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How To Clean My White Cloth Shoes

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How To Clean White Fabric Shoes Or Canvas Shoes


It may take more time than simply tossing your canvas shoes in the washer, but this hand cleaning method yields the best results. To keep your shoes clean, we recommend repeating this process weekly or once a month, depending on how often you wear your white canvas sneakers.

Follow these steps to learn how to clean white canvas shoes:

  • Fill up your bucket or container with 1-gallon of water and 1 cup of baking soda
  • Add a drop of laundry detergent for extra cleaning strength
  • Remove your shoelaces and soak both the shoes and laces for one hour
  • Next, use a cleaning brush to scrub away stains
  • Scrub the inside of your shoes to eliminate odors
  • Rinse your shoes thoroughly and allow them to air dry before lacing them back up
  • Clean Your Shoes With Baking Soda And Vinegar

    The best way to clean white tennis shoes is to use a pantry favorite. Baking soda is an invaluable tool in your DIY cleaning kit. There are plenty of uses for bake soda, from cleaning your teeth to getting the grime off of metal.

    When you combine baking soda with the fantastic cleaning power of vinegar, you get a method of cleaning white shoes with baking soda that you cant beat. Try this technique first before moving onto more complicated options.

    • Old toothbrush

    Fill the container with vinegar. Sprinkle baking soda on the scuffs, and spray the spots with vinegar. Scrub with the toothbrush until the stain is gone. Rinse the shoes in warm water and repeat as required until the stain lifts away.

    This solution works particularly well for stubborn stains that other stain removers cant handle. For example, you can get grass stains out of white shoes with this recipe. More than one application may be required.

    If your shoes are not only dirty but stinky, too, you can also use this recipe to make a simple yet natural shoe deodorizer spray. Spritz the solution in your shoes and let them air dry outside, preferably in the sun, for several hours. Smells will clear right up.

    Best Ways To Clean Your White Mesh Shoes

    • 4 minute read

    White sneakers are a summer wardrobe staple, and cannot be overestimated in their value. Whether youre spending your day on the beach or spending an hour on the tennis court, going to the movies or meeting a friend for an afternoon cocktail, a pair of white sneakers will fit the occasion perfectly.

    In recent years, mesh footwear has been growing in popularity, and we completely understand why. Here you have a sneaker , with all the benefits that brings, but without many of the disadvantages! Mesh shoes are lightweight, airy and breathable, preventing that awful worn shoe smell, and keeping your feet cool and fresh. They can be used as a fashion item or as a sports shoe, and all you need to do is keep them clean and white. Heres how we recommend you do that.

    Mesh shoes are made from plastics, not woven fabrics, and as such, there are certain advantages and disadvantages when caring for them. White mesh shoes do not have the same tendency to turn yellow that canvas shoes have, but they are more sensitive to machine washing because the mesh can break from the wear and tear, leaving holes in your otherwise perfect shoes. We dont recommend putting your mesh shoes in the machine, but if you decide to go that route, be sure to place them in a mesh laundry bag intended for sensitive items, and wash them on a gentler cycle.

  • Always wear thick, good quality socks with your mesh shoes to avoid causing sweat stains and smells.
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    How To Clean White Shoes With Baking Soda

    Sure, it freshens your fridge, but baking soda is just another tool in your arsenal of what to clean white shoes with and its one of our favorite DIY cleaning tricks. To play it safe, youll also need a splash or two of white vinegar, which in addition to freshening up the scent of your home is a pretty useful cleaning agent as well.

    To clean white shoes with baking soda: Combine one tablespoon of hot water, one tablespoon of white vinegar, and one tablespoon of baking soda. Mix until it reaches a paste-like consistency, and then use an old toothbrush to lather the mixture onto the canvas areas of your shoes. Work in circular motions for best results. Once the shoes are covered, leave them outside in bright, warm sunlight for three to four hours. After the mixture is dry, clap the shoes together to remove it brushing again with a toothbrush should shake it all off. Shoes should be several shades whiter.

    Black Rubber Soles Of Shoes

    How to Clean White Canvas Shoes

    One excellent but unconventional way of cleaning black rubber soles is by using toothpaste. This method is unique but also really practical, and its great for black rubber soles because you wont have to worry about toothpaste staining them.

    Grab a soft bristle brush or a toothbrush. Use either to loosen the dirt from the soles. Be very gentle so as not to leave any scratch marks. This can potentially make it harder to return the shoes.

    Next, apply the toothpaste in a very thick layer across the bottom of the sole. White toothpaste is great to use, but any color will suffice as it wont stick to the sole.

    Leave it on for three minutes, then wipe it off with a cloth. If its not clean enough, you can repeat the steps until they are.

    Once youre finished, you want to make sure youve thoroughly cleaned any remaining toothpaste from the shoes. You dont want there to be any residue left upon returning them.

    Aside from this method, you can use the previously mentioned techniques for cleaning rubber soles.

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    Cleaning White Tennis Shoes With Bleach

    This cleaning process is an ideal method for use on white fabric tennis shoes. It is essential to use this cleaning method in an area that has proper ventilation and that you do not overdo it with the bleach.

    Applying too much bleach to your shoes while cleaning them could cause them to turn yellow. Following proper shoe care by using these instructions will restore those sneakers to brand new.

    • Nitrile gloves

    Wearing the nitrile gloves to protect your hands from irritation, carefully mix the warm water and bleach in a container. Remove the shoelaces and insoles. Dip the old toothbrush into the bleach solution and gently scrub the shoes in a circular motion to loosen grime.

    Begin at the fabric and work your way to the soles. Rinse the shoes under a faucet of cold water and allow the shoes to air dry.

    Cleaning white shoe strings can be done in a mesh bag in the washer or you can scrub them with the solution above to get them nice and bright again.

    Rubber Soles Of Shoes

    There are several ways to clean the bottoms of rubber shoes. These are all straightforward techniques that wont take much time.

    Using any of these techniques will leave your soles looking very fresh and clean.

    Nail Polish Remover

    Surprisingly, you can use nail polish remover as an aid to keep white rubber soles on shoes clean. It especially helps to get rid of stubborn scuff marks.

    Make sure you remove the dirt from your shoes. Grab a cotton ball, or however many are needed, and soak it with nail polish remover.

    Firmly scrub the soles until the marks and dirt are gone. Make sure the cotton ball only touches the rubber sole and not the fabric part of the shoe.

    Laundry Detergent & Baking Soda

    This combination is an excellent solution for quickly getting the dirt off white rubber soles. You only need baking soda, laundry detergent, a toothbrush, and water.

    After loosening and removing some of the dirt, start by mixing the solution. Put a tablespoon of laundry detergent and a tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl and mix.

    Once it becomes a paste consistency, take the toothbrush and apply it to the bottom of the soles. Be careful not to touch the cloth of the shoes scrub the soles in a circular motion.

    Rinse the mixture off your shoes or wipe it off using a cloth. Dry the shoe soles with a towel.


    After loosening and removing some of the dirt on the soles, youll want to grab your vinegar and pour it onto a washcloth.

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    How To Clean White Sneakers Made Of Leather

    Leather sneakers are comfy and stylish. Patent and full-grain materials are slightly stain-resistant, even without being treated, and they can typically be wiped off with a damp cloth to freshen them up. In some cases, however, youll need to put in a little more elbow grease to clean a leather shoe.

    To clean white leather sneakers:

  • Create a sneaker cleaning solution in a large bowl using three parts lukewarm water and one part dish soap.
  • Take a clean cloth and dip it into the solution, then ring it out slightly so its not too soaked.
  • Gently rub the cloth around your leather uppers, focusing on stains and discoloration.
  • Once the stains have lifted, wipe away the soapy residue with a clean, damp cloth.
  • If youre unable to remove all spots with warm soapy water, you might need to use a leather conditioner like Vionics Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. Its formulated to lift dirt and stains from leather shoes while conditioning the material and evening out the tone with natural oils.

    To clean white leather tennis shoes with a leather conditioner:

  • Start by giving the bottle a thorough shake.
  • Before applying it to your entire uppers, test a small, discreet area to check for colorfastness and ensure it wont discolor the material.
  • Dispense a small amount of the solution onto a clean, slightly damp cloth.
  • Using the cloth, work the conditioner into the material, gently rubbing it all around the uppers in circular motions until theyre evenly coated.
  • How To Clean White Shoes: 10 Simple Ways To Remove Stains


    Modified: February 15, 2022

    How to clean white shoes? These wardrobe staples tend to get dirty quite easily, but before you throw out your favorite pair, consider our tips for getting those stubborn stains. You might be surprised at how effective simple ingredients can be when it comes to restoring your shoes as close to new as possible! In this article, well be looking at the different methods you can try and which ones would work best for the type of shoes you have. Fabric, leather, suede, and canvas all require different techniques, after all!

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    How To Whiten Shoes

    Toothpaste works when you have tiny spaces that are hard to reach, like texturing on rubber soles.

    “Toothpaste’s microspheres break down anything, so they are perfect to clean a lot of things, especially your shoes,” said Abe Navas from Emilys Maids, a house-cleaning personnel service.

    Get your biceps ready for a thorough wash. “You really need to take off all the paste because it’s sticky, it traps dirt, so if you don’t clean the paste really well, your shoes will get dirty really fast,” said Navas.

    Using Bleach On Your White Mesh Sneakers

    You can use bleach to wash your white mesh shoes in the washing machine, but theres not a lot of science to back it up. In fact, bleach can damage the delicate fabric.

    If you have a stubborn stain that wont come out using the other methods that weve listed here, you can try using bleach at your own risk.

  • Use ¼ cup of bleach and a small washer cycle.
  • Try adding a few towels to the load.
  • Ignore the noise that results from your shoes banging around in the washer.
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    Tips And Tricks For Clean White Shoes

    You had beautiful white shoes once. But after wearing them a few times, they quickly turned from dazzling white to dingy gray. Cotton canvas shoes get that waythey tend to absorb dirt and stain. And now you wont wear those white shoes anywhere except around the yard.

    Great news! There are several ways to bring your dirty shoes back to a bright white life. When you need to know how to make your shoes white again, check out these helpful tips and tricks.

    Start With Dish Soap And Water

    How to Clean White Canvas Shoes

    The Grunge aesthetic might be popular, but grimy shoes arent. You can stay in style by keeping your favorite white shoes clean. If youre dealing with easy stains or ones that are still pretty fresh, start with some dish soap and water. Simply mix about two tablespoons of dish soap into 240 ml of warm water. Stir this until it gets soapy. You can use a spray bottle or a brush to apply it directly to the stains.

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    How To Clean White Shoes Mesh

    Dish soap

    Bleach pen

    The thing to remember about mesh shoes is that theyre actually quite delicate. So you need to use softer cleaning tools and you shouldnt scrub as harshly as you would on canvas.

    1. Remove the laces and gently brush away any excess dry dirt with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

    2. Mix a few drops of dish soap with some warm water to create a soapy mixture. Then apply gently to the mesh shoes using a microfiber cloth. Gently wipe in a circular motion, rather than scrub, and move to fresh sections of the cloth to avoid spreading the dirt.

    3. If youre dealing with stubborn stains, you can try gently scrubbing the soapy water solution in with a soft bristled toothbrush. You can also try using a bleach pen we recommend OxiClean On The Go Stain Remover Pen .

    4. Rinse with a clean, damp microfiber cloth.

    5. Leave the shoes to dry completely before wearing them again.

    How To Clean Canvas Sneakers

    Canvas shoes like Chuck Taylors and Supergas can be difficult to clean because grime works its way into the shoes fabric. However, canvas can generally withstand a substantial amount of scrubbing, so most stains can be removed with a bit of work.

    After mixing some dish soap and water, clean your shoes by scrubbing them with a toothbrush in small, circular motions. When youre done, wipe them down with a damp towel to clear off any remaining suds.

    Let your shoes dry between rounds of cleaning. You wont be able to tell how much dirt remains if theyre still wet.

    If your sneakers still have stains, try using a stain remover like Tide or OxiClean. Apply the stain remover, and let the liquid sit for about five minutes before dabbing with a damp cloth. I was initially hesitant to try something this aggressive, but sneaker-cleaning legend Jason Markk said its okay, so Im fine with it.

    Into the washing machine?

    A hotly debated topic is whether you should toss your shoes into the wash. Some have done this successfully. But dont discount stories of shoes disintegrating in the washing machine . So proceed with caution because its not a gentle process.

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    Heres How To Bleach White Sneakers:

    You will want to hand wash your sneakers if you are using bleach to get the best results.

  • Choose a well-ventilated or outdoor area.
  • Remove laces and any caked-on debris.
  • Mix a solution of 1 part bleach to 5 parts water. Stir to make sure it is mixed well
  • Gently scrub your shoes with the mixture using an old toothbrush. Wear gloves to avoid any skin irritation!
  • Soak laces in the mixture
  • Rinse shoes in warm water under the sink, making sure you thoroughly rinse out any leftover solution. Rinse laces.
  • Air dry them overnight.
  • Re-lace and put those bad boys back on!
  • How To Clean White Knit Shoes


    Materials such as Adidass Primeknit or Nikes Flyknit are a favorite among sports enthusiasts. Because they have a lot of stretches, they are very comfortable to wear. However, this material can be quite tedious to clean since youll need to avoid damaging the fabric. Heres how to clean shoes made of knit material.

    • After youve prepped your shoes for cleaning, grab some white toothpaste. No particular brand is required and you can even use the ones you get for free in travel kits.
    • Next, get an old toothbrush or a piece of microfiber cloth and use it to directly apply the toothpaste onto the stain. No need to dilute it in cold water.
    • Scrub gently, going in the direction of the knit as much as possible. This might take a bit of time, but continue this process until you see the stains starting to fade.
    • If you need something stronger, you can add a bit of hydrogen peroxide to the mix. Only do this for cleaning white knit shoes as it might accidentally bleach colored ones.
    • Leave this on for an hour or two before rinsing. You can repeat the process as needed, just make sure you dry your shoes in between cleaning.

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    Tips For Returning Shoes In Good Condition

    Returning shoes after wearing them can be stressful if they arent in good condition. Thats why its vital to ensure they are tidy and clean before taking them back to the store.

    Its also important to know the policy before returning them. Ultimately, its up to the store to decide whether to refund them or not. Keep in mind there are certain defects that disqualify a refund.

    For example, if the shoes have cuts or are in a completely different state than when you first purchased them, its unlikely that youll be able to receive a refund.

    If they are defective due to how they were made, you will likely receive a full refund. However, if they are dirty or tattered from wear and tear, you probably will not.

    When cleaning them, make sure they not only look good but smell good too. Its important to know how to clean the bottom of shoes to return them, because retailers can always tell when a shoe has been worn too much.

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