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How Do I Know If I Need Wide Shoes

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Consider Your Sock Choice

How to Measure Your Foot Size – Do You Have Wide or Narrow Feet?

Always wear the socks you plan to wear during training when buying a pair of shoes. As an athlete, you may have several different sport-specific socks for various types of training.

For optimal shoe fit, try on potential new shoes with any socks you plan to wear. For instance, a compression sock will make your foot slimmer in the shoe but a wool hiking sock will require more room.

How To Tell If Shoes Are Too Big Or Too Small

The simplest way to tell if a shoe is too big or too small is to look at how much room there is in the toe of the shoe. There should be about one fingers width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.

Another way to check this is to slip a finger between the heel of your foot and the heel of your shoe. There should be just enough space for your finger to fit snugly. If your finger slides in easily with space to spare, you should probably go down a half size, while if its a tight squeeze, go up half a size.

What If I Have Narrow Feet And Bunions

If you have narrow feet, youll still need to accommodate for Bunions as shoes need to account for the width. Ironically, bunions can be partly attributed to slim-fitting shoes. Over time, ill-fitting footwear can cause your toe joints to shift, causing a bunion. Or, if you already have a bunion, constant aggravation from small shoes can exacerbate the condition.

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Follow The Size Chart

Based on the measurement of your feet, you will be able to consult a size chart to determine whether you need shoes for wide feet. It is actually the combination of the length of your feet and its width that will determine whether you need wide shoes. The parameters are also different for men and women. What is, therefore, considered wide for a womans shoe isnt necessarily a wide fit when it comes to men.

Consequences Of Wearing Wide Shoes

How Do I Know If I Need Wide Shoes

Reading the previous section, you might be thinking wearing wide shoes or a bit tighter one is better than wearing extra-wide shoes. But you are wrong because perfect sizing doesnt mean wearing wide shoes when you need to wear extra-wide shoes.

  • Not having space for toes: When you are using wide shoes in your extra-wide feet, you cant spread your toes there.
  • Uncomfortable tightness: The narrow design of the shoes compared to your extra-wide feet will always give you an uncomfortable tight fitting.
  • Resulting in bunions: Due to excessive tightness, there will be bunions on the joint just under the larger toe.

Concluding words

Wide or extra-wide, which size is suitable for your feet depends on the width of the feet. One has to measure the feet’ size first and then select the right size of shoes.

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What Size Feet Need Wide Shoes

In reality, wide shoes are more than just a size match for the size of your foot.You should take into account your shoe size, as well as whether youre a man or woman with your numbered number.As an example, your foot needs to be at least 3 inches wide.If you wear a size 5 and are wearing a 75 inches wide shirt, then you should fit well.

Shoe Buying Guide For Wide Feet

There are a few factors to consider when youre shopping for wider width shoes. These factors apply to everyone, regardless of age and gender.

Know Your Shoe Size

To find a pair of shoes that fit comfortably you need to know your true shoe size. This includes both the length and width. Whether your shopping in-store or online there should be a standard shoe size measuring table listed for easy reference. Compare your size with the table to find footwear that wont rub or chafe your feet.

Leave Extra Room

Perfect fitting shoes usually leave a little wiggle room for your toes and on the sides. Not only does this allow you to wear thicker socks if the weather or occasion calls for it, but its healthier for your feet than shoes that are too tight.

Some shoe materials also shrink over time and if its a little large the footwear will still fit comfortably.

Look for Soft Materials

Shoes constructed from suede or denim are a great option for people with wider feet. The soft fabrics will stretch with your feet, unlike harder ones.

Consider Custom-made Shoes

Custom-made shoes are more expensive but theyre also more comfortable. The shoes are designed specifically for your feet. You simply send your measurements to the manufacturer. If your sizing is off, the cobbler can easily make the necessary adjustments.

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So What Exactly Is A Good Fit

Toes should have enough wiggle room in closed shoes. For high heeled pumps, the toes should be lying flat next to each other and not squashed uncomfortably together.

Dress shoes for men should have at least a half an inch between the longest toe and the leather of the shoe. A simple finger test can tell you if you need to go up or down a size.

For both mens and womens shoes, stick a finger in between the heel of your foot and the heel of your shoe, if your finger slides in with a bit of space to spare, you should probably go down a half size. If it doesnt fit that well, go up a half a size to a full size.

The ball of your foot should fit comfortably in the widest part of the shoe, most womens shoes are not designed to be very wide at this point, so pay close attention to how this area feels when youre test-walking your shoes in store.

How About If I Have Narrow Feet

Know Your Shoe Size

Narrow feet are quite common. In fact, an early-2000s study found that roughly 33% of women have narrow feet, a figure that is likely underreported. People with narrow feet will find that they have extra room on both sides of the shoe. To accommodate for the fit, narrow shoes are typically 1/4 inch narrower than regular shoes, and 1/2 inch narrow than wide shoes.

Footwear that is too big or wide for your feet can cause issues like blisters, corns, black toenails, and calluses.

For people with narrow feet, like for brands that make footwear in AA or AAAA . Looking for the proper footwear? Visit our clinic at 2481 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1P8 for a full selection of leading orthopedic footwear.

Alternatively, look for shoe inserts that can help customize the fit of your shoe to your liking. This will help expand the selection of shoes you can wear, while also taking into account the width of your feet.

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Wide And Supportive Footwear For Men And Women From Vionic

Realizing you need wide shoes might make you panic with the thought of limited choice. But with Vionics wide fit shoe collection, youll have plenty of comfortable and stylish options to choose from. Whether you are attending a beach wedding or you are walking around all day, find wide width womens shoes with arch support or comfortable shoes for men for any occasion. We carry numerous styles of casual footwear, dress shoes, and everything in between. Now you may be wondering, heels for wide feet? Our answer is yes! Vionic has a variety of the most comfortable heels for wide feet.

Browse our extensive collection of wide shoes today, or learn more about the benefits of supportive footwear.

Why Do My Shoes Not Fit

UK shoe widths vary between men, women and children. The style of footwear can play a big role too- fittings that may apply to one style may not apply to another.

The shape of your feet can also impact how a pair of shoes fit. Broad feet require a wide fit shoe, while those with a high arch need flexible fastenings in order to comfortably wear them.

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Difference Between Medium And Wide Shoes

Buying the wrong size shoe causes discomfort and sometimes becomes the origin of conditions like ingrown toenails or calluses. People with wider feet find it difficult to get the right size as medium and wide shoes are not readily available in every store. These types of shoes are very comfortable for wider feet and are also easily distinguishable.

Comparison Table Between Medium Shoes And Wide Shoes

Parameters of Comparison
The standard or the medium shoe size for women is labeled as B. In the case of women, D is used for labeling the wide shoes.
Measurement The difference in width of the feet is less than or equal to ¼ inch than narrow-fitting shoes. The difference in width of the feet is more than ¼ inch and less than or equal to ½ inch than narrow-fitting shoes.

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Does Shoe Width Matter

Choosing the right shoes width is key to your foot health.

Shoes that are too narrow can cause sores, cramps and bunions. Theyre also likely to be too tight, increasing the chance of sweating and the risk of bacterial infection.

Shoes that are too wide wont secure your foot properly, causing friction while walking, potentially leading to sores and blisters. To walk properly, your toes need to be gripped. If theyre not, it can lead to issues such as hammer toe and nail problems.

Discoloration Of Your Toes

The tops of your toes can become discolored if your shoes feature a small toe box. Friction from too-tight shoes will cause this discoloration over time. The condition wonât go away unless you start wearing wider shoes.

If you suspect you might need a wide-width shoe, youâll find a large selection for both men and women at Globe Shoes. Stop by the store, call 843-6515, or browse their selection online.

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What If My Feet Are Two Different Sizes

Humans arent exactly symmetrical so having slight size differences between your left and right foot is perfectly normal. If your left foot is half a size longer or a width size bigger than your right foot, dont fret. This doesnt mean you have to buy two pairs of shoes in different sizes.

Instead, buy shoes that accommodate the larger of your two feet. After all, size differences arent very big. For example, the difference in length between a full size is 1/3 while the difference in width is only 1/8 so the dissimilarity isnt noticeable and shouldnt cause discomfort.

However, if your feet have a 1 1/2 difference in length or significant width differences, buying shoes of two sizes may be better for your health. If this is the case, consulting with your doctor is smart before heading to the shoe store to determine your best option.

Keep reading to find out how certain shoe tools can customize your shoes to your feet.

Why Do I Have Wide Feet

How Do I Know If I Have Wide Feet? – Question of the Week

Remember, theres no one size fits all. Everyone has a unique foot size and shape, which can be attributed to a specific cause or be less known like genetics and ageing. A few causes of wide feet include:

  • Genetics. Some people are born with wide feet. Alternatively, people with flat feet are prone to having wide feet.
  • Age. As we age, our feet change. The ligaments and tendons loosen, and our feet tend to grow longer and wider as our arch collapses.
  • Foot deformities. Foot conditions like bunions, calluses, and hammertoes can affect the shape and anatomy of your foot. As a result, your foot may widen.
  • Improper footwear. Shoes make a difference. In fact, studies have shown 63-72% of people dont wear footwear that fits their foot properly. This no doubt can lead to foot deformities.
  • Pregnancy. During pregnancy, a hormone named relaxin causes ligaments and joints to loosen around the feet. Like in ageing, the loosing of the tendons causes your feet to widen. This is especially true during the second and third trimesters.
  • Swelling. Edema, a medical term for swelling, can cause your feet to widen. This can be a long-term condition or a short-term phenomenon depending on the cause.

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How To Shop For Shoes That Fit

  • Always shop in the mid to late afternoon when your feet will have already expanded.
  • If youre buying closed shoes, take a pair of socks with, the kind of thickness youll be wearing with the new shoe anyway. The shoe should fit snugly and comfortably with the sock.
  • Always walk around the fitting area wearing the shoe, flex your feet often. If the shoe is too hard and rigid, chances are it will not soften as much as you need it to in order to enjoy wearing it. I always get the strangest looks when fitting shoes because I spend an inordinate amount of time wearing them in the fitting area, but, if youre going to be spending an unearthly amount of money on them, they need to be comfortable in addition to looking good.
  • Fit both shoes one but always fit your bigger foot first- yes, all human beings have irregularities with their left and right feet, even you. Identify which of your feet is bigger by self-measuring.
  • If youre shopping an unknown brand online, always order 2 sizes to try on. Most companies offer a free return service on purchases.
  • If youre drawn to a pair thats slightly big for you, try fitting them with insoles in store.
  • When buying sports shoes, always consider the activities youre buying them for and never buy anything you have to virtually choke the lacing to feel comfortable in. Your feet need to splay out when running around so you want to be able to tie the laces somewhat loosely
  • Your Guide To The Complex World Of Width Sizing

    Width is an incredibly complex topic for the pedorthic community. Pedorthists – the professionals who fit shoes for a living – are often very hesitant to make sweeping statements regarding what shoe width a person should or should not wear. This is because most people don’t know that there is no standard width system used by shoe manufacturers to determine the measurements of a narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide shoe. Shoe designers use their best judgment when deciding how wide to make a wide shoe and don’t consult with one another before labeling the widths of their shoes.Please understand, the only truly accurate way to determine if a shoe is the proper width for your foot is to try it on. That’s why has a free exchanges policy that allows you to order a shoe, try it on in your home like you would in a shoe store, and send it back to us to be exchanged for a different size or width without having to pay the cost of shipping.Because we understand that the exchange process isnt always as easy as being in the store, we have provided the width sizing chart derived from averages and approximations. Scroll past the width sizing chart for tips on how to buy shoes in the correct width.

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    Consequences Of Wearing Extra

    If you couldnt find the proper sizing for your feet and purchase an extra-wide pair of shoes, it wont turn out to be favorable for you.

    • Improper toe gripping: To walk properly, one needs to have proper gripping of the toes inside the shoes. But when the shoes are oversized, your toe wont provide you proper gripping.
    • Causing unwanted friction: Due to the mismatch of size, there should be frequent unwanted frictions. Consequently, you might notice blisters and calluses on your feet.
    • Coming out during rough use: Loose-fitting shoes are supposed to come out of your feet, when you are using them roughly, running, or jumping.

    Where To Find Wide And Extra Wide Shoes

    How Do I Know if I Need Wide Fit Shoes? The Gabor Guide

    A good idea when buying wide or extra wide shoes is to look for retailers that cater specifically to these shoes. Nowadays, you can find these stores in every big city, making the process of finding wide shoes a lot easier. You can find all types of wide shoes in there, from wide walking shoes to wide dress shoes. You have different brands to try from, sales people that know what shoe will fit every customer’s best needs and are there to offer you guidance and advice, and who can also explain how each pair of shoes are made, etc.

    You can also find retailers online , and you can buy shoes from those stores, try them on at home, and return them without issues if they are not what you were looking for. Many retailers have filter options that will only show wide or extra wide shoes, so you have no need to look through their whole catalog to find what you are looking for. Furthermore, try finding bloggers in your area that recommend places to buy this type of shoes. Say you are looking for extra-large boots there might be a blog entry with just that, saving your time and even detailing where and which kind of boots you can find around you. At the Orthotic Shop we have free return shipping for exchanges.

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    Create Space For Your Feet

    Naturally, it would be best if you chose shoes that fit or slightly wider than shoes that are too small for the foot. The market has a lot of shoes dedicated to wide feet.

    However, they may shrink after extended use due to different materials. Even if they are minimal, wide shoes still provide ventilation for the feet. Remember that you should be a small distance from your foot for more effortless wearing and more comfortable when choosing a size.

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