that run about 1/2 size large.
  • 1/2 Size Small: This means the footwear runs small. For example, if normally your feet size is 10 then youll need to have a shoe that size 10.5 for shoes that run about 1/2 size small.
  • Fits True to Size: This means the shoe runs TTS. If your regular size is 10 then buying a size 10 shoe is just what you need.

Now, if you wear Italian Size 28, then you will find exciting models of the same size as 28. This is the beauty of this brand. They maintain quality as well as elegance.

We Need To Talk About The Skinny Party Shoe That You Surely Haven’t Missed If You Are A Heel

We need to talk about the shoe that you surely haven’t missed if you are a heel-lover like me. The red version of the Aquazurra Wild Thing sandals basically flooded Instagram last summer and apparently, we are still not over the pair. There is no end in sight for the fame of the best fringe sandals on the market as they are now part of the current collection. A lower 85mm version has recently been introduced and a block heel for a more practical use .

The white version moved into my closed a few months ago, these and a black pair exclusively to FWRD are actually the only version that comes in leather, all the million other version listed above are made in suede. The flirty, super high sandals easily fall in the goes with your whole wardrobe category as they are the ideal skinny sandals – without boring you to tears. So no need to repeat myself how well these go with everything from jeans and culottes to all of your skirt lengths, you are good as long as you dont fully cover the precious sandals. I cant claim these to be the most comfortable pair of mine, so make sure you dont suffer without the waves of Uuhs and Oohs that these gather. A truly a joy packed, fun pair, but that is what Mr. Edgardo does best.

Comfort: 3.5/5


  • I love these, they are too gorgeous! x

  • Omg those shoes are gorgeous!!xx

  • These are my absolute favourite shoes at the moment.

    Jazzria x

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Aquazzura Shoes Review & Pricings

Aquazzura has been one of the best sellers of ladies footwear since its first introduction long back in 2011. The experience and dedication of Edgardo have taken Aquazzura to heights that they even have never imagined. Today, the company is operating in over 58 countries and selling its love-induced style collection online.

These shoes are very practical, yet maintain the craftsmanship flair of fine leather and style. Their latest summer collection has been cruising the market even during the pandemic. The designs and styles are simple and elegant. In case you search for a pair of shoes that represent a purpose then their shoe line can be the thing. A purpose that would serve your heart.

One major concern about mainstream shoes that are in style is that they are not always true to their size. As in, if one of the models fits you well, that doesnt mean that another model of the same exact size will fit you as well as the prior one.

However, Aquazzura shoes are true to size. They have been crafted with great care. On top of that, the designs are very modern yet timeless. Ladies of all ages can easily get what they want from Aquazzura.

The pricing of these precious Aquazzura shoes varies between 300 dollars to the 1000 mark.

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoe Size Chart

Dance the Night Away in Aquazzura âSambaâ Suede Sandals

Welcome to our Salvatore Ferragamo shoe size chart where you can determine and convert your size for Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. You may measure your foot size in inches or centimeters and look up your size for Salvatore Ferragamo shoes in the chart on this page or convert your size to other countries.

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Comfortable Heels For Ladies With Wide Feet

The Style Stalker

Having a hard time finding a pair of stylish heels to fit your wide feet? You’re not alone. Although brands like Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, and Saint Laurent produce gorgeous pumps, their designs aren’t always suited for girls with wide feet. Think about a pair of BB pumpsâthe style is crafted to create a very slim and sleek look. And if your feet are nowhere near narrow, then you know this translates to shoving your little footsies into the pumps and pretending the pain is worth it.

Sob story aside, we crowdsourced in our office to bring you the best brands to shop if you have wide feet. In hopes of alleviating some of your heel-wearing foot pain and to stock your shoe collection with the right picks, here are the top brands you need to know about. Keep reading to see the brands and shop our favorite heels for wide feet.

Aquazzura Lace Up Heels

in the untamed rabbit hole


in the untamed rabbit hole


amary18 said:I just received these and was so excited to unbox. This was my first time ordering online from saks but I am so disappointed by the condition the shoes came in! They look visibly worn and the Aquazzura box was beat up and stained. Looked like water possibly spilled on it. Im wondering now if it was a display shoe. I wouldnt have purchased if Id known this was the case, even if the sale price was good. Ive emailed saks and am contemplating returning .View attachment 4041533View attachment 4041534View attachment 4041535View attachment 4041536The good news is they fit after trying on which I was worried about. Im just sad they look like theyve been worn 100x before me

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Say Hello To Shoe Styles

This comfortable, style-oriented luxury shoe shop tends to have a wide menu to offer as footwear. Let me introduce you to some of their popular shoe lines.

  • Celeste Sandal 105,
  • Blue Crystals Luminous 105 Sandals,
  • Bow Tie 105 Suede pumps in black,
  • Tequila 105 Crystal-Embellished Leather,
  • Rendez Vous 105 Leather Wedge Sandals,
  • So Nude Sandal 105,
  • Satin Alix 105 Pump, Boudoir Sling 105 Pump,
  • Super Model 105 Sandal,

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Shoe Collection, Designer Update feat Manolo Blahnik, Aquazzura & Malone Souliers

The Duchess of Cambridge‘s shoe collection is the envy of many, that’s for sure – but did you know she has a nifty fashion hack when it comes to her footwear? She buys her heels in two different sizes, between a 38.5 and a 39 . No doubt Kate does this for comfort reasons and it seems to vary depending on the brand – her Jimmy Choo ‘Georgia’ navy pumps and her red carpet ‘Vamp’ strappy sandals are in a 38.5. She even goes down to a size 38 in Rupert Sanderson designs – the brand advises sizing down on its website.

Kate’s Jimmy Choo ‘Vamp’ sandals, in a size 38.5

Meanwhile, Kate wears a 39 in her L.K. Bennett ‘Agata’ sandals, which feature a peep toe and a bow detail at the ankle. It may be that the Duchess opts to go for a size bigger in her strappy heels since she might be more likely to wear them in the warmer months, and no one wants their feet swelling during a royal engagement, right?

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Kate isn’t the only royal woman who’s savvy when it comes to her shoe sizing, in fact. The Duchess of Sussex is actually thought to wear her favourite heels a whole size larger than necessary – in order to avoid discomfort. Look closely at pictures of Meghan at official events, and her shoes often appear too big for her, with a gap at the heel.

Meghan’s Aquazzura Matilde heels

Kate’s Jimmy Choo ‘Georgia’ navy pumps

WATCH: more royal fashion hacks

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